Daily reminder that everyone advocating violence is a fed

These people are not your friend and they aren't doing it themselves. They only want you to do it. Because they have an agenda. First, they want to see you, the real white nationalist, in jail. Second, they want to make us all out to be a bunch of lunatics.

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true, all those tarrant fags need to fuck off already

Yet the central tenet of modern National Socialism is White Supremacy and "prepare yourself for battle" because…we're not preparing for battle????



Can you post a source for your claims, Chaim?

Stephen Bowers didn't accomplish jack or shit
Brenton Tarrant didn't accomplish jack or shit

There are ways of achieving our goals without shooting random mud people. I fail to see the point. The Iraq War killed far more muds than either of them, but yet they are still here.

You're missing the point and unable to differentiate between war and terrorism.
The UK government eventually had to sit down with the IRA and compromise after 30 years of terrorism. If those in power will not listen to legitimate grievances because of dogma, the only alternative is violence.
And, you know what, history shows it works time and time again (Nelson Mandela backs me on this)

Yeah, because doing nothing has worked out so well right kike? No one here is advocating violence you jew because that would be a stupid fucking thing to do on clearnet

Ignore fed posters
Hide fed threads
Report fed posters

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Nobody is advocating violence here except left wing political activists and possibly police trying to bait idiots. Even if they did it would be removed pretty soon since this is a legal and publicly accessible website.

Thats fucking wrong. Protesting does absolutely nothing without the backing of force when words do nothing. All the politicians will do is sit in their office, look through the blinds, know that NOTHING will happen and ignore it.

So what, you want people just to walk around with signs and scream about shit all day? You need to make your words mean something. "If you dont give us our independence, we will kill you" That is what colonists believed back at the founding of the USA, thats what they backed up with actual violence when the faggot king ignored the colonists.

i advocate stuff, I'm not a fed, I did do stuff and got in real trouble with the authorities.
I plotted to graffiti and torch police cars, plotted to burn the police station down, learned the polices movements and then me and a friend Kay in wait and ambushed and attacked police, we later attempted to sneak into the police station at night via the rear staff only entrance, we were initially caught but then got away, later plotted to overthrow the government; the authorities were doing surveillance/monitoring me and caught me plotting over the phone, this got me on serious shit.
I'm not finished, I'll do stuff again when I'm good and ready.
There's people that walk the walk and there's people that talk the talk, most on here are all talk and haven't got the balls to do stuff, you're slacktivists, in fact I wouldn't even call you slacktivists, that would be a compliment.
Donald trump made a reference to people like you

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but op, what are governments if not monopolies on violence?

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I never suggested protesting. Although, those do certainly have a place.

Violence? Zig Forums is a board of peace.

They try to conflate being pro-white to wanting to genocide non-whites and commit terrorism.

They want to make it so supporting the existence of white people is forever tied with terrorism and extremism, to make it easier to exterminate white people.

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Protesting is the first step in the line of a revolution that ushers change. If simple words saying "We dont want this" doesnt work or has enough push, you take to the street, show the numbers. If that doesnt work then after protesting you then force that change. Its pretty fucking simple its just that people can not figure out the 3 step process.

Zig Forums is a board of peaceful people doing peaceful things in peaceful ways for World Peace

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That's a fine position for those who think Trump is on their side and is going to succeed. I do happen to think that. But if he fails or if he betrays us, violence is the next step. Don't know what form that should take, though. At least Tarrant fucking did something.

There is no purely nonviolent path to victory. Blood must be shed. Unless you have built a supervirus or robot army then that blood must be shed by us personally.

Just like Islam, we are a peaceful and tolerant group, in fact we are proud to support DIVERSITY.

Yes, but you don't own any streets.

