Idiot vanned for anti-jew terror plot

Idiot vanned for anti-jew terror plot

>In other posts the author of the Facebook posts asked himself why he needed guns. His reply was a cartoon of a Jewish man being executed with a bullet. He wrote he was saving up to buy guns and ammo to kill “(((rats))).” Among anti-Semites, the echo symbol is a reference to Jews.

Here's a very simple plan to avoid getting vanned that even the most retarded should be able to follow:
Step one - Shut the fuck up and post nothing on social media

Alright if you follow that to the letter, you should be able to avoid getting vanned.

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Muh they won’t kill you if you are just quiet while you die.

Read SIEGE you stupid faggot.

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Hes only going to get 5 years for the threat so it wont fuck up his timeline and prison will shape him into what he needs to be to get 30 kikes. The skinheads will get him fat. Watch.

Unbelievably fucking stupid. Luckily he should be able to make his 2025 deadline if he at least has the brains to act for parole.

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Why is everyone such an idiot?


Smart anons don't broadcast their intentions out there. The dumb ones get plastered across the media.

This. In prison he can train and plan in great detail with the other inmates. Judging by his performance thus far that will be exactly what he needs to succeed.

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If you're too stupid to do things outside of social media and Hashistag #I'm going to do illegal shit, then you really shouldn't be painting the future.

This reeks of a false flag

Those who talk, won't do. Those who do, won't talk.

Which one is this?

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Absolute false flag

I also considered this.

How can a person be this dumb?
What the fuck is this? This has to be glowniggery.

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Let's be real. He's just going to become a cock carousel for all the brothas in the big house.

On one hand this sounds fake and gay, on the other hand, sounds like the retarded shit some of you would do.


Despite what you see in american jew media, prison isn't exactly some kind of relentless assrape conga line.
He will absolutely be beaten within an inch of his life however.

How did they know it was a jew? Are they saying the merchant accurately represents jews? Oh yey…

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If he actually intended to do any of these things would he really post about it online?

If that really is true, he's even dumber than some retard doing this while actually planning an attack.

If you're getting cucked by kikes, you aren't fit to reproduce.

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He sounds unhinged. Glad they v& him before he could harm anyone.

Lel, this is obvious bullshit.

What kind of fag name is Dakota btw?

thank you, FBI poster, very cool

5 years in prison will turn a man into either a dying Boomer or a young man into a war machine. I'm assuming this man isn't young, though.

Stay quiet goy while we exterminate everything you love and hold dear, right kike?

Where do these people comefrom? I know the JIDF hires retards, but i didnt know Mossad did too.
If your gonna kill some kikes, keep it to yourself, never accept food or drinks or freebies like pens from people, dont wait 6 years to do it.

This just seems like a display of power

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Why do people think this is a good idea to do shit like this

Even the Boomers are tired of Trump's shit

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If dubs he becomes institutionalized is released on time as a refined killing machine for his originally planned date to play minecraft and apologize for all the bad memes he made.


it's sad to see young based user's who lack guidance get tripped up like this…the guy needed someone in his life to tell him not to be posting this shit to kike book and to present a public image so this sort of shit doesn't happen to you.


He should have lurked moar.

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False flag. The probability some goy who "knows" is that stupid is near zero. They're just using this type of shit to push more control laws.

Morality is good in communities of racially and socially homogeneous people. Morality to your enemies is suicidal cowardice.

Holy fucking shit how can anyone take this jew porn fantasy seriously? Oh yeah Anne Frank - I forgot.


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>(((see you goys)))
False flag, flitered and reported

Morality is never good and just breeds kikery, it changes all the time and anyone can decide what is or is not moral
Morality has always been a shackle of society that keeps a select few at the top and everyone else tripping overthemselves to appear moral but not actually fix problems, like how charities are just money laundering schemes, because sending billions to niggers in africa never did anything, they're still niggers but now they have MORE children

Oy Vey. How horrible.

Holocaust survivors can do no wrong! They are yahweh's chosen doncha know?

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Honestly if Jews are false flagging like this, this is a good sign we are winning. They are terribly scared of people waking up to them so they always do things like this as to keep their image as being a poor victim so that people do not wake up to them. The problem is when they do this shit it only puts their tribe in the spotlight. The more their tribe is in the spotlight, whether it be an attempt to garner good optics amongst to goyim for their tribe or one of our people exposing them like the dude who spray painted that university the other day the effect will always be the same. More people are going to start questioning to themselves why these things are always happening and will end up with them finding their way down a rabbit hole that’lk awaken them to the Jew question.

With this is mind, the best thing we can do is always call out the Jew for literally everything. Blame him for all the shit that goes wrong in society that they air on the news. Mass shooting? That’s the Jews fault for forcing immigration on us and or destroying our traditions and spirituality to the point where people feel so ostracized that they lash out against our society. Increased taxation? That’s the Jews fault for….. you guys get the idea. Put the Jew in the spotlight, keep the Jew in the spotlight. People need to start getting so fed up with hearing about Jews, good or bad. This is how we gain more ant-semites and start a revolution.

I hate you cunts posting local news where the journo cunts are too fucking lazy to specify more than a god damned city name because they think their little section of hell is the capital.
Which fucking monroe?

Oh look, it's a fucking beaner jew.

