Medical System in America

Is there anyone on tonight that's from Canada or another single-payer health system… hoping to generate some interest in creating solutions to the worsening myriad problems in the American system and answer any questions that non-U.S. citizens may have about the nature of our system.

There seems to be a conspiracy at work to prevent any meaningful improvement to the American health care system, including a concerted campaign of misdirection by the media here. One of the most common misconceptions is that the main problem is the fact that there are people without insurance. This talking point has been particularly profitable for insurance companies. The reality: Most of the uninsured are uninsured because they do not want insurance. These are people who are in their 20s, healthy, and working only part-time. If they get sick, they have the option of buying insurance or signing up for Medicaid (a form of insurance for those with low income that varies in quality from state to state.)
The three principal problems plaguing the system are, in this order: 1.) A lack of price controls on drugs and medical services, 2.) The existence of HMOs and high-deductible insurance plans that trick employees into thinking they are covered until it comes time to pay a bill (i.e. the underinsured), and 3.) A lack of competent doctors, directly attributable to the unaffordability of medical school. Many in the U.S. want to solve this problem by introducing universal college education (without considering how expensive this would be without both controlling the price of admissions and limiting college to those with high IQs, something not currently practiced. In fact, many American colleges offer REMEDIAL READING as a course.)

The result of this is that Americans of modest financial means spend about as much money on health care as they do on food, which is also increasingly expensive. Americans with chronic conditions and serious health problems frequently spend as much on medications as they do on housing, if not more. A lack of competent doctors means that many patients are either given unnecessary tests, or are not given any tests. Some are misdiagnosed, while others go undiagnosed.
The lifespan of the average American is 4 years shorter than that of the average European and the rate of obesity has reached 1/3rd of the population. The rate of merely "overweight" individuals has reached 3/4ths of the population.

Over half the U.S. population suffers from myopia but almost no insurance, including Medicaid, covers the cost of eyeglasses. American public schools screen all K-12 students annually for hearing and vision problems, but when a problem is found, all the school does is call the phone number they have on file for the family and advise them to seek treatment.

That said, please post any questions you folks in Canada or elsewhere have for us Amerifags and Amerifags post your experiences if you wish.

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This is only partially true. Medicaid will cover one person PER HOUSEHOLD if they are unemployed (depending on the state, anywhere from a max income of $1,200-$2,500 per month gross.) If two people from the same household want insurance and one of them is employed (sort of necessary to pay the rent) and they find out about it, the first person loses their coverage.

Let's say you have a roommate that has a job, they consider that person, even though you're not married to them, to be a "household member" and it counts against your income.

The other issue with that is, even if you have Medicaid (which is a good start), there is no guarantee you will get a quality doctor.

And another thing I forgot to mention is that if the current administration succeeds in rolling back Obamacare, the Medicaid expansion goes away and the caps on income go much lower, and crucially, insurance companies will no longer cover those with pre-existing conditions.

Fuckin retarded zoomers, man. Go get sick. Hell, go break a bone, get cancer, or catch one of the "refugee" infections.

After that go try and buy insurance. Your OP wreaks of someone that honestly believes health insurance should be a reactionary cost rather than a preemptive cost. To a leftist / socialist this is great; on paper. In practice the people that want to live life that way almost always forget to fill a savings account with thousands of dollars for those unexpected hurdles.

20 year old niggerloving faggot trannies think they know everything, but can't even fathom the concept of insurance policies.

Well first of all, the concept of even having "insurance" for something that is 100% guaranteed to happen (getting sick) is absurd. That's why we need to switch to single-payer.

That said, it actually is possible to get emergency Medicaid coverage if you wind up in the hospital unexpectedly. There is also something called McHill-Burton (1945) that guarantees that you can't be stuck with hospital bills if you request to fill out the form while still in the hospital, attesting to your lack of income.

