The Jewish grip on Berlin real estate

The Jewish grip on Berlin real estate

Ever wondered why Berlin real estate is ridiculously expensive and in extremely short supply even though jobs are scare, low paying and highly taxed?

It's jews who have a tight grip on it's real estate market - making them extremely overpriced at 25 years in rent on average while apartments for rent are virtually non existent - forcing Germans into life long debt slavery.

How did they accomplish this you ask? Berlin politics have jews and good goys in key positions that make sure building permits for apartment buildings are only handed to jew run companies who hoard them like Diamonds in Apefrica, with new projects only being started when all apartments are sold at jewed up prices that goys are forced to pay because there are absolutely zero affordable apartments to rent.

They also use the jewish machinery to market them as investments all over the world.

The end result is Germans in Berlin are some of the most indebted slaves in the western world.

Pic is from a real estate developer that is solely staffed by kikes:

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jews and pajeets love hoarding properties and lands, no doubt both are inheriting this planet in the near future.

What is there to inherit? The joke's on them.

It's pretty much Weimar Berlin all over again.

Coincidentally there was a huge scarcity as well in 1920s and 1930s Berlin.–die-mutter-der-mietpreisbremse-31239912

yeah this was posted in kraut/pol/ recently. apparently a clique of jews in the reichstag are collectivsing apartment complexes in berlin in order to force more non-europeans in prussia

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot cotizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.

I remember reading something about people in Berlin having a petition to confiscate houses and flats in order to combat the absurdly high rents.
Hope a lot of kikes lose their real estate.

Yes, and the (((social democrats))) started kvetching about it immediately. A bridge too far, as it were. It is the same exact game, same exact coalition that Hitler was up against.

Look at those mugs. It's some real uncanny valley shit. I can understand why some people actually believe in the humanoid shapeshifter thing.

the only thing that might happen is that amerikike real estate companies get jewed out of the market when kikes go full communism…

This and what exactly are they going to use to hold onto all of this as the entire planets economy plunges into darkness? All solutions (war, famine, disease, etc) will end up backfiring on them. Once you lose the economic grip on people (((they)) have nothing to divide and conquer with.

Jews used to make a ton of shekels together with the (((russian mafia))) and mudshit family clans.

They bought up whole buildings, terrorized tenants and those that didn't move out anyway got firebombed.

Afterwards they renovated the whole building and sold the apartments or rented them out at insane premiums.

They inherited Zimbabwe and we know how that went. This ideological fight may very well be armageddon.

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Supply and demand.
Supply is low and demand is high, therefore the seller can ask what they want.
This is basic free market capitalism.

crazy over regulated rigged by jews socialism you mean?


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Regulatory capture is the end result of free market capitalism.
Free market capitalism can be summarized as: He who has the money makes the rules.

In Germany it's more like: The yid who gains political power regulates the free market to death while profiting of said over regulation at the same time, so communism is suddenly a viable alternative.




Fuck the kikes.