It Is Our (Frightful) Duty to Study the Talmud

We should make memes with quotes from the Talmud for normie to share with normie Christians. They should say something like From the Talmud, the Jewish holy book.

Black white supremacist Jesse Lee Peterson didn’t know what it was.

Based Negress Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, has called out the Jews. She gets it. Let’s make others understand.

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does anyone actually have full scans of the talmud in English?

Thanks user

The Talmud isn't the "jewish holy book". The Talmud is the arguments of a bunch of whiny rabbis about the Tanakh. The Tanakh is the "jewish holy book" or "hebrew bible".

The TaNaKh is an acronym and consists of 3 main sets: Torah (Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings).

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it should be ToNeKe, if anything.

I'm guessing the acronym is also based on the Hebrew. I'm most familiar with the Torah as that's where Christian Old Testament originates.

The talmud are actually central though. The holy books are like "yeah, that's nice, but what's the rabbi say?"

Read this, faggots, its not long.

thank you, my fellow ass poker

The Talmud isn't like that. Everything is presented as like a story, and then two or more arguments from rabbis sometimes hundreds of years apart.

If you want quotes like "Yeshua is in Hell burning in a vat of excrement for eternity" you get those from the Tanakh.

The Tanakh was written long before Jesus is supposed to have existed. It makes no mention of him.

Normies would read what you wrote and fall sleep. Keep it simple, shlomo.

You WILL be able to find it at your local library as well. Oneof them at least.

STFU bro, you're ruining his IRL larp


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The reason the Jews are parading Candace Owens around is that they have lost traction with Blacks.

Come and Hear has the full Soncino Talmud (not including the minor tractates) with most of the juicy parts highlighted. They didn't catch everything though, for example, nothing on the part about incest between an uncle and niece is another good resource. It's run by kikes, so it seems more credible to normalfags, and they have certain editions on there that make things even clearer, like they say "Jesus" instead of "Ballam" in GItten 57a - shattering the claims of Talmud apologists like Michael Peinovich and Van Bryant II.

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I realize this is a more serious response than this thread deserves, but I will try to delineate the problems with this…

Modern day Jewish attitudes (For which they are rightly criticized) have almost nothing to do with the Talmud or other holy books. By attacking the Talmud, you are attacking their strong point, not their weakness, which is inconsistent with another book you should read by Sun Tzu.
Yes, there is a line about "Chosen ones" but the Bible has a line that says that humans have been given dominion of animals. Almost every single religion has some component that assures those who follow it that they are superior to others. This is a fact.
If you look at the basic teachings of the religion and the way it was practiced prior to about 150 years ago, you'd learn that jews were not always wealthy. In fact, it is believed that Christopher Columbus may have been born to a poor jewish family and given up for adoption to a wealthier family, which enabled him to live his lavish lifestyle.

Modern jews have confused matrilinealism with matriarchy and have built a new values (or lack thereof) system around feminist, and not spiritual belief. Hasidic Jews who actually practice Judaism are forbidden from the worship of money, from extravagance, from greed. However, these people are in the minority and are unfortunately ridiculed by reformed jews.

Frankly, I am not surprised that a woman who has not gotten over American slavery has chosen to get involved in something she doesn't understand.

Anyone else find it ironic that people who otherwise find incest to be funny and acceptable are suddenly attacking Jews for practicing it?

Awesome. Tell the Shomrim that.

It's one thing to attack a religious group because they have a crazy belief and they still believe it and their practices are based upon those beliefs. I'm actually not Jewish myself, but I have not known any Jews who married their niece.

If people say they are members of a religion and they no longer follow its negative tenets, then I'd say that's a good thing and should be regarded as progress toward Atheism. Slowly but surely, the world is waking up from the delusion of religion.

However, it is unfortunate that they are also getting away from some of the legitimate moral teachings of various holy books. People have become more materialistic, more shallow, and less involved in family life. And it's sad that Jews are probably the most guilty of this.

