A Global Conspiracy

I'm willing to say that you guys have part of the story right. No doubt there are some evil Jews in power and no doubt some are plotting to murder the white race (though it's more likely they want to murder everyone, including the white race).

Some of the most powerful families in the world *are* Jewish. But to say that it's only Jews, or all Jews is wrong. It's not just the Jews. It's not just the communists. It's more than that. To think that evil is confined to just one ethnicity or religion or ideology is crazy. Evil has no boundaries, religious or otherwise.

It's more likely that there's a global conspiracy causing political turmoil, one that goes far beyond just the Jews. It's the Americans, Europeans, Mexicans, Asians, Jews, Christians, Islamists, Communists, Capitalists, etc, all working together to make life on earth hell. And it has nothing to do with their identity, it's just that they're evil people.

What I'm trying to say is, if you're genuinely trying to figure out what's making the world more rotten, you should expand your view beyond the Jews.

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Okay. When we finish exterminating the jews, we'll look into those other categories for you.

Eco Naturism
One hundred million people on earth total. All whites
jew nigger chink poo bean get fucked

Checked and /thread.

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For the record, it's not all Jews. It's a small minority of corrupt Jews that are at the top of the world power structure.

This is obviously a Jew thread.

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Kill yourself lad

This thread is going to get shilled to death.

I think almost everyone here knows that are other groups of evil people shitting up the world, but its easier to focus on the jews since they are the biggest and pretty much the worse of them all.

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they dont care about race. they arent attacking whites. They are attacking the whole western civilization. Whites just happen to make up a bulk of that.
They'll slaughter browns who believe in freedom as well.

Aw sweet! A kike thread!

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There are bad people of all races, but people of some races may or may not be more empathetic than people of other races.
.t bare ip fag

The reason that there is a global conspiracy is because it is ultimately lead by Satan.

Agreed but it's mostly concentrated in shitskins and kikes.

No, it is all of the Jews. They all work at different angles but with the same goal of maintaining the jewish hegemony. The "left/liberal" jews follow the very old system of dissolution of their enemy's identity while the "right" jews influence the remainder to support their ethnostate. A jew created communism to destroy the old social and ethnic structures in Europe, another jew created Esperanto to eradicate the European language identities, yet another jew created the modern propaganda for social engineering. A jew created the modern system of psychologically breaking down people and inserting illness, and anoher jew created modern transgenderism. You can learn all of these things user, it is out there in the open for anyone willing to read.

Agreed. OP makes a good point but we need to remember priorities.

Same goes for every other group listed.

/ T H R E A D




No, its all jews. You all believe you're god's chosen, you despise the other races, you envy Europeans, you hold the reins of international finance, you pit brother against brother for gain. Of course there's evil in all men, because there's divinity in all men. All men can ascend to heroism and legend, or debase themselves lower than devils. Its our nature. However, your nature is the most disposed to evil. We see it in your religion, which grew out of the racial spirit. You love lies and murder. We it in our histories, and in current politics and economic theory. You plunder a people through their own governments, then you run away seeking asylum elsewhere.

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To be absolutely fair, I would let gay jews who live in israel live out the rest of their days. I know its controversial, but I dont think these specific Jews warrant any kind of action.

Even more, the sons of abraham hate the earth. Its all for you to pilfer and now in your twisted minds. Nothing is sacred to you. God hates you. Your most popular cult is a rabbi getting fed up with the hypocrisy of you jews, and you have him killed by foreigners, because you can't kill on holy days. Your second most popular cult depicts God drawing the nations together to kill you in the so called last days, when even the rocks say "here hides a jew, muslims!" God hates you! Whoever he is, he absolutely hates you jews, yet you people never ask yourselves why. You never ask why everybody kicks you out.

Nor do I, but if any survive, and they're all gay, I wouldn't protect them from turkroach boylovers either.

Nothing to worry about, they have failed for 2000 years and they will fail yet again.

They are in direct opposition to logos and god, god never told them to build a temple, he said to build a portable tabernacle and not to build a country until jesus's return.

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No remorse sure but the difference in later personalities is obviously beneficial

Addiction to sex should be seen as abnormal in the exact same way that you instantly identify junkies as less then human. Cutting off the predominate factor which lends to this addiction, the male gspot, is the same as ensuring your child never shoots heroine into his arm. It's sane, and it's just: Men are animals, and left to this weakness, our highest functioning ideal looks something like the Congo, men living in poverty and perfectly fine with it because they still get to fuck monkeys and loose mud bricks, and thus they are complete. They don't desire to go beyond, or to think, only to find another monkey to fuck to death and promptly cook to eat.

