Imagine falling por the nihilism pill

They are trying to direct us to nihilism
And suicide( clown pepe, everything is useless narratuve….) the same way the older generation fell for the opioid meme after all their jobs were replaced by chinks and the market inundated with pasivity induced drugs so they wouldnt organize and revel.

Look at them now , self destructed individuals for taking the easy path and not rebel

Can you help choping some drug adict with the clown pepe? im with the movile and the results are pretty bad

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Nihilism cuts both ways, user.

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The more that people become aware of Clown World, the more they will see it happening. The majority of people know that all is not right in the Western world at the moment, but do not articulate it either through ignorance or fear. This is an easily digestible was to express those concerns.
I tbelieve this is not about nihilism, it's about enlightenment

It's not nihilism. It's just comedy. Why aren't you laughing? We're all laughing.

Nihilism is a jewish mindtrap designed to ensnare the weak.

Close your mouth you literal j*w

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Nihilist are antimaterialist. I am confused.

Nihilism isn't real

Explain first, then I'll insult you

Nihilism is a memetic virus. It wants to spread. College nihilists are true nihilists.

You're confusing nihilism with defaetism

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What you don't realize is that the clownpill is actually a preventativeto a pure blackpill. It brings the mood up even though doom news hits his everyday. Positive meme. Face it with a smile, good things will come even if you fake your smile.

cries out as he strikes yoyu

ITT actual nihilists are quite rare. There are plenty of larpers though. Real nihilists are very miserable people. There are no black pills for them. Avoid them. They have nothing to offer.

Nihilism is not the end goal of someone's morality if it is then you are a retard anyway. It's an intermediate step to achieve enlightenment. Beeing a nihilist is impossible as humans need a purpose. Nihilism is a tool to question your current state and find the truth. To break free from religion and transcend human culture to find your true self and the true god.

Nice trips. What you fail to understand is that the clownpill is not for us, or to be a substitute for the redpill or blackpill. It is for normies and the uninitiated to realize that things aren't as they seem and start lowkey questioning. It's been about 3 weeks since Tarrant, yet the acceleration of redpilling the public is getting noticeably fast. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. in all of these I start seeing (((material))) and (((they))) are some of the prime accelerators of this. They fear us, which drives them to act.

Keep up the redpilling in social media, anons. Most of us have been on the internet far longer than any normie. When they open their browser, they open up our natural habitat. ACCELERATE, IT IS A FIGHT WE CAN WIN.

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honkler is just people having a break and laughing at it all. If you're stressing about it all the time, its not good. This is a good way for people to laugh

For some people nihilism is a phase, an existential crisis, a tool to question your current state as you said. Some people believe that absolutely nothing in life has a deeper meaning. For a true nihilist, this is a permanent state. It is a hole in their lives that can never be filled.
I agree that people need a purpose. This is why I said that few actual nihilists exist. I don't think that they live very long. I have only known one in my life. I assure you that such people exist. I knew him for over 20 years and he is still alive. They are not like the characters that we see on TV that portray nihilists.

Honker is pure reddit and 4chan shit, it actually originated from reddit and then leked into 4cuck and now I see faggots posting it here

Honk is nothing more than a cianigger meme to mock us , destroying the symbol of pol
Kill yourself already , is so fucking obvious that hurt

Many demoralization threads lately, probably the ADL testing the waters.

Someone anchor this thread

Botposting for trips makes you glow.

Honestly, I find it hard to not be cynical and blackpilled about the future.
I don't ever post demoralisation shit on here, but deep-down, its the way I feel.
Europe will go the way of the US, Brazil, South Africa, and there isn't much we can do to stop it, considering most white people here want this to happen.
Mad to think that only a century ago, 38% of the world was of full European descent, compared to 6% nowadays

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You niggers dont even listen to yourselves.

Stop telling what to do you cunt. It is all fucked up anyway. After blackpill you have only two options. Suicide or honklerpill.

Nihilism is a hard mentality to escape, but people cope with that in many ways. You can mend the wound of the uncaring world with drugs, sex, religion or whatever. I find that laughing at myself and others is the best fix. Happiness comes from distractions, and laughter is the best distraction.

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no just the opposite. Nihilism is the ultimate conclusion of materialism because it rejects the transcendentals. Yet ironically in rejecting the transcendent their is no higher authority then willpower to assert "truth" thus materialism loses all justification outside of sophistic reasoning.

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Truth is … the game was honked from the start

The many colors of the clown and Saruman represent nihilism in that they represent the inability to choose order and differentiate the quality of the colors.

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Please tell me more, newfag.

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Happiness came from reconquering our countries and form a life as citicens not as slaves
Fuck nihilism and fuck the cianiggers that create it if they think we are honna surrender

imagine still supporting trump and the system, subhuman level of IQ required

Who is talking about suporting trump?
If You only see the solution for european people by political means let me tell you that you are
the nigger