Woman does only 0.27% of research and work for the black hole image, gets most credit

On Reddick and other media, it's the same as usual: whamen gets most respecc, cuz "MUH FEMGOYIM IN STEM" bullshit.
klbouman is the femoid, and she gets an unfair amount of credit, despite only doing approx. 0.27% of the work. We need to abolish the 19th amendment.

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There's plenty of anons that are posting from the 2nd dimension, what are you on about?

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Zig Forums thinks all women are queens.

How do you do, fellow goyim?

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Oooooh, one of the tribe. I see. Jews taking credit for the work of others, with kikes aplenty to laud.

When it comes to a board that posts pics of Aryan women in wheat fields holding babies like this board, there is not going to be much support for that. Jews will be the eternal scapegoat while white women continue to be the biggest issue.

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take bullet for me

What does the first picture mean? Are the around stats the people who did the actual work?

Learn to code.

No, computers are for fags.

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This could be turned against them. Remind them of the CEOs that take in ever growing profit due to increased employee productivity while labor's wages remain stagnant.

No. Just that kikes won't stop fagging.

95% of the time anyone that far back in the list is either acting as a glorified lab tech or just being mentioned out of courtesy

Men blown the fuck out

Women are to be enslaved, used and killed after they get old. Nothing else.

When you recognise the role of women in nature, and the role society should encourage them to strive for, you see no fault in women. There is not a valid reason to hate half of your race. Nor is there a benefit to it.
When you realise all of this, how can you not see that it is indeed the kikes that are in the center of all this deracination?
You mention pictures of European women in wheat fields, knowing that, have you still not realised why these things are posted? This is not some fetish, not some sexual desire or lust for dominance - it is because in that role women give life the most meaning, the most happiness, for everyone in the community.

Nature is important.
Even if youre a nigger, i dont want you to hate half of your race on the notion that women are evil. Women are women. And just like you can attribute certain characteristics to race, you can attribute some to sex as well.
Have a nice day, i see its nice out in Tel Aviv. Perhaps get some fresh air?

Picture that hideous twat at 80.
No, wait. Don't.

Around stats of contribution of work, but not the importance of each contribution. She might have solved the final clue.
The votes can be a little misleading (they tend to drop off near end of project as people start new ones).

t. Data Scientist

And (far far more likely) she might be nothing more than some kike's kid who got credit the same way these rats buy their way into colleges.
t. Data Scientist (See? Me can type that too.)

You need to start asking questions, Dave.

Jesus Christ, she looks like a Dreamworks character. I know the kikes run hollywood, but I forgot that their characters were full blown self-portraits.

Has anyone actually looked at her commits? It's possible she solved some crazy problem equivalent to figuring out e=mc2

Don't tell the retards at >>>/jewess/

If its the equivalent of that, then she commited a negative percent as its probably stolen research.

Is it possible she was in charge of moderating submissions to the project? The modern day electronic equivalent of working in the patents office?

Kikes are to rats as niggers are to apes.

Honestly just ignore it and if someone brings it up laugh in their face. It's stupid shit designed to piss you off. Mock it. Don't take the bait.

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That's because you forgot to scale by the female productivity factor. The female productivity factor differs for various fields, but for STEM it is particularly low, hovering somewhere around 1/200. Thus 0.27%/(0.005) = 54%, or just over half of the project. Relatively speaking, she completed the lion's share of the work. Recognition is entirely justified.

it's literally one (((woman))) ip hopping starting shit with anyone that begs to disagree

While you are mostly correct – I identify as gender neutral.

it's xir to you, faggot

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