Israeli paramilitary militias are training in the US to kill the Goyim

Go to 3:08 and he specifically mentions the Goyim and they will eventually come for them. This is a complete absurdity given that the US is more Philo-Semetic place on Earth. They are here to dominate and conquer and enslave. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Link to video.

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lol, i fucking hate heebs

Frankly, just seems like a merchant who figured out how to market these usual tactical training programs to other jews. It's hosted in Pennsylvania, but he mentions how the majority are orthodox jews from NY (who obviously have the money and paranoia to pay for such a thing).

It's like Krav Maga all over again. "Pay to learn the most deadliest martial art ever because it is jewish!"
Even look a that you posted. "Learn to shoot Isreali Style!"

I'd be much more concerned about this if it was being installed in all jewish schools or the jewish summer camps that actually attract a significant number of participants year over year.

Watch the vid. It's a bunch of "American" Jews sporting Israeli flags. They are not just shooting skeet or targets. They are an Ethno militia in a foreign land.

If this was whites you can bet they'd be Waco'd immediately. Seriously, try starting a Christian "tactical training academy" and see how far you'd get.

He said jews need guns because no matter where they are the goyim are coming for them. Which is completely true! It would be a shame if pa/k/istanis were to yeet these yids.

Don't feign ignorance. They Goyim are whites. Pakis, Arabs, and others are not their ancient enemies.

PA/k/istanis, newfag.

Someone should rally up a BDS protest outside their training area and watch as a neurotic jew opens fire on muslims after getting a rock thrown at him

lol, i fucking hate heebs>>13117656


Old news, still pisses me off that this is going on in Honesdale.

So we're all just gonna pretend that we didn't see the photoshopped Third Reich Propaganda Poster with the Kike Flag upon it?

They're religious wingnuts and they're receiving training from a foreign government? Isn't that against the rools, Zig Forums? What can we do about this, and don't say nothing. How can we fuck with these traitor noses?

Israeli shooting tactics are generally dumb as fuck due to their military history. Post-1948 "We've got a bunch of half-literates in our nation, and dozens of different guns without even a standardized caliber. We need to make the most general training we can so it applies to all of these guns and the retards can understand it." This is where we get the term "Israeli carry" meaning carrying a handgun without a round loaded. See the Israelis had a ton of different model handguns in inventory. Some were safe to carry cocked and locked. Others were liable to result in accidental discharge if carried cocked and locked. As their troops were too retarded to be expected to remember which handgun was which they just taught everybody to not chamber a round until in combat.

Just look at the ridiculous pose that woman is striking in the photo.

All of nu/pol/ takes krav maga classes.

Maybe one of us should take their classes, learn what is being taught.

Aim for the stomach of the pregnant woman first ?

Almost right, you to kill them in front of their family too.

odd way to spell kebab

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Goyim includes all non-Jews.

Waste of resource, thought the jews would be smarter.

I guess if you want to learn to fight dirty, you'd ask a Jew about it

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While wearing a diaper?

I heard this where pro-Russian insurgents get their training from places like these.

It would be a shame if someone took a truck of fertilizer to their camp.
In Minecraft of course

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Reminder that these are those "BASED nationalist jews" who the aut-righters would have us believer are our allies.

same thing friendo but with citations

wasn't that the place the Israeli ambassador joked about, saying that we should give it to Israel?

They've moved on to "based Muslims" and anti-Tarrant posting now.

Not this fucking thread again.
This must be at least the third time it has popped up posing as recent news in a year.

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Unlike militias, TVs are far more powerful and have a long proven track record of slaughter. People would shoot a militia trying to slaughter them, but they spend money on a TV and invite it into their home to live with them…faggot.

Never interrupt an enemy when it makes a mistake. Plus they rape them there en masse, so theyre just whores with no combat value.

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What's with the pose?

The jewish form of the Roman Salute?

The only thing that is good about this video is that Europeans can see the faces of their mortal enemies and ID them quicker when we are at war.

Its literally a jew scamming other jews with bullshit training, its genius

weren't there jihadi training grounds in america?

How can they hold a firearm with their cloven hooves?

For some reason jew broads lik in the OP's pic always come up to me unbidden and hit on me, sometimes even rubbing up against me. All my friends say I'm the worst (most virulent) "antisemite" they've ever known. Louis Ferdinand Celine is my idol. But jew women of all ages from little girls to old ladies love me, and I think I'm an ugly fucker; 5'8" and 215 lbs. It's a funny world we live in.

But back to the subject;

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Always kill jews.
no matter where you live, always kill jews.
Incite masses to kill jews. Mobilize mobs to kill jews.
Condition any racial group to kill jews.

In April 2006 with their marvelous Merkva tanks, state of the art air superiority and even naval power they got their asses handed to them by Hezbollah, 36000 IDF vs 6000 Hezbollah.

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if they are so incompetent then how did they succeed in 9 11ing america so well? i know they had mossad working in the buildings

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All you people do shitpost on Jews and Israelis 24/7. No wonder…

Because the jews make shitty soldiers but are the masters of subterfuge and acts of terrorism.

When you're everywhere and no one will touch you, you don't have to be smart or competent.

Mobs of Jews formed the mass of the revolutionaries who overthrew the czar in Russia. Jews are more organized than whites which is why they always win.

got any more mossad 911 redpills? i need the image set


Hired muslims, huehue.

Ask Erik Prince

i dunno nuttin about jewish militias. it's not my ting, mon.

Yes, but they are not here to
Nah, that's what they thought - and everyone else. However, they are here and there and everywhere to kill and defile the entire human race. They don't need to know it, much like we don't need to know much about money to use it - or rather, be used by money.

