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Says I need a subscription to view it.
OP is paying money to haaretz.

How appropriate.

There are 40 million keks in this post.


They should stick to what they're good at.
Genocide, subversion and scams.

Good. They were gonna put a fucking story of a holohoax surviver on the moon.

We wuz geniuses n shieet. Muh jewish intelligence. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

the last thing the moonlander did before it crash was transimt
to the whole universe

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Fuck these kikes.

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Nazi engineering BTFO Jewish engineering +50 years

Classic HIGH IQ Ashkenazi minds at work here, nothing to look at.

They couldnt even stop themselves from sabotaging their "achievements".

OP is not a fag for once

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Very shit.

Another jewish source archived.

Why can you laugh at this in Schadenfreude? Are you not the noble race, that values truth and honesty?

Reminder that kikes cannot comprehend 3-dimensional space. They are literally not capable of it. This isn't even me talking shit. It's biological fact.

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I mean this seems like a triumph for truth and honesty.

Deus Vult

is this the reason why 2 dimensional cartoon women trigger them so much?

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Nazi Huanebu shot it down

Again and again, xir juden rejected by the logos. Does this count as an Expulsion? Jews: Expelled by Space. No more space shekels for Isreal.

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The israeli spacecraft
Has crash onto the moon

Said so someone's from SpaceIL
“We had a failure in the spacecraft,” said Opher Doron, the general manager of Israel Aerospace Industries’ space division, which collaborated on building the spacecraft. “We unfortunately have not managed to land successfully.”

Jews have been expelled from 109 countries and the moon!

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Should have flown Blue Origin. Tragic!

- t. Jeff Bezos

If Hitler had won we'd have a space station on the moon by now.

Had some nigh laughs ITT. Thanks anons

fake landing. there was no craft. they just stole 100mil from the funding with cheap improvised room and bibi showing up there for 10 minutes
no one gets it

Low-IQ JIDF in the comments of a news article. Quite funny really.

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(news article about the moon lander)

Fake News
jews aren't good at anything.

If Bearshit goes splat on the dark side of the moon, does anyone hear the kvetching?

The jew fears Luna

It's the circle of life.
swear to fuck chodemonkey coded in a shut it down remote for the fucks because certain threads take complete dumps when being fetched

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both big Space Shuttle disasters were caused by having Affirmative Action Jews on board.

Sally Reid, then that "Israeli Air Force Hero" that was causing shit by demanding special Kosher food (his only "contribution")

Maybe G-d does exist, and kills Jews when they get close to his throne in outer space.

All of Nazi Dr Von Braun's boys made it back safe, even when shit went bad with Apollo 13.

This whole thing brings up another point-
Apollo Moon Landings, generally considered "The Greatest Achivement of Mankind" was done FOR the USA by Nazis for about $20 billion total, and paid huge dividends. In contrast, Israel has cost USA about $20 TRILLION, and only filled our VA hospitals and ended freedom in USA.

They did. It just crashed into pieces, just like their holohoax will on Earth.

This is fucking beautiful.

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Just wait, in a decade they'll claim their trash is evidence of their claim for new settlements on the moon.

I certainly hope it wasnt the engines fault.
Since the engine was made in Britain and our nations reputation as a manufacturer of satellites and spacecraft parts is pretty stellar

It amuses me though that the kikes fucked it up

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Jews claim they "upgraded" their F-35s with super-special Israeli invented tech, but of course no one is allowed to see, or even see it in action.

Then, back in reality, we see Israel can't even copy what a few Nazis, and even Russians, were doing back in the 1960s before anyone even had 1/2 assed computers and machine-shops were what you can order on Amazon and put in your garage today.

Israel is Turk-tier. They can't even make 1st rate guns. I guess UZI was OK, but any JC metal shop could do as good.

mess with Zig Forums get your lunar lander shoah'd

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Is this related to their shit protocol they have as "religion"mor something else?

Space does not want the kikes shit.

It only "crashed" because no one was falling for the shoop. 100 million and you can't even install a webcam? Cmon, moshe.

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They also moved the goalposts. They "reached" the moon.

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isn't there a "holocaust museum in space" meme?

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muh superior jewish iq tho

There's something to take away from this, but I'm not sure what it is.

Maybe that jews don't always control everything or have their plans go perfectly.

America, Russia, China, Japan and India are laughing right now

Thanks moon. Thanks outer space.

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OY VEY. Moon is antisemitic.


Checked. Shitting on pissrael and it’s shit space program

I bet the Jews got big US tax dollars to do this, but just pocketed the money, then faked this crash as a coverup.
The "lift off" was just some old 1970s US hardware.

The just aren't intelligent enough. Not even that, they don't posses the capability to comprehend anything besides the moment they're in.

(((purpleanon))) is fake and gay

The moon gave light to help in nighttime executions of Jews. The moon must be brought to Israel to account for it's crimes.

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Anyone got that massive billboard in space screaming about the Holocaust comic?
That's what this reminded me of.

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That's awesome! So who here is working on Zig Forums replacement?

Based Moon expels jews. WTF, I love the moon now.

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Yeah American and Indian satellites and spacecraft often include British made parts.

Einstein can't seem to get the job done unless he's in a group of majority Christian goyim. Hmmm. Maybe jews should be Darwind out.

Does a bear jew shit on the moon?


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Reminder that POTUS[ daughter, Ivankwannabejew, gets fucked bi one of these losers every night. They should outsource the job to Mexicans or Chinese to avoid further embarrassment. Stick to forming terrorist organisations, not engineering.

Underrated post.

Is that really how they see themselves?

how much shekels in gold foil did they lose?
none, none of the above was real

a little bit different the kikes did imagine perhaps

Bibi/Trump/May are the worst leaders ever.

t. spirit of JFK

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Laugh harder you say? Ok, but I did not want to, but because you asked so nicely

I'll repeat my question: Who here is working on a Zig Forums alternative for a moon lander? Is laughing at the misfortune of a few Jews the best Zig Forums can do?

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please leave

Filtered. Who's next?

I can follow the line of thinking, from Newton to Oppenheimer to NASA. I'm convinced. Flat Earth is for (((Christians))) and their lackeys.

So much for that "superior" kike IQ. Nazis got man on the moon 50 years ago lol



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Of all the things to happen in clown world, this is the most believable. Hypermaterialism at its finest. Hail space junk, hail Elon!