You don't even know how MA programs determine a "household".

hint: i used to work on my state's welfare mainframe for eligibility. AMA

It's just jews being jews. Everything wrong with healthcare is because of profit seeking. If you forced insurance companies to be not-for-profit like most every other developed nation does you'd see huge improvements. Also our government refuses to play hardball with drug companies like other nations do. When a US company tries to sell a drug in Europe or much of Asia they won't approve it for use in their nation unless the US company meets a certain price point. Won't lower price? No sale. US has no such system and drug companies are free to charge whatever the want.

So basically boomer "muh free market" and judaic lack of morals combines into you getting absolutely fucked.

Medi-cal in commiefornia isnt medicaid.
If you have a roommate their status is irrelevant. You arent married or any other legal status.
If you're an adult that moves back in with their parents or friends, you're still considered homeless and qualify for all the gibsmedat.

My mother just had a surgery pushed back again to two months from now, she has been waiting for four years. She looks right now like one of those holohoax photo guys. Instead of performing the surgery she's been given very expensive experimental medication for this whole time. Usually around $10,000 worth a month.
This treatment is to treat the aftereffect of a failed treatment for a failed surgery she received almost 25years ago, where an incompetent surgeon irreparably damaged a nerve and almost left her blind and paralyzed in the face.
She has had multiple cancerous tumors, as the experimental medication destroyed her immune system. She has become entirely resistant to narcotics that were used to treat the pain, more than half of people with her current condition commit suicide within the year of their diagnosis.

I will never forgive those who implemented this system in my country.
t. leaf

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First intelligent response of the thread

+2 points

Technically yes, but I once made the mistake of admitting that I lived with my parents many years ago when applying and the woman on the phone didn't care about the point you just mentioned.

She then started demanding to know how much money they made and what their SSNs were. Even though I was too old to be a dependent and had moved back in with them temporarily, they didn't care. So don't tell me that it doesn't matter.

But can that really be attributed to the nature of the system, or could it be that she just had incompetent docs?

Great idea OP, let's make healthcare more expensive to provide and lower the number of competing hospitals.

The biggest problems are intellectual property law granting monopolies to drug firms (driving the price up that way, and redirecting a disproportionate amount of medical research into new pharmaceuticals to sell with your legal monopoly instead of any other research), a cartel-like healthcare industry with so few participants that hospitals can get away with charging insurance companies less than they do individuals, and strict prescription law which mandates that people need to see doctors for expected treatments like medicines for chronic conditions.

Imagine a system in which your car insurance paid for your gasoline, tires, repairs, etc. Imagine the providers of those goods charged the insurance companies the normal prices you can buy them on the open market for now, but charged you an order of magnitude more. Imagine the insurance costing an order of magnitude more, too. That's the state of healthcare in the US currently.

How do you blacktext?

Oh fuck off commie. How are all those failed communist/socialist shitholes doing in regards to health care as their entire civilizations are collapsing in real time?

Health insurance isn't a fucking right. Universal basic income isn't a fucking right. If you're a brown piece of shit with no education you have nothing to offer my civilization and you probably need to come to that realization sooner rather than later.

On that note you fuckers are gonna fucked pretty hard real soon. My state is now running advertisements for the state university claiming that next year 74% of the jobs in the state will require some form of college education.


It should be law for doctors to have to take a vow of poverty for as long as they work in the medical profession. Same with any pharmaceutical researcher and manufacturer. They can have facilities and a home provided by the state, but nothing luxurious, but no money to spend on anything except the bare necessities.

Socialist healthcare makes doctors into government workers. Have you ever met competent government workers? All our good doctors go to the states. It is intrinsic to the system.

I basically agree with this, except drug prices are way too high. They have come down slightly for certain drugs since a public backlash after EpiPens hit $600 each. They have since come down to $125. Insulin, same thing. Common drugs for conditions (like diabetes and allergies) that many Americans have.

I don't see how price caps would increase costs. I agree that individuals should not be charged a different rate than insurance companies, but we shouldn't have private insurance companies to begin with.

