I found the way to be the RACIST ist as possible

the most possible racist that you can be. stop donig what they want everyone to do, nowadays
how? dont call niggers niggers, or african-americans. This is gonna burn the fuck out of them,.. good. how many Africans do you see in america that they call african-american? how many are called, black, or NIGGER?

how many are called like i just called it, African?!

remember this is what burns them is niggers were never freed, america is the land of the free, not slaves. You cant "free" slaves.
no you did not. they never were enslaved by america. You dont know how government works. The federal government can only make sure that trade keeps happening, like espeially between the statese, but what keeps us from going to war with other countries is, TRADE. we traded money, whatever, for their COMMODITY, SLAVES.

so all the freed slaves in america are not citizens, dont call them their made up name by union cocksuckers african-americans. or even black, or niggers even.

Call them what they are to make them want to go back more than anything else, African's.

PLUS the bonus to this is it destroys their globalist agenda. what happens when you call someone over here, their name then a -american after it? you destroy your own country. Let them know they are a person who has their OWN COUNTRY.
Africa. Call them africans.

do not call them anythign else, anybody who attcaks wyou will be seen as immediately racist. when the black asks anyting just calmly explain to them
that these racists want to destroy their country and take what is theirs from them. any nigger who would deny their country is a fuckign retard anyway. fi somebody claims they got citizenship, say no they didnt, you can free a slave. or we're not free.

oh my other idea is to start topics maybe thats not such as good an idea here but instead of any kind of muh white fuckign nationalism or something else, which is group think, show it by making topics saying FUCK KIKES. I HATE JEWS

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I usually only call faggot whites that rape niggers.

Negros are just Negros. Blacks are people you don't want to associate with, generally spies.

I lead an interesting life.

i can i dont undertand thalf of what yuor saying.
you dont acknowledge the africans have their own country? then you dont probably desrve one and wont get one

Yep, the early 2000s were an interesting time for websites.

Call them niggers and slaves. That is what they are.

What the fuck kind of schizo word salad is this?

1. A person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; an indentured servant.

This is why you shouldn't say "slave" but "servant" which was, and is, the legal definition.

Color labels strip people of their ancestral heritage and cultural idenitity.
Identify as your language group or nationality please.

I want to end racism, By eradicating every non white race. cant be racist if only one race exists.


It's a fucking bug.

how about you go back to fucking cuckchan you absolute nigger

what did the Bill of Rights say?

yea this is why we have countries, kinda its like people dont know their history books

no you?

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Read the fucking contracts dated before the Johnson_v._Parker ruling.
Read the case file itself.
The word is 'servant' not 'slave'.

"Country" (State) is not the same as 'Nation' or 'Nation-state'.

Absolutely atrocious post. Neck yourself, OP, you barely literate nigger.

a bunch of shit wrote by a bunch of freemasons that isnt honored anyway and jews try their best to circumvent it for their own gain as with everything

Bump for jewish magic number pairs

This is a duplicate thread.

why dont you fucking tell me or do you want to shit on muh topic here.
all i got to do is find a copy of the bill of rights and READ THE WORDS. ok i dont see u posting anything. and arguing at me over words is like, your stupid. we might of had the right to own servants. maybe that was it. but enslaving people, in the fucking country of america, was illegal. and whats this shit aobut country and state, our coutnry has states. unlike europe were they try to copy a country like america which in this context i would refer to it as nation, and make the E.U. haha and all those white countries in europe, what do they do? they argue, and have diffeerent llanguages, and bitch and fight. and that is what they want to do to america. fucking stupid nigger…FLKJLFJ

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then theyre gonna subvert you
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