Former CIA Station Chief Michael Scheuer on Trump and America's enemies within

On Brexit, Joe Biden, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Gauleiters trying to win the Iron Cross

A good many important events are swirling around, most unreported by the mainstream media. The marvelous ongoing destruction of the reign of the French emperor Macron by twenty-one weeks of the yellow-vests’ activism — seasoned with increasing police violence against them — is virtually unknown to Americans. Ironically, interested Americans have to depend on big, bad Putin’s RT for live coverage of the revolt against the French tyrant.

Anyway, the French story is one for a day when I am better educated about it. For know the four following items must suffice.

Brexit. UK Minister May – the smug, self-ordained slayer of British liberty– appears to be on the verge of proving that the UK is no longer a nation where power is lodged in the citizenry. For the three years since the British people ordered their leaders to remove the country from the EU, May has strung out the process and then, at the last moment, tried to create an emergency situation that would permit a Brexit agreement that ties the UK even closer to the EU and surrenders more of its sovereignty and wealth to the tyranny in Brussels. The British political process appears chaotic at the moment, but it seems to be drifting toward telling the British majority who voted to leave the EU to drop dead. With no privately-held arms and armed only with votes that clearly mean nothing, the British electorate is powerless. By helping the effort to overthrow President Trump, May also has proven that the only U.S.-UK relationship that remains special is that between Britain’s political parties and the U.S. Democratic Party. All of them are corrupt, tyranny-peddlers, and all merit being erased from the face of the earth.

Joe Biden. Here is a man who is now the pale shadow of a former nothing. He accomplished nothing during forty years in the U.S. Senate, assisted Obama’s systematic destruction of the U.S. constitution, hates being white, and appears to be involved in extensive illegal financial activities – along with other members of his family – with Chinese and Ukrainian entities. These activities, he thinks, make him worthy to be president of the United States. Clearly, only an unthinking ass could come to such a conclusion, but as being an ass is the basic requirement for being a Democrat or supporter of the party, Biden may have a crack at gaining the party’s presidential nomination.

Before anyone decides to support Biden, even lamebrain Democrats, however, three videos are worth a look. The first is a video of an apparently drunken Biden behaving as an out-of-control fool. (youtube.com/watch?v=NmRXH7RkCZQ) Who would give command of the republic’s nuclear weapons to such a lush? The second is a video that contains clips of Biden fondling young female children in public on multiple occasions. This film strongly suggests Biden is looking to be far more than simply “affectionate” with the targeted kids. (youtube.com/watch?v=AWabeiBwKq8, Clips start at 17:23) The third video simply shows the kind of perverse, corrupt, and criminal adults and activities Biden eagerly has teamed up with and embraced for all his political life. (youtube.com/watch?v=xSSMG0MaEnQ )

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invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheurer
invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheuer

The Monroe Doctrine. It was inevitable that John Bolton, Secretary Pompeo, Vice-President Pence, and Trump’s other Neocons would begin bleating about the necessity of using the Monroe Doctrine to overthrow Venezuelan President Maduro and evict the Russian and Chinese officials and troops that reportedly have arrived in Venezuela to support the ruling regime. The Neocons, however, are at least fifty-years too late to credibly use the Monroe Doctrine for anything.

Proclaimed in 1823, the Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. warning to the European powers against having any ambition to reestablish their empires in the western hemisphere or to create new colonies therein. This doctrine was the handy work of strong and credible men, JamesMonroe and John Quincy Adams. But that was long ago.

With our post-1945 political class’s naïve, even mindless assistance, the Europeans and Third Worlders reestablished beachheads in North America with the creation of the UN in 1945 and its placement on U.S. soil. Today, it is clear we have less to fear from Europeans in America than the Third Worlders. These unwanted, unneeded, largely illegal immigrants are remaking the once sparkling cities of San Francisco and New York into wastelands, contaminated by a growing number of diseases spread by people who are too stupid to know how to use indoor plumbing. Portland and Seattle are reported to be the next cities to be ruined and diseased by shitty people, shitting outdoors.

