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Official Europa - The last Battle thread.
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What is Europa the Last Battle?
One of the most important films of the 21st century, this documentary shows us the history that has been hidden and exposes a multitude of lies that have been forced upon the population since the early 1900s. This is the ultimate redpill and awakening - once you learn these things, you cannot unlearn them. The truth fears no investigation.

Why is this thread here?
This thread was created to share the truth. Watch it. Show your friends. Your family. This is the turning point where people decide what kind of world they want to live in. This thread is here to educate people who don't understand National Socialism and are indoctrinated by the lies about Hitler being evil and the lies that surround History and the World wars, and to expose the people behind it all and the current efforts to eliminate the White Race.











This thread will be taken down quickly and every time, it will be re-posted and linked more. Truth is a high-value-target to those who seek to control a population and you won't find more truth in a single source than Europa The Last Battle.

Do your part - Watch, Share, Educate.

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Other urls found in this thread: - The Last Battle/[Part_1-10]_(all_parts)


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Thanks for links. Dowloading part 6-10. This and TGSNT are must watch for everyone here.

Thank you for sharing, I will watch it

Is Bitchute safe?

Breddy gud, but are there any parts that aren't ridden with Christianity?

Will watch…I don't think I have seen the whole thing…just the trailer.

Torrent link:

Questionable name ;)
It looks like you are linking to a heavily censored version of the movie.


Also if you're a lurker

Halfway through this series and so far it is better than the greatest story never told. While a good documentary in its own right, TGSNT has issues that didn't sit well with me. It's not to say that it's bad, but little things about it caused me to doubt it's veracity, which isn't good for a documentary.
This series however goes to great lengths to source and prove the quotes and events its talks about, while also highlighting the horrors of the Jewish commies in the Soviet Union in the very first episode. Expertly done pacing as well, it starts with the evils of communism, then shows the Jewish influence in American history and the Weimar Republic and only brings up Hitler after it has spent two hours dismantling the history and lies the kikes have told us. Hitler is "the greatest evil" to most westerners, which is why it was so important that they open by breaking down the false narrative behind the Soviet union and the capitalist west before even mentioning Hitler. It helps normies better understand what exactly Hitler was fighting against.

Safe enough to download the videos before they're Shoah'd.


Part 8 blew my fucking mind.
The holocaust is the biggest lie ever perpetuated in history.

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Is there a version with all the separate parts stitched together? That was one of the main things I didn't like about TGSNT, the fact that it came off as a bunch of disparate Youtube videos rather than one documentary. - The Last Battle/

videos coming up soon


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Watch the [Hellstorm] and see how many times germany has turned into a dust by churchillthepigcunt and others

It's either been shoahed or something, I dunno.

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Bitchutes owned by some kike in Tel Aviv, so no

Checked and WOW. Saved. thx user

Use instead. Bitchute has a tendency to just stall out because it's design is unreliable. I can verify that that one works.

All the while I did enjoy the series, what I thought it could improve on was bringing more of it's sources to the table, as they do exist. When you make these documentaries you have to imagine the mind of normalfags, as they would be turned off immediately by things they deem "neo-nazi" propaganda, although this show did do a good job at setting up the events and reasons prior to explaining why Hitler wasn't the epitome of evil. It does do a decent job and showing sources, but it should do it even more. What the documentary should have done is leave a largwr pile of evidence on the normalfag table that he would realize what he has learned is undeniable. The sources are there, I want someone somehow make a new version that's a little bit longer with more sources so the normies can't deny it.
Its a good documentary, I got to Episode 10
There are other errors or issues that are extremely minor, being the narrator doesn't seem like he's native to the English language, I remember some of the quotes he used were misquoted slightly, but nothing that would seriously ruin it, as the original quotes still hold the same meaning. (He could have paraphrased it instead of misquoting because maybe he wanted it to be more understandable, that could be the case)
Other than that, I give it a solid 9.75/10
I enjoyed it.

I'm just extracting the .mp4 links from bitchute. I'll post them here when I'm done.

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As long as it gets out there.

See times of each. The short one is the torrent version.
It's much shorter and that bugs me.

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Maybe there were revisions by the maker, or more likely, copyrighted material that had to be cut for jewtube?

I noticed the bitchute videos are cropped at the sides, are the torrent versions not cropped?

confirmed not cropped on torrent

Shit not even i noticed that.
Can you share what was changed/not in the bitchute ver?