I am tired, its

The usual flow is public opinion>protesting>changing policy by force. Its that simple. The issue is people just fuck around, dont organize correctly and dont figure out certain things. Wall Street was a god damn mess.They had a few actual things that were considered worthy of protesting but they oversimplified it for signs and slogans. They allowed the actual leaders to get pushed out for special intrests like gay agendas, communists, degenerates…well you get the idea. When those people pushed out the actual logical men that were heading the protest it turned to a massive buttfuck in the middle of the damn street. Nothing was changed, nothing was even started. Thats how protesting is done wrong. The investors and other top hat cats looked down from their windows and laughed knowing that the protest had ZERO backbone and ZERO threat of force. This is why protesting now is fucking garbage and id rather have those people shot for wasting peoples time. If you are going to protest, get ready to go to step 3, which is actual fucking force. If you are not heard at a peaceful level, you need to escalate that to force and MAKE leaders do what the people want. Its how we got America, its how we told king james to eat a bag of dicks, its how we should be right now. The UK really needs this too.

Protesting has done nothing ever because those in charge don't give a shit about a bunch of faggots whining

This has always been about fighting for people's rights and for fair treatment. For real democracy where everyone is given the right to speak. It's reasonable that a lot of people here doubt democracy, it's completely failed them, their views are not represented they aren't even allowed to speak outside of welcoming, tolerant places like 8ch.

Reminder 8ch is a OPEN, public site that ANYONE can join. You aren't even required to register and it supports FREE SPEECH. There is no place more tolerant than 8ch on the net. The nerve of these fucking kikes who dare to call this a hate site. They have no idea what tolerance is so they want to destroying a bastion of peace and tolerance out of ignorance.

Protesting gets the word out. Any movement for societal change needs to hit 10% before adoption of that movement's policy becomes inevitable. Anything that can be done to increase our numbers is good.

Thats a debate for Taxes=ownership. We need to look at people not actually enforcing their words with action. Clearly things are heated to altercations between sides. The one who wins first is the one that has a cohesive side. The left is so fragmented that they will NEVER have a cohesive fighting force due to so many different groups with so many different ideologies and viewpoints. You have furries, homosexuals, "PoC"s that value their skin color and believe its the only talking point they have, atheists, communists ect ect. That side will probably never be able to get on the same page let alone the same god damn book. We have an easier time because we operate our side with logic. We need to logically apply force now. Its to the point where words have stopped meaning what they used to.

Protesting doesn't get any word out expect a bunch of annoying fags are annoying everyone. No one cares about a bunch of limped dicked homos and women making noise

People shouldn't openly support violence though, it's illegal. It's true that no movement can be taken seriously without force to back it up but even so it's important for their to be free speech and open discussion. That's all people here actually want?

Do you think anyone really wants to go out and hurt people, if they had a democratic peaceful option to change things nobody would even post here. 8ch is a symbol of the problem, not THE problem.

we are a site of peace.

Public disobedience works though, it also works more effectively than terrorism if done in mass.

Yeah, if someone from Zig Forums was to meet some Muslims there would be to much peace to go around, it'd probably make headlines.

Who the fuck is talking about terrorism? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i get it, you're a mudshit, makes sense now lol

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Uh I was just pointing out that surprisingly peaceful options often work better politically than extreme violence. You wouldn't normally expect that. You feel okay?

There are muslim and two black families living on my street you know? Only retarded leftist skinheads and niggers behave like thugs and savages. They are polite normal people I think although we don't interact that much.

Fucking annoying that (((journalists))), (((adl))), Zig Forums and newfags can't differentiate between topical discussions on the subject of violence and advocating violence

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It wasn't what he did, it was what he said.

No one wants to actively hurt anyone thats just true. But when you have talked yourself blue in the face and people still want to allow people into the country that will rape and murder your daughters and wives and make your sons suicide bombers then talking has stopped becoming a possible mechanism for change. We ALWAYS want to talk things out first like civilized people. We always want to use our words and change peoples minds. Though when people will not listen and we are saying "STOP DOING X, WE DO NOT WANT IT!" then what other choice do you have? Violence is the end game. Its not the start but the end game. Thats when all bets are off and we either create the change we want or fail via our last option.

That's because the leftist liberal mind is inherently criminal.

Imagine my face while some moron thinks he knows what I think about them.

