The Coming Repeal of Compulsory Education

Regardless of your feelings about the topic, compulsory education is a reality in every state in the U.S., and it is a controversy waiting to happen. With Donald Trump poised to be re-elected with a 96% probability and Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, this issue is likely to bubble to the surface sooner than later.
As a strong advocate for reducing government waste and a critic of the public education system, not only is Donald Trump certain never to embrace universal college education, but we may soon see concrete efforts made to reduce the costs of public education. While school vouchers have repeatedly failed to gain popular support (rightly so, since they would constitute a muddying of the separation of Church and State) many of Donald Trump's constituents may be receptive to a more extreme solution: Rule the Compulsory Education laws un-Constitutional and give students and parents the option of discontinuing their education at any point in time for any reason.
While most parents would want their children to be well-educated, perhaps 10% of suburban populations currently attending school would choose to "Drop out," thus reducing costs proportionally. In urban areas, we could expect to see even higher dropout rates. Ultimately, this will save taxpayers over $70 Billion annually.
Cities and States dump millions upon millions of dollars into inner-city schools, believing erroneously that throwing money at the problems of the inner-city will magically solve them. According to the liberals' logic, if only we could give those living in the ghetto overpriced computers, they would stop shooting each other, stop robbing each other, stop raping each other, and become successful men and women. You and I know better.
Then, there's Melania Trump's anti-bullying campaign to consider. Many children are being mercilessly bullied in schools both public and private. Why should our students have to be held captive in hostile environments? Let them go. Let them be free.
Then of course, there's the children, especially in inner-city schools, who WANT to learn, but that learning is being interfered with by the drug dealers and gang-bangers that prowl the halls of high schools such as Eastside High School in Patterson, New Jersey. These criminals don't want to be there! Why are we forcing them to go to school when no one wants them there? Let them go!
Our best and brightest never needed someone to take them by the hand and indoctrinate them through 13 years of compulsory education. Our best and brightest have always been self-taught. We need an education system that allows everyone to learn (or not learn) in the way that best works for them, and the way that doesn't waste your hard-earned tax dollars!

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How nice of Trump. We should give all the public school funds to Israel instead.

you just pulled that number out of your ass. unless he starts a war, he doesn't have a chance
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only two things I was wrong about:

As I have said before on this board, Trump will win 2020. He is ZOG's best bitch, they wont let him lose.

This is good thought.
If compulsory education is gotten rid of then taxes for (((state))) education, and (((private))) education are gone.
If compulsory education is gotten rid of middle class whites will send their children to non-kike schools that start to spring up. Or home school.


Where you you expect Zion don to send money too?
But ending public education would be great for getting rid of niggers and spics by dealing them a bad hand. Might hold back immigration too.

Nice false dichotomy shilltard

The apprenticeships of our ancestors is the correct way to educate children and prepare them for the world, (((universal))) education is a typical enlightenment era jewish scam meant to force children to sit through 13 years of jewish propaganda (usually taught by jewish teachers.)

School was never about education and you are in fact a retarded product of it.

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Well there's that too, but that will take a bit more I think.

Compulsory education is and was the cornerstone of the Jew controlling the mind of the goy. All schools are,in the modern incarnation, are prisons dedicated to the indoctrination of the child. Their mind is exposed to the filth of these scum for hours a day while you slave away to pay taxes, just so they can hand out Gibs. You are a slave and so you will stay.

property taxes fund schools in my state but there are also laws to protect people from being forced to pay for a grocery bag they don't use because people shouldn't have to pay for services they don't use.

fart tax coming to your state soon user,


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Interesting how many hoops he had to jump through, but as I've said before, I refuse to believe that the current system actually acts in a ruthless Social Darwinist paradigm. Look around and see, I have been in public schools reputed highly as well as a prestigious prep school and I saw a lot of mediocrity being pushed through the system. There is very much a Tall Poppy phenomenon in American schools too.

American schools generally are highly ranked (top 18 of 20 last I checked) and yet in truth I see no evidence of the praxis of this aforementioned segregation and tagging process he describes, although I don't doubt people like Englis advocated it in theory.

Not going to happen

It would be great if it did though, eh?

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A bunch of us just physically took apart our high school. Most of the really pain in the ass thing to fix was us just taking apart desks and chairs and hardware with little screwdrivers and hex keys. Theres no defense for this because all the bolts are underneath the desk and if your desk top comes off you just act like it was already like this.

4 of us. The whole school was total chaos.

This was when I was young but I remember how we all felt like we weren't being controlled anymore and we were fighting back. So help me, taking off a bunch of desktops was like rebelling against the Red Coats.

Then there's little shit like asking ridiculous questions to disrupt the class. Throwing paper. I know I've made teachers quit. It's not hard.