The media was pushing the woman for being responsible for the black hole

He wrote 850,000 of the 900,000 lines of code that were written in the historic black-hole image algorithm.

It's like what they did with salk, or what google did.

Salk was only taking the next logical step in the journey begun by Morgan and others. None of those who had established the principles and the practices upon which the

Although the publicity must have been a factor, the real reason Jonas Salk was never fully accepted by those whom he would have liked to consider his peers is simply that the scientific quality of his contribution was not thought to be great. When a Nobel Prize was to be awarded for the solution of the polio challenge, it went not to Salk but to John Enders, Thomas Weller and Fred Robbins, who had enormously magnified the field's potential by devising the method of growing the virus in a culture medium other than nervous tissue, a magnificent achievement without which continuing research progress would not have been possible. Even the distinction of being elected to the National Academy of Sciences eluded Jonas Salk because that pantheon of investigators did not think his career merited it.

Compared to establishment figures such as Enders, Francis, Paul and Sabin, Salk was a Jonas-come-lately. His only previous noteworthy contribution was his work with Francis on an inactivated-virus influenza vaccine. Since the basis for his polio studies had been so well constructed by others, it was felt by those close to the field that Salk had overcome no great obstacle. In later years, his bitter rival Sabin would tell the medical historian Saul Benison, "You could go into the kitchen and do what he did." Despite the flagrant exaggeration of Sabin's comments, they seemed to echo the sentiments of other scientists as well.

There was far more at work here than the mere absence of high regard for a colleague's work. The fact is that the weight of scientific opinion in the late 1940s and the '50s favored the search for a vaccine made from live but attenuated, or "weakened," virus. The inactivated or "killed" variety that Salk developed is more difficult to administer and would confer a degree of immunity far less lasting. An attenuated virus vaccine produces mild subclinical infection in those to whom it is administered, as well as the likelihood that it will spread, like any contagious disease, to the non-treated population. Thus, many who have not been immunized develop antibodies that protect them against the disease.

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Typical the jews want to credit their own, but a white man is the one who really did all the hard work for it all.

A Japanese man started on the work even before she joined any effort.

The eternal Aryan strikes again! No wonder they're pushing the Jewess. They can't let a hwite as fuck goy win the day again.

They're jews, of course they stole the honors. When you're a jew handing out the medals, you hand them to a jew, because chances are good they're your cousin.

maybe salk’s contribution was not so significant, but have to disagree on the attenuated vs dead vaccine.

those ‘attenuated’ vaccines caused full blown infection in some % of the cases, while the dead vaccine does not. nobody in their right mind would choose a vaccine that has a risk of giving them the disease when a safe alternative is available

Salk paid dearly for letting himself succumb to fast fame. Within three weeks of the day of celebration, some 4 million children had received doses of his vaccine, prepared by a total of five commercial laboratories. By late April, 200 cases of polio with eleven fatalities had been traced to a faulty vaccine made by Cutter Laboratories of Berkeley, California. There would be many more the following year. Accusations flew in all directions, but Salk was able to overcome those directed at him. What he was not able to overcome was the fact that his transformation from promising young virology researcher to the conquering hero of polio did not sit well with his colleagues.

Salk was promoted by the media, got to hang out with celebrities, and was even invited to the WH.

He may have written the stupid code or whatever but any monkey with a typewriter and access to GitHub could do that if you gave it enough time. She has a vagina and she worked hard to win the genetic lottery and be not ugly so clearly she deserves to be the one who gets recognized for this astounding scientific breakthrough and anyone who suggests otherwise is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic misogynistic bigot!

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A japanese scientist Mareki Honma came up with it. Its literally referenced in her paper. The algorithm also isnt new its existing process's adapted for this specific use. None of this was thought of or designed by her.

Truth. I can recognise your elite tech god status by your transhumanist vibrating lip implants, a standard neo design feature sported by Silicon valley start up workers. Let me guess, memory foam kneepads too? Rock on brother. Strong queens like her deserve the recognition. Fuck these CIS bigot incels. The Omni intelligence of the Semitus Vaginus Americanus will set us free!!!