I just don't understand why you are attacking the Talmud and Rabbis from 1200 years ago and not people currently living today.

Indeed. Why can't we have more Talmud observant jews who aren't interested in money, like Mayer Amschel Rothschild?

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The Talmud (the word of man) allows what the Torah (the word of God) forbids.
Jews have become their own messiah, because they think they are above God.

You literally cannot read the Talmud without turning into a jew. Don't fall for this ruse Zig Forumsacks.

I've read it. The Talmud is basically the Jewish Oral Law which is separate and contradictory to the Written Law (The Torah).

To get an understanding of the role it plays, you need look no further than the story of the Pharisees (Talmudic Jews) and the Edomites (mixed-race common Jews). The Pharisees pulled the Talmud out of their asses and proclaimed that "Any Jew, regardless of blood, has more holiness in a single fingernail if he follows the Oral Law, than if he follows the Written Law". This gained them popular support with the Edomites, who were of mixed descent, who readily adopted their new precepts so that they could act superior to others.

Pharisee is Hebrew for "Seperatist". The Pharisees are the Jews who take advantage of other Jews, the elitist Jews who don't follow the Torah, the ones Christ called out as "Calling themselves Jews, but belonging to the Synagogue of Satan".

The Pharisee/Talmudic tradition represents the withholding and abuse of knowledge to gain control of others, the setting one's self apart from the whole as a means to do evil to the rest.


Does anyone have the non-PC version of Talmud translated in English?

Most of the Talmud is available in English on . Here are some quotes from it:

"On Passover Eve they hung the corpse of Jesus the Nazarene after they killed him by way of stoning. And a crier went out before him for forty days, publicly proclaiming: Jesus the Nazarene is going out to be stoned because he practiced sorcery, incited people to idol worship, and led the Jewish people astray. Anyone who knows of a reason to acquit him should come forward and teach it on his behalf. And the court did not find a reason to acquit him, and so they stoned him and hung his corpse on Passover eve. Ulla said: And how can you understand this proof? Was Jesus the Nazarene worthy of conducting a search for a reason to acquit him? He was an inciter to idol worship, and the Merciful One states with regard to an inciter to idol worship: 'Neither shall you spare, neither shall you conceal him' (Deuteronomy 13:9). Rather, Jesus was different, as he had close ties with the government, and the gentile authorities were interested in his acquittal. Consequently, the court gave him every opportunity to clear himself, so that it could not be claimed that he was falsely convicted. Apropos the trial of Jesus, the Gemara cites another baraita, where the Sages taught: Jesus the Nazarene had five disciples: Mattai, Nakai, Netzer, Buni, and Toda." (Sanhedrin 43a:20-22)

"Onkelos then went and raised Jesus the Nazarene from the grave through necromancy. Onkelos said to him: Who is most important in that world where you are now? Jesus said to him: The Jewish people. Onkelos asked him: Should I then attach myself to them in this world? Jesus said to him: Their welfare you shall seek, their misfortune you shall not seek, for anyone who touches them is regarded as if he were touching the apple of his eye (see Zechariah 2:12). Onkelos said to him: What is the punishment of that man, a euphemism for Jesus himself, in the next world? Jesus said to him: He is punished with boiling excrement. As the Master said: Anyone who mocks the words of the Sages will be sentenced to boiling excrement. And this was his sin, as he mocked the words of the Sages." (Gittin 57a:3-4)

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That isn't from Sanhedrin 59a, it's from Dibre David, a heavily suppressed extra-Talmudical rabbinical text that's often mistakenly referred to as "Libbre David", and claimed to be part of the Talmud.

The mistake in that infographic is probably due to Sanhedrin 59a saying "a heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written", which is certainly similar.

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Not to derail, but Alice Walker is controlled opposition, and possibly a jodenkoek (black/jew mix).