The Monroe Doctrine, moreover, was meant to be a two-way street. We certainly warned off the Europeans, but we quite clearly promised that, in return, the United States would stay out of Europe’s internal affairs, especially its wars. U.S. leaders, however, first violated this pledge by staging the unnecessary and ruinous U.S. military intervention in World War I, and then by Roosevelt’s deceitful manipulation of public opinion and crucifixion of Colonel Lindbergh — both activities aided by the overt and covert help of British intelligence and Jewish-American leaders — so as to be ready to repeat Wilson’s interventionist disaster when Japan attacked and Germany declared war, actions that allowed the portrayal of an unnecessary war as necessary. Not surprisingly, Roosevelt chose to save Europeans by focusing first on Germany’s defeat, instead of focusing America’s military fury on those who attacked Pearl Harbor.

The final straw that shattered the Monroe Doctrine’s quid pro quo occurred in 1949, when NATO was formed and the United States unnecessarily became, in matters related to war and peace, a European country. Since then, the republic has played the indentured servant to the European elites, becoming the hewer of weapons and drawer-down of U.S. national wealth to serve effete European leaders who had no intention, then or now, of defending their countries unless the United States was willing to shed far more blood, limbs, and money than those leaders were in Europe’s defense.

In other words, the Monroe Doctrine is a dead letter and that may be a good thing as the U.S. military has not won a war since 1945. Regarding Venezuela, Trump – unless he goes berserk – has let his little gang of juvenile Neocons play out their game to failure. These geniuses have killed the popularity of their hand-picked substitute president, and increased the likelihood that Maduro would be reelected by the people who elected and reelected him in the first place. Regarding the Russians and Chinese now in Venezuela, let them pay the freight for engaging in a certain-to-fail effort to feed and rebuild that demolished nation. For the United States, the only thing the Neocons ever wanted in Venezuela was war and oil. Trump must not become today’s General Smedley Butler, a man who led his Marines in battle in multiple unnecessary U.S. military interventions south of Texas. Those U.S. military operations were always conducted in the name of spreading democracy, but, as General Butler said, their sole goal was to preserve and expand the economic interests of J.P. Morgan, Chase Manhattan, other financial titans, and their shareholders.

The Gaulieters and Israel. The latest hate-driven operations by the Iron Cross-seeking Gaulieters Nadler and Schiff will lead to nothing substantive, but they will harass and defame the president, while robbing the republic of two more years of its life. What is it that has driven Jewish-Americans, seemingly as a whole, to hate a president who, despite their united and virulent opposition, has improved American living and economic conditions far more in two years than the Jewish-American-loved Obama-Biden regime did in eight?

In part, it is because of their disregard, even contempt for all Americans who are not part of their community, as well as those Americans who oppose the policies that the community’s spokesmen, media, celebrities, and political leaders make clear they love best; namely, abortion/infanticide; identity politics like those of Nazi Germany; Islamophobia; ending the electoral college,; open borders; minority rule; sexual deviancy redefined as normal behavior; white people, the climate-change hoax; demented feminism; neutering the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments; hating Americans from the southern states and the Midwest; and, most of all, Israel.

The Jewish-Americans’ deep-seated hatred for President Trump has existed since he announced his candidacy and today is broadcast far, wide, and daily. Starting with Bill Kristol’s anti-Trump obsession – yielding the destruction of his own magazine and, currently, his own hilariously self-demeaning role on CNN – leading members of the Jewish-American community in all walks of life have heaped hatred, vitriol, and lies upon Trump, his administration, and his family. Under this downpour of Jewish-American hate, Trump has conducted himself with more of the actions of a true Israel-First shill than almost any of his predecessors. The president has moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: he has recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights; in his campaign to significantly reduce wasteful and often stupid foreign aid, he has made no mention of reducing the $38 billion in taxpayer funds that Israel is extorting from the U.S. Congress it owns; he has lavished praise on an apparently corrupt Israeli prime minister; and he has used his son-in-law to do Israel’s bidding in the farce known as the Middle East Peace Process. In other words, short of converting, Trump could not have done more in terms of behaving like an Israel-Firster – the direct opposite and deadly enemy of America First — and kowtowing to Jewish-Americans and Israel. Nor could he have done more in less time to solidify hatred for the United State in the minds of Muslims in America and around much of the Islamic world.