Ignoring my VPN, I am a Canadian.
So to describe the Canadian health care system, basically when you pay taxes if you meet a certain basic income rate you pay an additional fee (lets say 1000$) and then all of your *basic* health care concerns are completely covered by the government. If youre below this range or you dont pay taxes, you actually need to apply for some kind of welfare in order to get a health care card and then recieve the same shit everyone else gets. Anyway, whenever you hear a complaint about Canadian health care its usually along the lines of "you have to wait a long ass time". This is true, but to me it feels kind of selfish to complain about something like that. For example I cut my finger off a few years ago. There was a 4 hour wait at the hospital I went to, but because I was considered a special emergency I got in almost immediately and I still have 10 fingers, so its not like hospitals are incapable of prioritizing. Ive never had a problem with canadian doctors so even if some are emmigrating (as is the claim), 'doctor' is a reasonably prestigious position and as such garners the best applicants (mostly white or asian). Some way or another, Canadians recieve superior health care than americans by default and so does all of Europe, so you have to wonder where your ridiculously expensive fees are actually going.

This is a good idea.
I'd be happy if they just got paid a normal amount of money, perhaps as much as a teacher or a mechanic. After all, doctors are merely mechanics for the human body.

Technically they would become subcontractors working for hospitals that are government contractors, but it wouldn't make them government employees directly.

What people don't understand is that American doctors aren't competent to begin with, not since the 1950s. The quality of the doctors has less to do with who signs their paycheck and more to do with who is ALLOWED to become a doctor. At the moment, doctors are only drawn from the pool of the top 10% of income nationally, with some rare exceptions made for the select few lucky enough to receive full scholarships.

Right, without IP granting monopolies to sell EpiPens exclusively to one company (which is the case currently) you'd expect a competitor to undercut any business selling medication at that absurd a markup. Price caps increase the cost to the producer of the medicine, which lowers competition if the market is open to competition (though I suppose that if you're keeping IP law, price caps are justifiable).

But yeah, insurance is very much a scam here.

Literally every nation that has better healthcare outcomes than the US has a more tightly controlled healthcare market. You actually don't know anything about healthcare. It's not even an insult it's just a statement of fact. Allowing unlimited profit seeking is the environment the Jew thrives in, and do you really think he cares if you're healthy?

You could tell the US system was totally broken when a couple decades ago States started trying to buy drugs from Canada because it was MUCH cheaper.

The Canadian system has problems, and there are gaps in service, but the US spends twice per capital what is spent in Canada. If Canada spent as much as the US per capital it would be a solid gold system.

The reality is the only option in the US is the blow up the whole system and start from scratch. Eliminate all the health insurance systems and go to single payer. Increase taxes to pick up the HUGE savings people will have from not having to pay private insurance anymore.

The USA doesn't just fuck its own healthcare it fucks other nations too.
Spent millions lobbying for the UK's NHS to be privatised.
They succeeded in the form of the internal market reforms.

There is charity care where hospital bills can be written down or off entirely, but that is typically for emergency care. If you go to an urgent care clinic because you have some kind of infection or other minor injury, you need to pay before you even see a doctor.

We had a story on the news recently about a Dairy Queen (American ice cream chain) where 4 employees (which was most of their workforce) were in a car together and all 4 were killed on the highway.

The manager went on the local news and seemed more concerned about how he was going to keep running his business without his employees than the fact that 4 people died.

Sort of unrelated, but that goes to show you how human life is devalued in the U.S.

Amerifag here, never heard of this internal market reform. I thought you guys were still single payer? Explain plox

Stage three cancer in a lymph node, 8 months to operate AFTER receiving samples back from lab, took an entire month to book a biopsy. Emergency care is handled well, I'll make no dispute of that.

You could tell the US system was totally broken when a couple decades ago States started trying to buy drugs from Canada because it was MUCH cheaper.

The Canadian system has problems, and there are gaps in service, but the US spends twice per capital what is spent in Canada. If Canada spent as much as the US per capital it would be a solid gold system.