Also Jesse Lee Peterson is pathetic. I can't stand sycophants, even if they're "pro-white".

I think he's legitimately retarded, it's actually kind of sad.

He and The Advise Show TV nigger (Phil Scott) are both probably sub 80 IQ. Similar (same?) handlers, different dialectics (Peterson, pro-white persona, weirdly praised Christchurch shootings/Scott, rabidly anti-white, advocates violence against whites, funded by YouTube).


It's so suppressed that it doesn't fucking exist, dumbass. Stop well poisoning.

There's evidence of its existence going back to at least the 1890s. The fact that it isn't on doesn't mean it doesn't mean it isn't a real text.

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This story is classic Jew, recommend reading it. Too bad this site won't load properly.

I think it's time we address the issue of talmudism in a scholarly manner that only image boards could pull off

We should have regular general threads about studying the talmud and spreading its message to normalfags.

Itd need
Anons could report back on their efforts as well and engage in proper discourse on turning their sick social system on them to the point of collapse.

Know your enemy Zig Forums

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this is a fucking fantastic idea. I think linking the fact that a large majority of the outspoken atheists are yids, it would have a decent shot at getting the thinkers thinking for normies.

I think ALL Americans should have dual Israeli-American citizenship. It's only fair, given our strong bonds with our allies.

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They're all jews, user. Or more to the point, Cannanites. The only difference between an Edomite and a Cannanite is the percentage of Cannanite admixture.
Put it another way, pure niggers are the same as mixed niggers. The only difference between a quadroon nigger and a pure nigger is the percentage of nigger admixture, but its still a nigger.
The bottom line is all these mixed race bastards are not White, will never be White, and want to destroy Whites.
Their behavior is not an act. It is how they are, stemmed from their genetics. There's no difference between 1% and 50% jew. Once you're infected with jew, you're jew. That's why we have terms like crypto-jew.
God told Joshua to go into the land of Cannan and slay them all because they are a race mixed corruption of his Creation. God later hated Esau for race mixing with Cannanites. In the end, they're all destined for the lake of fire. but gas chambers will also suffice The point is this:

Why has Zig Forums become so jewish?


I agree with OP. I remember back when I was all excited about rejecting Christianity, all the Atheism communities out there were flooded with OT/NT quotes pointing out absurd stuff in the bible, but we need some Jew-specific stuff to fuck with them in particular. As a secondary project, studying the Quran and Hadiths for mineable material would also be good, but everyone knows about Aisha at this point so it's not a priority. Christians do our work for us there in going after Islam, but most Christians love the Jews for some reason so they haven't done our work, and it seems the Muslims are too lazy or inept to. It falls to us.

I know fuck all about actual Judaism the religion besides what my gay teacher at Sunday school taught me as a kid

Not only Talmud, but all of their texts. You will often see Christianity and Islam get debunked, but rarely Judaism. All Abrahamic religions belong in the trash, and their followers in the oven.

Semitic sand cults, not even once.

I wonder which genes allow you to speak with Jewish god lel

Nigger don’t you know that’s how Christian blood magic works? They literally feast upon the blood of a martyr (His Precious Blood), and will only grow stronger if you start killing them.

Objectively false

Remember when that Christian blood magic was so strong that Saladin conquered Jerusalem and all of the Middle east?

Necromancy, cannibalism, cutting of body parts, self-flagellation, blood drinking. They worship the devil but are too stupid to realize it. Rabbi Yehoshua revealed portions of some kind of Jewish necromancy ritual (literal corpses raising from the dead) and it was too tempting for his materialistic followers that they have foregone everything else to have that as reward.

Christians, Muslims and Jews all have the victim-martyrdom complex, one expect to be literally raised from the dead, second to get 72 virgins in heaven (very primitive and materialistic concept), and third to get heaven on earth (with Holocaust as their victim myth), where they get to enslave and torture everyone else. You can clearly see the Jewish mindset in all of them, with Christianity being made most kosher and non-dangerous for them, and Judaism most dangerous for us since it focuses on the material world. Transhumanism offers the same "rewards" , pure coheincidence.

