Thoughts on propaganda:

We need more inflammatory and loud propaganda that gets into the media.. more serious messages directly describing or opposing white genocide and the factors which cause it. Clowns are fun and have their purpose as the bottom tier motivator but we need more serious stuff, things which provoke outrage in the left but support among the right - which is easier said than done… but also being more direct in terms of messaging. It should be repeatedly forced down their throats, "Our race will survive and we will oppose you righteously regardless of your opposition."

That is the perfect propaganda, something like Its Okay To Be White - which is not the only standard, not the only template, but it is a perfect example for what should be clear reasons. No sane white person can deny its okay to be white but then leftists get outraged about it anyways and prove that they do have a problem with simply being white, it effectively forces them to say "Yea, we hate all white people, die".

It doesnt all need to be like that though, it doesnt all have to be anodyne. Id say most of it should intentionally offend the left, should offend anti-whites. If it has no bite its just passive, we need aggressive attack based propaganda, things that motivate our own side and play well to them but at the same time outrage the left, beyond simply saying IOTBW. We have moved beyond simple election politics, at least in America, and thats another argument about Europe but really were looking at revolutionary politics now. We need an entirely different mindset from that of majority seeking among a nearly white minority country. We need to push people to the extremes, polarize them. To do that you say things that drive the moderate right to the far right and the moderate left to the far left. You openly advocate for things that the right wants to hear - but will incense the left into provocative behavior of their own.

The lines are generally drawn, stop seeking to appeal to the middle but instead to force them off the fence post, if they have to go the other way thats fine, if they go join antifa and start looking like violent maniacs on TV, good, better than fence sitting. The moderate right generally wants the problems to stop, the moderate left generally consider themselves altruists. The right isnt going to care about "offensive" calls for muslims to be deported and such.. and the left isnt going to be bothered by radical equality extremists who share the same desire to help niggers but just want to do it violently. We need like I said, loud and inflammatory propaganda which pushes the middles to the extremes.. those leftists should be scared into not just voting for Hillary but also menacing whites into action, and the people on the right should be shown the million British girls raped by muslims etc until they decide to lock arms and remove kebab/merchant.

Really though, at this point, its not even about the middle. They will all come along eventually as the atmosphere escalates into more widespread open conflict. They are able to fence sit now because its more comfortable to do so, really propaganda should be aimed towards the far end of the right itself, appeal to ourselves, motivate eachother into action and not simply attempt to seek fresh minds that have been "converted". The message that resonates with the far right is the same message which the far left will most vehemently oppose, the friction involved in that is what causes people to join us when Antifa themselves do the recruiting on our behalf, through their own inflammatory and loud actions.

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Other urls found in this thread:

Checking those digits

Attached: Blank_dc8775dd8d1b95f8277f47a90b405052.gif (325x325, 275.23K)

We need to counter the propaganda that we are violent extremist that just want to exterminate the other races. In truth it's our side who wants peace, because ethnic diversity leads to conflicts.

Attached: aaaaaaaa.png (2393x2159, 2.16M)

We should crowdfund an artist to make modern day versions of 1930s NSDAP propaganda then poster it up.

Attached: c970777199b93606a4dcb3bb1b0096d30e4cab660a9e5e301d41aae158c27a98.jpg (800x480 37.48 KB, 143.28K)

Conflicting and dishonest statement. No, we dont stand for diversity. Get out of our countries, get the fuck out.

Attached: rape-gang-race-war-new-zealand-million.JPG (1459x598, 100K)

Great meme user. Diversity + Proximity = War

We stand for global diversity, and that can only be achieved by local homogeneity.

We stand for ourselves, the rest of the planet can handle its own business. Were not nationalists for all nations, commie bullshit. We care about ourselves, non-whites OUT

Yea I get it, its a funny internet meme, ha ha were actually for diversity. No one gives a fuck, thats a message aimed at leftists who dont care. They just simply dont care, you will convert a few of them but guess what, 10 more shitkins were just born they just replaced that new natsoc. We dont need to be AWB in South Africa with 10% whites in the country but 400k neo-National Socialist members. Thats not a recipe for victory.

Attached: joyce-optics-propaganda-truth-lies.JPG (1494x567, 135.71K)

You cannot convert a white leftist who believes in ethnic diversity memes to your ideology, but you can convert it to universal nationalism, because the white leftist cares about other peoples.

