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What the actual fuck? For this criminal nigger? Why does he get such a huge funeral?


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Niggers rise up

Because niggers are monkeys and they give more of a shit about some dumb monkey making shit "music" then about anything else

Some.california faggot should go show some support with a peace truck.

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Harambe Hustle!!!

this is why you put styrofoam in your molotovs

Rolling for LA collapse and Jews murdered for being "white"

lol, i made those when I was 12. i'd mix petrol with styrofoam until I had a viscous mixture. i mixed it with chlorine and other shit so the fumes were toxic. good times.

oh shit!!!


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It's a happening?!

sirius lee?

(((someone))) must have chosen this event as the adequate trigger for a race war
stay safe and keep your ammo handy lads

Could it be time to execute order 666?

Wehell, the joke's on them, rappers don't make music. They don't even write the garbage they say.

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Holy Fuck, did they cut the landlines too?!

This is it, LA anons. Boot up Minecraft and hang the witch villagers.

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This new command and conquer game looks interesting


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Los Angeles will look like that in 10 days.


Calianon here, safely watching the stream and other feeds. Nothing will happen and you’re all racist Neo-Nazis for thinking otherwise. The LA riots were horrible and fortunately were only an anomaly. Los Angeles is doing just fine, same goes for the rest of California. Jealousy is not a good trait and I would suggest you people drop the gay racist shit tbh.

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tits and then gtfo, bitch

ask me how I know you're an (((inbred bitch)))

You'd best wise up boy, or you wanna be food for some nigger cannibal?
It a start but I bet you
Kangs can rage better then that.

why is gloomfag playing re-runs from when the sun was up

Nigger, you would be shot from 500 yards off in the plains, you would freeze up here. Try it and you'll be eating dirt.

lol, like totally my fellow redditor. after reading your post, which is obviously a product of the spirit of aristotle working through you, i've decided to embrace globalism -- because tacos, DUDE! wow, finally i see the light.

🌮 🌮 👏 👏 I'm learning the new pleb language myself

This nigger isn't even an American nigger but some sort of Arab piece of shit hybrid. Also a faggot what with his pants falling off his ass all the time and a drug user. The monkey was addicted to codeine. Always with his double syrofoam cup that coons put that shit in. Just trash. Big fucking wow, he opened a shitty clothing store.

you try to speak cnn/college/twitter/ebonics ?!?

but why?

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Los Angeles police radio scanner

No riots retards.

Livestream of riots

Come on already, I want to see ZOGbots crash in nigger skulls.

That's a bummer cocksucker.

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As cliched as it sounds he "gave back" to the community. Most blacks who make it financially fuck off somewhere safer. This guy decided to stick around the ghetto he grew up in and dump money into redevelopment and avoided picking fights in gangs. All the black basically loved him, but some young punk killed him just to say he did it and now it's war.

Have you ever seen the film The Warriors? It's basically that. Big shot in the community gets whacked by some gang or another and now everyone wants to find out who the hell did it and kill them.

fuck off cuckchan

he's just saying what happened

honestly surprised it doesn't happen more often to bigger name nigger rappers

and disappointed

It sort of does. They get shot all the time. Thing is, they generally have a known gang affiliation. Nigger in a gang gets shot, gangs start killing each other. Other niggers know that that is what happens when you're in a gang so it's just kind of accepted.

Nipsey was a former Crip, however he had moved on and both Crips and Bloods respected him for his contributions to the general welfare in the local area. However he was planning to start working with LAPD on an anti-gang initiative. It is thought this may have been the reason that known gang member Eric Holder (no, not the government affiliated coon) shot him.

I’m having some fun dropping some redpills for the nogs. It’s sad that they’re more susceptible to the truth than whites.

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This. The contents of the rolling container were fine. That shit is designed to handle fire like that.

Fuck off /leftycuck/

I’m a phonefag forgive me
Anyway, can any anons confirm this?

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You're using the /leftycuck/ BO image as your jewgle thumbnail. It's quite suspicious.

No one I know has even heard of Nipsey. For all I know, he's a GlowNigger creation to get niggers up in arms… then again, it's not like I know many nigger rappers.

Isn’t Zig Forums run by that mutt tranny who was on video blowing another guy?

I've been hearing Zig Forums got passed around like leftyshits tend to be.