Memetic organisms or even more trascendential ones rule the world. There's definitely conflict among them. The one controlling - and selectively breeding - the jews wants to get rid of humanity. The entity might have a good reason to hate humanity - we can see the proof in degeneracy, willing ignorance and abandonment of everything good for social gain.
I find it extremely humiliating and embarrassing to be a human. Definitely not only because of myself - being like others, being related to others - is shameful. Those degenerate leftists are like distant cousins. Those blockheaded subhumans too.
Goddamnit, even negroes are related to me - 10-40 000 years of separation, but still. It's horrible.

However, we may not be anything cool like dinosaurs or birds, but we should still strive to validate existence. Beauty and our ability to produce and even see it is something to behold. Abandoning beauty is the worst crime there is.

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Is that picture on the wall behind the kike a rip off of third reich propaganda? If not, it at least has a 40s style.

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why even live pol?

Fucking die already.

Kikes can't fight.

it looks like a display. sometimes you see people do that with the barrel of a gun, anti war type people do it. they just heated it up and bent it

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if they hadn't cut so many corners to save da shekels, they might have made a superior tank, but then the jews would sell their own kinsmen deathtraps to pinch a penny.

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They had a lot of non-jews working with them, and they still managed to fuck it up.


look at the Comments in the youtube.
Its same or even more like The Daily Stormer.
You don't even have Boomer Cucks white-knighting about "muh self-defense guns".
Its beddy much just "fuck these Kikes, when do we start?"
They even used a couple of semi-qt Kikettes and still no White Knighting from Boomers.

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in CA is 20yrs in Prison for "militia" and AFAIK that was NOT some olds times law when there was some danger of breakaway groups in the 1850s or something.
IIRC it was an anti-White Snivel Rights law to prevent Whites from protecting themselves from newly radicalised Niggers and Immigrants.

It's so fucking cringe worthy it's almost not funny

Except for the final time…btw I blame the Tzar for your continued existence. It is his fault for not massacring the Bolshevik KhazARYANS when he had the chance. We know you still celebrate his murder all the time…because of his compassion you have destroyed the planet. You will not get away this final time. If it wasn't for HIS COMPASSION YOU WOULD ALL BE DEAD ALREADY and hundreds of millions of our people would still be alive.
We are not going to make the same mistake this time.

Oy vey white nationalism and white supremacy must be eliminated internationally!
jewish contradiction is so predictable. Can you see why God hates them?

They are the most hated people of all time. Even God hates them.

Interesting how it's okay to have a jewish terrorist training camp in the U.S., and still be on YouTube. Interesting.

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Gee, it’s a mystery. Fucking dipshit.

Anyone thinking about calling the FBI? What's the risk/reward profile here?

i'm not really seeing anything illegal here. of course, if you set this up as a white self defense course training camp the fucking feds would be all over it.


why? you can legally get sbrs and machine guns and if anyone knows loopholes, it's the jews.

Foreign militia with probably illagal SBRs? They wouldn't call you crazy they'd probably look into it no? What they said about the goyim is pretty telling.

How could it hurt?

all you need is a tax stamp and you can make an sbr. just saying.

If I wanted to hear the moans of a jewish bitch in heat I'd fuck a goose

Can we declare jews as chosen mall ninjas?

Just remind them how much each bullet costs, and they'll never fire their guns.

Those were bullpup stocks, completely legal.


Honestly, Mike Gravel is the only one who called it.

The entirety of NY Post, Trump 9/11 tweets and aghast Republican establishment targeting Ilhan Omar is fully funded by the Jews. Action America (a Jew lobbyist) promised to dump 14 million shekels into destroying Omar for her anti-Israel comments 2 weeks ago. Google it. Pelosi and Zion Don are both getting that jew money… I'm sure everyone here is glad to see the mudslime put in her place even though they will use her destruction (all over shining a national spotlight on the Jews) to permanently stifle anymore politicians criticising ZOG. The GOP definitely decided they wanted Israeli donations in exchange for using working class tax dollars and military power as a private slush fund for Israeli enterprise. Last I heard the GOP decided they were sent by God to save "Netanyahu's Israel". Netanyahu basically tells Zion Don and the Republicans to jump, and they say how high. I fully expect Netanyahu to rule the world for 2000 years with his head in jar.

I guess it was worth it, because the niglet mudslime said somebody did something without clarifying that somebody did "SOMETHING" at WTC building 7 when it went down without a plane.

Thanks for being duped despite having read TPOZ, and mazal tov Zig Forums.

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hows that shooting brown skinned children in the back?

nah, if she came out and said she supports for the US citizenry having the exact same health care plan that congress gets and promised to support the entire bill of rights and promised that she would never even consider sharia law although she does support a single facet of outlawing lending at interest she could beat Donnie in 2020 and easily replace Pelosi

but she will never say that shit, she didn't even have the balls to say dual citizen, instead she said dual loyalty

Holy fuck did that make me laugh out loud. Subhumans are truly something else

Because Americans aren't very smart.

Fuck Trump, fuck Yang
Stop with these fucking gay worthless memes

Start making shit about this guy.

THIS IS FUCKING /ourguy/, he's the only politician I've seen naming (((them))) so far

Americans are just not smart hence they have no confidence in goyim to behave and be loyal to the jew. The truth is, Americans while being stupid and ignorant are not really loyal to the jew. Americans can turn on them any given minute and they don't want to lose their puppet state which is their sword and shield, they have many reasons to be doubtful since antisemitism is getting stronger these days and living conditions are getting worse.
Besides, they might be also used to eliminate leftist and other useful idiots, be it shills, journalists, political prostitutes, etc which all of them are expandable and are needed only to destabilize the country.

Krav Maga is a huge meme to begin with. It was literally just two weeks of CQB training in jew bootcamp, but now it's a "martial art" with entire gyms devoted to it. You don't even spar in Krav Maga, just all show and eye gauging