Operation Milk Storm

building off the success of the "It's Okay To Be White" meme

I'm sure you've heard about Facebook banning white nationalism from its platform, well here's a psyop to fight back and reveal how nearly related they think "white nationalism" (that they want to ban) and "being white" are

the idea is simple: create groups with names like "Whites Against War," "Whites For Peace," "Whites For Socialism," etc, anything that follows the formula of "Whites For/Against [Insert Cause]"

be clever, it can be a hodge podge of leftist and rightist causes, such as "Against Abortion" or "For a One State Solution to Peace in the Middle East"

the point is to avoid being some kind of white nationalism while emphasizing white identity in politics

don't be stupid, if you post a bunch of anti-Semitic bullshit and get banned no one will have sympathy

if (and when) the Facebook platform retaliates by banning the group/s, the result is de facto proof Facebook is not merely anti-white nationalism, but anti-white; in case they ban any such groups, record proof with the reasons given and send that shit to people who can tell it to a wider audience (I don't need to name names, you know who should be sympathetic)

otherwise, if the groups stay, it gives cover and sympathy to whites who feel beleaguered by contemporary politics, especially the recent white nationalist hearings

groups advocating for classic leftist causes like pacifism or immigration reform are bound to get the censors' panties tied up in knots, forcing them to choose between their allegiance to these various causes or being anti-white; if they come out against the groups, by extension they are opposed to the causes as well

be smart, don't connect the groups to white nationalist or white supremacist groups, that would completely defeat the purpose

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user, IOTBW is still ongoing because it retains its full power. It's better to just pump more energy into it or clown world than this.

Whites Against Hate

Honk honk it's time for a refreshing Honka Cola

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You fuckers are insane.

nice dubs

IMO this doubles down on the success and pushes the logic further, forcing them to either capitulate to white identity in politics or else forces them to reveal their hand

either way it's a win; IOTBW can still continue as a (related) psyop all on its own


kys torfag.

Clown world is good, but the more times we can get these fucking kikes niggers and faggots to explicitely state it is problematic for whites to simply exist the more people we turn. Yeah the brainwashing is super deep, but most people, even cucked whites, get sour-patch face when someone tells them they want them dead for breathing.

I repeat OPERATION MILK STORM is a go!

Checked. It’s great to be white!!

Why not play for the other side then? It seems we are close to the 50/50 point where jeeewwwwzzzz are going to start pushing for legal violence against whites, the neo-jim crow laws/theatre has already started. A huge fracturing point would be to get lefties to start hating on the whites within their own groups, to the point where they are cancelled/kicked out of any liberal group simply for skin color.

Black and white poster of concerned looking white mother and infant with "I want to exist"

Ok schlomo, be scared.

Fucking genius.

My bitches luv my BBC up their bootys


You die now please.

Getting Facebook accounts is not an easy task.
I am divice banned or something because even with a VPN my accounts require face recognition and copy of ID. Do you have any of these groups up yet?

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You are a boomer. You can't meme. Your mind isn't programmed to handle memes. Fuck off back to facebook.

you too user? no twitter,no facebook….they fucked me after my 5th or 6th account.

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Don't shill our enemy's cause.

Make groups like "whites for wildlife conservation", "whites for clean air and water", "whites for health and nutrition", "whites for literacy and fitness".

That way we are at least promoting good things, and promoting good things for our people.

second this

"muh wemen and children" is good optics, and also appeals to women and men

Lol, I sent them an ID I made off the bat, jewcunts actually took the time to make sure it's (((real))).

BTW, I drew a picture (shitly) of the coat of arms and replaced the emu with a scrub turkey and wrote "guvernment of Austria".

Needless to say, it didn't pass. Good a good kek outta it.

you need to spoof your MAC address

Hehe, Got* a good kek.

Twitter is easy but it cost you a burner phone. just keep changing the number. But I got kicked from FB after UTR1 and it has been a real shoah.

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My boomer ass needs to look into that.

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look for an open source free solution, there are tons of them out there

technetium mac address changer

If you really want to get edgy, start mailing journalists pictures of themselves with big red X's over their faces. Don't say anything or add any text, just email them the message. I gurantee if you send enough of them a picture of their face with a red X you will get articles written about you and they will flip out and do something stupid. Drawing a red X on someone's face is not a crime. They will not be able to resist playing the victim. Its like kike bait.


This is the kind of shit you need to think about OP. You need to consider how to make your enemies make fools out of themselves so everyone can laugh at them. This is just an idea off the top of my head.

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Echo this. Much more appropriate angel.

What if the red x is yellow?

What does that change?
Yellow is the color of cowardice.
Red shows anger, hatred, and power.

would probably confuse their little jew brains even more.

i like it. maybe we could just post them around online, ominously.

You have a loicense for those red exs?

fuck off fed, this is a thread for Operation Milk Storm, if anyone actually did this it would probably get them put in jail for criminal threats

Am I doing it right?

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good idea OP but you'd need some activity in those groups no?


nice dubs

make topical posts, google for your cause and post links

yeah, i did that too, wife thought i was fucking around on her and didn't buy the whole "i bought a spare phone to shit post" excuse, had to get the phone company to email me the records to prove i never used the thing beyond validation codes. lol….i mean i can't blame her, i didn't think about how retarded it sounded to a normie.

Capitalisation for effect, i know it looks disgusting. I saw this pop up some time ago and it works wonders. Peoples programming immediately screams anti-semitism, but the answer is the phrase itself: Its okay to criticise kikes.

lets fucking go

I'm in Whites for WP, where WP means "world peace". Honk honk.

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Everything in our background has prepared us to know and resist a prison when the gates begin to close around us . . . But what if there are no cries of anguish to be heard? Who is prepared to take arms against a sea of amusements? To whom do we complain, and when, and in what tone of voice, when serious discourse dissolves into giggles? What is the antidote to a culture's being drained by laughter?” *honk* *honk*

agreed, I'm pretty sure there is "enough" that will allow a red X or any X to be taken as "threat".

I wouldn't touch it with 10ft pole, and I'm not even an expert.

At min it will get you Green Lighted for unlimited spying.

Because the Judenstar was yellow, obviously