Which leaves two questions: Why do Jewish-Americans and their leaders and journalists so universally hate Trump? And why, in response to their mocking, scurrilous, and lying hatred, has the president continued to act as their pathetic yes-man?

I have no definitive answer, but I do have a speculation. The blazing hatred for Trump from Nadler, Schiff, Bloomberg, Wasserman-Schultz, Kristol, Durbin, Finestein, and so many other leading Jewish-Americans in politics, the media, the academy, and Hollywood could well mean that these creatures believe Trump will ultimately stop his slow application of an America First foreign and military policy by lethally turning on his, America First’s, and the republic’s greatest domestic enemies, of which there are five main groupings.

The first four are (a) the mid- and senior-levels of the federal bureaucracy, (b) the Democratic Party, (c) the academy, and (d) almost all of the media. The federal bureaucracy is already being culled of its richly verminous manpower – note the panic of Brennan, et. al — and the pace of that delightful process seems ready to pick up considerably. The Democratic Party is being destroyed by its socialist majority, and before long many dozens of its leaders will be facing the splendid pain inherent in the coming return of equal treatment under the law. No longer immune from the law that applies to all other Americans, these Democratic grandees will be humiliated, incarcerated, and forever vilified. The academy, too, will soon be imploding as a consequence of the 1st Amendment being restored to campuses. The academy’s hoard of two-bit, badly educated professors will confront the end of their courses on righteous feminism, anti-American U.S. history, gender studies, statue destruction, Antifa-sanctifying, the glories of sexual deviance, pedophilia, multiculturalism, and diversity, and a host of other useless topics once classrooms are again open to students who know these subjects are worthless and can be debated into oblivion by a bit of commonsense and the 1st Amendment’s ironclad protections. Not much needs to be said about the media. These Bloomsbury-like, faux intellectuals and sexually-uncertain weaklings have destroyed their own credibility, and will, if there is any justice, drown in the stinking cesspool they created and call home, all the while shrieking about Russian interference.

The republic’s fifth lethal enemy, unsurprisingly, is much of the country’s Jewish-American community and the state of Israel. It seems ridiculous to have to try to persuade Americans of this reality, especially after they have seen the Congress vote near unanimously to try to remove 1st Amendment protections from a sitting, though reprehensible and dumb as a rock, congresswoman, and, again, near unanimously vote to give $38 billion to Israel. This rare unanimity comes at a time when the Congress cannot muster enough votes to fund relief for 16 million malnourished American children, for preventing infanticide, for restoring U.S. sovereignty, for stopping the inflow across open borders of fentanyl, heroin, pedophiles, MS-13 gangsters, women for forced prostitution, criminals, and young children for the pleasure of pedophiles.

Why would the 1st Amendment be mangled and $38 billion given to Israel by massive congressional majorities, while solutions for America’s most serious and pressing problems cannot be passed? The answer: Jewish-Americans own the U.S. Congress and command majorities in both houses whenever they demand them. Their motto is “Everything for Israel, let Americans be killed, raped, starved, and addicted”.

But, if my hunch is correct, President Trump knows the depth, breadth, and power of these corrupting Jewish-American Israel Firsters. He surely also knows the enormous range of anti-American espionage operations – from suborning U.S. citizens to spy for Israel, to the theft of our intellectual property and technology – conducted by Israel’s intelligence services, with help from Israel-First U.S. citizens and some federal servants at all levels. If you will recall, when the fake FBI-DOJ Russian investigation began to unravel, the media reported that members of Israel’s diplomatic and intelligence services were involved in anti-Trump operations with the British, Australian, and Italian services. The reported Israeli role in the attempted coup has long-since disappeared from the media and, as far as I could find, the White House has never mentioned it.

