Benito Mussolini was Italy’s dictator for two decades until his summary execution in 1945.
Mussolini plunged Italy into World War II, allying himself with Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler, and signing racial laws that led to the deportation and murders of thousands of Italian Jews.

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Fascist scum are not allowed in Italy. Salvini is also fascist scum serving the apartheid state of Israel and committing human rights violations on nonwhite immigrants. He will be dealt with like “Il Duce” was and hopefully the remaining descendants of Mussolini become sterile or just don’t wake up one day. Gli italiani sono nati di rosso, mangiano e bevono rosso, pisci di rosso. Meglio rosso che morto.

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Haha if you don’t think we aren’t already plotting on doing something to his descendants then you’re fucking stupid Nazi scum. We will collapse as a nation before letting any Mussolinis in power again.

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That's enough messing with that faggot. On to more important business. Any Pasta Anons in the thread to help translate for propaganda?

What? He wasn't executed, he was murdered by a mob of communists.

I help you improve your English and all I get in return is denigration? You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Pic related.

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Actual Italanon here, not sure what that sperg was mad about because we don’t have many communists and they mostly use Signal, not Zig Forums. The Mussolini descendants are subpar: Alessandra is a member of a party that is basically the Republicans of Italy and Caio used to work for SISMI in the 90s so take that how you will.

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Why are you so scared /leftycuck/? If Zig Forums is so incompetent and useless; if these "fascist" politicians are so garbage at getting things done that you dislike then why are you so terrified? It doesn't make sense.
What it seems like is you understand that you are losing and will continue to lose.

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Say what you want about Hitler but he 100% escaped to Argentina The US, Soviet, UK, German, and Argentinian intelligence agencies have all declassified documents on it.

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Thank you for the relevant information user. Military intelligence, eh? I'm not familiar with how it's run there or who was in charge at that time. I'd assume no one good from your answer or being the intelligence business in general. I suppose my main query is if he would be a thorn in some way at the EU.

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