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When you commit nazi crime, shout "THIS IS HITLER COUNTRY !"
Then Zig Forums will know you are truly not a jewniggerfed false flag.

Thats actually a good idea, get all the spics and niggers to fight for you and when everything is over and they are both weak, wipe them out. nigger, spic, kike, asian free america sounds like paradise

For a moment I thought it could be real, then I see this:

I smell a false flag. Nobody except niggers are this brain dead.

yep, this is completely a false flag, just sage and report

That's an Italian flag you retards.

it is, but what about the native American shit?

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americans really are a race of infantile negroes

Why would you broadcast your plans beforehand? Truly retarded.

says the Old World niggercattle

what plans? the ones cited in the indictment? that would be like you getting locked up tomorrow for "plans" and them being about saying; "i fucking hate the jews they should all be shot". than fuck headed goyboys talking about you like you're somehow a demented terrorist.

all part of the DOJs war on white nationalism. they'll lie and entrap a few weenies every season in order to build up a case against our "civil rights". fuck em and feed em beans

It's a beaner.

cause he's a false flag moshie

I love jews!

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hmm, really makes you think

now that's what a I call a zero effort shill attempt

meant for

euros are not the ones playing dress-up for zog on facebook.

>Reed is being charged with two counts of threats to bomb or injure property. He is not being charged with a hate crime.

That's strange. Reed is sometimes a jewish surname.

Nice one

This. Anyone who doesn't immediately recongnize this as a false flag deserves to be shot along with the kikes

exactly, a real anti-Semite would've given a slew of IRL reasons, or at least some BIBLE stuff (lol).

I'd bet this guy couldn't name a single actual Jew he has know, or quote any legit Jewish crimes, and is just goofing after hearing a bunch of Jews going on and on during some Congress hearing about White Nats.

Like when a logging trucker says he's going to put poison bird seed to kill all the Spotted Owls, not knowing Owls don't eat seeds, they eat little bunny rabbits. (that was a radio spot, funny as fuck, trucker sounded like Alex Jones, might have been a young Alex)

Just because Jews avoid serving in OUR military (useless spying/stealing) doens't mean Jews will not "take one for the team" while serving Jewish interests.

He could be:

a)a homo who wouldn't mind going to jail as an "important prisoner" with big rep.

b)already have nice study plan worked out and just needs some time alone with books.

c)needs money for family, and now all his cousins got full ride college and expenses.

kek i think i went to middle school with this guy.
he used to LARP as a crip and cut "love hurts" into his arm after he read some stupid spiderman comic.

Yeah and his skin is white.

RCW 9.61.160
Threats to bomb or injure property—Penalty.
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to threaten to bomb or otherwise injure any public or private school building, any place of worship or public assembly, any governmental property, or any other building, common carrier, or structure, or any place used for human occupancy; or to communicate or repeat any information concerning such a threatened bombing or injury, knowing such information to be false and with intent to alarm the person or persons to whom the information is communicated or repeated.
(2) It shall not be a defense to any prosecution under this section that the threatened bombing or injury was a hoax.
(3) A violation of this section is a class B felony punishable according to chapter 9A.20 RCW.


But then how will they ever become tarrant?

Live stream it somewhere that isnt facebook, you dont need to be some fag that uses socialist media in order to become mossad like tarrant

hah, this is the only conviction (which was petitioned against successfully) of this law which was given new instructions in 2003. dude will get off scot free with even a half way competent lawyer. nice try ADL

There are people like that everywhere. I know of one that literally managed to larp as a wigger, nazi, and muslim for a decent amount of time and in that exact order. And not all of them are as retarded as this guy either, they play the role perfectly, though it is still possible to spot them without previous knowledge of their role playing, because unlike a real believer in the ideology their flair for the dramatic is never followed by any action at all.

They always have to look down to avoid the hook and then blast the light to keep you from seeing any of their cave troll features.

plain fact is that with a few of your identity credentials half a dozen fuckbook accounts could opened up "by you" purporting to plot to blow up the white house tomorrow

What? that seems so fucking fake

yeah pretty obvious smear campaign in order to build anti-white propaganda about WNs being terrorists. who the fuck would have 5 faceberg accounts as a WN in current_year?

Something like that user.

A *CIANigger*


kek, man what history majors

Idiot's own fault.

(((1 post by this ID)))

its ok to be embarrased

1. False flag
2. Muh ban facebook.

Ok, all that is a garbage well-crafted news release by a Jew in order to paint him as a loser.

Oh no. 1 post of 91 at that point.
Is anything I said wrong?
The dumbfuck had shit OPsec and posted about killing kikes on a kike platform.
Not very intelligent regardless of OPsec.

Stoopid ruleniggers can't get enough.

>registered with a phone number belonging to
for your account security goy, trust in the jew

On an incredibly quick 1st glance it's easy to see this guy as nothing more than an idiot who suffered from being red-pilled too quickly and was overwhelmed by the truth, but if you read

And don't immediately realize that this is nothing more than a stupidly simple psy-op, then you're fucking retarded. Everything about this SCREAMS false-flag to poison the well of well intentioned people from taking action and being taken seriously. "Someone shot a rabbi? He's obvious been influenced by the horrible terrorist Tarrant and le facebook faggot Reed - there's no way someone could ever come to an anti-Israel opinion without being lied to by (((extremists))) which Senator Goldburgstien seeks to outlaw in his latest bill!"

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