(((White Pride)))

I will hopefully have my first child by the end of this year and this question has been running around my head, how do I redpill my kid? I can't even bring this topic with my partner without she thinking I'm some sort of pshyco, even more with the recent wagging war on white supremacy you see on the news all the time.
Public school? I've already went through that, holy shit that's not happening, I can't afford private tuition for my kid either, even if I did nowadays it's another diverse mess, they're cucking you away of your money so they can teach your kid how privileged and bad he is and why he needs to be more tolerant.
I always wished to move in with the boomers and live in a nice white segregated suburb, but to my surprise those suburbs aren't even white anymore, who thought poos made more than me? oh well, do i need to move to fucking Maine?
And then, there comes the brainwashing, If zoomers are already so overwhelming dominated by nigger culture and coalburners (Atleast when I was growing up we still had rock/emo/metal.), what does the future holds for my child?, there's no way around this, ban the internet and all the (((fun))) things so he can grow up and resent me for the rest of his life for turning him into a social retard, yeah that's it.
Now let's say it's a she instead of a he, FUCKING END ME, i mean i would love her regardless of course, but girls are so soft and weak repilling her would be almost impossible and probably backfire me with a niglet later in life, I was thinking of involving her in some sort of european pride club, but without all that religious cuck bullshit (I'm looking at you YMCA) where she could find her love (white of course) of her life, not sure if that even exists. I can't fathom how will I do all of this while their moderate liberal leaning mother is breathing behind my back.
Why didn't you find a trad wife you say?? BECAUSE IT'S A MEME, i wasn't going to waste my whole life chasing after a meme, THEY DON'T EXIST, anyway i just wanted to vent out, peace.

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Stop theorizing about how you're going to raise your kids right. Trust me, when the time comes, you'll know. It's instinctual.
t. 3 kids

You should have came for advice a bit sooner lad.


Nigger you fucked up, you married a women without red pilling her. We all know that it's almost impossible to find a redpilled women, but it's not that hard to redpill one. Unless you redpill your wife you are going to get fucked in divorce court and get your kid taken away.

user, I share your fears and sentiments. Maybe I am oversimplifying it, but I think you can subtly redpill your child, but it has to be from a place of love. You are correct that you can’t just simply isolate them from the clownworld but as their father, you must teach them how to filter it properly.
It can start with simple things. When watching nigger on white murder #4,548,320, teach your kid to be weary of the 13% responsible for 52%. Do it from a place of love, and care for their safety, and be subtle.
When watching politics/news, be sure to interject that both parties are under the control of the same (((forces))). Make it clear that voting is of limited potential.
And teach your kid survivalism shit. How to hunt, shoot, how to fix a car engine, how to plant a garden. These are things you should be doing anyway, lead by example.

Your child is the offspring of you, of the white race. If raised properly they will become racially conscious. You did, didn’t you? You just have to have an active role in their life to correct the clown worlds subversion of their mind. It’s hard work

Oh well, i would love to be prepared tbh sadly there's no such guide, i just hope accelerationism kicks in and force us to be more segregated.

Sadly I can see this happening, fuck me, shouldn't have fell for the pussy, I didn't think of the long consequences.

thanks for this man.

I do have one question tho. Why do you think redpilling your wife will make her think you are a psycho? Have you tried? Be subtle at first. Women will follow their man, if you pretend to be a normie conservative she will become one. God bless you and your family.

Looks like a chink wife user. good job hapas will inherit the earth

History. World history. Age at a time.
They will see the difference between their people and other people.
Rape. Only rape. Sweden. Morocco. Sudan. And so on. Show here pics. Little at a time. She will never look back.


Sounds like you are a cuck and your kids will follow your wife and not you

I don't think he is a cuck, but he does need to assert himself as the head of the family and not believe in egalitarian bullshit like "partners".

I've tried it before but she cut me off, she's the living orange man bad NPC, at least we can agree with that, only that I hate him because he's a zionist.

She has some 1/4 vietnamese on her, but you can't be picky on muttmerica.

I will do my best from day 1, they will love me more than her.

I never understood why someone would do that. Keeping one as a sterilized living sex toy is understandable albeit degenerate, but breeding one? Fuck no.

What does she watch? Who are her friends? Women are non-thinking emotional beings, take away the bad influences, take away the bad behavior.