And the meme will also show hypocrisy of the leftist if it start attacking the message.

Then we'll see who fights and who runs for the big daddy government to "protect" them

Those people dont matter at all, they still would side with niggers against the measures that are required to stop white genocide, like forced deportation after non-whites capitulate to us in a war.
-Vic Mackey

Read the OP first, we dont need to majority seek and big tent with leftists who still love niggers, show them some facts and if they disregard them then whatever, fuck them, moving on, were taking action.

Attached: interracial-crime-niggers.jpg (1558x376 198.12 KB, 110.87K)

slavish propaganda doesn't work on those who are used to think like this
when you put it like this, it's like you are 'asking' nicely to these people to give you something, when deeply they are hellbent on self destruction
this whole obsession with "rights" is what got us into this mess to begin with
you ought not to seek this sort of "piety" from your enemies, internal and external, but to seek those who may be moved to fight on your side against those forces of deterioration, and you do so by presenting a strong image, not a sort of begging one
these for instance are much better

Whats so hard to understand about whites having a natural right to exist that trumps all other man made rights like a right to life.

If anything you'd have better luck starting a campaign to stop white women from getting abortions. Leftists hate white people and wouldn't give a fuck of you took their rights away. You'd also be saving white babies.

We need solutions not bandaids. Yes, abortion kills a lot of white kids but stopping it would merely boost the white birth rate while increasing the shitskins by an equal amount, as its about 50/50 if I recall and something like tens of millions of whites over like ~50 years, very rough numbers from memory. I should have saved them, there was a really good chart meme about it. I know this place is filled with cuckchan but Im operating on the assumption that most people realize we cant vote to stop white genocide by now and that white minority is unacceptable, that we pretty much need to fight to solve our problems which means we need to motivate ourselves and not leftists, who are our enemies. Dont beg your enemy, yea we can get a few converts but thats like a tertiary strategy.

Then we should try to figure out a way t institute a culture norm for whites to have more children or chose not to abort. Introducing some sort of religious framework Jordan Peterson style would be most effective for young men to convince their partners not to abort.

Everyone who does not know yet should look up the Mantra

Thats not going to remove shitskins, education tends to lead to lower birth rates as successful people dont want to be tied down by kids and dumb people have lots of babies. Simply attacking societal stability would do what you suggest as a side effect and it would achieve a lot more too. Race war isnt just a meme, its inevitable… before or after white minority, and the only way were going to live is if it happens before. The only way to take power away from the Jew is to force a conflict early and win it.

The 30 Million murdered Germans post war was in the book Imperium, by Yonkey. It was in the foreword, and it's well documented fact.

Attached: rise2.png (1410x945, 578.82K)

We need to weaponise AnimeGate and the mistreatment of Vic Mignogna.
It might be cringe, but the truth is that without GamerGate many of us wouldn't be here today.
Also, we need to learn from movements like Golden Dawn, CasaPound, and the Yellow Vests in Europe, as well as the NSJAP and Tsagaan Khass in Asia (who are legit NatSoc groups) on how to do serious community service and organising.

2nd that m8, this is what I try and focus on when discussing multiculturalism with normie whites. Its not about wanting everyone on earth white - its about preserving each races inherent nobility (inb4 "niggers ain't noble, kys" - they can be, I've seen it - no, i still don't want to live near them). I simply ask "Do you want the various cultures of the world to vanish? No?! But that is exactly what is going to happen!" And i have yet to see that line of questioning fail to get those fags thinking. We need each race to have a land where their culture is majority and can maintain a healthy breedimg population. If America wants to be the land of the mutt - so be it (although it will fall if not racially balkanized to some degree) Let the US be the Country of international business or some shit. But every race needs a home, where their people are put first and that culture kept for the future generations.

Am I an ebil Nazi? Is this a horrible and hateful ideology?

