Most transgender hormones come from Israel

Teva Pharmaceuticals, Petah Tikva, Israel.

Teva means "nature" in Hebrew.

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Does anyone notice how many "white" trannies end up being jewish? "Whites" make up only 55% of the trans American population, when you cut out jews, what's the real white share?

Also, why are so many jews faggots?

Jews are heavily inbred, it's kind of an open secret that Jews will die out on their own. The hipster and tranny traits themselves are basically the same traits you find in mutts like Anthony Burch here too.

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In judaism the story of adam and eve is about their son Cain raping his mother and having another son with his own mother.

Lot of the soddom/gomoah story fucks/seduces/rapes his own daughters in a cave and has two sons with them creating two jewish tribes.

Thats just off the top of my head. Kikes in general are known to marry their FIRST cousins.

Oh king herod "the great" who tried to kill the jewish messiah, jesus because he knew he would be recognized as king of israel, was married to his niece. And the woman who killed john the baptist was also the daughter of an incestuous marriage.

All through kike history incest/rape/seduction and treachery plays a major part in their history and culture.

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Answer: There are numerous examples of incest in the Bible. The most commonly thought-of examples are the sons/daughters of Adam and Eve (Genesis 4), Abraham marrying his half-sister Sarah (Genesis 20:12), Lot and his daughters (Genesis 19), Moses’ father Amram who married his aunt Jochebed (Exodus 6:20), and David’s son Amnon with his half-sister Tamar (2 Samuel 13). It is important to note, however, that in two of the above instances (Tamar and Lot), one of the parties involved was an unwilling participant in the incest—better described as rape in those cases.

It is important to distinguish between incestuous relationships prior to God commanding against them (Leviticus 18:6–18) and incest that occurred after God’s commands had been revealed. Until God commanded against it, it was not incest. It was just marrying a close relative. It is undeniable that God allowed “incest” in the early centuries of humanity. Since Adam and Eve were the only two human beings on earth, their sons and daughters had no choice but to marry and reproduce with their siblings and close relatives. The second generation had to marry their cousins, just as after the flood the grandchildren of Noah had to intermarry amongst their cousins. One reason that incest is so strongly discouraged in the world today is the understanding that reproduction between closely related individuals has a much higher risk of causing genetic abnormalities. In the early days of humanity, though, this was not a risk due to the fact that the human genetic code was relatively free of defects.

Another consideration is that incest today almost always involves a pre-pubescent or powerless victim, and the perpetrator is abusing his or her authority with the goal of unilateral sexual pleasure. By that standard, the “incest” of the Bible has nothing whatsoever in common with modern-day incest. There was no power difference between Cain and his wife, for example; the goal of Abraham and Sarah’s marriage was to create a family. Intermarriage among close family members was a necessity in the generations immediately following Adam and Noah and was not a sinful perversion of sex.

It seems that, by the time of Moses, the human genetic code had become polluted enough that close intermarriage was no longer safe. So, God commanded against sexual relations with siblings, half-siblings, parents, and aunts/uncles (Genesis 2:24 seems to indicate that marriage and sexual relations between parents and children were never allowed by God). It was not until many centuries later that humanity discovered the genetic reason that incest is unsafe and unwise. Genetics was not an issue in the early centuries of humanity, and the marriages that occurred between Adam and Eve’s children, Abraham and Sarah, and Amram and Jochebed were not selfish pursuits of sexual gratification or abuses of authority; accordingly, those relationships should not be viewed as incestuous. The key is that sexual relations between close relatives were viewed differently pre-Law and post-Law. It did not become “incest” until God commanded against it.

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Right, I'm just gonna filter you because you went full retard within a few minutes.

There aren't "transgender hormones". There's hormones taken by the wrong sex. And my testosterone comes from portugal of all places. I'm not a trans-whatever, just on TRT.

This multiculturalism, lgbt, race mixing propaganda influenced young Jewish people more than any other white group.

This proves that it is not a Jewish people against Christian propaganda as most people here on 8 ch believe.