You know way too much anout this repulsive dead nigger and I suspect you are a kike faggot who listens to his jungle tunes

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Doesn't happen. You get offed if you renounce gang affiliation. It's an issue in prisons because one of the first steps to stop recidivism is to get them to renounce gang ties.
Spic gangs tend to either kill you or joker you which is also saved for narcs.

I also heard /cow/ were trying to raid this board, but I guess they failed because nobody cared

Remember to report, hide and ignore the "Nickposter".


Remember to kill yourself.
Anyway we’re about to redpill the nogs

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/cow/ /int/ /lefypol/ plebbit, tumblr, twitter are in a constant rate of raiding Zig Forums since late 2015.

If someone to convince these monkeys that the Jews in Santa Monica did it, and give them bus tickets to Santa Monica could we burn all the jews?

It isn't /cow/. Nickposter is some faggot that lurks the IBS thread all day and is attempting to raise a personal army against Nick Fuentes. Most of the regular anons in that thread suspect it's that faggot Destiny behind the Nickposter namefag posts. He gets called a faggot on that thread daily so now he goes to other boards and claims he's leading raids from /cow/ in an attempt to get anons to shit up the place for him.

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Don’t want to get too off topic, but I’ve also heard he could be Joachim or Ronny Cameron.

Yes. That is correct.


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check this "Home-Boy" out
it has an audience of 1,180 right now

Sorry for not being entirely ignorant of the internal politics of the common North American Pavement Ape. Fact is just dismissing them as animals will get you killed. I'm from a shithole, and knowing how to read gangs signs has saved my ass dozens of times. Oh also you can just Google this shit you fucking room-temp IQ brainlet.

For serious gangs, maybe, but fact is most of these "gangs" are 12-17 year olds involved in petty crimes and drug dealing. While his group was Crip-affiliated there really is no top-down command. You get your friends together, you call yourself Crips, and you start wearing the colors. All that's required. So if his friends don't give a fuck he left, then that's it. Nigger gangs aren't as stringent as spic gangs. Spic gangs often have top-down structure due to the inherent order in narcotics trafficking. Leaving the gang doesn't mean saying goodbye to your friends like a black gang. Leaving a spic gang means your boss notices a shipment wasn't delivered and he's getting blood in return.

Try mixing up the names of your sockpuppets a little so it's not so obvious you're trying to astroturf.

This or an ironybro would be the most likely scenario. He did seem to get more active when Joachim left Heelturn and has a distinct hatred for /cow/. Sage for off topic

Try killing yourself, faggot.

I replied to a couple of people which are you?

groids mention
and the Government killed Nipsey

Should be obvious.

If you wanna get killed sure. I don't mean just 1 guy killed as a message.
They will kill your entire family and your entire gang if you just don the colors and aren't in the actual gang.

You mean the kikes, fam. Don’t be afraid of calling out the long nose tribe.

Blue Audi
White BMW
Hi Bill

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I have foreseen the future, that's why. In 15 years the current infants will no longer even be literate, and all written language will be reduced to emojis. I just like to get ahead of the trends. Cap this

He was in the Rollin 60's. There's thousands of members. They are not organized enough to really keep track of this shit. Black gangs are basically a social organization. Where are you even getting this melodramatic shit from?

He would kneel and blow my bwc

Nogs think he was killed by the government because he was making a documentary about some herbalist quack who claimed to cure aids and cancer.

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Any other reasons for the likely-to-be riot? Or are they going to go ape shit over a dead witch doctor? Sorry if this has already been discussed.

user. It's getting warmer out.
There's your cause.
user. Niggers have what's called the thug gene.
There's cause two.

the use of strafing runs with napalm is severely underrated.

Is it actually fucking happening or are you niggers just sitting around hoping its going to start happening?

I'm going with option 2, personally

I guess not everything needs a casus belli

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Not warm enough for true rioting.

Beyond murder being a crime, why do we care about this nog?

I think he knows how to rhyme

we're waiting for the nogs to nig….kinda disappointed really…still early in the night though, give it time…there's way to many niggers there for someone not to get shot somewhere.

Oh. When I was still on cuckchan periodically this memeflaggot was in every single ibs/sargon/jim etc thread starting drama and trying to get everybody to talk as much shit and agitate as possible. Now I know who the fag is lel.

You wish you were this loved, too bad you wasted your life watching catroons and posting on image boards.
Zig Forums stays at home

Niggers don't love other niggers.
Niggers don't riot for other niggers' deaths because they loved them.
Niggers riot because niggers a animals and nothing more.


Being disappointed in niggers is a default position for humanity.