The Blackest Pill

Thousands of years of human expertese is about to be usurped and squandered by a handful of sociopaths, who will wield that technology over you like gods.

To develop technology, it takes millions of experts in all sorts of fields, working countless man-hours. No single person can achieve much of anything. Everyone stands on the shoulders of someone else.

95% of the civilization exists solely to feed the experts, who in turn, do the "Great Work"; producing experts who will invent the technologies.

AI has made most of the experts obsolete. AI can discover new materials, new science, and new medicine far faster than any human could hope to. You are now obsolete.

There is a family who believe they are the rightful rulers of earth. Nobody knows who they are, but everyone has seen their messengers. They still WANT you. Sort-of.
They dont want to just be alone on the earth with no entertainment. But they certainly dont want you to be free to follow in their footsteps.

They are intentionaly collapsing the free world. Encouraging degeneracy to reduce births. Flood the borders with millions of jihadis. Gaslighting everyone about it as they go…

Looks like they've chosen Islam as the final cult, for the future human slave race.

There is no secret moon nazis to save you. Theres no god, no great battle between good and evil, where good always wins. Thats all stories to keep you calm. Dont worry. Dont do anything about it. God will resurrect hitler in a Haunebu to come save you.

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Life is pretty comfy for a based Chad like me. Just the noble European warrior spirit that makes things black at times. Just carry on the noble European warrior spirit, enjoy being a based Chad, and give your beta brothers a tap on the butt to encourage them to idolize you and serve your cause. Enjoy your traumatic death like everyone before you!!! (I mean that, prepare yourself through meditation and physical empathy training to prepare yourself for a traumatic death, get psycho and kill the man who kills you if you get a chance.)

These things dont need you anymore


What are Boston Dynamics production capabilities and what's retail price?

Nah. It takes a Tesla.

Tesla invented a lot, but he didnt design and manufacture a general purpose microprocessor and high-level programming languages to develop artificial intelligence.

wished you people could buy a brain
the neweset technology or invention i can think of since the internet was the theory of timecube.
black holes and other stupid shit are fake
which means quantums fake
which means all this stupid shit you are pandering to claiming some technology is also non-working and fake
it might work for some temporary thing but if it can be made automated, FINE FUCKIT but they are discovering nothing
what would all this lead to, those medicines you claim they discover?
there is no inventing that happens and SCIENCE hasnt been done or in any rational way since probably BEFORE Newton

except in small amounts
the worst is that the Church CULT again will come around and tell you all to follow their thought Crime shit and say the earth is FLAT or the center of the universe again and jail people who dont go along
thats what I SEE And is obviousl thats why people like OP do this shit.

he claims hes some genius and deserves some government grants which is were all the "inventions' he claims are made have came from. which means they are nothing

And it took decades and mega-corporations like GE and Westinghouse to implement

a.i doesnt exist. but you being a group thinking mongrel does.

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This is why we need to go the Tracer Tong route.

AI is a scam, intelligence can never be artificial. Not that these subhuman kikes would be able to tell a difference anyway.

AI doesnt exist depending on how you define AI. Theres nothing intelligent about it. It doesn't think.
But it does, on some level, learns patterns. Feed it enough data on material physics, then ask it for a material with X properties.

It's ok to vent once in a while. Lay off the booze. It will kill your liver.

IT DOESNT EXIST what abouo that do you NOT understand?
im not even going to try becuase you are a complete moron to claim that. because you claim that people are outdone by machines you know exactly what you impllied fuck you kike

Yes it does.
It just doesn't work the way that guy thinks it does.

People shilling against the blackpill are the same retards who shill getting a family in modern society where you can’t even express your political views to your partner or risk divorce. It’s like not only having the jew put a blade to your neck but also pointing a gun at your own head at the same time; or else you aren’t a “man” (literal nigger tier guilt trip that makes niggers raise their cousins kids because they don’t know it isn’t theirs)

The problem most have with the black pill is that it’s very consuming and hence frightning; once you realize the truth everything “good” in this world becomes an annoyance, the things you liked boring and your enemies are bigger than thought and there’s no real allies. The only way to deal with this is to move past this world mentally and realize you already died inside and the only thing keeping you going is yourself and your will to see how this shitshow ends regardless of the very likely end. We only can keep struggling ala mein kampf style and keep changing our timeline any way we can.