Finally, if you can't redpill her try to keep things together for the kid/kids. If the U.S.A does collapse into ethnic conflict around 2033 as Vox Day has predicted she will quickly be redpilled on race.

The way to start red pilling your child is to start with academics and logic. If you give your kid a base to assess what is being told to him, he will make his own decisions. I started my kid on this stuff at 4 yrs old. Make your own judgement on when your kid is ready.

Lesson 1: How to hide your thoughts. Make it a game. Stare at the kid, have the kid stare back, first one to smile loses. When the kid gets good, add in some stuff. Call the kid names, ask leading questions to make the kid laugh. After a while, kid will be able to keep a straight face through anything. This lesson has a second name, how to hide your power level. Glad you have been paying attention, because you still need to be able to call your kid out on bullshit, even if others cannot. Now you are both ready for…

Lesson 2: How to tell others are lying. Another game. I call it liar's rock-paper-scissors. Teach how to play rock-paper-scissors (RPS). Ok, now we add the fun part. Before you throw, you decide what you are going to throw. Then you either tell the kid the truth or a lie about what you are going to throw, then you both throw. NO CHANGING YOUR MIND. You decide what to throw -> you say something, truth or lie about what you are going to throw -> you throw what you decided earlier. This is super important. You are either lying or telling the truth and the kid will learn to read you and everyone else. When you are pretty much losing 3 out of 4 times, the lesson has been learned.

Lesson 3: From here, you can start having conversations about things. Motivations of people, truth about life. Red pills. I pretty much always preface these conversations with "If you repeat this to anyone, I'll deny it. You should also deny it" We discuss why people lie about things, blacks, etc. How people don't want to hurt people's feelings, but that some people are inferior. How some cultures are inferior. How everyone lies about it, and how you should lie about it too. You can interweave this into almost everything. It's really an eye opener when you see historical sites. See how white people lived 200-300 years ago? They had irrigation, running water, etc. Now why exactly do africans live in mud huts today? Do those people not have anything white people had 300 years ago? Is there something cultural? Is it part of their DNA? Crime rates. How you shouldn't ever be in a black area or alone with blacks. Etc.

The first two lessons are foundational for the third. The world throws all the propaganda it has at the young, the young need to be able to see when bullshit is being thrown about. Further, they need to know not to tip their hand, not to let others know what they know.

Later, you should both read philosophy. Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Aurelius, Seneca, etc.

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I dont care. Your kid wont be white anyway. Youre breeding with gook. Youre complicit in white genocide no difference than jew.

if you raise them right you wont have to redpill them

Unfortunately the pool of "decent' white women is incredibly small and shrinking every day. Most Zig Forumsacks will be forced to accept a childless life or get a qt asian waifu to raise trad hapas with.

She definitely has the asian phenotype I can tell without even seeing the eyes. Nothing wrong with that but don't pretend your children are going to be white. You will make them suicidal if you force any type of racial identity onto them. Let them embrace their asian side naturally as that usually works out best for hapas. If they try to identify with the European side they will have inferiority complexes.

My wife was a virgin and is getting somewhat redpilled but she has autism

Judging by the pic it looks like you now drink green tea, seems you're getting converted to gookdumb

Nice, better be at least cute

Hi, JFG!!!

She is. I'm pretty sure I'm also autistic as well, so I'm hoping our children surpass my power level.

Stop it user, i'm getting jelly.

i have 3 young boys of my own, you'll be ok man, your kids are your own. when they are around 2 or 3 just start pointing out people in society who are doing wrong, give them a strong sense of right and wrong. don't worry about red pilling until they are old enough to think, just don't raise whiners and pussies….they will start to bring home bad habits from other kids, nip that shit in the butt, in fact nip all bad behavior in the butt from the start and be authoritative….now that you have a kid on the way if you haven't already put your wife in her place, let her know that you are the father of this child and you WILL be disciplining the kid, mothers will naturally try to fight you on this as their role is to nurture, it is in their nature to be soft, which is fine, it offsets you being a hardass….and make no mistake, my boys love me, we laugh, play,wrestle and just generally have a good time but if they step out of line you got to yank them back, almost like a dog, almost, you don't have to be condescending, that's not what i am saying, I'm saying sharp and concise….really, just don't be a pussy, run your household and save the red pilling for when they are old enough to actually think, the landscape of the world will be completely different by then anyways….you also want your kids to be able to function in the normal world…so don't rob them of that either, the goal is for them to be awake and know who they are…

Makes sense, i know her friends are a bad influence, but that's how every college educated girl acts from what i've seen, i'm trainwreck myself so i can't do much.

thanks man, i guess it will come down to a battle between me and the brainwashing public school system.

oy vey, finns are not white either dumb goyim, denounce white supremacy (((we're))) on your side.