The reality is the only option in the US is the blow up the whole system and start from scratch. Eliminate all the health insurance systems and go to single payer. Increase taxes to pick up the HUGE savings people will have from not having to pay private insurance anymore.

Wow, sounds a lot like the U.S.
I am currently waiting 5 months to see a GP, granted it's the longest wait I've ever had for a GP
specialists take 1-4 months depending on specialty
ERs can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 3-4 hours if you are in the ghetto
But I have to say honestly, what is worse than the wait times is the total incompetence of the doctors. I went through a whole colonoscopy and that stuff and was told I had UC, turned out I had lactose intolerance. Doctors never ran a simple hydrogen breath test. On top of that, they never did the colonoscopy properly, they gave me a written diagnostic report saying they have no idea if I had any polyps or not because essentially it was "hard to see in there." Not even joking. Drank that nasty laxative stuff and the whole nine yards, total waste of time.

There are huge wait times in the US too. Their solution? Convert a bunch of old gas stations to "urgent care" or "walk in clinics".

Want to see the white dentist you've been seeing since you were a kid? That'll be an 8 month wait. But we can schedule you with Dr. Pajeet Rajahamesh in only one month, you lucky guy!


All UK healthcare providers. Hospitals, GPs, etc are private for profit entities.

But most of them have the Ministry of Health as their primary "customer" who pays them for how many patients they have on the books if they're a GP or arranges block grants for hospitals based on various criteria.
But they have to follow a load of rules and so on.
In exchange they get to use the NHS branding and name.
They can still pursue purely private work but have limits on how much they can take (which are often ignored)

They also buy and sell services with each other. GPs will contract with nearby hospitals to provide particular services to their patients on referral and so on.
Its created a messy system that requires an army of contract lawyers to manage.

This was done so that US companies could swoop in and take highly profitable low risk work. But they still wound up pulling out due to the difficulty of turning a profit.

It's all a mess. There's been multiple books on the subject.
"NHS Plc" is a good one

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Yeah and that's not to mention the fact that almost every dentist in the U.S. wants to do hundreds of dollars of work per visit whether you are experiencing problems or not. I literally saw a billboard in my area in December (Dental insurance is "use it or lose it annually) urging people with NO DENTAL PROBLEMS to come in and see this particular dentist so as not to "waste" the coverage. No wonder costs are so high!

What the fuck does that even mean? Every nation with "better" healthcare has lower mortality rates? You can't just make shit up and pretend like your fantasy even correlates to reality.

but wait I thought every nation that has "better healthcare outcomes" is a socialist nation. how is there even a "marketplace" for healthcare if it is a service paid with the money the jews with guns took out of your paychecks?

I hate commies.

Learned something today. Thanks for responding. Will spread the word about this.

The sad part is that most here in the UK don't realise the NHS was privatised. This was done back in the 80s or 90s.
Yet barely anyone seems aware of it

Part of the issue with healthcare is that it is not quite a free market for the consumer, is it? They could die if they don't pay up.


Are you white? If youre a subhuman they help you audition for the role. I'm white and complained to the right person who schooled me in the secret strategy. My fault was being honest like a white man should. She redid my application.
Wasn't looking for any special treatment, having paid into the system my whole life.

They're not all bad. The one I mentioned in my post is the best doctor I have ever been to and is excellent at his job. There is an enormous skill gap between a good and bad dentist. It's one of the medical professions I respect the most tbh.

they could die if they did pay too. zoomers need to learn about risk management and life in general and stfu

My grandfather has to wait for 6 months for surgery for his knee. My question is, why is this necessarily a bad thing? While his surgery could greatly increase his basic comfort, it doesnt effect his lifespan and it doesnt relate to anything remotely life threatening. The reason someone with a kidney disorder might face a long wait time in Canada is because tha twait time literally isnt going to kill him. Having said that, my grandfather could buy a doctor across the country for 4 times the cost he has here and get the surgery immediately. How is this any different from the american system? The only difference in Canada is that if youre poor, rather thanbeing SOL, you wait a year. The rich still get immediate service.
Every complaint about wait timesin canada would be a complaint about not recieving service in America. It is an objective improvement.