Before the mixed marriage propaganda

100% of white Christians married with white Christians

Around 80-90% of Jews married Jews.

After the multicultural, mixed marriage, race mixing propaganda

96% of white Christians marry white Christians

Only 31% of Jews marry other Jews.

This propaganda will lead to the disappearance of jews in 2 generations.

100 x 0.31 x 0.31 = 9.61%

It means that there will be less than 10% of the current number of Jews left within 2 generations.

They are influenced by the abortion propaganda as well. Most young Jewish women are liberal and they are more likely to have an abortion as other groups. In the past 60 years around 3 - 4 million jews were killed in abortions in the US and Europe.

So this stealth genocide against white people programme reduces their numbers significantly to a point where they might become extinct as a group. So it is not them who are doing the stealth genocide propaganda.

Typical newfag, doesnt understand how fucked up the kikes are and wants to hide his head from the discussion.

Ten cases of incest:
1. Lot and his two daughters (Genesis 19:31-36)
2. Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 20:12-13)
3. Nahor and Milcah (Genesis 11:29)
4. Reuben and Bilhah (Genesis 35:22; Genesis 49:4)
5. Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38:16-18; 1 Chron. 2:4)
6. Amram and Jochebed (Exodus 6:20)
7. Amnon and Tamar (2 Samuel 13:14)
8. Absalom and David's wives (2 Samuel 16:21)
9. Herod (Matthew 14:3-4; Mark 6:17-18; Luke 3:19)
10. A Corinthian (1 Cor.5)

As we can see from the above, kikes are extremely inbred and have incest embedded into their culture and religion. With this we can see how destructive their genes are to themselves and to those they breed with. Kikes are known to carry a staggering number of deadly and debilitating genetic diseases that plague them.

Taysacs, treacher-colins and others are among the most well known, but there are others and the jews actively tax our medical system to care for their genetic failures.

The jews being so heavily inbred and such genetic monstrosities will corner the market on genetic engineering as seen in vid related and will attempt to create a race of superkikes that will superjew us forever.

How entirely unsurprising that Satanic Jewry would be profiting off the creation of abominations that calls themselves transgender.

Don't forget that Jews are white.

Any propaganda aimed at whites affects them as well, sometimes even more than other group.

This is why I don't believe that it is a jews against Christians thing, they are doing it against their own youth as well.

Blatantly untrue, cucktianity is NOT a """bastion of white supremacy""" it is the very weapon the jew uses to force race mixing upon us and has always been a weapon to destroy the aryan race.

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Jews are self destructive demons. The fact they are willing to destroy themselves is of no note. Look at sabbatean and Frankist movements. They are monsters.

If jews are behind it, why would they do this against their group? It doesn't make sense.

The race mixing, pro abortion, lgbt, childless life propaganda affects young Jewish people more than other white groups. So much so that it is leading to their extinction as a group.

Your claim that it is Jews doing stealth genocide against Christians is not true. It is some people doing stealth genocide against whites, including jews.

If it was really Jews against Christians, they would have stopped by now, since it does more damage to the white Jewish population than to the white Christian population. Why would jews do steakth genocide against themselves?

Take your meds scitho.

Because jews are inherently a parasitic entity. The true jewish mastermind hides behind the jewish population. One jew is all it takes that’s why their identity is quintessentially a poison and why even in full realization of biblical history the ultimate expression of their existence and identity is self destruction.
Christians regardless of numbers will never beat the jew until they fully understand that the jews are anti christ and anti life and that they need to be persecuted in accordance with the natural law. It is the fundamental core expression of their existence to destroy themselves which is why Christians must move back to the natural world. The last time the jews had a large population and reached their ultimate potential God and the natural order crushed them and scattered them. This will happen again. Christians get to choose whether these are a people they want to embed within their existence, the price is well known

jews run a two-pronged strategy: orthodox baby factories pumping out liberal memetic suicide bombers

Jews outmarry because their DNA is inherently corrosive. They need gentile, specifically white, DNA to survive, otherwise they would degenerate into literal malformed retards. The white DNA is nevertheless corroded and erased by the dominant corrosive jewish DNA when mixed jews breed back into the tribe, so gentile partners will always be needed. Theoretically, this may be why white genocide would never happen in entirety, just enough to kill the competition to ensure the jews will never to ousted ever again, with the white remainder existing in some sort of sex/breeding farm.

