Questions about the 2020 election

We're half-way through 2019, we're almost to the election year. Candidates for the Presidency are being announced but what about local governments?
Are there any right-wing candidates (Real right-wing candidates, not Neocons or Cuckservatives) that are worth taking a look at and supporting for the Senate, the House and Governors?
Adolf Hitler, despite losing the presidential election, was able to get his party the near majority in the German Reichstag with 288 out of 642 seats. All leading to his ascension as chancellor and while using Democracy to achieve it. We cannot allow ourselves to give up so easily and be nihilistic. That's what our enemies would want, us to be broken and defeated so we can no longer pose a threat to them. The system may be flawed and kiked to hell but it's not like the odds were ever in our favor.
Who do you support? Who looks promising? Who has a Jew-free (or near Jew-free) background?

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Newsflash: this aint the early 1930s. We live in the age of Judaic globalism and democracy is a scam. You can't actually vote anyone into power. You're beyond low IQ if you believe that.

This. Democracy is dead,
Americans if you want to save your nation youve got to do what your founding fathers set those amendments in the constitutions to allow you to fertilise the tree of freedom with blood of tyrants or whatever, anything less is basically letting your tyrants know that you dont really care about their influence and you dont mind handing them the keys to your country

After 2018 mid-terms, non.

They can lie boldly and fake election boldly, there is no way out of a shooting war.

We're going to give "UBI" to the world because of open borders, and force taxpayers to pay for their healthcare & college tution.

That young Australian chap.

Trump will win 2020, he is ZOG's current puppet.


You should read up on history.
There is a reason jews fear the referendum.

Torfag stopping by to say "This".


To bad americans are still asleep.

vote for Tulsi or Bernie.

You should read up on history. Even Plato knew democracy was a scam. Why would the people with power allow a bunch of plebs to dictate their future or vote to overthrow them? Protip: they don't – because they aren't retarded. That's all you need to know that democracy is a total sham. They only people you can vote for are preselected figureheads like Trump who is obviously an Israeli asset.

A choice between an Israeli asset Zionist and a ChiCom democrat. Which way to save the West???

If trump is a jew how is it not accelerationism to vote for him, or are you fags still asshurt that you trusted a politician?

Just say jew, champ.

Israeli can mean arabs.

Because Trump doesn't do anything except fuck around and bulk-order McDonalds to the McWhite House. Lefties were right: Trump is a fucking retarded boomer. And everyone who took him seriously got memed on.

no idea. the jewnited states is pretty jewed through and through. you may have to vet whomever at your own local area yourself. if all else fails, write in adolf hitler and force some kike/shitskin to read it.


Do you niggers think the president is a king or something? I don't know why you think any one person could 1488 gas the kikes or hit the accelerator on destroying the west. Is dup a harmless impotent or an evil jew? Make up your fucking mind lmao

The reason democracy "doesn't work" is precisely because people don't vote for the more right wing candidates, so in the end it ends up being kike vs kike because that's who people voted for.

Trump was the most promising candidate last time, but the kike venom seeped into his skull in the end. Sometimes you just can't know, but that doesn't mean you should suck nigger cock pill and stop trying to fight through every avenue available. Voting in the election doesn't mean you're giving up on rope day when it comes, and it will come.

I think president is a figurehead position.

The reason democracy doesn't work is because it is an illusion. You are revealing subhuman intellect if you think those in power are actually gonna give you the choice to overthrow them. That's liberal-tier thinking.

Have you considered that 1930s Germany wasn't over 40% invaders like America is today? Do you seriously expect to unite All the Whites to vote for someone? While under the censorship that's tightening down? This country needs to die so the White American nation can live.
Now as for the election for propaganda purposes. Patrick Little is the only sound choice anyway you look at it. If he can get at least 2% then they will have to change federal law in order to not give him election bucks and breaks in future elections. They would do it to and gloat about it in their media.


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topkek 56% amerimutts

Well, here's a thought user.
Why not start an underground political organization/movement based on our ideals and replace the Republicans' boomer, neocon, conservative members with far-right ones by saying the things people want to hear while keeping our true intentions to our meetings where we coordinate what to do next?
That's exactly what the Democratic Socialists are doing to the Democratic party, they're just public about it, we can do that with the Republicans by doing it underground. Just like how the Democrats are dying Clinton/Obama-era boomers, the Republicans are dying Reagan/Bush(Sr/Jr) era boomers. Their energy is depleting while the Zoomers are hitting voting age and even becoming old enough to run, they're far more energetic and marketable than some old fuck in his 80s.
It might be a long shot but who's to say we're going to rise up in arms anyways? People are increasingly nihilistic and apathetic, they're complacent in the state of the country because of it. If it fails, and we can't get our kind of people into office, we can always march on Washington but keep in mind, there's no guarantee that will work either. We're stuck like this until the day we're dead or the day we're emancipated, which do you think will come first?

fuck you!!!!!
with the 38 billion Trump gave Israel every single US politician, from any party is bought, sold and sealed in a Israeli holy book of baby foreskin blood.
This even includes who is appointed to you HOA board, fucking stupid goyims (non-jews)
Yeah, vote your way out of a paper bag

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You guys can't overcome the international mechanisms and structures we(people who believe in globalism)have put into place following WW2, you simply can't.

You are too weak, divided, confused, and dumb, and you will only get more weak, divided, confused, and dumb as time passes.