Sadly many Americans die despite having full coverage as all of the incentives run towards providing less care, regardless of whether you have good or bad insurance.

Cancer turned out to be such a profitable industry that the pharmaceutical companies spent the better part of 20 years knocking off people who discovered the concept of "Immunotherapy" which has been allowed to gain traction as of late.
Despite the incredible potential (and demonstrated results of immunotherapy, relatively little money is invested in it, and FDA approval is hard to come back.
Meanwhile, the FDA goes ahead and approves Ketamine as an anti-depressant in the middle of an opioid crisis.
Dangerous drugs easily pass so-called FDA scrutiny while potentially lifesaving drugs are kept off the market and are only available in Europe.

For serious diseases like cancer, survival rates depend more upon which hospital you go to than the staging of the cancer.

You are more likely to survive Stage 3 cancer at MD Anderson or Mayo Clinic than Stage 1 at almost any other hospital. Clearly they are doing things differently. Most doctors/hospitals simply do not care if their patients die, they are trained to be psychologically detached, which they've decided deliberately to confuse with recklessness.
John Oliver talks about an American dialysis provider (with hundreds of locations across the country) that is actively encouraging its customers to turn down kidney transplants when they become available in order to increase profits. Sadly, this type of behavior is common in the United States.

i'm a dual national between the US and the UK, i was diagnosed with stage 3 ass cancer…i chose to be treated in America under my employers insurance, 2 years of cancer treatments cost me $12k out of pocket, total bill was around $454,000 last time i checked…the total bill isn't something i worry about, has nothing to do with me an is one of those things the media flaunts that very very very VERY few people ever have to pay.
the survival rate for my type of cancer AT MY STAGE was 13% higher being treated in the US instead of the UK….

Another thing OP touched on, is that Americans and Europeans are fundamentally different people, Americans just don't go to the doctor, everyone in my office has great insurance but no one ever goes unless they are fucking dying, i believe it's part of the American work ethic, or rather what's left of it, lol….a lot of comparisons between the US and Europe are terrible comparisons for a lot of reasons and miss nuances created by the people themselves and who/how they are…
my shitty life was worth way more than $12k, i will never know if the money was well spent, but i'm still here to shit post, so can't complain….also $12k isn't shit, if you can't afford to pay for what amounts to the price of a used car in order to save your own life you probably should just go quietly into the night.

that said, yeah, i think the industry does need reform, but not in a way that fucks with our R&D, which price controls would and don't fuck with how much we can pay our doctors, 2/3 of the docs on my cancer team were from Europe, being English myself i asked them flat out why they came here and if it was for the money? THEY ALL either just smiled and kinda nodded or went off on a rant about what basically amounts to salary caps….if you want the best you have to pay for the best…

doing things that fuck with our R&D, part of the reason for super high drugs costs will set the entire planet back 20-30 years, something like 23 of the last 25 noble prizes for medical science was done in America simply because all of the university labs that do research are funded by the corporations in order to secure the patents on the work produced, since America does have so much money in it's medical system is what allows researchers to take bigger risks in their experiments which is what leads to massive breakthroughs that not only save American lives but those of all of our Europeans brothers and sisters…..if America's system changes to drastically it will have negative impacts on the entire bullshit, do your own reading into medical research funding, where it comes from and all of the rest…try and not and use faggot liberal sources that lie about everything.

You will never wait 4 years for surgery in the USA
You will never wait 8 months for malignant tumor removal
how is waiting a shorter length of time for a non lifesaving operation comparable to be regularly hospitalized for your condition while waiting four years for the surgery?

Starting to smell fishy but I kept reading…

0/10, pharma shill detected

not even trying

Not necessarily so. Take the case of

Her tumor was first detected in November 2017, was not removed until May 2018. They waited 7 months to remove it because it "wasn't life-threatening"
Once it weighed 132 lbs., her tumor began pressing on a major artery, and it became "medically justified" to remove it.