Don't you think the surname "Chael" sounds a tiny bit jewish?

Oh thanks for clearing that up, I thought it might have been figuratively or metaphorically referenced in her paper.

But she is ugly.

"Though her work developing algorithms was crucial to the project, she sees her real contribution as bringing a way of thinking to the table. “What I did was brought the culture of testing ourselves,” she says. The project combined experts from all sorts of scientific backgrounds, ranging from physicists to mathematicians, and she saw the work through the lens of computer science, stressing the importance of running tests on synthetic data and making sure that the methods they used to make the image kept human bias out of the equation.

“Traditionally the way you make images in radio astronomy is you actually have a human there who is kind of guiding the imaging methods in the direction they think they should go,” Bouman explains. “And for data like this, that is so sparse, so noisy, where it’s so hard to try to find an image, that was a dangerous game to play.”

Her focus was on making sure the methods they used would show an image of precisely what was at the center of the M87 Galaxy, not just what the team hoped would be there.

Happily, it turned out that those were one and the same. Bouman recalls feeling complete disbelief when her team ran their first tests and saw the ring appear. “Even though we had worked on this for years, I don’t think any of us expected we would get a ring that easily,” she says. “We just expected a blob.”"

What I find most hilarious about all this bullshit is that these people are literally polishing brass on the Titanic. This world is totally fucked from top to bottom with so many problems that these people who are purportedly better minds spent 6 fucking years expecting to find a fucking blob.

This is why humanity is going to go extinct.


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What a brainless (((jew))). The proof that (((juden))) are sub 100 IQs is right here.

When the niggers, muds, and kikes have saturated this Earth and destroyed every economy and environment on the planet, think back on how glorious it was that a single kike sjw female and her "assistants" spent 6 years of their lives looking for blob.png

my how jewish. instead of thinking, think how i want you to think GOY.

It would only be an achievement if somehow black holes looked DIFFERENT then what we already thought they probably looked like, a picture just confirms what physicists have known for a long time so it's not even a big deal

I call bullshit on this whole black hole thing.

she probably invented thinking too, and testing, i mean comp sci majors are well versed in stats /s

it's a falacy.

"We need to fix the problems on the planet first."

Liberals were whining * moaning that NASA get's so little and the Military get's so much. NASA has been fucked bare back by lobbyist that they're stuck using rocket technology from the late 70s.

Yet the moment some rich man comes to the scene to build a better rocket liberals were whining that Musk& others like them are using their own money to start a rocket company, rather than to give to beucrats.

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Earth would be awesome without several billion of the asshats we have now. We need to market living on Mars or some other shit hole as awesome and get rid of them.

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Yeah, I get the point. Thinking about it, it's pretty absurd. Every country is being flooded by thirdworlders and they're becoming dysfunctional third world shitholes which will inevitably one day low average IQ – and you've got a bunch of people being paid the best salaries to look for a blob. Chances are, the average person in 200 years will be too retarded to even do anything with that info. As a researcher who writes for journals, that thought is probably my biggest blackpill.

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wait, so all of the funding went to a bunch of fake ass global warming faggots? we could have been trying to get to mars but we were spending billion on fucking "earth science" aka global warming faggots? how fucking stupid is that.

don't loose your shit OP

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I found the real photo of the blackhole

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notice her post on the right.
"watching in disbelief as the first image I ever made of a black hole was in the process of being constructed…i work on some cool shit, i do like maybe 30% of the work, no fucking would i ever say I on something like this…

Some things just speak for themselves.

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a little better…

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I count one pajeeb and for some reason my jewdar is going wild

This is a very valuable fracture point if we use it correctly. Stuff of this caliber can easily be snowball into destroying other revisionist propaganda, as you mentioned with Salk.

Literal worst case is people becoming even less trusting in media sources.

same. might explain why astronomy and astrophysics is going nowhere fast.

So he's a cuck anyway.