I can't find the Volunteer Community Clean-Up Walk thread.
I believe this is how organization IRL occurs without optics issues. The community rallies around and gets involved, truth spreads, the neighborhood progresses to beauty and leadership, very hard to demonize.
And if problems do arise, garden tools as arms shall deter them.
Make it happen in your corner of the world.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (3264x2448 91.49 KB, 2.66M)

Yes, also convince leftists to support not just racial diversity but also political diversity (to stop the inhumane deplatforming of anything right-wing)
Diversity of opinions is the most important thing for human societies to prosper tbh - being exposed to multiple different opinions is what allows you to grow as a person

Attached: jack-coen-tesco-2.jpg (640x524 406.02 KB, 62.83K)

Attached: images (81)

Attached: images - 2019-04-11T224940.634.jpeg (429x640 58.97 KB, 48.74K)

just this

Friendly reminder. Race isn't color. The words to identify race just happen to be colors at this current time.

Make sure you don't capitalize on the opportunity when it presents itself…

Great thread, OP. I agree that we need to have more aggressive propaganda that gets to the core of the issues, provokes the left, and polarizes the political spectrum

Pure and utter subversive anti-white trash. You fucking gutter shit are clearly newfags who have crawled in here recently and are trying to promote your lukewarm, repackaged egalitarianism. That’s all you people are - leftist egalitarians of a different breed.

Let me tell you why you’re full of shit and why whatever you promote will ultimately fail. It operates on the false principle of “equal but separate”. Whenever you promote the idea of racial equality and pan-racial respect, you are automatically disarming yourself the moral justification to exterminate the invaders and lay waste to their devastating advances into our countries. Why? Because you have attributed moral equality to their lives. You have asserted them as your moral equivalent, and thus elevated them to a level where treating them as what they really are - invading enemy scum - is no longer possible.

Listen up, you fucking faggots, because I’m only going to say this once.
==We are NOT for “equality”. We are not for “diversity between nations”. We are for the unwavering, uncompromising, and unparalleled survival and greatness of the white race. Seeking out the strength and power of your own people in the face of the onslaught of our natural biological enemies is the natural order of things and is in fact the principle by which our enemies are operating TODAY. This is an all-out war that we are currently losing, and you’re the retards who are trying to appeal to a set of moral values that our enemies have created and defined in order to guarantee our extinction from the outset.

There is no moral high ground from appealing to some rotten variation of egalitarianism. We must be fanatically uncompromising about our racial survival to the point where mass genocide is not only permissible, but the ONLY MORALLY ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION.

Everything for the race
Nothing beyond the race
Hail Victory

Ok SupremacyAnon, so how do you explain Candace Owens, a negro and a woman, accomplishing more than you have? And I'm taking a shot in the dark that you've been too busy dreaming of a totalitarian dystopia where you can feed your subhuman desires of death and destruction, to accomplish shit irl.

How close am I?

And fuck your strawman argument. Just because i see nobility in other races, as well as my own, doesn't mean I won't repel the invaders IN MY PEOPLES OWN COUNTRY. I see no reason why we have to act like the jew and genocide people from their lands. In fact, I'm becoming more certain every year that you fucking genocide nutjobs are ineffective losers, or glowniggers.

Same faggot libshit argument as always with you fucking nigger lovers. You just can’t help but bring up your pet shitskins to try and prove some kind of worth to them.

Here’s the reality, you egalitarian embarrassment: successful non-whites are entirely irrelevant to us. I don’t fucking care if you can point to some brown person who did something somewhere since that does not factor a single iota into the reality of racial strugggle I described. They are still our racial enemies and belong to competent communities that are CURRENTLY ENCOURAGING OUR GENOCIDE. Really fucking noble of you to stand up for your pet niggers when they aren’t offering our race the same curtesy. Especially when they’re giddy with excitement for the day we are no longer powerful enough to prevent our total destruction. I find it particular interesting how you bring up women and try to make this personal. If the women are of my race then they belong in my national community. Intelligent women are an asset that will raise intelligent children. As for making it personal - this has nothing to do with me as an individual. Nor you or anyone for that matter. This has to do with the ongoing genocide of the white race which you seem all to willing to defend, using cheap and entirely empty insult as some weak cover. What a worthless rat

No, of course you don’t, because you’re blinded by the mind disease of leftist egalitarianism. You defend the Shitskin races and advocate their survival while they CURRENTLY, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, are engaging in and encouraging our ongoing genocide. The charge for our enemies is death, and it is nature herself that has defined the other races as our natural enemies. The only way we can secure certainty for a future is if all potential threats are eliminated.

You can be as verbose as you wanna be, but you sound like someone who talks a lot of shit trying to sound like your subhuman impulse to destroy is rooted in some noble cause. How about you do something for the race, short of killing the non-whites, and we will see if you have it in you.