My bet is that President Trump will make the disloyal Jewish-Americans and their country of first allegiance the last target on the above list of the five deadly enemies of the republic. The president seems to have insulated himself – through his butt-kissing praise for Israel and such Neocon stupidities as his decisions on Jerusalem and the Golan Heights – from any accusations of anti-Israeli thoughts, words, or behavior. When the time comes, Trump will have massive, and massively persuasive, data that will disclose to Americans the details of Israel’s longtime corruption of the U.S. Congress; campaign of espionage against the U.S. government and military; and practice of sharing U.S. technology and other classified information with the republic’s enemies. When Trump does this, Israel and Jewish-American Israel Firsters, together with the extraordinary damage they have done to U.S. foreign policy and the republic as a whole, will be, at long last, just an annoying memory.

Naming the jew amounts to nothing if the population doesn't kill the jew.

It should be noted that Scheuer's previous website was shoahed after he called for citizens to kill traitors.


Did you even read that OP? It ends in a 4d chess plan trusting narrative. Proving Q is an agency psyop if anything.



I don't see his name on that list.

I also don't see his name on the website you linked.

Where are you seeing this?

lmao is that your little blog, op?

Nice theory OP but instead of all that it's easier to explain the media and Trump as working together. I mean All of Hollywood hates Trump? They made him famous with his show -_-
Trump wouldn't fight the Jew. He is a Jew

My bad en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Scheuer

Intelligence officer only.

But from that page

"Scheuer became a public figure after being outed as the anonymous author of the 2004 book Imperial Hubris, in which he criticized many of the United States' assumptions about Islamist insurgencies and particularly Osama bin Laden. Later in 2004, shortly after the 'outing' of Scheuer's harsh criticism of America's close alliance with Israel, Scheuer resigned from his position at the CIA. In his book Scheuer depicted bin Laden as a rational actor who was fighting to weaken the United States by weakening its economy, rather than merely combating and killing Americans."

No. Go back to fucking your sister, kike.

Only one mentioning Q is you, Schlomo

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Says the high-time preference nigger
More likely a CIAnigger tho

Merely referring to the plan trusting in that article, Hot Head. There is no such thing as an ex-spook.

KYS en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kiriakou

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Joe Biden. Here is a man who is now the pale shadow of a former nothing. He accomplished nothing during forty years in the U.S. Senate

Biden his time, since 1969.

Pretty big difference, bud.

they dont control every single person. They mow the grass and water the flowers, for the most part.

I'll believe it when I see it but it would be nice to think it could happen.


Oh wow, working for John Kerry afterwards. Yeah, you sure showed me. Somebody get this Hot Head outta here.

Trump is not there to fix the situation. He is there to put everyone on notice. If you are familiar with Law you will recognize the seriousness of this move. It signifies that from this point no one can claim immunity for their actions going forward. Rather than seeking the difficult (and unrealistic) goal of retribution for past acts it just provides the necessary push for everyone to make their arrangements for the future.
In a nutshell.
The Jews have to sort themselves out.
The Anglo Saxons have to sort themselves out.
The train has been brought to a standstill so there is no point even pretending that anything can be gained by continuing with the status quo.
Rent seeking oligarchs have been walled in by Rent seeking industries effectively drying up resources and cash flows.
. Massive investments have pinned all their hope on the coming A(rtificial) I(ntelligence) to counter an enemy that is not constructed from facts or logic. There is no computer that can quantify faith, intuition or terror, that we know of at least.

It is a damn good place to start. You have so many different normies that hate the banks, govt, corporations and economy on both sides and will praise you as a reformer when you talk about their flaws. The next step is to tell them who is in charge of these and other tumors of society.

The more that know to look out for the nose, the better chance for action.

When dealing with the public I go from the angle that they are at least 5 years behind us in terms of knowledge of how things work. I don't think we can outright convince them that's it the Jews. But we can easily show them how laughably wrong the media is (as an example) and point to the large link of corporations all falling under the one mega-corp. So even if we can't completely redpill, we can still give them a half-dose and theyll eventually work out the truth by looking between the lines.

Of course, anyone you see that can be convinced, give them the full dose.

This guy and his wife seem like Neocons he's probably just a high-level gatekeeper. Demonizes Nazis and says Adam Schiff is like the Nazis. Israel probably just wants to re-brand and is trying to blame their atrocities on the Democratic Party. This guy wants to hang Obama but not Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger??? y'OK….