The genocidal Jews don't realize how this affects their own race, or are aware but lack foresight.

Jews cannot change. Instead, they continue plowing forward on a set path, regardless of previous reprimands like expulsions and pogroms.
The only moral option is mercy killing subhuman races.

Totally wrong. Jews push white childlessness on whites and faggtory on whites more than anyone else.

The Jewish population has risen since ww2 and continued to rise since then.

Yes it is, Jews have controlled and used cucktianity as a weapon to destroy the aryan race for over 2000 years. See Thirty years war and how it decimated the german nation who the jews see as amalek, their hated biblical enemy.

What the fuck does this even mean, do you even speak English you dumb fucking kike?

The jews control cucktianity and use it as a weapon to destroy the aryan race and enslave us.

the jews admit that they will use cucktianity to destroy our race as they have done since it was created by them, then when cucktianity no longer serves them they will simply kill all the christians now mixed and broken devoid of any aryan soul in them

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The Jew are hyper NPCs, absolutely "adjusted" to sick societies which they themselves create.
Instead of believing in higher moral values, and devoting effort towards protecting them for civilizations' sake, kikes live to kill goyim, take our wealth, and build things like "Greater Israel" -

An insane plan for global domination, too big for its own britches, enemy of nature and God thus insulting his name and begging for divine intervention.

Lot does not seduce his daughters; they disguise themselves and get the guy super drunk and then they fuck their daddy while he thinks that they are just random whores and is too drunk to know any better. They conspire to commit the act together because they desperately want babies, but no man will fuck the hideous slags. Being kikes, their first thought is to just fuck dad.

Please look at (((israel)))isthegayestcountry.png and (((telaviv)))isthegayestcity.png.
The (((juden))) need to bring in the niggerest niggers from the darkest africa to (((israel))) to help their poor women breed a coal black (((israel))), while Europe rejects and kills all niggers and invaders and is White again.

Because Jews would never jew other jews

Teva generics are absolute dogshit. Had an adderall script from them, shit was killing me with the side effects. Now I get dexedrine from the German firm Mallinckrodt and it works perfectly.

Dear god, I thought we were in hell now but that would really be hell.

Are you knew here? It's well known on Zig Forums that jews jew each other, not just goyim.

There's more than one type of jew goy. There's multiple subgroups who all hate each other too.

2 generations is too long. Let's speed up the process

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You got it backwards, the daughters were annoyed at the lack of men, made him drunk and got pregnant through him.

How about you just read the story?

Follow the fuse, you'll find the jews

So long a negligible percent of the population is woke to the JQ and a vast majority percentage of the population is governed by unshakable mental/emotional resistance to the JQ truth, revelations such as these are a b s o l u t e l y m e a n i n g l e s s

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No surprise - they invented it

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It stems from their uncontrollable urge to defile and subvert the bulwark of all European traditions, the thing from which the stability and growth of our civilization came… the family. Faggotry they identify with because its the ultimate anti-family state. "Pro-Abortion Tranny Faggot Kike" is just the embodiment or manifestation of semitic jealousy and rage toward Europeans. It's deeper than even they understand, it's part of the core identity of their racial soul. It's in their blood.

The mental gymnastics of adamites is astounding
Good thing my ancestors lived in caves in Germany more than forty thousand years ago. That incest shit sounds awful
God damn I love being white

I'm so fuckin sure a young jewish girl wants to have her own fathers baby., seduce him in a cave after their mother is killed by their own "god".

You people are as sick as Nick Stoutzenberger (Nick Bate).

Correct sir. Fucking adamites/abrahmics/christcuck/muzz/jew filth all get the gas. Lots and lots of gas I am so god damned sick of them and their shit


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Jealous that you can see your brow ridge without looking up and we can't, Solomon?