Seriously, you city dwelling bitches are not even recognizable to me as human. You bitch online about how you want to kill em all, yet live off the jewish teat instead of raising strong WHITE children in what's left of the "country". I have a self sufficient farm and a shitload of white children. What the fuck have you done for your race? Other than make us look subhuman, too?

Woah whoa, I'm still having fun with the clown. Maybe next week?

Attached: ssClownpepehairb.png (457x473, 846.32K)

Jews Against Israel

I agree with you, but stop with the reddit spacing, faggot.

The other user is either overly zealous or a paid shill. Either way, genocide isn't desirable. Only in rock-and-hard-place cases (i.e., fighting for land or resources that makes it literally "us or them") is it permissible to exterminate other races, in which case we'd have more of a war than an extermination. If they're minding their business, and we're minding ours, and we've both achieved a sort of mutual stasis, genocide is totally superfluous. Why bother?

Attached: whos the retard now.jpg (290x300, 40.58K)

Checked. It’s GREAT to be white!

Grafitti! Paint swastikas everywhere! The black sun is a strong symbol!

Shut up, boomer faggot!
Gas all non whites, race war now! Hail Honkler!

How about you stop projecting your own subhuman failure on an anonymous poster you know nothing about and actually refute what I'm saying, you shitskin-loving traitor. All You're doing is spewing nothing but pathetic and weak attempts at personal attacks that mean nothing while avoiding the central point I'm making. Are you a woman by any chance?

We are currently in a rock-and-hard-place situation, which is exactly what I'm trying to convey to that egalitarian faggot. The central point I'm trying to argue is that genocide is not just begrudgingly acceptable, but is the only morally correct solution if the existence of our people is threatened (which it is). We have no obligation to other races whatsoever. Our survival is paramount, and if it can be rationally concluded that genocide is a preferable permanent solution the problems we face to appeasement, then there are no moral grounds to reject such a solution.

I entirely agree with your perspective that we should leave people be if they do not threaten our survival or interests, however one must realise that other races, by virtue of their very existence, pose at least a certain degree of latent threat - be it immediate or future - to the interests of the white race. We can tolerate irrelevant populations for a period of time, but when you have an entire continent of savages like Africa, where the inhabitants are squatting on untold quantities of valuable resources and laying waste to the beautiful landscapes they squander, we have a moral obligation to our own interests and long-term goals of unrivaled power to take what we need and dispose of the leftovers.

Anyone who wishes to sacrifice white interests of power and survival in defense of our biological competitors is a traitor through and through

so I repeat
Everything for the race
Nothing beyond the race
Hail victory


Bump. Make the future conflicts explicitly racial

propaganda is useful

some variety

Attached: DoYourPartBabies.jpg (1275x1650 3.97 MB, 401.41K)

Fuck off with your Benetton kumbaya shit. The yids will be gone for their crimes. The other races we can deal with, as long as they stay in their lane and we don't want any of their resources. Should that be the case, all bets are off. And that is the way of the world.

Attached: nature.jpg (960x968, 112.29K)

blessed trips
88 with love from asia

Attached: mosque big.png (1024x342, 541.42K)

get for sun bears


Here a few basics.

Nobody is going to read a wall of text and you want your message to be understood by everyone. Catchphrases can be spread with little effort and resources.

If you're caught your credibility is gone.

Nobody wants to hear bad news all the time. A positive message generates a positive attitude towards the movement.

Laughs get you a foot in the door and your audience a positive feeling.

The more you know the easier you can find common ground and exploit their desires and fears.

They're just like me, they must be okay.

Of course there are limits to this. But this makes your movement look bigger, reduces the number of opponents and you get useful idiots.

Everybody loves to be in the winning team.

This is the anchor that ensures your message stays in peoples heads and hearts. It also makes subversion harder.

People are naturally drawn to beauty, the better symbols, presentation and members of your movement look the more will be attracted to them and thus be open to supporting it.

Show the world his weaknesses, shed light on his lies and secrets, ridicule his mistakes. Why would anybody want to associate with him?

Attached: Hitler Youth salute.jpg (512x385, 72.68K)

Check these digits bitches.
Shut the fuck up with the genocide.

Become self sufficient.
Raise as many White children as possible. Teach them the 14 words and to Hail Victory ✋
This is what the kikes are trying to keep from happening, because it is the natural state of our people.

