ACCELERATIONISM IS INCOMPETENT. Observing alt right media I see some people celebrating the recent congressional hearing on white nationalism, thinking that by increasing the restrictions on white people and decreasing liberties that we are closer to a white revolution.


If people cannot organize and communicate, how are they supposed to act in a collective manner? The reason jews and muslims can act collectively is because they attend synogogues and mosques and other community centers, christians can somewhat organize because they have church's. This is why Europe is so state dominated, European whites have no places outside of the school system to propagandize one another and organize into group behaviors.


What we see from these congressional hearings is that racially minded white people have lost a seat at the table. The only thing close to being pro-white that has a seat at the table is christian groups.


I seriously hope you guys don't shitpost the white race into extinction. Please revise your strategy and form alliances with other ethnic groups and act with mutual respect, stop insulting these other groups.

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Maybe you should post this on an alt-right website, not here.

8pol is dead. Any post that isn't kosher news, accelerationism, memes etc. gets shoa'd.

We are not alt-right, we are National Socialists.

Okay, we don’t care.

For thousands of years, the cousin-fuckers have controlled public perception. They have lost the only piece of armor that stands between them and the parents of the babies they've been mutilating.
They are shitting themselves right now, panicking and grasping for straws.
They live here and are so deluded they don't even know that America is white. Law enforcement is white. Anyone who is to carry forth their "laws against whitey" is white.
Watch them squirm.
I am. Its fun.


How is the weather in Tel Aviv, you disgusting yid? Get the fuck out of here newfag

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we should be starting our own, local chapters of a new religion.

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You weren't the first to write that. I think that accelerationism is retarded, but you're just shilling.
They can still organize and communicate, arguably in a better way because it's decentralized and they're not in the presence of shills.

If you won't defend yourself against your enemies, you don't deserve to win.

Altright was around before autKike.

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Actually not true at all.

Funnily enough, I'm putting together a graphic RIGHT NOW about one of our spammer-shills. Its quite enlightening to see how expansive these efforts have been.

Your political freedom is an illusion. You should be worrying about how to communicate successfully under the full force of the System instead of crying about how you can't talk to your fat faggot friends over (((facebook))).
So stop trying to prolong the illness. We want total freedom. We need total war to achieve this.
Exactly why I don't take your retard advice.

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Encrypt the text.

Create a browser extension that decrypts the text only if you got the key.

You could write messages anywhere on the internet, to users of that site it would look like:

"Jsa 8t1 9ie1s, r25e x9i ojp"

With the encryption active, you would see:

"Gas the kikes, race war now"

Your fag meme does make it real, and it's old as shit.


No one is claiming to be alt-right here. For those reading, this is another shill thread. NO ONE has ever claimed to be what OP is suggesting with the exception of the mike enoch and other TRSodomites.

but I'll respond so others know how idiotic he is.
false equivalancy, the fbiniggers are out in full force trying to further label this place as a breeding ground for white nationalist terrorism. It's not, it's a board used for free speech and the such.

literally no one here is arguing for censorship of any kind, that's why this board exists, to discuss thins in an environment which would normally ruin our lives if we had done so. Your suggestion that we form groups is idiotic to the idea of spreading ideas via the internet, which benefits us, because that means we DON'T have to reveal our identities, we let our ideas and arguments hold their own weight, which has been a slow and steady progess, but has worked. The fact you want us to organise means that the fbiniggers can easily infiltrate and subvert us. This has happened time and time again, and we're not going to let it happen again.

bitch please, we're winning hands down. You attempting to demoralise us doesn't actually demoralise us and make us manipulated into doing what you want us to do, it just makes you look like a moron or a shill, which we both don't like here.

final note, most of us have been here since it became a popular haven in CY-1though i believe it's been around since late CY-2 you're not fooling anybody, and we all know we're being raided, because these obvious shills come in groups and they commit ALL of the egregious image board sins, eg call to illicit violence/other illegal activities OR they try to convince us to reveal our identities. It's not going to work, fuck off.


