Blizzard bans OKAY sign, cause it's white supremacy now

The "ok" sign is now a racially charged hand gesture.

The newest edition to the family is codenamed "operation purple rain" and consists of a thumbs up. The media will consume the story and the dominoes will fall.

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Can't wait for the day I will be impossible to have a normal conversation without using WS-hate symbols.

is pretty white supremacist tbh

This is the only way to say okay without being considered a white nigger.

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It will become a white supremacy symbol anyway. Poor deaf people are going to be bullied for using the ok sign.

Serves them right.
Deaf privilege is not having to listen to leftist drivel

What's blizzard?

I am deaf and I find that to be offensive. There is no way for the deaf community to accept the poltical corrected bullshits. I rather to die than to bow to the leftists.

I assume the gaming company? Known for Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo etc.

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I am triggered.

I hate leftists even more because you ruined the sign languages like tombstones. Thank a lot……

How about now?

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I can't wait for the day it'll be full on war against the non functional members of society

Brenton Tarrant did this.

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Looks like we're going to have to take it to the next level with hand gestures. We should just make sign language white supremacist.

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ayo hol up wyte nigga, ware da fat wyte bitchs at bruh?

bit behind the times aren't they.


Hey wait a second, isn't banning a symbol used by disabled people a violation of the ADA? Seems to me that the ban is illegal if that is the case and very much lawsuit worthy.

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Everything is racist.

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Honestly I didn’t expect this to happen. The majority race of the proficient sign users are white so their life will probably suck more.

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Don’t you dare………I just to sign in peace.

Funny thing, "whatever, fuck off" in ASL is hand flapping and an "ok" lifted up.

Please please please don’t desegregate the white deaf people just because of this stupid meme. It’s going to become more extreme than just ok sign.


You've come to the wrong place, motherfucker.

What? Can't hear you.

Oh the stories I could tell from the potato farm.

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I rather not to mix with niggers. If they make the sign language racist then I will have no choice but to own a gun to avoid getting jump on from the niggers.

Oh I know you heard me. I'll say it again for you.

Oh wait, you think this is where I start pretending to like you?

Please do potato

Seriously, if I wasn't paranoid about my fingerprints being on video I would demonstrate it.

Not funny user. I am white and they are going to make my life because I am an signer.


It's ok to be deaf.

Hell is different for everyone. Really hard to put a masochist through Hell and expect his to do anything other than own your ass for the experience of it.

Of course it is but by the leftist belief, being white is not, which is ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with being white.

Ecked. Oo ave monee on eer plug.

I hope you anons are happy that the deaf white people will have to abandon the leftists and become right wingers in order to own the guns.


Oh right, you gotta hear it to understand it. My bad.

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Now for the Rainbow!
Make these faggots taste the rainbow, and eat Nazi skittles!

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Tired of your cries falling upon deaf ears?

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I would eat the entire Michael's craft isle if I could make a jew eat it.

Ugh I hate this clown world.

That's the thing of it though user. The ridiculousness of banning a benign gesture that is also used by y'all is where we're at in the world. Perhaps it will illustrate that point. There is far worse to come shortly. I wouldn't worry about this. Stay strong user.



I am in the train and I am containing my rages. People are already looking at me funnily so it would be nice if you don’t show another video.

I am curious to know what you said.

Eeh a dik?

The white girl is beautiful…..I am in love with her.

Grow ears.
you save money on ear plugs

Please tell me. Wait, are you going to speak the visual verbal language on the deaf websites so you can speak freely?

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You are cruel.

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Ugh, I hate to say this but I admit I wish hitler win the war.

Lets do soy next they won’t know what to do

There should be more done


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I know you are being sarcastic with the beautiful bullshit gif because you wanted me to be humiliated in the train for lolz.


Thumbs up, OP.
Subscribe to PewDiePie.

a deaf mute wife…absolutely perfect tbh

What a bunch of niggers.

White Supremacy has never existed until now

I wish the elderly knew sign, it would make communication easier.


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It may seem like ridiculous, arbitrary jew panic to ban a hand gestures, but there is a more sinister intent behind it.

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The Jew fears death.

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das rite

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Hand gestures are important because allows communication where sound is too far away for anyone to hear or cannot be heard as well because of a barrier ie through a closed window.

As long as her genetic is not damaged. I hope her private parts is not tainted by non-white cums.

77 checked. Point -> Line -> Triangle -> Pyramid -> Cube -> Sphere -> Gay CIA Bronies -> Nothing