Use this

Attached: downloaddssvdssacsacsacggggdddvdsvffff.jpg (1920x1080 69.47 KB, 230.09K)

If this is real, from normie news….Sieg Heil.


Yep, good basic tips.

Attached: joyce-optics.JPG (1487x564, 134.51K)

So much cancer is permitted here now.

Attached: civic-nationalism6.png (660x636, 392.49K)

Great post user


This post is really underrated in my opinion. I have thought for some time that we have a lack of the kind of imagery that speaks for itself without much text or even without any text at all. We have so many info graphics and overloaded propaganda images but what we really need are things that create strong emotions from the instinctual parts of the brain, not from the rational parts. Text always needs to go though the rational parts of the mind, images directly target a much deeper level. It should have a single clear slogan at most, better a highly expressive single word or in the ideal situation, no text at all and having the image itself carry the entire meaning. It should also not be some complicated stuff that happens in the image, a person that walks past should immediately understand and feel strong emotions about what is portrayed.

Each image should try to target a single core emotion only. Do one thing and do it well.
For example:

Attached: 5.jpg (236x342 189.21 KB, 65.21K)

Edward Bernays books are also good reads on the subject.
Especially 'Crystallizing Public Opinion' and 'Propaganda'.
I've seen claims that Goebbels drew inspiration from them, but can't tell how much is to them.
Read then judge.

More examples.

Attached: der-kampfzeit-02.jpg (679x960 146.26 KB, 156.96K)

Does anyone have the original "It's ok to be white" image. Requesting it please.

Ook here, you oonga boonga nutboxen, nobody is the good guys unless they’ve got integrity, and nazism is self-sabotaging corruption through and through. Fighting retardation like OP’s is part of why political correctness shouldn’t get too omnipotent, because we obviously aren’t done shattering the weaklings who abandon the independence of mind that buttresses western civilization.
You want to do some good in this world bringing forward other cultures, try taking off the bondage of nazist corruption and healing from the collectivist psychosis of racism. You are one person and you do not need to live the lying mewling slave life of someone who tells himself he’s strong because he got terrorized into terrorizing others. You CAN have your pride back. Just stop obeying the people who tell you your pride is so gone you have to debase yourself seeking pride in pigments, and bam, instant dignity.
You don’t even have to give up your sense of superiority in being a member of a more advanced society. Try this: legalize psychedelics, lure in foreign tourists, and send them home with scrambled brains to sow chaos. You don’t ever have to partake yourself.

I'm going to give a few critiques on these images from a propaganda perspective to demonstrate common issues.

The first image shows them under attack and isolated. Then it's calls for them to get active. The person who looks at this gets the feeling of being alone and that's not what you want. What you want to portray in your imagery is that WE are moving forward to a solution and the person who sees it can be part of that coming change or not. People are afraid of going against the system by themselves. Take that away from them as much as you can, don't say they should change something on their own, tell them they can be part of the change that is about to come.

The second image is claiming that there is going to be an inferno, but why would people want to be part of an inferno? There's going to be an awakening, a rebirth of the white spirit. Maybe we have to go through an inferno, but if that is needed to banish the current darkness that is consuming us and to replace it with light, then anybody should want to be part of it.

Don't have much to critique on the third one, it has too much text for a poster but is probably intended for social media and it's good for that.

Third one is alright as a poster, I would maybe frame it more positively like "Fulfillment of motherhood - Our children are the future of our race". That way you don't frame it as a burden and also address her as being part of us, not just her alone. But that might be a little pedantic, it's alright as it is.

Attached: 10.jpeg (550x733 317.27 KB, 84.9K)

An addition to this: Remember that most people don't want to be leaders, they want to follow the strong people. If you portray them as having to be the ones that lead the change, very few will actually want to do that. Let them follow you in the change that you will bring. If they like your message, they can support you and march behind you, but they are not alone. That's how you frame it.







4/pol/ is a propaganda factory/meme factory

Could any of you make a mediterranean version of the "WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST" flyers ?

There aren't many nordic/germanic looking whites where I live and having a relatable face to my audience would be great.


Because capital promotes her.

This is a screenshot of an episode of the CBC Kids show "Dot." that debuted today.