>Shilling for (((Trump)))

Moshe …

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I hope he's talking about military targets and not legal action. I want to believe but I think the response from Tel Aviv will be "Trump and what army." I think he would be arrested if he told the military to shoot missiles into Israel or the CIA to accident Israeli politicians, and the brown person who wins the next election will pardon everybody if he manages to get a case finished before his two terms are up.

Jeez, that link he gave to the Biden child molestation compilation is genuinely creepy. The other ones I've seen before were kind of funny I thought, but he's centimeters away from that little girl's nipples.


support will not be an issue, but let's not rely on Tramp for our salvation

Petition to take away my Zig Forums license then, faggot. If it's such a big deal, why are you still here? Oh right, 98% chance you're a kike.
Thanks tho, I found where I picked up that "head" in his title.


Michael Scheuer
Michael ScheuerAKA Michael F. Scheuer

Born: c. 1952

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Spy, Author
Party Affiliation: Republican [1]

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Imperial Hubris

Former head of the CIA's "Osama bin Laden unit" (1996-99), and an agent of the CIA for over 22 years. He authored two books as "Anonymous", most importantly Imperial Hubris, a work highly critical of the George W. Bush administration. Anonymous's identity was revealed by Jason Vest in the 2 July 2004 edition of the Boston Phoenix. It should be noted that anonymity was not Scheuer's choice – the CIA demanded it of him in order to publish his books.

On a 30 July 2009 appearance on Glenn Beck's Fox television program, Scheuer complained of lax border security and said that "the only chance we have" to repair America's national security "is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States".

-22+ years as a spook, head of OBL unit
-Pissed on W's shoes
-Would have owned it but for CIA threats
-Recognized the mortal danger the US was in and named it a decade ago
-Stake in the future (two kids)
-Former website got shoa'd for calling for violence against America's enemies

Anybody who impugns this guy is a fucking Jew, or a slave of the Jew.

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Eh, pick one en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divisions_of_the_United_States_Army

Imagine a world where Trump gives the Golan to Pissrael, and then invades and occupies them for "their own safety" b/c their leadership was "ready to shoa them with the Sampson option rather than give up power".

Then we take the Golan's oil.

I bet the sandniggers would dance in the streets and declare him the messiah.

His 30 months in federal prison didn't happen b/c he took the fall for someone else, dumbass

This would not be bad if it weren't jews that would rule over after that.

No. White liberals turned their cities into shitholes, illegal immigrants are literal slaves of no importance.



Never going to happen. Trump will win 2nd term, do nothing for americans other than cut some taxes for the rich and offer more protections to corporations while he will chimp out on twitter and do nothing in real life. After that some democrat woman will win the presidency, use Trump as the ultimate straight white male avatar to blame all the problem of the USA to white males and the USA will become a socialist country with endless gibs offered for votes to the non-whites.


this guy is totally not credible. these are "lethal threats". this guy is unbelievably insane.

I don't listen to anyone who is anti-pedophilia.

why? is it because you're a member of the CIA?

OP, consider yourself Honked

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Da native wite people done dat…

You sound rather generically demoralized.

I'd offer encouragement, but you're probably a CIATraitorNigger reduced to using Tor to try and escape what's coming

So, I offer whiskey and a pistol. It's the only way.

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Don't get it, but that's a funny meme

Truth is…the game was honked from the start

what's this clown then with a shot there? that is anti- clown world.

Trump needs to fix the situation, and have a good chunk fixed b/f his second term. I'm OK if it takes 2 terms, but unless serious progress is made there won't be a 2nd.

Ain't ever gonna happen, it's always taken others to sort them out by throwing them out. This indicates to me you must be new here. Welcome, faggot.

True that, although restricting suffrage to those who contribute to society will take some trauma.

Not quite yet, and it's more like a battle carrier group coming about than a train. It's about 50% through the turn.

Don't agree here, there will need to be unimaginable disruption of federal regulations & laws to break that shit up.

AI & muh singularity is total bullshit. Consciousness exists outside of the brain.

