Hi all please watch this movie is a good movie the movie is called "UNPLANNED"

The Trailer video link: youtube.com/watch?v=gBLWpKbC3ww

Abby Johnson is one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors in the US. After she is asked to assist in an abortion at thirteen weeks gestation she instead resigns, becoming a pro-life activist.

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Why should a woman be forced to go through a pregnancy and possibly also raising a child (if adoptive patents can't be found)? The only alternative is thr child becoming a ward of the state or having a mother who doesn't want to raise the child, and/or doesn't have the resources to take of it, both options are going to be devestating for the child't upbringing.

Of course the best option would be for the government to pay full parental leave and tnrn after birth a generous stipend for the child, this would encourage the mother not to abort knowing that she would be helped by society to raise the child.

But of course Zig Forums is full of retard lolbertians who despise welfare so they'd hate that idea. What is it with right-wingers who LOVE semi-developed fetuses but once the baby is born they don't give a fuck?

Why should a woman be free to fuck around with abandon and then go to someone else with the consequences and say "handle that shit"? The world does not work that way. You fuck up, you deal with it. If you were dumb enough to unintentionally get pregnant,you should live with the results. Maybe it will teach you responsibility.

Because pregnancy is often unplanned, condoms sometimes fail, everyone with an active sex life knows this.

That is basically what Zig Forums advocates retard. That way mothers can stay home and raise children. Whites only though. I know it's hard for NPCs to understand National Socialism and Third Positionism but try keep up.

Let's promote this movie to our friends online and here on 8 ch.

Then why is Zig Forums so full of anti-welfare posts?


Properly used condoms fail less than 1% of the time.
Shit excuse.

If you really want to know you will lurk more
But i think you’re retarded so i would prefer if you left us free from your dumb shit

Most people are too dumb to realise that they dont deserve to exist

The eugenics we propose would genocide all the retards like you too, so go back to watching netflix while we figure out how to increase the number of tarrants and bowers and roofs in the world

Because Zig Forums isn't antiwelfare.
Zig Forums isn't anti socialist programs.
For Whites.
It's when those programs are used by a significant margin by niggers, kikes, mudshits, spics etc. and by an even more significant margin paid for by Whites.

Basically, for every dude out there from the white race there should be more than 1 available woman. Oddly, that hasn't happened in a generation or two, and I have met a lot of childless Boomer women in the past year.

Rate of unplanned pregnancies due to condom failure is small enough to be dismissed as a statistical fluke. Most "unplanned" pregnancies occur due to dumb cunts deciding to get rawdogged. Deciding consciously. So tell me, should the society pick up the tab for each member's shitty decisions or should the responsibility fall on the shoulders of the person who made these decisions?

Why should a woman, potentially my daughter, or your daughter, act like a whore and not be responsible for her actions? So she can have sex without it getting in the way of her "Career?"

this bitch at one minute SAYS it -
So that a pregnancy doesn't get in the way of her financial shit

I could give less of a shit about womens problems

Directed by Cary (((Solomon))) Chuck (((Konzelman)))

Produced by Chris Jones, Joe (((Knopp))) Daryl (((Lefever))) - (Candian kike) Cary (((Solomon))) Chuck (((Konzelman)))

Screenplay by Cary (((Solomon))) Chuck (((Konzelman)))

Not watching anything by kikes, thanks.

Virtually everyone reading this has a relative that has murdered her child. Think about that at your next family reunion.

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OP stop spamming this shit here. It's unwelcome and you're going to only cause pain for that film, and the people involved once they get doxxed and people start digging into their backgrounds.

Stop. Now. For your own sake.

While we are here, let's educate everyone on something they should ACTUALLY watch.


P1: bitchute.com/video/QtLvxZ9d0yEY/

P2: bitchute.com/video/FDwZdv8fxXKg/

P3: bitchute.com/video/lLH61aOOzTJW/

P4: bitchute.com/video/5IA2Vu5HyZwl/

P5: bitchute.com/video/TxCekvbTFzoa/

P6: bitchute.com/video/gir6BdAY8dGD/

P7: bitchute.com/video/gSnrjs3yzdcG/

P8: bitchute.com/video/6pHi4VqLkhZ7/

P9: bitchute.com/video/JfKEXGVldY2R/

P10: bitchute.com/video/iTHpbG9eFFWq/


Black women are the biggest customers of abortion clinics

By all means if you want 4x the niggers we already have in the US, keep being pro-life christcuck. Unless I get evidence that abortion is blood sacrifice feeding power to the dark gods Moloch I'm looking at you then I will keep being pro-choice.

Every single mainstream film/tv show, or honestly anything big enough to get picked up on will have some kike involvement. It's quite disingenuous to suggest any type of entertainment to be reactionary or w/e when it's all pretty tightly controlled by the system