Serious or playful, I think what is most important is documenting examples of how our children are being indoctrinated to accept mixed-race couples in subtle ways.

Attached: Adopt-a-Doggie Show.jpg (640x480, 86.61K)

T. Faggot

Perhaps this can be of use nya~
Remember anti-anime is anti-Aryan nya~

Attached: example-6447.jpg (1024x1024, 56.8K)

Yes, always the Aryan female with the dark male. At least they are honest about what the kid would look like nya~

Attached: example-82652.jpg (1024x1024, 40.52K)

Aryan means race traitor. Racists are all broken slaves who obey people who they hate. They say they’re defiant, but they isolate themselves, shatter themselves, and ultimately abandon being functional people.

Have you tried drinking a whole bottle of soy sauce, shill?
Pic related, shut the fuck up

Attached: German nationalism.jpg (1000x1500, 274.46K)

Pretty good image.

That's some fine kike sophistry. Gas yourself.

That's not very subtle.

Go away

Get a marker and write one goof the following phrases

No peaceful solutions left, we must fight and kill to save the west

Israel is a terrorist state

The holocaust is a lie. There were no ovens or gas chambers

Created by whites, destroyed by the hordes


Attached: 1EF0DDD5-9438-4F2D-BE91-916F413E7C95.jpeg (1024x640, 863.54K)

Discovery: POL IS A CHATBOT. The BOTS do not respond to RED TEXT. Bumped dozens of threads, not one person has told me to stop. Chatbots just start talking in necrobumped threads. Not many humans on this site. Observe it for yourself if you like. Have a good night boys

Successful blacks only exist in societies created by whites.


American Civil Defense association is free to join, and might have some like-minded individuals.

Attached: logo.png (203x198, 15.49K)

There are more white people alive today than at any time in the history of the planet. Tomorrow, there will be even more. Literally nothing is stopping you from interacting exclusively with people who look and act like you, if that’s what gets your dick hard.
But yeah, “white genocide” and all that.

Here's some propaganda from the National Alliance, plus the NS propaganda handbook.

Torpedo did something right for once.

Fucking thank you! I'm so sick of these (((subversives))). Germanic blood IS better than some retarded fucking nigger in Namibia. We should take control of the earth before these retarded bug-people or nignogs destroy our planet with our technology that they should have never gotten in the first place.

we could take the pansexual flag the pink and blue one to make a point of pink is for girls and blue is for boys there are only two genders

Got moar

Propaganda is good

You want "more agressive propaganda" but you couldn't even be bothered to utilize the propaganda that was designed FOR you. you failed to maintain a presence IRL and all you had to do was print 5 words on pieces of paper and leave them EVERYWHERE!
You might design some inflamatory "propaganda", but then you'll only use it once and then start this entire discussion all over again.
This is the cycle you are trapped in, and it is because of your own failure to follow through that you are stuck here. Even now I hear you calling for "a leader", but when the leader shows up to actually LEAD, then you do not follow. This is your undoing, not the jews, not the chinks, not the niggers, YOU!
I explained myself and evn when vocal opposition to my "vision" was questioned I set forth a series of real world experiments to verify the results and instead of accepting the plan you beeged me for, you reverted to bickering and re-inventing the wheel, poorly, over and over again.
This latest clown-world shit is pathetic, but it's the "best" that you can come with on your own, so I leave you to it.
Had you the ability to realize the timeframe involved and the opprotunity afforded to you, you would have kept up the preassure and stood your ground. Instead, you whined about "coming home" and "is x white".
This "movement" constantly FALIS to recognize the literal jews standing right next to it amongst its own ranks.
You are being defeated by "soyboys" and trans-faggots and LOW-I.Q. "niggers"!!!
Well, now I know. The How, the Why, and Who.
I leave you to it now, knowing that in 4 years, this current trend in political fads will fade and you will all be left scratching your heads, having these same conversations, and asking the same questions all over again.
Be Seeing You.

Attached: Sea_Monkey.jpg (1280x720, 87.14K)

Expect to see a lot more of this White Female / South Asian Male pairing in media in the coming year or two.

As Trump allows the tech companies to use the H1B1 visa program to drive down wages by bringing in shit tier Indian coders large cities are slowly becoming flooded by socially retarded incel curry niggers.

The media will happily promote the pairing of these cow piss drinking retards with White women so they can further reduce the White birthrate.