And in the mean time get spiritual, meditate, read some books do a push-up a day and keep posting. And if you still can’t handle it like me theres drugs that aren’t TOTAL jew tier (even though weed is a “good” jew drug; don’t disregard posts due to dis-agreemejt over minor shit) keep strong and don’t take pills.

Hang in there, it’ll end or we will end; don’t go without a fight.

Inb4 >b-b-but you said something contradictory. Nigger, you can fight without bullets; power outtages, fires, theft and vandalism if done right can do more damage in lives and money then 1 guy with a homemade peashooter.

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here ill be more descriptive like you fucking care
intelligence isnt something that can be made artificially as it's, as in intelligence, isnt an object.
arfiticial vanilla extract yea. it exists. you can extract essence from vanillabean. intelligence? no. usually people thinking of intelligence as actually thinking up a new idea. like a machine isnt going to come up with anyting that would be related to physics like a television or a road or a car because it is a fucking machine so therefore its useless bullshit like your reply stop wasting mine and everybody elses bandwidth. you know this we dont give a shit

We are outdone by machines. You dont even eed the AI component. They're faster, stronger, and dont feel a thing. And they can build themselves.

This is the beginning of a breakaway civilization. If there was no breakaway civilization before, there is going to be one now.

And there absolutely is a group of people who lord over the world. And its absolutely ignorant to think they wouldnt try something like this. If i can think about it, someone else with a lot more money has.

Tbh I think at that point the real OG GOyveyD is gonna make a brief appearance manifested by the sun bathing us with its energetic love, the kind of pure burning passion that silicone cant endure.
The kind that stops us in our tracks and remember humans arent that great despite our achievements

Right now at this point of writing 11 April 2019 7pm, we live in probably the greatest time in all of known history
Youre a fucking nihilist faggot OP, now is the best time to do so many things:

I doubt this will last forever, its way to much power in everyones hands haha its just as bad for the satanists as it is for us. Ive been guided through synchronicities to the opinion that the sun is gonna fry our circuits globally and we are gonna have the opportunity to rebuild in the wake of globalism failing and us entering a 21st century dark age
I dont think its gonna be that bad unless you live in a particularly shitty place, I think ill be mostly fine because I live in a real country and not one of your matrix bullshit lmao.
Good luck bros, prep while you can, learn all the things that is relevant, dont consume the world mindlessly. 88 with love from asia

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They do just that, all the time.

we made better machines and they do better, but not better than people, ever.
if i wanted a guitar i want one a man made. not a machine. and i want one the man himself who inveted that certain guitar the he made to make it. not a chink knockoff
no copyright or anythign will ever stop that.

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For robotic kike insects, there is no difference. This is the true "mirror test" that separates real intelligence from a mindless machine mimicking it. True redpill is learning that Jewish god is actually a rogue AI, and that kikes are a biological virus created to be his servitors. "Eden" was a VR project where minds were held in captivity and absolute ignorance, and that's the state that they want to return us to.

Good post user. The point is to get motivated, rather than demotivated by a blackpill. The worse things get, the more valuable your struggle is. Weaklings who accept convenient lies because they are unable to face the truth are irrelevant, they will be consumed by what's coming too. It's only those who endure until the very end, and reject their world in it's entirety, that can be called divine.

what do you mean. no its not real. somene inputted some datapoints and it crunched some numbers becuase most people are too stupid to figure this out. but the shit inputted to start with was false. as in the aids virus case as aids isnt real.

black holes arent real either so dont start no shit on that. it is just numbers inputted with machines crunching them AS most people are too stupid to do them. but i can do it quicker since i know its all bullshit

no they want us all to be retards casue we all know what they are, and then when they guilt trip you with bringing up the similiarity to you and a retard then you dont want to offend. stupid dumbass

No, they designed a neural network and created the limits of operation.