It's just some kike pulling a hasbara to make whites more hated by everyone and keep the tribe together, can't have those 1% Jews support Hitler, it would be anudda shoah. It's the same pilpul as him wanting to kill all non-blonde people, genocide all non-Germans and other garbage these kikes have spewed for the past decades.

Where would you say the cutoff is for jewishness? Are you one of those Nurembergcucks who thinks Tim Wise is telling the truth when he calls himself White?

a guy by the name of cyrus scofield is almost singlehandedly responsible for turning christians in the u.s into zionism loving idiots. he was a disgraced preacher who was picked up by david rockefeller and with rockefeller's money he funded his mission to preach around the u.s. how great an idea zionism is.

Lurk more you newfag fuck.

We need to form a coherent and effective attack against Christian Zionism. I don’t know how many theologians browse Zig Forums, but maybe we can reach out to Zig Forums for memes.

Back when they still had generals here, the namefag "Christian", who I assume is the BO, admitted to donating to Corey Gil-Shuster, a jewish propagandist who makes totally legitimate man on the street videos where Israelis tell him they love Jesus and all the goyim.

Scofield's job was easy. Even the bible that was not modified by him is a two-part tome of jewish history, supremacism, and how to live like a jew. To attribute it all to him and his edits is grossly oversimplifying the situation and dismisses the obvious: christianity is explicitly about jewish worship. Christians during his time were already primed for zionism. The seed was already buried, all he did was water some area of the proverbial field and the effect spread.

To say that christianity is not inherently zionist is an inversion of the truth. It was originally judaism 2.0 before talmudism took its place. As such, all of the books in the NT only go as far as decrying two defunct sects of judaism, pharisees and sadducees. The rest is meant to appeal to the jews of that time, until Saul of Tarsus had the idea of getting gentiles aka non-jews to join. Christianity in effect became judaism for whites.

You're obviously new. Zig Forums is vehemently anti-Zig Forums to the point where they kvetch about Zig Forums more than Zig Forums does these days. What you're asking for is similar to asking for a partnership with Zig Forums.

You are obviously also unaware of is that Zig Forums is host to mostly liberal and unambiguous zionists. Nevertheless that doesn't stop them from sending posters here to try and convert Zig Forums with an illusion of what they want to portray christianity as.

Zig Forums posters are comfortable advertising christianity in ways that it's not just so they can hopefully convert Zig Forums. Even if they don't beleive and know this is not true:
they knowingly lie and advertise it as such because the mission is to convert at all costs.

Since many on Zig Forums reject christianity out of principle and because it was invented by jews, they constantly shill christianity on here. Then if you go to Zig Forums the tune is completely different: i.e. sell one version of christianity to lead them back to regular and (original) zionist christianity. Basically zionist christianity is redundant, you either emphasize or ignore the zionism, it's never switched off.

I'd be slightly more strict than Nuremberg laws, but employ the same logic. It's dominant characteristics that develop over generations that matter. A Jew is a super-mutt, the anti-race. If you have enough characteristics to be physically and mentally defined as a race, and a member of a nation, you are not a Jew. Period. I have no idea who Tom Wise is, I don't follow American (e)celebs.

Look up positive Christianity (NSDAP project)

Excellent post. Zionists were only exploiting the countless mind-hacks that were incorporated in Christianity by design. How did literally every church on earth (with the exception of rare, secluded monastic groups) turn into such pits of degeneracy and Jew worship? The entire religion was written by Sanhedrin to weaken, divide, degenerate, and ultimately destroy their greatest enemy, the white race. It was the original psyop. It would only be natural for JIDF and Hasbara to shill Christianity on Zig Forums today, trying lure back the few disillusioned boomers who did not realize the truth yet.