Is Chael is Jewish surname? I'm leaning towards "yes" but it's also to my understanding that goyim, especially Germans, can have Jew-like surnames.

Is it a name at all?

You will find not a single German with such a name

Profile: burg is a German suffix which means town or city. Pittsburgh.
The Semite one is Berg. Eg Mossberg

The main question is, why did this guy not fight for what belonged to him? It's cucks like this that are the main problem. When will white males stop giving knowledge to kikes, shitskins and vaginal jews? All it takes is for the white man to withdraw, for their entire web of lies to collapse on itself.

What is the point in achieving anything when it will just be taken from you? More need to understand that this system no longer cares about White males and will use and abuse them before throwing them away.
Real change won’t come from working in the system, and this is a great example of it, men robbed of their achievements by a cunt because she had a cunt.

This is the real underrated and despised blackpill, why the hate? Because its true.
Why suffer only for somebody else to swoop in and say I DID IT, or the very niggerish WE DID IT? For self satisfaction? That becomes kinda hard when you can’t even enjoy the fruits of labour. For fame and recognition? You’ll be buried in the annals of history and forgotten in 50 years and the toilet cleaner will get the credit because she’s a sub 90IQ shitskin.
Then you have the “DO IT FOR YOUR RACE” retards. Why suffer for people who despise you and desire to use you, its like working for the jew in spirit.

This is also why I think the shills are advocating for violence, since they know it will be useless. What is the point of being a martyr if people literally won’t appreaciate it, don’t want to understand your message but instead are more concerned about their instagram likes and whether MR.Schlomo is gonna be in a good mood tommorow so he won’t bully you too hard. It’s like screaming in space 10/10 for effort but 0 real results. The most results we’ve ever gotten is due to information; why do you think (((christians))) and abrahamic religions (islam, judaism) love bruning books and destroying information? Because it hurts them. Shooting bullets at their meatshields is pointless since they can just get more. But if you break down the jews world; he can’t hide behind anything since there is nothing left.


You are adding more to my words I didn’t say. I said working within the system won’t bring meaningful change, implying there are other ways to bring the change people want.

One person whose deeds they cannot take away from him is Brenton Tarrant because he has recorded proof of what he did. He is known across the world now for what he did, and whether they demonize him or not, he has had an impact that can’t be taken from him by a bitch who did nothing.



No. He's a white male. The woman that was promoted is a jew.

1/14/2004 never forget

Berg is also mountain in German (e.g. Deutschlandsberg)

America space program = feminist womyn celebrity garbage
China actually putting drones on the moon for future use
At this rate. China will become 1950s America while America becomes Brazil.

I know the "why are we spending billions on space when millions are starving on earth" argument is nonsense. However, I do see merit in arguing the point "why is NASA spending its limited budget on make-work PR fluff projects like this instead of doing what it can to ensure a future for manned space exploration?"

Great, we now know what a black hole looks like even though we already knew exactly what it would look like thanks to physics. Several million down the hole just to grab a day's worth of headlines while NASA's fundamental purpose (or at least the purpose every citizen believes they serve) of furthering mankind's exploration of space has basically been abandoned.

Hot new footage released.

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lol not a nigger in sight

Well if that isn’t a bunch of multicult disgusting muttery I have never seen one

Way too many fucking commie bug people tho. Gross

I say we attack nasa at this front. It’s no longer a space program. It’s a PR feminist propaganda. We should turn blacks against nasa.

fuck all of them. Black holes are bullshit made by (((general relativity)))

六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre
反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward
文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system
民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行
法輪功 Falun Dafa 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗
胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨
獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 肅清 活摘器官
黑社會 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩
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新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 東突厥斯坦

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if theyre japs, theyre fine

Perfect. Fucking saved.

is Chael Shonnen a jew?

Chael is derived from Latin and Spanish origins. From Latin roots, its meaning is a heavenly messenger; an angel.

Why is the center more bright than the surrounding space? Why is there a hot spot at the bottom of an allegedly axisymmetric ring of rotating gas?