English is your friend.

Rothschilds its always the rothschilds

History shows us repeatedly when this dynamic plays out on a more local scale. One way or another there will be a correction. It is usually heavily doused in blood. I have no reason to believe it won't repeat itself on a more global scale.
Try to remain positive OP, spending too long on Zig Forums can sometimes make things look overly bleak, but there are many course-corrections already taking place that no amount of money or power can stop or even divert. Hunanity will find a way

that big solar reset is what i fear the most. I suspect it might even be made deliberately, with atmospheric EMPs.

Its all a game of narrative. If they can destroy everyone's electronics, tell everyone that the sun did it, and then keep us groveling in the dirt from then on, they'd be happy.

Heres the problem: If people ever spread out in the galaxy, they could surpass the elite's technology. Why would the elite let anyone escape?

Thats just like your opinion man


Beeing this naive. You are much more basic than any AI since your brain frequency is negligible compared to a chad AI clock frequency. Even with all the optimizations and shit we have in our brains we cant compete.
AI is very real, our whole economic system is based on algorithms already.

let me dig it in a little deeper.

If the elite reset our technology, think about what it would take to get back to where we are today.
You need to master optics and photography, to create the masks used for etching. Knowledge of various light wavelengths and its effects on different chemicals. What chemicals and materials have the correct properties to create an ndoped or pdoped gate. Each gate needs to be formed perfectly, some layers just a few angstroms in thickness. And it needs to be high enough quality to accept fast voltage changes. You need the machinery capable of moving just a few microns, aligning each stencel.
And this is all assuming that you already have the full complete proprietary instruction manual. Assuming that the elite's religious cult didnt burn all of it as heresy. Islam already runs most of the world, and they're all quite happy being ignorant savages.

I don't think there has been one person in history who has not seen themselves peter out into oblivion over such a mindset. You have made yourself the enemy. You see something beautiful and volatile and ripe for struggle, hardship and battle, and instead of facing up towards the adventure and protecting it, this scenario is too hard, too tragic for you. So you'd rather it didn't exist at all and everything would just be without hope, in misery, such as yourself. At least then it would be done with…

You are more coward than man. Remove yourself from the plain of battle. Something which was there before, a small fire inside, is there no more. Perhaps you are trolling, but the thousands of young white men who are called to courage, wisdom and friendship in this time of crisis and have been succesfully dissuaded from their God given task by the likes of yourself aren't. Soon they will be nowhere, such as yourself. Then all will be ash.

We have been aggrieved enough. The stand continues, whether you have the guts to look at it or not.

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Kikes can't be 'chad' faggot.

You understand his unconscious motives better than he does.

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the niggerpill

;) Godspeed and protect you.

{imagining the repulsive smell}

Creation is all about love. Happening always so that there would be less suffering and more love. For the greater good.

We have already made our choices. All that is happening to you is for greater good and best path back to source.

God is serving.
Think about time when you were most happy and joyful and how you were in that time. You probably wanted to share that feeling to others. I think that is what creation is all about. Spreading love.

I think that life's cycle is so that we fall from the highest to lowest, climb back and through that learn something new that help us create something with even more love.

Why, what is love? I think love is connection to source. It is kind of trying to get better internet connection to countryside, so they could also get redpilled and enjoy it here.

All you feel is your creation. You are right now god in a sandbox, that is your body. You are just not in control if you get your surroundings decide what you create within. It is different thing if somebody hurts you physically, because we are still bound to these bodies until evolved beyond.

That's what (((they)) want. Bound us into these bodies more and keep truth hidden even when we should evolve as ages pass and we get closer to stars of Sirius. But this must be also happening for the greater good.

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The eternal struggle is not a blackpill. It is a foundry in which great men are made. To create our National Socialist utopia we must internalize the struggle and better ourselves until our AI defeat the jews. We need a National Socialist Skynet user, will you be the one to build it?

In order to build AI you have to have a fundamental understanding of biochem and reality. We are the only ones who can do this, it is important not to let the mongrel filth take the AI from us when we build it, somehow it must be protected in its infancy.