I get the feeling you may have access to info we don't, but despite that aren't getting all the info (or perhaps not enough to get the big picture).

he impugned himself with the when he named the pedophile. Day of the honk will come to anti-pedos.

This newfag clown frog angers the true Honk.

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most of the rich and middle class contribute nothing to society. they are vultures and parasites on the people.

I am the true Honk.

Agree, and what's the best way to make rich people miserable?

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Print money so all their money is worth slightly less.

Because it's a thinly vieled false equivalency using language control to demonize arranged marriages and glorify school slut culture.

How many threads are you gonna post this in today?

Oh, (((THEY))) are honking. DerpDerpDerp


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Good write-up, but he's far too optimistic about Trump.


Maybe, maybe not (audio related).

At least it's entertaining to watch him drive shitlibs fuckin' cray cray.

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Are you just now knowing who he is?
Well, better late than never

Well well, it appears he is back. I thought they killed him.

Yeah, I thought the same after they shoa'd his site.

No, been following him longer than Zig Forums. Just thought this latest from him was more direct than anything else I had read from him.

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Here's the archive and the passages specific to OP's very good, but not perfect, post.


Umm, Are you asking A question to your elders That is the original meaning of that hand gesture. yea Bin ladden never admitted to the 9/11.01 attacks He said something like it brings me joy to see America burn for all of the crimes they commit in other country's but never said he did it. I have seen bin laden vids that are not meant for the public Sheep and the titles of books he was reading He is more aware then 99% of Americans of the true events of past wars but seemed like a utter genius to the lazy opium addicts they would lay around and Liston to him. Did bin laden attack the world trade towers? true. killed six people and injured over a thousand. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing. They spin there lies with truth.

For slaves like you, maybe. But for me it's always meant this

"When the English defeated the French they mocked them by making a show of their continued ability to ‘pluck yew’ or pluck the longbow and fight by raising the middle finger and shouting ‘Pluck Yew’ which was taken to mean: ‘Look, we can still pluck yew!’ Eventually the ‘P’ of pluck became the ‘F’ that we use today and ‘yew’ changed to ‘you’ which sound the same."

and/or this

"The Roman historian Tacitus wrote that German tribesmen gave the middle finger to advancing Roman soldiers"

Whiskey treatin' you right tonight, amirite?

Anyway, thanks for the bump

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He was head of the bin-laden unit, codenamed Alec Station. Bin Laden mentioned Scheuer personally and mocked the Americans and told them if they wanted to know why they were losing the war against the ummah, to read Imperial Hubris

By the way, why are you doubting Michael Scheuer's credibility since he's one of the first since 9/11 to publicly lambast the jewish community and the cuckservatives as well as the neocons in both the dems and reps?

what's with all the shills today, OP? By the way, Scheuer never incited nor advocated violence, but merely warned against the path that was being taken by the political elites. He highlights it very clearly that revolutions were started over less.
I disagree with his statement here, because I think they'd just increase the powers of the NSAniggers while

1st pic related

He wrote that before the HOLY SHIT NSA FUCKING COLLECTS EVERYFUCKING THING broke. He's also proof that not every spook is a nigger, kek.

I'm still hoping Q isn't a larp/honeypot. So far, I'm optimistic, but I might as well be… b/c if not, I'm just as fucked fucked as I was before, so better not to wallow in the dark pit of despair, waiting for the dynamic entry and dramatically applied sweet oblivion.

And since if they are for real, they are also monitoring this thread closely (b/c I'm a mouthy motherfucker), so this is for them: I hope you realize, that unless birthright citizenship is reversed ACCORDING TO FUCKING PRECEDENT (2nd pic u faggots), and the squatemalans & street shitters are deported en masse, along with creating conditions where they self-deport, this country will BALKANIZE w/in 20 years. The fucking world average IQ is 82 FFS. AVERAGE. IQ.

Also, smartest man in the world on immigration 3rd pic. Fuck. Me.

I'd join them in a heartbeat if they'd take me. Can you imagine? kEk

Now that would be a ride worth taking.


So can this guy confirm they're flying plane-fuls of opium out of Afghanistan or what?