It's not a black hole, they don't exist. Clown world also has clown science. It really doesn't matter who gets the credit, because we'll be laughing at them in a hundred years.

Bull fuckin' shit.

Yet another reason why Americans should never have gotten involved in WWII. Letting women be useful in factories fucking wrecked our ability to keep them out of anything.

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It's pro muslim too, for some fuckass reason.

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Okay I fucking kekd

The reason why the media exaggerates the contribution of minorities is because they believe that it'll encourage more minorities to pursue a non-criminal profession. The downside is that they tremendously pressured from fucking up.

How do we get some national socialists to colonise mars?

you don't say

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OP can't pull the dick out long enough to even copy and paste properly.

Oy vey, Frau Libowicz, what are you doing?

also, someone is committing to github under her name

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Katie is pretty obvious MtF tranny Jew. Part of the Satanic agenda, totally fake and evil, just like most of the people they put in the limelight.

no, its not fine

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If the math fails to describe reality, then you change reality to fit the math. Why don't you filthy goyim understand this?

Most people cannot comprehend that reality is man made, specifically for them, to contain them, to control them.

you know the reason why planes are crashing and shit is because of diversity and outsourcing to mid tier nigger countries….when we hire people now for every 3rd person we hire we have to skip 20 of the top applicants and take some nigger or fembot instead of someone actually suited for the job…eventually all of the losers end up in the same divsion becuase no one wants to work with them and it creates a double edged sword, on one hand you're not working with niggers and bitches anymore, on the other hand whatever menial thing that division does some how gets fubard and they create problems in the company on a social level because they pull their typical nigger shit complaining about being a nigger and white people….it's funny, this is the PNW there didn't used to be many actual niggers around here, nothing has made people more racists than actually having to work and get to know niggers and having to listen to them complain about being niggers all day.

Blackholes are fake anyway.

Blackholes are a simpler imaginary way to explain celestial observations or how the stars move, using gravitational equations.

The truth is there are vast electrical effects in space on scales we can't readily test or fathom, so instead of having humility and saying we need to do more exploration to understand the electrical nature of the phenomnon we observe, some asshole made a theory out of hot air from his ass about blackholes or infite point masses that suddenly make his "infinite" mathematics work, so now he can say gravity can do anything.

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Imagine the Uffizi Gallery with all the paintings destroyed, used for fires to cook the meager dinners of the niggers that squat then and cover the entire floor with cones of their stinking feces.

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.


Aryan is a slur.

Or you could pay them to find more efficient ways to bring niggers here. The world exists under American and thus Jewish hegemony, so any well-funded scientific endeavour will never help white people. I'd rather they spend that money looking at space than adding even more effort into bringing niggers to our countries.

Truth is a queue, not a hierarchy. If you do enough to help the suffering, your turn will come. If you can’t help, get in line. It was arrogant of Hillary to pass leadership as a matter of turns, but that’s because leadership is not a reward. Leaders must be in the position of serving the queue rather than standing in line for it.

Assuming that the image is real it would still be a feat to prove and capture something that up till now has merely been theoretical.

If anyone can write 850k lines of code this is /ourguy/


So OP posted a photo of a definite faggot.

>shilling for (((thunderbolts)))
Kill yourself.

"-el" in names means "god" and is Semitic, like Ishmael and Israel Samael, Raphael, Gabriel, and so on.

No, not at all in every case. This is like saying Easter is derived from Ishtar. There are other languages besides the one your talmud uses.

Usually management sees a project is almost done, so they reassign a woman to the team. She adds another completed project to her resume, and of course management praise focuses on the woman.

What a smelly cunt

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I think it's hilarious that Zig Forums supported a gay leftist because he's white. You guys are curious as to why you lose frequently, it couldn't be the fact that you blindly place your faith in the wrong people based on apperance.


People who do the work should get the credit. That's the point being made.

It looks like a puppet from Team America: World Police – or whatever that puppet movie is named. I'm not sure. But Jews are horrifically inbred. She looks physically deformed.