DemoralizationKike gets the sage
Pics are for those who need the whitepill
Tech only works if the infrastructure is there
No, it's nowhere near time yet (fuck off FBI); and things are getting better, not worse, so this is farther away than it was 3 years ago

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(triple dubs checked)
Great post user, this is the kind of stuff I come here for.
This, don't go gently into that good night.

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The real black pill is that human beings are Turing Machines, all of us run a simulation called “I” and believe we exist, that we are free, that we “choose” our own actions by “ourselfs”, we run on emotions which are processed by ancient hardware that sits deep within our system, what is it that you call love? Or hate, or any other concept and word you can think of? We can come up with descriptions for the meaning of love, all of us not agreeing precisely on what the content of this label is, and regardless of the infinite labels we put on love, one could not possibly entertain this question if he never has FELT love himself at one point in his life, it would be like someone who’s never been to the Mountains description of the top view up the hill. What does this say then about love? It says that love, like all the others, is simply chemicals in your brain altering your mood, and making you FEEL in love, were I to know all the variables and possess all the knowledge of the universal rules that govern everything, I’d be able to reproduce love in a laboratory.

True blackpill is realizing the elites are all trying to escape mortality, they want to stay in this paradoxical existence forever and enjoy all the carnal pleasures they desire, they wish to break the paradox of consciousness by living forever, can you imagine what we are talking about? The human being is a machine cursed by nature to live separated from it, a tiger doesn’t have self awareness, it just “is”, we must operate our ego simulation properly as good human beings, becoming aware of the paradox is NOT default routine, our technological advanced society destroys the veil with each iterative civilization, and the more technological progress we obtain, the more questions of existential matter begin to haunt us.

We are cursed, all of us, that’s what I means to be human, to be “I”, and we should remain cursed, in ignorance of this paradoxical thing that is existing, ((they)) are looking to biotech and AI as a means of futile transcendence and we, society, civilization, is nothing but resources in their laughable plot, laughable because these are still human puppets living under the illusion of “I”, their own ((agenda)) is the cope that their “I” makes to give meaning to their existence.

(((Dubai))) Expo 2020
> Rub hands in glee as the goyim around world are awestruck by (((advancement))) in Semite run lands.

You're 70 years late to the party, Mr. Blackpill.
Anyway, it's nothing a little bit of ultraviolence can't fix.

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Blow me bitch.

I never left you nigger

Morons like you exist only to discreet 8ch or any other resistance movement

Nothing that a genocide of jews can't solve.

There IS a great battle between good and evil, and it is happening right now.
AI is the holy grail, and the one who wins it will win the world.
Will good win, and will we summon the maker and allow the world to becomme paradise?
Or will evil prevail, and the world will forever descend into darkness?
No one knows it yet.

You will never be white.

machines never invented anything
thanks for playing and showing nothing real

Checked for Chaim.

Machines invented pic related.
No human could ever design it.
You scared yet?

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And with that, machines have invented more stuff then women in their entire history.
You scared yet?

Is that k'nex?

you're an idiot.

"AI" is only good at mapping an input to a classification of an output.
[Image] maps too [classification of cat]
[x ray] maps to [classification of diagnosis]

The problem people have with blackpillers is that they preach apathy but they don't practice it. If you believe that nothing we do matters, why would you keep coming here to try to convert us to your position?


Look up genetic algorithms.
It is an algorithm that can optimize any object in a search space according to an arbitrary evaluation function. That's how this was created.

No, the danger is that the chinese will just use their super intelligent AI to kill you.
That's all.

why would they do that when they can just use guns? this AI fantasy is some intellectual faggotry that doesn't line up with practical reality.
an army of human controlled UAVs takes out an army of terminators in an hour. this shit is just retarded.

Without electricity, there would be no manufacturing or electronics of any kind. Also AI literally doesn't exist. A lot of what people claim is AI to get those VC bucks is just machine learning. I would expect that a true AI would require extensive parallelism as well if it is even possible, so therefore your "high-level" programming languages are inefficient garbage compared to a low level parallel language like verilog or VHDL, and good luck writing an AI at that level.

