Gaddafi wanted to start an armed negro uprising in the US

Old news but very relevant as it pertains to the possibility of niggers being used as a 5th column by foreign powers.

>Colonel Qaddafi pledged $1 billion to the Nation of Islam after meeting with Mr. Farrakhan in Libya in January. Mr. Farrakhan has described the pledge as a humanitarian gesture, and last week he formally asked the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the Treasury Department for the necessary permission to receive the money. The United States, which has long labeled the Qaddafi Government a supporter of terrorism, bars nearly all economic ties with Libya.

After his news conference today, Mr. Farrakhan left on a return visit to Libya, where he is scheduled to receive a award from Colonel Qaddafi. Officials said Mr. Farrakhan's application to the Treasury Department includes a provision to receive the $250,000 honorarium the Libyan award carries in addition to Colonel Qaddafi's $1 billion pledge.

Considering who we're dealing with here, a betting man would not be wise to bet on license approval, said one Government official familiar with the application. He would bet the ranch on litigation thereafter.

It is unclear whether Colonel Qaddafi has $1 billion to give Mr. Farrakhan, or whether he would follow through on his pledge if the United States gave its approval. Mr. Farrakhan has said he would use the money for voter registration drives, charitable contributions and economic development opportunities for black people.

After meeting with Mr. Farrakhan in January and making the $1 billion pledge, Colonel Qaddafi was quoted by the state press agency as saying: Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress from outside. Today we have found an opening to enter the fortress and to confront it from within.

Since 1986, the United States has effectively barred the transfer of any money between Libya and the United States, citing evidence that Libya has been involved in terrorist incidents. Although the sanctions held out the possibility of exceptions being made for humanitarian reasons, new regulations that took effect earlier this month placed an additional hurdle in Mr. Farrakhan's way by barring, without a special exception, the approval of donations from any state previously designated as supporting terrorism

Tl;dr: Gaddafi tried to fund and arm a black separatist army in the US. Fuck Clinton but he deserved what he got. I'm certain we'll see a large militant black separatist army in our lifetime that will be funded not by a foreign nation, but by Jewish capital.

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You're siding with the globalist kikes if you're against Gaddafi or Farrakhan.
Niggers will get unlimited funding either way

The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend.

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I would rather have niggers contained in their own shithole than spread across the country.
they already do this every day. The nation of islam has been a boomer conservacuck scapegoat for decades.

In the continental US, not Africa. They'd still be here on our land.

They already have it, it's called Liberia.


Pretty much every leader/nation is guilty of promising/providing guns to separatists opposing their enemies/rivals. It comes with the territory.

it might give an excuse for the rednecks to actually do something with muh guns and start actally shooting blacks

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in 1986, Jeff Fort, the founder of the Black P Stone Nation street gang in Chicago, sent his lieutenants to Libya to meet Gaddafi. the Black P Stones, who were also known as El Rukyns, we're irregular Muslims, much like the Nation of Islam, where illiterate niggers who have never left their ghetto much less America claim to be Ancient Islamic Kangz, and worship the Quran, which they cannot read, and pretend to be Muslims while violating all the rules of Islam by continuing in their degenerate simian practices of drug use and drug sales and promiscuous and abusive sex and spawning litters of niglets out of wedlock and commiting crimes and violence.

Gaddafi arranged to give Jeff Fort $2.5 million, plus provide military training to his street gang, and then provide them with weapons like rocket launchers in order to launch a wave of domestic terror attacks against the US. but the faggot traitors at the FBI got wind of this and set up a sting to entrap Jeff Fort and his "Emirs" into buying a fake missile from an FBI informant.

Jeff Fort is currently serving life in prison in the Colorado Supermax, along with Saint Ted Kaczynski, and the "failed 9/11 bomber" Zacarias Moussaoui, and Terry Nichols and Tsarnev and Eric Rudolph and Larry Hoover and Thomas Silverstein as neighbors.

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This would have been a move that would debunk multikulti for good.

Mummar was anti liberal globialism, but pro islamic globalism. Hence why he financed mosques in Europe and wanted to arm the nation of Islam. Farrakhan turned down the weapons because he knew an open race war would be suicide for him.

So much for a kike free post. Muslims aren't our friends, faggot. Zig Forums wouldn't have celebrated and worship Tarrant if they were. Gaddafi wanted to undermine the US and if he were a Jew, you'd be saying "good riddance, jewish parasite" throughout the thread.

The whole world, including White Nationalists (it's even in the Turner Diaries), wishes niggers would rise up and fight the ZOG. How great it would be! The resulting civil war would divide that thing called "America" into (at least) two pieces, and the niggers would only get the smaller chunk. After some population transfers, all the niggers would be located in one area, away from the White Nation.
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Then why did Gaddafi's Libya act as a floodgate preventing African invaders from reaching Europe?

becuase niggers using your country as a launch pad isnt healthy for the rest of your country

If he wanted Islamic globalism he'd just take in the converted niggers? Islam doesn't judge at all on race, Mohammad's last sermon literally says Whites are no better than Blacks.

The removal of Gaddafi precipitated the migrant crising in Europe, were he still in power africans would not be immigrating. Gaddafi was completely cool, aside from fucking Kissinger constantly fucking with him and Assad sr. You can read in the clinton leaked emails where france wanted to go after him to steal his gold reserves. Fuck the jews and the globalists. Dude was legitimately trying to create a gold backed pan-African currency to undermine foreign (((central banking))) so he was killed.

Moments before this thread was made OP can be quoted as saying

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