However, any doctor will tell you that the larger a tumor is, the more dangerous its removal, and the more likely a metastasis/recurrence. In this woman's case, the ER would do nothing for her and she was uninsured. In order for the ER to act (which they never do for cancer) the tumor had to be pressing on her aorta.

What I am saying is that in Canada, if you are very wealthy you still recieve the same treatment that very wealthy people recieve in America. I mean you get whatever you want even hough our healthcare might seem to prevent it. Infact, where I live there is a notorious private hospital that does not recieve federal insurance.
I am saying that the reason you would never wait 4 years for surgery in america is because 9/10 you wouldnt recieve the surgery at all in america.
For every horror story about 'waiting a long ass time' in Canada, 100 Americans just died.

Canadian Here - the wait times are somewhat fluid, depending on the problem. I needed a high-contrast MRI. Had to wait 4 weeks. Regular MRI was 2 weeks but they only did high-contrast once a week. My friends mom needs a new hip. They told her 8 weeks but there was a cancellation so its going to be 4 weeks. My mom broke her arm when she fell. She went to the hospital and they admitted her right away - took xrays, set the bone, took new xrays and put a splint on it then took another set of xrays. total time - 4 hours. 2 days later they had her come in to check everything was set fine and they put a cast on it. Plaster was no charge but she paid $70 for a fiberglass one. They offered her a cheesecloth sling at no charge but she got a fancy neoprene one for $100. I broke my ankle. Waited 5 hours to see a dr because it was a small town and some kid had a nail in his eye and bith doctors were busy with him. I didnt care - fix the kid, i'm not getting any more broken. Plaster cast - $0, aluminum crutches $150 (wood=$0); mother in law diagnosed with cranial pressure. Saw specialist the next day. Surgery in 3.

Very true. But Americans watch Fox News and believe whatever they are told about Canada and they like to say that "All of Ottawa only has one 'Chemo Machine'"

direct quote from fox news

believe what you want you lefty faggot, i told you to go look for yourself because to a certain extent i was talking out my ass, it's all info i came across when i was researching this topic for myself, quit being a lazy sack of shit and go learn something for yourself, i have better things to do than to prove myself to some faggot on the internet…yeah, i'm shit at spelling too. big fucking whoop…like i said, i told you where to go look and things to look at,it's your fault if you stay retarded.

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I didn't know they still made wooden crutches

That reminds me, I found some guy's flickr account and he has over 3,000 pictures of chicks with casts on, like it's some kind of fetish or something

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Whoa, I didn't realize that the U.S. had received 7 million Nobels… That more than makes up for the Vietnam War.

Thanks for the info!

That's weird but then again I suppose there's worse.

If you think about it, there should probably be a very wide ranging review about the materials that get put into basic consumer products.

Staged pic. The cast is over her pants and those are multiple sclerosis crutches.

Salty vietnamese posters just need to leave. I dont agree with america but i also dont give a fuck about you.

people think these albums are private

sometimes you see interesting stuff… those last two numbers are obviously unix time, just put the current unix time as the second number and a number a couple thousand less than that to see that last 30 minutes of uploads

all public

Point 1. Price controls-will never happen in the USA. The amount of money flowing into the political machines is INSANE at the state,local and federal level. Secondly the profits made in the USA fuel the development of the techniques and drugs used by the rest of the world for the most part.
2. There shows the basic disconnect in the ability of the American Nigger to understand the differences between Health Insurance and the Affordability of Heathcare. Americans want and demand the best-latest health treatments for McDonalds prices-that is not going to happen. Americans are just too poor for the services they are demanding.
To your point 3. It is not the affordability of med school. There are many ways to get the cost picked up from other sources than your back pocket. The issue is first of all the best and brightest don't become doctors anymore. They go into finance, i.e. things that pay way better. The second issue is that the medical school system is completely messed up by design limiting the number of medical residences. Creates scarcity in the system.

What in the actual fuck?