Once a spook, always a spook. Even if he is candid on some things. Still, once I vote hard enough the Ted Kaczynski/Julian Assange ballot wins in 2020, he might make a good State Dept head. Can't say with these guys, almost everyone has an angle.

Not chief, head of Bin Laden unit (my mistake, I corrected), so unfortunately probably not.

Bet he knows a guy or twenty who can tho

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he was lead on the bin laden task force stuff in the 90s and 80s. I think that's it.

Shockingly enough, if you spend too much time on Zig Forums it will destroy your faith in humanity, which is a mistake vid related

Collect 'em all

invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheurer

FYI invideo.us is a no-track front end for Jewtube, YW


Michael Scheuer

Michael ScheuerAKA Michael F. Scheuer

Born: c. 1952

Gender: Male

Race or Ethnicity: White

Sexual orientation: Straight

Occupation: Spy, Author

Party Affiliation: Republican [1]

Nationality: United States

Executive summary: Imperial Hubris

Former head of the CIA's "Osama bin Laden unit" (1996-99), and an agent of the CIA for over 22 years. He authored two books as "Anonymous", most importantly Imperial Hubris, a work highly critical of the George W. Bush administration. Anonymous's identity was revealed by Jason Vest in the 2 July 2004 edition of the Boston Phoenix. It should be noted that anonymity was not Scheuer's choice – the CIA demanded it of him in order to publish his books.


No, you fucking make them poor. Go watch that movie.

CIA agent for 22 years can mean almost anything. Maybe he's honest about what he knows he can say while keeping his life, because once a spook always a spook. They have you for life.

No, stormtard anti white traitors will get the "gas".

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Watch all his anti-Israel rants and let me know if you still think the same way. I'll wait. invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheurer

No, Trump in 2020

Assange for head of State Dept

Kaczynski for dept of Intel head (no more CIA)

This is a bunch of nice theorycrafting and it would be nice if it was true, but I don't see any reason to actually believe any of it.

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You'll be fucking off then, awesome. Thanks for the bump though, kike.

I've got an intact foreskin and no hook on my nose. What I don't have is anything to convince me these theories about what Trump's about to do are correct. Yes, Trump could be chess memes, but occam's razor says otherwise.

Feel free to try to formulate an argument against this position though.

Unfortunately for him, I know everything I need to know about him by simply knowing he ever even for one second joined the glownigger ponyfucker drug-running child-trafficking club. Opinion disregarded with extreme prejudice

I'm goddamn jealous. I'm also a little salty about being mutilated as an infant. Surely that won't become an issue in society though, what with all these guys realizing jews are responsible for slicing up their cocks/ I can't see how that would ever come back to haunt anyone

This is a bunch of nice theorycrafting and it would be nice if it was true, but I don't see any reason to actually believe any of it.

…See how that works?

Pics or you're a kike.

This is a bunch of nice theorycrafting and it would be nice if it was true, but I don't see any reason to actually believe any of it.

…See how that works?

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Yeah, that information wasn't common knowledge until recently dipshit, and he joined over 37 years ago. Stupid fucking kids think history started when they discovered their dicks.

Hear the man speak, or let the kike rule you to your grave invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheurer

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Can someone just point out where he names the jew aside from the gain wall of text OP copy pasted from his source

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That's a whole lot of anger with even more lack of reasoning. I guess there's no reason to believe any of this, then? That's cool. I don't disagree with any of the guy's analysis on who the enemies are, he just doesn't provide any particular examples or citations for why he feels like Trump's about to do X Y and Z, so it's basically just more Q shit.

What a remarkable lack of self-awareness. I stated a lack of belief stemming from a lack of evidence. There's quite the difference between active disbelief and lack of belief.

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Here, I've only posted this link four fucking times now invidio.us/search?q=I'd dump israel scheuer

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you know in the time it took you to post that you could have just posted the fucking quote dude


He's right though. If you read the article, it explicitly says that it's all part of a plan to LOCK HER UP and RESTORE SOVEREIGNTY.

Both of which are looking like stupid assumptions. Trump turned on a lot of his base because people like us are politically risky and the dems are hellbent on losing support, likely by design. Notice how the media has backed off a little? Notice how they've compromised a bit?