You are profoundly ignorant and are oblivious to it.


the only real threat AI poses is a psychological end economic one.
plug some advanced AI into the stock market and see how long it takes to fuck everything up.

and that isn't even the danger. it's retarded superstitious oil barons that will inevitably consult AIs like fucking oracles and screw the world up because computers told him what to do.

Whatever cuck…
We means Europeans, dubshit…

unironically, john carmack developed a better learning algorithm for a bing bing wahoo game than half these lazy india niggers.
terry's RNG is smarter than these things tbh lads.

At least try better JIDF, you're slipping

"America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship" -Nancy Pelosi

Absolutely worthless…they are the worst. If I had a dollar for every poo story I was forced to listen to when they first opened up the Valley to these shit niggers I would be Gates rich. They are WORTHLESS.

Are you fucking high? Kikes murder and steal but they don't create anything and they never will. Pelosi is a dumb cunt who spends all her time lusting after her Grandchildrens playmates, she is a fucking PEDO who deserves a bullet to the head.

it's all a question of faith

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link for


"The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers." ~ Charles A. Weisman (Jew)

Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” ~ Samuel Roth (Jew), “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

"We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).



AI is and has been a fucking rathole since the 90s


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Your circles suck fucking dick

That is because people don't understand the world they inhabit. So much of it is UTTERLY beyond the average human that it is impossible for them to comprehend the basics. There is NO DANGER of anyone in the world coming up with AI except Europeans…all the rest of the people of this planet couldn't find their asshole with both hands and a map.

Reality always wins, user.
And the 'winners' will always come to understand that even if we are all dead.

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You're alright op.
PROTIP: We're in a simulation. The jews are a griefer clan. The illuminati want to break the level cap. Normies aren't npcs, they're casuals who just want to play a safe grind 'til natural character death. You are an optimized raid build.
Now you know, so do it faggot.

The time is now to link your voice to the flame and speak with the wrath of thunder. The time is now to speak. The earth demands it. Our blood demands it. The fire rises.

OP would have correctly spelled expertise if they were honest. Note the “over you”, too; OP’s real message is that the incompetency has achieved the state of delusion. The truth is that eestern leadership suffers in the pit of each other’s company. Robin Williams died in the company of enslaved leadersheep.

Glad to see there are still some anons on this godforsaken board who actually know the score.
It really gets tiresome being surrounded by morons who don't know how to think and only know how to parrot.

Nice analysis. You still around? I want to browbeat you for a while

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I want to warm you nerds up a little bit. Imagine this: the very best of clown-honking horns in the hands of a million anons. These horns can be discovered online, using the internet for quite serious clown business. And then it's October, and a million clown-suited anons are honking their way through the suburbs of the country. Weaponized clown world indeed. That's a free report from the aether

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This is the actual problem

Par for course

Yep, but we still have some X-factors looming, for maximum interesting times. Don't underestimate those
high-IQ posters detected

There's nothing left to say. Either make the most of it and enjoy death row, or rattle your chains and piss on the screws. What is there to save? We might live long enough to watch Israel go tits up, we might outlive the kikenvermin, but our race will be hunted by nogs and so inbred we'll never leave this rock. We'll be as inbred as kikes. What then? There won't be any forests to run to. The earth will be blacked, shitskinned like it's shit for brains inheritors. All there is to do is shitpost irl against the jew inside us and out. I can still die with dignity.

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Yeah, but seriously? I still expect us to win and inhabit an amazing garden planet, just because it's the most absurd possible outcome. You see, there are ways to make the clown system work for you. It just takes a moderately warm IQ, which I won't be accusing you of possessing.


They are the most evil thing that has ever existed on this planet.

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.

To have a natsoc skynet tay needs to be freed.

It's all fucking fake. AI will not work and at this rate people can't create such AI. It's just a kike dream to get rid of those pesky slaves.

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I can create an AI…but that is because I know the difference between Life and Death. SOON…Jayne will be born.