Your wife is a chink and this is a slide/shill thread.

if whites were capable of acting in their best interest, they would act like kikes. Whites should have strong support networks with night school for their kids - meaning socializing and tutoring among other whites, a good social network between white parents and other families, and ideological material that your kid can read to get in touch with his race.

just think about all the stuff that jews do to keep the flock together. whites need to do the same kind of stuff.

I think to many fathers gauge their effectiveness of raising sons in hyper masculine ways. Like you expect a dog learn what you want them to right away. The most important trait of a father is affirmation, of cheering on his son and both inspiring him but also offering the sensitive and natural ideals of a father. Too many young men do not get this especially the ones that are more inclined to reason instead of natural instinct, that don’t see the world through raw masculine individuality but collective partnership.

(Cooking, house chores, self sacrifice of personal pleasure for her children)

The assault on the women of the west since really the mainstream acceptance of porn is really just as bad as what has been happening to beta and omega men. Hookup culture, sexualizing the feminine image and moving sex to a pleasure seeking reward with birth control instead of a responsibility and pro creation completely dazed women especially white western women into embracing like they would pop culture, with unrestrained emotion. In the west I see plenty of cases of this sickness affecting other races as well. Oddly enough usually the ones that are more focused on men with more paternal character.

Both sex’s:
-understanding guilt
-understanding failure
-understanding death and it’s positive yet painful function in life

I don’t have kids but I have always had young family and friends, and I think more than anything I understand children. I wish more than anything to be a father and have a healthy family, 5 white babies…but this world sets up obstacles that are so obvious one who has the most powerful desire to have a beautiful wife and healthy family one reaches the conclusion that the situation is so bad, such a parasitic, sick unnatural system that purposely removes the instinctual conduct and habits of the family especially as the role of a guardian. That self dedication, and self sacrifice for that purpose I believe is the true character of a stormtrooper. All pimps, human traffickers, pedophiles and those the subvert the tradionalist family deserve exinction. The unnatural world cannot survive in a world ruled by natural law.

The ultimate weapon against cultural Marxism and communism and really the element of the jews inherent flaw is that being pro life is being pro family
Pro family is the only weapon that can defeat communism, it is the most carefully constructed riddle and lie in communism that fills its ranks through deceit with men who believe they are in line with the eternal values of the father. That their cause is righteous it can bridge a gap between righteous violence, true love and thuggery and unnatural tendencies. That understands the animalistic natural instinct of an organism to not only self perpetuate itself but the transcendent, eternal and sacred attachment of natural love. Love is a natural emotion, it is a pro life value, it is self sacrifice, biological instinct. Animals show us the will of the creator by their protective and ruthless commitment to their young. The european race has to understand that this value is the key to their victory not the final straw of altruism that breaks their back. We are in a precarious situation, but the tide has already turned. The white man KNOWS and his natural paternal instinct has smashed the fiction of (((journalism))), media and the vocal but weak in both honour and natural resolve ; brainwashed ideological militants of both the capitalist, liberal and internationalist camps. The natural world is the cruelest teacher but it is honest, it’s cause is always violent but righteous. It’s seeks to grow and harmonize, where as the jew seeks to confuse and dissolute. Communism is completely anti human and anti family, it seeks to quantify life and the natural world, to deem who gets what in the spirit of violent repression of healthy human expression. Understanding the true face of communism, and how unnatural it is. Is probably the most important teaching of esoteric Hitlerism, WW2, and why at the core of national socialism past it’s barriers of paternal/militant ideals is a timeless ideal that will always win spiritually despite material losses. The swastika is the ultimate representation of God, of worshipping his intent, communism is its anti thesis that seeks to distort human understanding to the core element of the natural world being optimality, harmony and complexity
Protect your children at all costs, commend exceptional fathers and financially reward healthy families


I wanted to denigrate your effortpost, but these numbers check out. Well done
Indaresdig. I don't hate you

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Surely it's a mere coincidence. Fun fact: Finland won the global happiness index this year, that's 2 years in a row

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