Jap reperations

There's a lot of talk for reparations for blacks for actions that took place 10 generations ago,but what about for those Japanese Americans who that are still in living memory?

Unlike slavery which those who were responsible for it have been dead for 2 centuries, there are still guards,administrators, and victims who live to this very day. Are there no talks of the Japanese interment camp reparations because Asians are a small minority, or because war crimes are for losers and not the winners of wars? I seen cases where German prison guards who're on life support because of their age being dragged to court much to the shock of the world. It's well known what the Japanese Americans went through & lost due to being imprisoned. Yet I don't hear of any talks of compensation.

Perhaps it would be best if we got the opression olympics in full steam, or in this case reparations olympics. If the Japanese want compensation then other special intrest groups would want in as well such as queers, Indians, Illegal migrants, ect. Perhaps after all of that fighting were to have taken place nobody would give a damn about the holocaust.

The reason why jews are now claiming that the Polish had death camps is that they fear that they would get less gibs, and think that they could fleece the polish as well.

Just food for thought.

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There are no talks of reparations because the Japanese are a proud, hard-working people and we do not ask for handouts, and we do not need them. We are perfectly capable of surviving(and thriving) without your table scraps.

Negros constantly ask for handouts because they will never have anything without them. We are not niggers, and so we are not interested in handouts.

You're not Japanese. Everything else you wrote is true though.

normalfaggots would discredit this idea by calling it "whataboutism"

They only say that when they have no arguments.

Sure, the French owe reparations to UK for Napoleon. The Chinks owe reparations to Korea for making them a tributary. The Swedes owe reparations to Finland. Nigger country X owes reparations to nigger country Y for something that happened in year N.

(((Americans))) are gay cucks and nobody should accept help from them.
Japan is the only successful modern country, no need to infect them with more American bullshit.

Sage all images of food. We don't need food, we need to assassinate Netanyahu.


I'm curious; what makes you so sure he isn't a nip?




Everyone that was ever in the Military (Not the Air Force, lol) Needs Reparations for Living Conditions and Mis-Treatment then?
Next they will be telling us that having "Swamp Coolers" and not actual AC is Mistreatment…
"We started buying ice from the capital (two half hours away by boat), so God willing, the chocolates and cakes won't melt".

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What about reparations to the Chinese peoples the Japs tortured and enslaved?

We do pay reparations to the Japanese with our taxes

Even if you're being ironic, fucking kill yourself.

Meme worthy for the lulz and fus


sounds fun. Maybe butt hurt Corean lefties can get reparations from right wing Corean government.

Checked. The nigger and jew both fear the samurai. Absolutely honoraryan


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My grandad told me that his brigade after a battle they would cut off a japs head and a load of trips would play a soccor game with it

Trips = troops

The Brit mil also looted as many swords as they could and sent them back to Brit to be smelt down

Fuck knows what else went on

They cattle carred them

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I'm a big pro-Jap poster here; totally sympathise with the Co-Prosperity Sphere, think the Tokyo War Crimes Trial was a farce, etc. …
But this 'reparations' is a fucking farce.
There is no Bushido in reparations.
Death before dishonour.
Also, George Takei is a faggot and doesn't deserve anything.>>13118176

They don't need reparations. They already got to keep most of the silver they pillaged from the east. They're also not trash and can take care of themselves you faggot.

already happened.


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Japanese reparations is the offender killing himself, niggerjew.


nubot emerges

Fucking monster white army.



We already gave the Japs money.
Fuck you, we're not giving them any more.
Besides, we already let them infect our youth with their degenerate culture.

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You don't know what the word means.
Then it's time we pay reparation to their allies who we also murdered and raped - Germany and Italy. Make that all of Europe for that matter.

Japs for years have been bitching about repreations.
Lmao Nippon is a shit hole that deserves to die on economic irrelevance.

The greatest payment to Germany and Japan is the niggrification of muttmerica and the entire allies. The warrior spirit of these superior people demands not Gibs Me Dats but the destruction of their kike loving enemy. And oh boy, is muttmerica not dying. (((UK))) is pretty much a writhing zombie at this point.

You really sound like a delusional child writhing in anger directing it towards a country that doesn't share your issue.

During WWII and out of desperation. You're one dishonest kikenvermin.
But it doesn't matter. Next time it won't be three righteous countries hunting you down - it'll be the whole White world.

Are they used to destroy white people? No? No carrot on the stick then.

Indeed. Even Germany is still at least 85% ethnic genetic Germans, the rest including all kind of migrants, Euros included. Japan doesnt even need to be mentioned.

Muttmerica? The 56% figure was years ago, arabs and poos included as "hwhite". Now it is current year plus 4, after 4 years of Trump kike deporting less than Onigger did AND the highest increase in LEGAL spic immigration since decades.

The UK? Pic related.

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This is why muttmerica and the rest of the allies can hardly be considered "humans".
They are on the same level as dogs and other cattles. After all, they basically admit it.

Yes during desperation they couldn't win.
They decided to go quality over quantity, which led to Yamaoto a Battleship so large when it fired for the first time its radar went offline.

Japan could never win which leads to the estimation of the average weeb.
Remind me that other then steel bar's how U.S was starving its people?

More muttboomer posting, lel

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So what are you trying to prove?
France has an economic state of emergency with +13% unemployment.
The U.K has no native industry unless pardoned by U.N regulation.

Where are the reparations for the pows they starved to death and tortured.

Oh let me ask.
Jesus Christ are you nigs cucked.

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The allies are subhumans paying for their sins and they are going down, thanks for the confirmation, mutt.

