Clown Hate symbol image drop

We need clown hate symbols to attack the left. Post your best clown hate symbols, memes etc. The more Alt Right the better. Bash the gays, the Left or the comies. Go!

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Eat shit.

Literally, you faggots posting here now are the left. The left invaded months ago.


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Better learn to code while you can "Journalist".

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I was thinking about making a video with Honkler set to the Tears for Fears version of Mad World, any news articles or Honkler memes you'd wanna suggest me to use?

Negative. I am a Meme War Vet. Loser.

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To hell with the alt right and dicking with the left. Die in a car crash op.

Implying that I am hay and want to have sex with Negros?

Admit it, you're a gay crackhead larping as a security guard.

I am going to turn your stupid utility cover around, and tell you to fuck off.

I picked a side, you tards are too obsessed with my clothing.

Your projecting dude. I dont want to know about your mating preferences.

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They have it on film faggot

What are you talking about? Go take your meds dude.

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I am not your dude you beaner trash.

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kys op
honk honkler

Come on guys do better.

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