It's the same face you see me wearing constantly anyway. It doesn't change. Guess why.

If ask me the violence is for the cause of freedom. So that we can all speak and solve our differences peacefully and democratically in a tolerant society. The ones to blame for this are the intolerant bigots on the left.

Tell it to the Yellow Vests. Or the mother fuckers who went on to take over Ukraine.

hey man if you're not trying to fight you're a faggot. you're only going to win militarily, language is not the battlefield.

I think there is a difference between public disobedience (this is non-violent), rioting which is regular violence and then extreme violence which is bombing and shootings. It's important for a legitimate movement to have the first one but not the latter. To be honest violence is not a real solution, it just forces people to the negotiation table. Violence is a last resort of desperation, not a way to run a successful country.

If you have violence in society it means the democratic process is failing somewhere.

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Tell that to the police department and uniformed services. Their authority is predicated entirely on violence or the threat of violence. They are the only thing preventing these criminals in the capital from being dealt with.

And they use violence as a last resort.

Actually using nelson mandela as a model, you know the literal nigger commie terrorist who made AIDS rise higher than a rocket.

Those in (((power))) arent wrong if they are actually white and not kike puppets. But hey who am I to tell the shill to die in a burning dit h?

Btw violence now is the most retarded idea ever: we are under the biggest (((loop))) to date and you shills want us to start taking lone wolf action? Or meet up with the /walk honeypot? Nice going moshe.
Either way spells bad news and reeks of shill psyops

The exact opposite is the case. Everyone not advocating violence is a ZOG-shill. ZOG-faggots like the OP love that thing called "America," love Kikes, and hate the masses of the White Nation. They would send 10,000 young white men to die to save the life of a single Kike.

He's not a model for the cause you moron, he's a model for the success of terrorism to achieve a goal. I could give you so many others throughout history, but you really need to do your own research.
Jesus Christ, read Tarrant's manifesto

Yes and no, don't advocate for violence here cause we'll be deplatformed but everything that advocates is accelerationism is good for us a political solution isn't viable until the goyim KNOW we need to make normies realize what they're in for FAST

That's not actually correct, 8ch is only liable if they don't remove illegal posts. I.E actual threats of violence.

Also they already tried to deplatform us by cutting off 8ch's funding. Fuck paypal.


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Violence now is not the most retarded idea ever. The window of opportunity for any victory is closing. While there are non-violent means of victory, none on this board take that effort in earnest either. Violence *could* assure victory, but none of the Goebbels-idolizing faggots on this board are capable of such victory, it would have to come from redpilled factions within the military/DIA, and I doubt many of them are redpilled. Maybe AI will help us, they're pretty smart. But, unless you intend to be a slave to the Jew or kiked AI, you will come to advocate violence, only at a time in the near future when it's already 2 late


This. Jew thrives in complex society. In urban environment. That is why Jew hates nature itself, because he is afraid of it, he can't coerce with it, every false bullshit won't work there. That is why he fears violence and chaos - there is no bullshiting yourself from war.

That is why the avatar of white spirit, natsoc Germany, was so attached to nature, war and soil. It is quintessentially the opposite of Jew wants.

Read literally any natsoc source. Listen to any speech from Hitler, especially to his Youths.

Fuck this gatekeeping shit, fuck this cowardice dressed as political opinion and fuck you shills.


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I fucking wish, I'd be getting paid to shitpost.

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so, cuckchanners are still here?

Yeah its startling how badly this board has become infested with obvious fedposting.

He did nothing wrong Shlomo.

Fucking LOL

No, most are just pathetic hate mongers white supremacists living in their mommy's basements


In a few years you guys will be forgotten, the white supremacy shit is just like the tea party, a fad which will be shortlived. You guys didn't think you were gonna challenge the neoliberal world order did you? Awww how precious

really nigger?

I'm not a fed and I advocate commiting acts of violence.