Found and alt torrent incase anyone needs.[Part_1-10]_(all_parts)

I just downloaded both sets of them and will keep both sets of them.

Bump for interest

Welp, I know what I'm doing this evening…

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its 12 hours. I suggest watching parts 1-10, 1-2 are more "So you don't know what a Rothchild is, and Fed bank stuff." 3 goes into communism and Weimer Republic.

11 is just "clips of white european culture" with uplifting music and 12 is credits that say
lol plz not arrest, holohoax was not not real" which contradicts the facts presented in the film, not worth watching the credits for sure.

adding that was the full uncensored version before jewtube removed it. Was reuploaded in 12 parts at the time.

I'll be watching parts 1-2 tonight, and the rest this week. The first minute already has me hooked.

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You might as well ask Varg to be less Pagan in his ThuleanPerspective vids.

Yo why did the bolsheviks kill the Royal Dogs tho? I mean, what the hell, man…

who the fuck is this white nigger?

Semites don't like dogs.


New to me.
Will watch and see.

Bumping for relevance

I'm curious about that first guy that talks about "those who operate beyond the material".
Who is that guy?

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Just watched a vid about
"The Truth About World War One"
with some pommie wankers whingeing
-start the violin music-
All we did gov is like go over to Germany to
Murder and Enslave the German People
and they had the nerve to fight back and
mow us all down with machine guns.
Waaaa Waaa Waaaaa
Anyone would think that we had a German
Queen on the British Throne
Or that the ranks of the Army were filled with the Sons of Barons.
Waaaa WAaaaaa Waaa
The real fight for Europa
not this fake shit
being sprayed here like clockwork


Please be more obvious

If you mean the guy in those screenshots, it's Ken O'Keefe.

That's the reason I don't like watching videos, all the people that make videos seem to want to shill their believes, instead of being entertaining and informative. books are better if you want to actually learn something.

Who made these? How can I give them shekels?


In light of the mass spamming and flooding of kikes to dislodge the board and discussions - i'm going to bump this to educate others about how critical this video series is. E D U C A T E.

Thanks OP, your not a fag today.

Thank you user. My English is not great (French) but I'll watch them.

If you are greatful for this thread what you need to do is spread and share to others.

Zig Forums can really create high quality stuff

so greatful for this. it needs to be like pinned or stickied or something.
Everyone should watch and know about this.




Prefer all parts concurrent and not separated. If you upload it on JewTube, make it unlisted to avoid detection.

Great documentary. Life changing. Everyfag should watch it.

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How does this compare to the greatest story never told?

Vocal narration (so normalfags will have at least SOME interest in it), but he's not a native speaker so he pronounces a few things wrong. He does it fairly well for what it's worth. There are a handful of things that are wrong. And his editing, while sometimes fancy, is very unpolished and clearly amateur. Still, it's a decent source of information.

For the record do you mean tgsnt or europa final battle?

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Too far? Funny meme for normalfags I guess, I can see the use.


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Add something to the thread.

Equal if not slightly better. TGSNT is WW2/Hitler /Holohoax specific while ETLB covers a broader range of topics. Both are must watches, but if you liked TGSNT, you will love ETLB.

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This. Will watch E:TLB tonight but
"The Greatest Story Never Told" is a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it. If any newfag is confused as to why Hitler is held in such esteem by this board, it'll answer all questions.

What makes someone think that someone like that tattooed degenerate would be a good representative? Strict standards are needed.

Kind of threw me off as well.


Yeah, and then, instead of holding hands with Stalin and Russia, and proceeding to conquer all of Eurasia and Africa, he pissed away everything he built by attack and trying to eliminate the Slavs.

Is called pulling a fast one neither of two trusted one another.
Stopped reading there
Go fuck your self schlomo.

What a surprise only a (((1))) and done poster.

I cannot tell if this is bait.

Just watched it recently dont know where to start is there anything or anywhere I can learn more about national socialism?

Stalin would have been more than happy to make the alliance full

But nah

Hitler had to sperg out, while Britian was still hostile and the USA was desperate to get in

No he wasn't he was going for a backstab due to the fact he didn't sign what ever term. Their is already documents in his plan and invasion of europe and germany.
>>>Zig Forums
Your not fooling anyone.

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Can't tell if that is a real person or art.

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Bump for great documentary.

Bump for good documentary.

Block internet from nations that abuse their internet privileges.

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