Some men aren't prone to addiction. Most are. I'm very strong willed, and would likely succeed even on the uncut side of the fence, but men like me, even in our crowd of ironic morality, are rare. You know that, and you know what good drugs can do to a good man. The male gspot is quite simply the most potent drug to ever exist, and a drug I've never tried. But I don't matter, and this isn't a blog post. I support circumcision as a program that will advance our race in these times of strife, but even still, I am torn…

I believe what I said here. I really do, and I've done a great deal of research into the matter. The question remains,
Will I get my sons circumcised?

That's a heavy burden, and as you know, one that the last 10 generations never even fucking felt. 80 year old children who don't even know the anatomy of human genitalia, literally they're retarded old cucks.

Jew thread. Sage and REPORT.
Also, ETHNOGLOBE is the final solution for the jews (as well as the other races)

Being mutilated has no effect on sex addiction you absolute fucking dumbass. If it were true Americans would not be rampant degenerates. Watch the video if you haven’t already and research the argument against genital mutilation for the sake of whatever gods you believe in.

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reported for being a kike
and baiting anons
and being off topic.

I've already seen that video. A Jew telling me not to get my kids circumcised. All I can offer you more is my sage, that I'm not a shill, and a greentext example. At the very least, don't let this eat you, and make sure you have enough white children to flip the tide in whatever direction you see as correct.
Those niggers aren't "based blacks," they're just circumcised niggers, and the polarity in personality traits is at the very least worth studying as well.

To play the devils advocate, it could be currently being used to make white docile. But I'm not docile. And neither are you.

And if you think you can regenerate your gspot your just as stupid as I've described.

If you did, you would never mutilate genitals.

None of these prove anything or are a valid argument. Assuming your unscientific tangential bullshit evidence was true, we need warriors not castrated soyboys you fucking mong.

That’s not proof. How can you be such an insufferable blind nincompoop, oh yeah, you’re mutilated and in denial.

I never said I was mutilated.

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Read every single one of my images and form an actual evidence (not one select case) based argument.

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Then disregard principles of eugenics. I'm not going to write a lecture. You've invalidated your beliefs as conjecture already.
And if you knew as much as me, you'd know that circumcision makes for more violent warriors. Look into it, and learn how to type like a white man you little nigger.

If I posted my own research papers it would dox me.

I lose the argument. Just broaden your horizons man.

The circumsized get the gas last. You are privilaged to help us remove the ones who circumsized you, but youre too dangerous to leave around.

just to be safe, all jews need to go.

Fuck you for being a fucking troglodyte…it is going to be easy to regrow foreskin in the future. They are currently making hamburgers out of peoples blood cells…I would NEVER injure one of our own over something that trivial.

Hitler's biggest mistake was not holocausting your ancestors out of existence.

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The dick might regrow, but that brain damage from having been tortured as a baby could only ever be useful during conflict. Cry as much as you want, you will never have a splendid intact dick like me, and even if you do it will look like some kind of femlae nu-penis.

Eugenics is opposed to genital mutilation. If you are referring to Kellogg’s beliefs, he idolized jews. If you’re referring to Hitler’s beliefs, he attempted to stamp out genital mutilation in Germany.

Source needed.

I have and I reached my conclusion.

Not an argument.

Still no proof or valid arguments.

Try and form an evidence based argument please.

Never said I was mutilated.

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Even the jews that aren't actively engaging in bad activities still carry terrible jewish genes prone to sociopathy and other mental illness, and are raised perpetuating toxic jewish culture.

he's not a fucking jew you dumb cunt

Only if they support genital mutilation. Cutfags that are against genital mutilation are innocent, misfortunate victims, and deserve to be healed as well as modern medical science is capable of.

that map is bullshit, why are Eastern Europe and Arabia the same color? Arabia has like 99%+ circ rate and Eastern Europe is certainly under 10%, probably much less than that, outside of countries that have lots of Moslems like Bosnia and Albania.

Brain damage is not a good thing. Cutfags are not "heartless warriors", they're semi-castrated victims of a barbaric atrocity. If dick-cutting is so manly, then why is the USA a pathetic dying nation of castrated cucks drinking fluoride piss beer and watching niggerball? Hundreds of millions of guns and the people just take everything the jews throw at them with a smile?
Time will tell how close the result of Foregen's procedure will be to intact, but thus far there is reason to be optimistic. Exactly the same? No, that's impossible, but it appears likely that the result will enable a satisfying sexual experience and a healthy relationship.



I think you might be color blind. Eastern Europe is in the dark blues, roachland just nearby is at 100%.

==My bad not
but this kike advertizer here

had a dumbass moment because I am tired.

No, it's not. The founder is an Italian man that was circumcised as an adult. The people involved are mostly Italians and Americans, there are no jews involved to my knowledge. Foreskin regeneration research is the least jewish thing possible, and is quite possibly the most virtuous and benevolent pursuit there is. Your accusations are completely ridiculous and unfounded.