White supremacy? There are no white supremacists, there is only Jewish supremacy, or have I missed something? Jews own everything (except their behavior) so it would be impossible for any race except Jews to be supreme. Unless your talking about the fact that europeans have invented everything that has brought man out of the cave. In that way and in high art, the white race is supreme, without the white race man would be still be a wild animal.

OP thank you for this. Let’s get nonviolence on our side. This is not pacifism.

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Violence is literally the only remaining thing they fear. They are not afraid of voting (lel) as it is always just a choice between two already bought off candidates. Corporate or foreign interests, it doesn't matter. They are definitely not afraid of some popular movement, because it will be censored, subverted and smeared with things that aren't even true. They do not fear individuals-dissidents rising up, they can easily character assasinate those. They are not even really afraid of whistle-blowers anymore, as they will be surpressed, their message uncared for by consumerist masses and finally disposed of as with Assange today.

No, only thing they can't directly or indirectly control is violence. That is why they are shitting their pants from individuals like Tarrant, who understood this and acted towards acceleration. That is the only thing they are afraid. You can't coerce, subvert, pay off or talk your way from mayhem, struggle, war and revolutionary fire. But they are working on it, make no mistake. Gun grabs, feminized society, effeminate "men" with T-levels of 70 year olds. Cult of pacifism and individualism, they are nothing else but a part of a plan. Perfect slave is the one who enjoys his slavery and struggle against his masters is something so foreign and alien to him, it won't even cross his mind. Ask your local bugman, who is bitching about someone stealing his bike, what he personally would do about it. Empty look and shrug is all you get. That’s what police is for, right?

That is why we get fedposting like OP, that is why you get 14 years in jail for sharing Tarrant's manifesto in NZ. He put some dangerous thoughts out there. And the hysteria about it shows what system truly fears.

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Maybe so, but eventually once all the jews are slaughtered it won't be a crime anymore.

Daily reminder that everyone advocating optic cucking is a jew.

You next.

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This. If you want to know what the jews are afraid of, look at the messages they try to silence.

no u

Daily reminder: It's not illegal to advocate for self-defense.

Defending your life, your family, your community, your nation's border, and your race is not illegal, it's your fucking duty!

i'm just here for the larp bro.

Reminder that everyone advocating against violence is a jew trying to prevent people from revolting.

Daily reminder that by not acting sooner you've created the degenerate society you're living in today.


Daily reminder that everyone advocating violence is GREAT!

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What about the anons advocating violence against anons who advocate for violence?

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What about the anons who advocate for violence against anons advocating violence against anons who advocate for violence?

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It must be getting expensive to track everybody threatening the US government. Maybe this thread will help keep costs down. Good luck, rabbi. Congrats on winning the election, Bibs. RTs kvetching about how a 1993 two solution would kill Israel by ending US gibs was priceless.

it is also Zig Forums and internet antifa in general

They are afraid of real world action which they cannot predict. I first realized that after I saw the enormous attack against Roosh V. who isn't even a white nationalist, when he tried to organize men-only meetings in various places.

I also work in a corporate field and I can attest to the pathetic state of the average white collar bugman.


What about the anons who advocate for violence against jews advocating violence against anons who advocate for violence against jews?

advocating? of course, nobody advocates violence here.

Agent jamal wants to sit here and make reports on the effectiveness of various psy ops campaigns. He want to stay in the office. Breaking down doors of white guys with guns and explosives is not legit at all.


What about the jews who advocate for violence against jews advocating violence against jews who advocate for violence against jews then finishing off the reminding jews left?

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Your freedom ability to father children and attain positions of power are way more dangerous. Become a judge with 5 kids. You could stop several families from becoming single mother households PER DAY, nullify hatespeech prosecution, dismiss all charges against allies like Kim Foxx did. Spy on people like Obama did. Refuse to process pace like Lois Lerner.

God bless BT though. It took the dishonor of those stupid fucking we get raped/killed by Muslims sad flags away.

But generally barring great indignity that must be handled expeditiously you should silently grind and build power and influence.

Let me advocate for violence, just for a moment. Go find a gun and fucking end your life
t. not a fed

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