It was the hippies fault.
Of course, it all makes sense now.

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Just a matter of time before history repeats itself.
But the pedophilia wasn't related. It was just christ cucks following their natural instincts. In a way you can't blame them, considering the cognitive ability of the average christcuck is on the same level as, say, a racoon or other small wild animal.

Hes talking about Vatican council 2 you fucking jackass.
You know the one that removed all the antisemitism?



Reported for jewish paid shill.

Pre-Vatican II Catholicism was never antisemitic. That's nothing more than Zig Forums sensationalism to make catholicism, and by extension christianity, sound more appealing. Jews worked closely with the Vatican from its beginnings and benefitted from its various puppets.


Oh is that why i have medieval treatises describing them as lesser and even wicked beings you cuck?
Is that why Easter sunday latin mass literally says jesus died to receive gods covenant from the "wicked jew"?

Father Coughlin was cia i suppose, too, witch hunters are a psyop, the templar never killed jews, its all fake because jews are literally magic, right?

hippies are jews you bluepilled cuckchan retard
next time lurk

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If by hippies we mean porno kikes thrn sure

CA Gov Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, as son of another CA Governor, rich kid, etc, as a young man wanted to become a Catholic Priest.
Later, as young hip CA Governor he never "consummated" the relationship with then "live in girlfriend" Linda Ronstadt.
I'd have never left the apartment. Friends would be like "Is Bubba still alive???" "yeah, just barely LOL"

Kill yourself semite worshipping niggerkike

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How desperate do you have to be to intentionally misconstrue a post that poorly?

And yet the jews were given complete freedom to do ursury.
And yet instead of ensuring jews were denied entry to Europe, the accepted solution was conversion - which doesn't work.

Actually it's not fake, it's impotence. Witch hunters were used more to hunt pagans and destroy pre-christian knowledge. Same as the other jew-worshiper, how desperate do you have to be to intentionally misconstrue a post that hard. Your own examples show that the scope of christianity as a tool to remove jews is so limited and small while ignoring how it enabled the jews to become as wealthy and influential as they are now.

Doctor Eugene MIchael Jones talks about that in great details.

How rabbi can one post get?
Was outlawed, a few greedy people decided to act quite Jewish themselves and permit jews, who as non Christians were permitted to do evil things, out of interest of the economy. Kinda like how today we commonly see people do awful things because they dont want things to get difficult.

You dont seem to understand the dynamic. The conversion was a humiliation act, they werent integrated, they were literally labeled "the jew" if they took christianity. They were accepted religiously because jesus requires you to not be a selfish jew to be saved, so if you were a jew willing to lower yourself below god, you were considered humble before god, and thus would be permitted life. Those who refused were killed, driven out, or ghettoized, those who accepted were othered.
Remember that every time jews have been kicked out, it was in Christian europe.

Yeah i remember how the witch hunters laid siege to Ireland to destroy the monk's extensive records from greece and rome.

I remember how the celts were converted by violence instead of something stupid like "oh so this is the new cycle" and how all their seasonal festivals were erased from the record, imagine we still celebrated those awful pagan holidays, carving gourds and playing tricks, lighting bonfires and tying knots.

I remember how norse pagans didnt remain intact until late in the crusades when a pagan king offered conversion in exchange for papal support in his war against rival clans.

Literally gas yourself, you cant find a single argument because varg doesn't know shit about history and I have thousands of years of first hand accounts.

"The Catholic Church is full of pedos" is a fucking meme spread by fake news pedlers you fucking double niggers. Who has been spreading this for the last 25 years? Oh, yes the mainstream media. So let's get this straight, the mainstream media is completely untrustworthy and everything they say is a lie, except for "Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church", which for some mysterious reason, is all truthful reporting?
Fuck off.
The whole point of the campaign was to kill off the church by making people stop bringing their kids there. No kids at church, no new generation of believers. The other point is to put pressure on the church to get behind globalization. "Hey guys, if you talk about how great open borders are, and how much God loves fags, we'll ease off the pressure"!
And it's working, because now we have a communist pope, and a cardinal from the Vatican attended the Bilderberg conference in 2018, for the first time.
Did you ever hear of the Fox Island pedophile ring? Let me tell you about it. In the 1970s a group of wealthy pedophiles bought a island in Michigan called "Fox Island". They advertised it in coded advertisements in gay porn magazines, and also child porn magazines, which were openly sold up to the mid-1970s. For about two years rich people landed in their private planes on the islands private airstrip, and abused young kids specially flow in, mostly from the South.
One of pedophiles was the son of a top General Motors executive. He also was the suspect in the murders of three or four children at the time. He killed himself when the ring came to the attention of the police.
Anyway, one of the pedophiles decided to cooperate with the authorities when he was jailed. He appeared as a witness in Congressional inquiries into child abuse. When asked what particular type of children he and his friends like to target he said a very interesting thing.
He said one of the main things they looked for was a child who was not brought up in a religious environment, and knew nothing about the subject.
Why? Because he said, children who were religious or who were brought up by a religious family were nothing but trouble. Not only were they more difficult to "groom", but they knew what was happening was wrong and had a tendency to tell their parents, teachers or other authorities what was going on. So if you were a pedophile you ended getting your cover blown and having to go on the run, or be questioned by police, or ending up arrested and in jail.
So religious kids were no use to them because they had a moral compass. They couldn't be as easily persuaded that wrong was right.
Look up that stuff if you don't believe me. Just type in "Fox Island Michigan pedophile ring".
See what our rulers are doing then? Everything they say is the opposite of the truth. They say they're concerned about the spread of "Fake News". No they're not, they're concerned about the truth being know at last, which people are getting from the internet. They say they're concerned about the spread of "hate". No they're not, they're concerned about the spread of love - the growing love white people have for their own kind and culture.
And they're definitely not concerned about the threat of pedophiles, and that's because they are the pedophiles.
Far from saving kids from child sexual abuse, by destroying organized religion they are creating children who are going to be more easy to abuse.

why are people so dumb

It was in fact the perfidious and thoroughly evil Jews…

Rothschild made a man who worked for them quite wealthy. His name was Jadot, and even today there is a town called Jadotville in the Belgian Congo.

That man's descendants included a Satanist cardinal also named Jadot who was put in charge of selecting the new priests in the US.

He changed all the previous rules meant to eliminate the weak pussies and the homosexuals from the seminary to a new evaluation method specifically designed to remove the strong and orthodox priests.

Priests were interviewed by ((( psychologists))) and they used this to remove the "judgmental" types.

I could go into more detail but this is the simple version.

This guy gets it. This should be obvious to even the most retarded on here

damn so antisemitic and redpilled!! doos vault XD

Always kill pedophiles.
Always kill jews.