Tracer as a symbol of white supremacy

So, these blizzard faggots have decided to ban the OK sign because "muh nazi hate symbol", well why don't we take one of their characters for ourselves? They have this female character named Tracer as their mascot, if all it takes for them to ban something is if it's co-opted by Neo-Nazis, it would be pretty funny if their own mascot was treated the same way as the OK sign. From this point on, anyone who plays as T"race"r or faps to T"race"r porn is now a no good dirty bigoted tracist and is associated with white supremacists default.

Also "blizzard" itself is a pretty white supremacist name, since blizzards are white and strong…

Pls keep bumped if interested

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Overwatch is still a thing?

They also have this female character called Mercy that just so happens to be Aryan and not only that but this character is depicted as an angel (at least in its vanilla version) So I guess we could also turn her into something they will hate. She may be better than tracer…

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Play apex instead you fag

Ass first shot? We aren't faggots

This is extra funny since this is the one they tried to turn into the token gay character or something.

Yes goyim, don't take any action to secure the existence of your people and a future for white children. Mine some EPIC REDDIT SALT XD instead!

A homosexual as a national socialist? Kill yourself negro jew.

Shut up, kike.

They also turned the soldier into a sodomite too.

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Don't worry guys, we'll totally win and make all the npcs join our side if we make the media say THIS ridiculous thing! BASED conservative outlets like Infowars saying "look at these silly liberals" to their boomer audiences while nothing fucking happens will save the white race!

Very nice, checked. Remember when the "alt-right" hijacked the beloved leftist mascot "Gritty" and depicted him as a Nazi? Or should I say, anybody remember Gritty at all?


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this idea was ripped from these 2 pol threads-

yeah i think your right, their faggot agenda is everywhere

Sure, why not, not exactly my thing but the more pop culture shit you can shove NatSoc imagery into the better.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

your copy pasta convert anyone yet?


Kill yourself.

You might have a point. After all, I though that ungandan knuckles shit was retarded, but it seemed to work for the kids. I still think Overwatch is gay though.

Shut the fuck up, Thomas Van Zandt
No one cares about your campaign against the alt-right. If you love the Identitarian Duganist movement in Europe so much then fucking move there, faggot! Stop moaning online about it


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Wouldn't it make more sense to target the latest fad, Apex Legends?

You set off my JIDF detector.

Lot's of people cosplay tracer. She's a popular character. This will be top lulz if we pull it off.

It would be more awesome if Zig Forums had more actual women. We should do a shitton of articles about how there's something about nationalist men that women find iressistable or some bullshit like that.

Bonus mission: Get hot white women to do a wet t-shirt contest with Zig Forums shirts.

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He spams multiple threads daily with that, it's been going on for a little while now, just filter him.

We have some traps/trannies I think, since this is sjw faggotry they could do it for extra salt.

I don't know what kinds of video games the kids are playing these days, but if you think it'll be effective, do it. If it's funny and usable as a reaction image it'll be helpful.

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Tracer? Is she like a tracker? Make comics about her tracking the shitskin characters in the game and killing them as the shitskin characters beg and weep and are generally portrayed as pathetic.

Could someone please post this image in this thread

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we have some here but there more the wife type from what i've seen


her shiny bulbous hiney reminds me of something as well, honk honk

a trap could probably pull off tracer heh

Not sure how to filter people. Is there a tutorial for all of that stuff? Like redtext and bold and things like that?

Ladies get your female friends on Zig Forums. It's hard to keep a political movement going when you can't even start a family. #Eugenics

That's Soviet tier, come on man. The 3 principles of memery are as follows.

1. The meme has to be useful. It should be relateable and easily changeable. It should resonate and play off of the humor of the intended community. Putting tracer's face in tay ai memes might be a start.

2. The meme has to be absurd. It should be surprising and unexpected. Like playing off a tracer quote but adding in kill all jews or something. It's extreme, extreme does well.

3. The meme has to be funny. If a meme isn't made in the spirit of good times then people won't touch it. A blatant attempt at propaganda will just turn people off. Have an idea that makes you laugh? Does it make other people laugh? Go for it.

There's an arrow next to "Anonymous" in everybody's post. There's a dropdown menu that let's you filter them by ID.

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Also there's a /test/ board were you can try them out.

I like your /v/ autism.

how can this be double dubs? isn't this a shooter, where all you do is shoot things with guns?

Blizzard is snow, and its white, so we can meme it as a force covering all colorful waste and making it pretty or something like that.

Back story got JK Rowling'd.

(dub + quad checked)
video games are the heart and soul of modern men, take that and they have nothing
Lets check what the get has to say

the absolute state of whiggers

Alright low tier kike.


Lord, have Mercy on my dick!
Both figuratively and literally.

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We do not do degenerate thottery here deviant.
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I see you are following the fat bastards commands straight away. Not that I give a shit, but I admire your insane loyalty.



Dunno if any of you fags actually play blizzard games but start posting.
Or variations of.


Sure why not.

Bumping for more HomoHitler Eternal Reich.

What a fucking gay ass beta game.

Let's do it.

Also add bliZZard photoshopped with the SS symbol

I can imagine D.Va shitposting with the best of us. Her gookiness doesn't matter, half of Zig Forums is Argentinian.


No you worthless beta

>Posting (((porn)))
Where do you think you are?

Kek. I am liking this so far. Blizzard used to actually make good games.