The international global order is pretty ironclad. I was somewhat worried when Trump was elected that he would do some irreversible damage to this system. Fortunately I don't think he really cares to do much except for a few cosmetic issues. Otherwise things are moving in a positive direction overall. NATO and the EU are expanding, transatlantic AND transpacific relationships continue to strengthen further, Yes, he annoys me all the time, but the system can and is handling him much better than I anticipated. I am going to assume he is re-elected, but I can rest easy seeing his performance so far. That's enough for you virgins for now.


A globalist

kill yourself shill

Pattrick Little unironically


This is some grad-A larping.

In all honesty if you niggers dont have anything to add to the thread post somewhere else
they're are always at least a dozen threads on this board about how democracy is fucked and we're all going to die regardless of what we do
go there and stop shitting up the thread with your teenage anxiety and nihilistic depression

Yeah because electind FDR turned the whole country into national socialists over night lol
accelerationists are nothing more then dangerous retards who think they're position is more right every time someone realizes how god damn retarded giving the kikes more power is.

They will if we make it obvious that that person is fighting in their interest and everyone else is trying to fuck them over
but that hasnt happened because the movement never, ever, EVER does things IRL. Because everyone who suggest something IRL is called a glow nigger, fbi agent, or jew.
Make no mistake
the fbi does browse this board
but its time realize that not doing ANYTHING is a worse outcome then falling for the odd honeypot

this is a good idea.

Yeah its not like he fucked your plans for china being the new world super power or anything by crashing their god damn god damn economy
im not a huge fan of zion don but i do know that fucks like you hate him making protectionism mainstream

Can he run somewhere other then fucking california?
Even if he was running up state i think he might have a shot.



it didn't work last time, or the time before that, or the time before that, or…


You're a fucking idiot, I bet you think wrestling is real too.

Good luck with that. I don't mean that sarcastically either. I have no faith in such a long shot. What it's going to take is radicalizing those that will act and creating sympathies with as many of the rest. Then crippling the infrastructure and bring commerce to a screeching halt. Until then gather what you can, safely network as much as you can, and destabilize whatever you can.

i'm voting for daffy duck

The problem jews are facing is that Trump has reached levels of top goyness defying the laws of physics. They want him to win again. The usual strategy is put him against a perv like Biden or a dumbass like the nigger in the House of Representatives who thought it was a good idea to announce he was a descendant of Africans sold by Africans for rum during questioning of bankers. But a Warren/Boinie ticket would bring in billions of dollars. How does one get those billions while giving Trump the second term he earned through historic subservience to jewry? I think letting Warren and Boinie fight it out only to get a guaranteed loser Warren/Stronk Brown or Boinie/Sheboon against top goy ticket is the most profitable path.

Vote Zio puppet to fuck with liberals and then take matters in to your own hands when Trump have gone full goy mode

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Vote Trump*

How embarassing for you.

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Trump pardons Assange or the candidate who runs on deporting him, beloved gold whore/traitor Ivanka, and cuck kushner to Chinese concentration camps wins.

There is no peaceful solution. Voting does nothing. Jew Party A will defeat Jew Party B. No one will care. No one will do anything. Nothing will change.

He can’t win, by definition. The ZOG owns everyone in every position of political power in the country. Anyone is their puppet. It doesn’t matter who.

Suicide now.

We wouldnt need to destroy the country if we could seize it.
We have the majority and even if we didnt its not like being 40 percent of the population guarentees we loose if we're more willing to fight and fight for longer
What our movement lacks, trully lacks, is martyrs
No one is covering themselves in gas and lighting it on fire outside of refugee centers yet
No one is being killed by zog openly for protesting affirmative action or jewish power
People DO NOT KNOW about us
and they wont know about us untill we take public action
Brenton wasnt a bad thing but we need people who protest peacefully as well and get fucked over
We need to become something in the eyes of the white populace
something that is undenaibly fighting for their interestings and obviously being treated with distain and violence
the violence will be easy to acheive since the kikes are already scared to death that this wave of neo nationalism will actually turn into a legitimate rebellion against them like it did in the 30
salvini already has them shitting their pants with his talk of ending the itialian central bank, and seizing the gold reserves
All we need do is get off are asses and take public action and we will gain the backing that we've been trying to get since rockwell

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vote with your bullets you fucking niggers

I didnt say peaceful solutions you nigger
I said peaceful protesters
We need both pacifistic and violent revolutionaries to sucesfully take down zog
The death of the peaceful ones legitimize the violence and gains us followers in the populace
thats how you win revolutions

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Let the boomers and the magatards do that shit. Willingness to use force almost always correlates with political radicalism. Nobody wants to die for the center.

All those right wing candidates are jewish.
We're looking for out right National Socialism, or coup/maidan now.



Yes user
send a fucking message however you can
The boys on hunger strike in northern ireland became marters for their cause and helped millions more take irish independence seriously again
that munk single handedly caused veitnamese indpendence to come into public discourse
his image was shown on TV screens across the world
and when the upper class started making fun of him do you know what the people did?
The assinated them
imagine what would happen if people started thinking about jews like that in the US

I never called you a jew because im not a faggot who shuts down conversations with people i disagree with by being a fucking adhom flining retard who wants to censor people off the board
this is why the board is shit


Go suck a feminine penis, Alex. The elections are always between to Israel-first kike puppets. The demokikes are just as owned by Israel as the republikikes.

You are delusional. Democracy has always been a failure, a constant march towards liberalism.

never said there was dude
reread if you dont get it

In all honesty democracy was imposed on europe by the jews in the 19th century so they could controll nations through the press

ok but everything you said applies to effortposting as well as lighting yourself on fire. if you're going to light yourself on fire, at least light up your local synagogue with yourself.

Who fucking cares?

And it's not even election time!