Blackhole photo is a psyop

The story about the blackhole photo a psyop

This story involves Roosh V, the renowned sandnigger PUA (Pick Up Artist). A day or so ago, Roosh posted on Twitter that he believes the story is fake news and since then, the Tweet has gone hyper-viral with mainstream "news" sites attacking it because Roosh man bad. Given the reaction it seems he may be onto something. Here is what he thinks.

Here are the stories being run on his Tweet.

That's the essence of it. They don't have an argument. It's just a damage control article.
This one follows the same formula and it's just as bad.

Obviously, they are scared of people criticizing the narrative.

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Didn't she right less than 5% of the code?

.27% if I recall correctly. She was listed 15th in the study meaning she wasn't a major figure in it. It was obviously a psyop.

Correct. In her own words, her contribution was more "a way of thinking" about the challenge that led to the image being processed.

OK sign, honkler and numerous other things. Zig Forums is a psyop

So, so true

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Slide thread.

This shit is made to make the right look retarded just like flat earth and 9/11 holograms.


This thread is gay but not as gay as the faggot that wrote the code for the "image"

Yep, the media has given us yet another fracture point on a silver platter.

I just dont understand why anyone would care about there being a pixelated photo of something millions of miles away. All the hype is just retards that want to be smart and feel like the barrier to entry is being interested in space for some reason.


I dont need to find meaning in life through man made and invented science, its you who is the nihilist and are yearning and hoping for some meaning to all of this, just letting you know that you wont find it in a picture of a black hole, faggot

I want to browbeat you mercilessly over this, but unfortunately for me you're dangerously close to being right

You're right. It is "invented" science. That doesn't make me a nihilist and it still doesn't mean people aren't allowed to find amazement in the universe.

Watch video I uploaded here

Agreed but at least it's a tier or two above kike made filth passing for (((entertainment)))

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I mean, does it occur to people that they know approximately jack shit? People have no idea how their universe is constructed, or even what consciousness itself is, that being the most basic part of the equation.

Thanks bruddah

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This slut is a yid right? From the pic I saw my spidy senses went off

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It's too bad that we can detect EM waves in higher and lower frequencies than visible light with radars.
The image of the black hole wasn't taken in the visible spectrum it was taken in the radio spectrum. The brighter parts of the image are where there are higher intensity radio waves.

kike's are also spearheading this new religion that is based around science, the time science stopped being there to explain God's creation and was used as a weapon against the people who made it, that where I part ways, and this is no different

Btw, the source for that is "The Restoration: Part 3" by The UNARIUS Academy of Science, a religious group

YouTuber Thunderf00t explains

Hahaha, basic crystal energy transmitting devices are high technology. What a backwater dump I landed myself in, I sure hope I have a master plan

Actually it's quite the opposite. Top-tier physicists have started to notice the effects of consciousness, and have essentially become the most faith-based people on the planet. Also I was talking to user the other day about how set theory proves God, and it actually does. Even mathematicians are getting in on the fun

unironically kill yourself

I don't know who he is, it was linked to me


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No one believes you.

The first one was apparently a simulation and the recent one is a real image


If you want my actual opinion, these dumb shits are figuring out how the universe ACTUALLY works, so they're feeding the goyim a bunch of ridiculous bullshit. But I bet they're scared, really scared

He does good science vids. He was one of the skeptics that wandered off when shit hit the fan. Hes not that bad of a guy.


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Kek, he was when of the guys on Krauts doxxing server and he cucked out of a potential debate with JF on race realism. Also, his science vids are basic bitch tier shit for people who don't have a >school level education science education. And a lot of it is just fedora tipping. Guy is a fucking faggot.

Excuse my dyslexia

So is she a NASA elizabyth holmes?

is another thread on this

AC/DC - Thunderstruck.mp3

Apology accepted, but now apologize for apologizing, that type of behavior is unacceptable 'round these parts

Huh, no shit right? Too bad every OP is an illiterate nigger posting unreadable trash, it becomes hard to sift through the retarded OPs at a certain point

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Fuck off shitskin.

I can only imagine how bad reddit must have been the day that was announced. Thousands of feeble 102 IQs gushing about how inspirational and moving the black hole image was, replete with banal mentions of their unique experiences which allowed them to appreciate the image in the context of 'everything going on here', followed by the requisite pledge that they have been moved to follow a life of science, which they fucking love. So inspiring, wow!

fuck you

he may be a shitskin but he is iranian – basically a mutt aryan. not white but he's not a nigger.


It's not a real picture then? It's been doctored… If I did Forensic Stylometry on a book, and I keep tweaking the settings and adjusting parameters, and suddenly, I discover that the book has multiple authors!!

But thats actually inconclusive, this black hole " "picture" " isn't. It's INCONCLUSIVE!

Thanks science! For producing something absolutely useless, why don't you do something good and figure out how to stop black people from committing crimes!?!?

As a matter of fact, your friendly open-source intelligence agency has already figured that part out

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Guns and gas.

Another scientific discovery that has absolutely no credibility or use beside keeping their funding going and serving a progressive agenda. Color me surprised.

The algorithim involves using multiple radio-telescopes across the span of the earth for angular resolution

Bingo. Just look at the photo of her gushing like daddy just bought her 15-minutes of fame and prefab credentials.

I always get a kick out of the fact Roosh was actually a legit professional StarCraft player.

Why live?


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What consciousness is, that's a solved problem with a predictable solution i.e., what exists in all religions but is most directly described by the buddhist meaning of enlightenment as discovered through a progression of insights. Unfortunately, each new consciousness has to solve it for themselves, and most don't. Science doesn't recognize anything but third-person observations, so they're trying to solve the problem in a way that will never work and will never produce any real answers.