I will continue to spread the word about Foregen whenever the subject of circumcision comes up because the more that know about it and will consider donating, the better, as funding is their primary obstacle. Currently, they are at around 55% (~$11k/month) of their target revenue ($20k/month) to hire researchers full-time, but every dollar helps achieve their goals, which would include life-changing recovery for many distressed white men that are victims of genital mutilation.

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And you should lurk the mandatory two years so that im not bothered with idiots that need a lesson on the matter.
Its always the kikes, you newfag.

And ofcourse a thread started by newfags attracts newfags. Both of you just happen to assume that a select group of kikes is bad, not realising that deracination is in their blood. A kike, throughout the ages, has always deracinated their hosts from their soil. Its a characteristic of jew blood, they have no respect for the natural laws.

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Back to kikechan moshe.

There are no good jews, we have already tried to look for some. You can literally count them in one hand.

You are correct,
It's Jews and Jewpets running the world

Wow, thanks for the thread, kike. We know it's you, we know it's your ancient plot for world domination, we know that you despise and wish to genocide the Amalek (aka Whites) specifically, we know that you want thousands of slaves each because you're too flabby and disgusting to work.


It's every single jew. They all viscerally hate whites. It's not the bigshot kikes constantly shilling anti-white garbage on social media, it's the working class retard kikes

I hope no stupid newfags fall for this painfully obvious JIDFposting

I suspect both the trauma of circumcision and the bad impression of feminity from overbearing mothers (both features of Judaism) favor a robotic, over-rational personality that finds strength in repressing its emotions. It might explain the high amounts of Jewish cold sociopaths like Trotsky, Marx, Soros… People who, while highly intelligent and skilled, have led mankind *away* from enlightment, not towards it. You want more of them!?

And the regular jews support them every step of the way.

Your kind is going to die soon, pathetic fucking kike.

Get. The fuck. Out.

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Only after all jews are killed.
Kill all jews. That is the only course of action that must take priority. Everything else is secondary to that.
Kill all jews.

Its all jews, there were never any "good jews", all are schemers willing to do anything to ensure jews remain both distinct and separate from all other groups and also to survive intact no matter their enemy.

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What the hell am I reading?

This. It's just unfortunate that the circumcision must be done as an infant for the brain structure to develop these advanced abstract thinking capabilities.

no, not at all. just a subsection of the people who were raised to worship themselves, and look at the outgroup in extreme envy, jealousy, and contempt

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Really kike? Because EVERYONE of you scumbag motherfucking, subhuman pieces of shit say the same garbage. Just look on faceberg or twitter.

For the longest time I was a conspiracy theorist who just believed it was "the globalists" or "the illuminati" but whenever someone asked me who "they" were I had no answer other than vaguely say "the elite" and powerful people. But now I know, now I can say for sure. Its the jews, its always been the jews.

What the fuck is with all this pro circumcision shilling


The Copernican revolution is the Jews biggest and most successful conspiracy to date.

SAGE the globe!!!

America IDF is here from r/the_Donald.

Shut up kike bastard we have watched enough Gobbels shit in these 3 years that my generation from now will be embedded with Jewish hatred, I may not pass them land or wealth, they might lose that cohesion which binds them to ethnicity or they may lose the business acumen my family has for years, we the "Jews" of India did control currency supply in our previous civilization, but not unlike you kike bastards we created wars for shit prophecies, each one will have a book about you fuckers and will have a chance to introspect the history of the world and cultural terrorism you fuckers have unleashed all in the name of democracy, burn in hell kike, I would join a fucking Right wing revolution the next they, domestic or overseas, if the manifesto has anything related to abolishment of Jewish banking system, or pray the supernatural not yours, but the natures that I don't make one myself, your days are numbered your rabble rousing has made enough enemies that this holocaust will be real, all fucking semites who are in foreign land around the world will be given only one chance to go back to middle east or face fucking bullets.


Cause the Europeans want demographic change? Because Mexicans own 98% of mass media that compromises 6 companies? Cause the capitalists look at non capitalists as common cattle put their by God for capitalist use?

You are new at this aren't you? You didn't really try.

And mods leave this thread up which is obviously narrated, but they shut down organic threads. Why did you sell us out?

You're absolutely right, Jews are not the only evil, but they are the only evil capable of brainwashing us into doing nothing about it. The Jews are our racial chains. Once we are freed of them, no evil-doer is safe.

Barbara Spectre proves OP wrong, other people that commit henious acts are just enabling and giving Jews leverage.

No one is blaming the jews for everything, retard. But they are to blame for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of shit and the world would be a better place without them.

why not do some propaganda ops to reduce circumcisions? could get tangible results

i also wonder if baptism does something Semitic to the psyche. but maybe this idea is too hocus-pocus

John the Baptist was antisemitic

I am always baffled at the overlap to schizo-behavior this map shows.