I would like to know where I can get $300,000 of med school paid for 100%. If you can tell me where, I will sign up for med school right now.

Please explain a more plausible explanation for spontaneously mentioning the vietnamese?

Your too stupid to be a doctor if you don't already know. But since your too Nigger to use Google or to do basic research-Join the military, I can think of at least 25 separate programs from states, cities to the Feds that will pay for your school-trade off is you usually have to work for them for a couple of years.

Nothing is private on the internet if someone is motivated. Used to fusker photobucket etc. Found a few cool things but mostly it was boring. I wonder how many petabytes of useless images are stored online.

Must…resist…urge…to feed the trolls…

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Photobucket actually did a lot of culling of inactive accounts recently, flickr was going to but then postponed

yeah, fuskering was pretty cash

his daddy was a Vietnamese and his mommy was white. He came out as a slanty-eyed 4ft5 ginger. His daddy took off and nowginger squnits has raging daddy abandonment issues. I dunno - just a theory.

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This more than makes up for the vietnamese war tbh

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I have ibs and ulcer colitis, I am poor and I take copenhagen dip and kratom over the counter as a medicine.

if you think the insurance game is bad, wait till you find out about how fucked workmens comp is… I blew out my back at work and it took me 3 years and 2 different lawyers just to go see a dr and get an mri.

I lost 3 years of my life because a cock sucking poo in loo bitch wife didnt know how to run a restaurant of some faggot dot head( who owned the restaurant).

They kept me working after i blew out a disc playing head games with me, but as soon as I stood my ground and asked them to file it, the wife who oned the restaurant would come to work with bruises all over her body.

the biggest sin the boomers made was letting third world trash into our country.


and by this logic, you should become an architect if you want to be chef

makes perfect sense

fox news is litterally a real time neocon think tank which runs propaganda operations and studies how the public react.

its not a coincidence that tucker and his libertarian bullshit pop up when trump comes along.

cnn and msnbc are equally trash, they just prey on people who think they have morals, but really are hypocrites… but they get people so hopped up emotionally on how so and so or this corporation is fucking this group over.

If you look at some of what Glenn Greenwald was saying today in the aftermath of Assange, of course, much of the media is in bed with the government and they are both on the same "side" as it were.

Just an extension of the two-party political system. Liberals who are anti-war 92% of the time are now advocating the invasion of Venezuela. Same thing happened in the lead-up to Iraq.

I saw an old post like 3 years ago on here where it was some irc chats where 2 alledged inside guys were talking about Greenwald being an inside agent, but the screen grabs ended there.

Glen is a odd guy, he was a big idol of mine when i used to think highly of journalism and because he pulled no punches against neo cons.

but hes a bit shady, he posts things that none of the other news stations would publish, he publishes articles that really throw shade at the united states government. Typically, this invokes a lot of attacks from the mainstream press.

but he gets weekly - monthly guest spots on fox and msnbc and the hosts always greet him with such happiness, they never ever attack him and always thank him for coming on air.

the whole exclusive interview with snowden was pretty surreal, of all the people in the world, why would ed choose him? He wasnt even big back then.

its too good to be true, anyone got any info on Glenn?

Like with just about everything else in clown world, trying to do things the honest way will get you fucked so hard and deep that your girl will get jealous. If you want to avoid getting this I would suggest doing what the spics do:

Remember that the world is your enemy. You have no obligation to tell the truth to your enemy.

plus, we make it impossible in this country to become a doctor. you have to 1: suck dick to get answers or outlines to tests. sometimes that's male on male male frat or society cock. if you have a pussy, it's a major advantage. 2: show humanism to jewish teachers and professors to get standout grades. 3: make it into a medical school with a cap on everything - grades, admissions, even "residencies." 4: pass ludicris tests. 5: get hired. you can kind of get by this is you're a supersperg.

also you go into massive debt and minorities are favored everywhere.

plus we have overly protective patent laws so the jews can make more money on everything and all types of rules about experimentation. thus there's no collaboration