I bet you're YANGANG 2020 too you queer

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there are, as I see, three groups here -

1. those silently working to build local communities, homeschooling and buying houses on the same street

2. those who will go breivik/tarrant one day

3. those who will not do jack shit, ever, no matter what indignity is done to them, but are hoping to see more of group 2


You don't win by losing, fag

If that was true Zig Forums wouldn't even exit

if whites are willing to lose all political enfranchisement, and still won't get off their asses, don't they deserve it? Would our ancestors have just conceded they should be ruled by niggers, spics, jews and women without any fight? I doubt it, nature is simply taking it's course

Join ZOG at the negotiating table! Maybe they'll give you a fair shake just like they did at the Nuremburg trials! /s

Pussies like you are so severely deluded it beggars belief. Also: other races can implement NS and racial hygiene without our handholding. National Socialism grows by leading by example not cucking out and trying to please other races. Our volk comes first, let the world take inspiration.

Okay genius, tell us what WILL lead to White people fighting back?
We've tried everything so far and it has failed
We tried building political organizations and they shut us down.
We tried playing mass politics and populism. We tried for 50 years and we just keep getting weaker and weaker evert decade.
Some of us tried declaring war on the System, robbing banks, and assassinating a jew somewhere out west. Nothing. No revolution.
We even tried electing Trump because, for some reason, nazis claimed that this jew worshiping, jew marrying, wannabie jew was a secret White nationalist. There are STILL people on this board who think that.

But please, tell us what will work.

But that's exactly what is happening. Just look here in Europe. Just years ago we had nothing, now countless far-right parties throughout Europe with record growing poll numbers. Same with the increasing numbers fighting back. More and more Happenings just exploding in recent years. Everything is following the plan.

Ask me how I know you're not from here? Sage

Alt right doesn't even exist.

Print out posters demanding the deportation of all shitskins and threatening to wreck businesses/property/churches/etc. of those who are the most outspoken about importing the invaders.

Nope, original Stormer crowd here.

Choice: Criminalize hate speech
Result: Make violent action equivalent to verbal/non-verbal expression

What do you expect OP? The majority of these faggot YouTubers are just infomercials repeating talking points and getting superchat bux. Hell Mark Collet, No White Guilt and his pals endorsed that Greg Johnson faggot from CounterCurrents.

They only understand one thing. Force and violence.

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The only thing that would actually make the frog jump out of the pot is for the economy to collapse nothing else would create the necessary vacuum for what you're dreaming of

history has shown censorship never works for long and look how much has changed in the information age. people including myself being redpilled left and right in record numbers, my country has a far-right party near the top of the polls that has only just started. things are going amazing because people now have no choice but to realise they are being singled out and that it makes the entire narratives of the establishment about white privilege when there is only bounds look like lunacy. everything has been and will fall apart, the narratives, the system, all of it. by their own hands.

what is the 'alt right'?

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Whose the President, OP?

Is something that is granted, you dumb shit. FREEDOM is the word you want but wouldn't know what to do with.

Collective manner… college kid anyone? Well you dumb fucking Commie, they did it in the Soviet Union.

What your bitch ass doesn't understand, is that what some guys are trying to accomplish, is to hijack the timetable for our enemies existing plan. Fuck the boiling of the frog bullshit that has been going on and let's get to what they ultimately intend. We do it now while we have numbers, healthy, money and still some sort of political representation.

Haven't had one since your granddaddy was a little boy. At best.

FUCK OFF NIGGER. It's full on RACE WAR from here on out.

That's what i've been trying to tell Zig Forums all this time.

the absolute state of Zig Forums

This is a stupid fucking meme and argument. Our enemies don't care what you prefer to call yourself. Imagine saying 'I'm not alt-right, I'm a national socialist' IRL. When the US congress gets together and talks about limiting the free speech of "the alt right," they mean you. They mean 8/pol/, 4/pol/, gab, TRS, and every other dissident right website on the internet.
Will never mean anything to those people. They don't care.

This should have been the end, but the shills just had to keep stirring the shit.


Is this the best JIDF can do? No matter how many spins you take the relativistic logic, it will never move principles that are as hard as bedrock. People across history has fought you filthy sophists and won every time because you can't manipulate the essence that makes us human away. Mark my words. Your grip on the public is waning and we all know that we're watching your death throes.


you know how i know you aren't from around here?

you think the alt right are accelerationists.

No one started calling themselves alt-right until a jew coined the term and started marketing it, retard. We nationalists are the right, and always have been, everything else is on a slippery slope towards communism and a total societal collapse.
Unshackle yourself from the jewish perspective.

In other word, cucking.

We do not cuck over here, OP.