Only one I've ever seen was Bobby Fischer, chess champion who hated kikes and called them out, and renounced his own Jewish heritage because of how much he hated them (also called out disgusting practices like genital mutilation, among other things). They basically ended up killing him because of how troublesome he was. Apart from him, never seen a good Jew before.

Speaking of which, what do we do for "special" cases? I was thinking just sterilize and quarantine them.


Nah, It's the jews

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Evil is just enslaved. Conspiracies operate by breaking people of all joys and the offering pale imitations in exchange for compliance with a simultaneous brandishing of sticks for noncompliance. Conspiracies break or fail because they’re basically only ever composed of miserable slaves. The conduct of redemption is the conduct of the restoration of joy and freedom. Disloyal people are happier than what they ditch on. It takes people a long time to realize they could be happier elsewhere, but eventually someone or other summons up the courage eventually.

then* offering

Some of the VIPs in this world are held in check by holding them in a simulation of reality in which they can ostensibly hold others in simulations of reality. By goading them into psychologically abusing others, they’re tricked into psychologically abusing themselves, thus ossifying their influence into safe, predictable nullification. Defection threats are held in check with the assurance that defection would result in lynch mobs and mass hangings. This is why pacifism is such a key social technology - people could betray anything to me, even were I the victim of it, and I would not try to murder them. This makes me someone to whom people could reach out.

Am I important enough that anyone is likely to reach out to me? I certainly am not. I cannot provide necessary services. Do people like me exist with sufficient frequency to permit the redemption of top-level slaves? That’s the more salient question. That’s part of why to achieve an honest society we must not scream violent threats at what we hate.

If we kill messengers, we don’t learn. Tolerate the intolerable and you might learn much.

Meanwhile, people who believe their conduct would inspire lynch mobs if the public knew about it are being dumb fools who ought to know better. The public no longer lynches gays, transsexuals, bigots, foreigners, artists, or philosophers. The list of lynching offenses is blighted short right now - and despite the lies that the Hick Crimes Division on 8ch likes to tell, pedophilia isn’t the particular vice of the elite, either.

It’s that they abuse themselves abusing others.

By bribing, cajoling, or threatening people into attacking others in “unforgivable” ways, schisms are formed that “cannot” be crossed. Forgiveness is a necessary social technology because it permits uncrossable chasms to be crossed after all. Yet necessary to forgiveness is confession and apology; people must be willing to listen in detail to the ways they were harmed and still then to forgive them.

People who go through life coercing others and getting their way through fear are vulnerable in the extreme to being conspired against, because people who seek to conspire will try to use ferocious outsiders as their lynchpins. They will encourage their pawns to behave viciously towards the scary-scary other, and then when their pawns are suitably scared of backlash from their conduct the puppetmaster will “protect” them. Again, be proud to be unthreatening, and this will not happen. Offer sanctuary to your enemies.

Antisemitic opposition holds Jews in line. To what end? What good is achieved thereby? If you scream of heaven’s wrath, you will be the lightning rod. Offer forgiveness to your enemies instead.

There is no need to be religious to utilize forgiveness and pacifism to fray conspiratorial patterning. I myself am an atheist. I merely value a world of truth.

You all do prefer the “red” pills, do you not? The most potent redpills are acquired when you attract turncoats who can provide evidence.

all those people in Mexico Commies Capitalist the US and China and Russia and England etc etc etc that are murderous psychopaths?


You could take that to the bank only the bank is owned by an evil Rumplestiltskin kikenvermin.

Bigots do get conspired against - because bigots are crazy short-sighted hate-obsessed knots of unstable misery who make excellent “ferocious others” to use in the assembling of conspiracies. People are cajoled, bribed, or threatened to act agsinst bigots - and thereafter the vicious instability of the bigot essentially creates two slaves for the conspiracy. One being the poor sap who was pressed into exposing themselves to a vengeful loser, the other being the vengeful loser who now exists to ensure the loyalty of the particular conspirator they want to punish.

This is why I personally abjure and reject all punishment patterns. There are several people on Earth who I know have hurt me. I consider myself to have only one right of retaliation against them: the right of publicity. I can talk about what they did. I am not especially obligated to do so. I seek in no other way to punish them. I do not believe this would suffice to enforce any of them to someone else’s loyalty. Light is merciful, do you see? My worst enemies could safely come to me with information.

act against*

bahahaaha yep, thread is settled.

>they're evil people
pathetic creatures

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Imagine I gave you a bucket full of turds and told you there was a brownie hidden in there, but the only way to tell was to take bites until you find it.
Would you go digging for the brownie?

I wish you wanted ti be happy, user.

I'll make you eat everything

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I can smell your beard from here.