And merkel (((Kaźmierczak))), the polish kike, stepping down is a good sign. Feel free to find statistic regarding Germany's demographic even after the shitskin invasion.

Are more regulated than guns regarding actual carrying than guns.

Hurr durr, you get fucking jailed for not baking cakes for faggots.

When are you going to boycott the kikes, mutt?

We are talking about Germany, no? It is 16€ each registered living unit, regardless of size. Still cucked though, but that is the price of mutt military occupation.

No, you grant them citizenship. All caravans before this years went into muttmerica. Which is why the largest one yet is coming.

The death of all allied subhumans is just divinve justice.

You mean yankees who are using firebombing that kills more people then the nuke because japan is made out of rice paper and wood.

So you're bragging insufficient defense
So you agree
Let me know when they're welfare babies and creating grooming gangs for 100+ natives.

Somehow your cuckoldry for expanded prices is my fault? LMAO

Nah fuck you fags

So no rebuttal about even Germany is still 85% ethnic, subhuman mutt?

I'm sure the >200 millions shitskins will maintain your kike loving "country".

Amerimuttt, folks. Not to mention that muttmerica has more spics than all of Europe has mudslimes.
Inb4 cartel spics are baste.

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Islam in the us is less then

Can you not post images like this? Jesus fuck I am on a cut and every time I come to a POLITICAL BOARD I have to look at your fucking pizza.

Leaving us with at least 89% Europeans.

Los sientos, Merimutt. I'm sure Cartel Spics are much better than mudslimes and them making up over half of your subhuman shithole.

That is 85% genetic ethnic native.

Let me know when your shit ass country starts arresting though's who speak against islam or support nationalism.

Of fuck my bad its already happening.
You're fucked up the ass daily but prefer to blame your rapist against he pond instead of the faggot charging you 100+ pound to watch the bbc.

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Your did already, we know, mutt.

And I do not live in the (((uk))), mutt. Do you lack reading comprehension, Pedro?

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None of that has to do with arresting people with bike tires.
Talking negatively about Islam.
Or about how unlimited immigration to the country is positive.

You euros are at this point might about be fanatic protestants talking shit about catholics while your children and sisters are burnt alive.

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Amerimutts supported communism and are still supporting them all over the world. What is your point?

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Despite that during WW2 Germant made a non aggression treaty with Russia while the U.S, U.K and France did not.
However despite Hitler's retarded idea of making a losing battle a two pronged war decided to engage Russia.

You nigga's really don't know shit.

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Also to add into your retardation


Nice try, mutt.

Aw, you are hurt by some caption?

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Oh wow a bunch of contradicting sources that ignore the evidence that debunked them before.

Jeeze it's almost as if I'm living under S.U propaganda, or McCarthy.

USSR propaganda admitting the importance of Lend Lease?

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So we had several Call of duty games which is well known by /v/ since 2012 where Russia is the aggressor
But if Russia does it to us it means they're the big bads, time to throw constitution out the window and enter McCarthyism
Despite no real evidence

Again I would like to point out the retardation of the moderation of this board.
None of these images were for support but don't let facts and logic get in your war over selling a agenda.

Still waiting for you to find USSR propaganda that admitted the importance of Lend Lease, you stupid, subhuman, fucking shitskinned amerimutt.

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Still waiting for you to find USSR propaganda that admitted the importance of Lend Lease, you stupid, subhuman, fucking shitskinned amerimutt.
It was you retarded Indian mutt.
Explain to me how a constitutional rule that you're innocent until proven guilty should be ignored because of socialists motives?

Lets expand on that, McCarthyism is that they would completely conform to the idiotic ideas of the neo-cons regarding nationalism

Typical shitskinned spic. Where and when did the USSR admitted the imporatance of Lend Lease in form of official mass propaganda?
Come on.

Your "constitution", or more correctly Toilet Papers, allowed pic related to happen, mutt.

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You mean where McCarthy made multiple accusations that led to nowhere based on his suspicions of everyone and everything being a communist?
Man are you lil libbies liberally retarded

And pic related too.
Muh toilet papers!
Keep harping on, shitskins. And poo in loos are huwhite according to your conshishustion, mutt.

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Just shut your fucking mouth, retard.

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La Murca was made out of the country, are you retarded?
Rhetorical question, lmao.
USSR if you haven' paid attentiion has been gone before 1980s
Accept is hasn't lmao, you U.K slaves really are depressing

Oh man I really pissed off the U.K BOT

Could you imagine showing this to americans post 9/11?

>Still thinking I'm a (((Nigger-Saxon)))
Tbh, even with Muhammad being the most popular boy names, their demographics are still better than yours.
Which is fantastic.

I can, which is why we are experiencing the meltdown of a mutt.

Explain to me how any if the EU countries are free compared to the U.S
You can't carry high power rifles.
You can't criticize islam
You can't stop criminals from immigrating
Yet you seem to think you're superior LMAO

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Not being surrounded by spics is a good start :^)

not degenerate

This is why weebs are disgusting. Germany and Eastern europe also suffered in WWII. They did not start eating their dogs for fucks sake. Fucking weebs.

Instead I'm surrounded by a group of Islamic extremist,
Meanwhile the U.S has at least 50x the land my country has to decide who goes where if at all.

We don't need them. We already took them.

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Yes people absolutely did, you stupid shitskins. In total war, the victory of your people is above a fucking pet.

But demographically and numerically we still have less mudslimes as a whole than muttmerica has spics.
80% vs 49%, mutt :^)
You are probably referring to Russia. But even then they have less mudslimes than you have spics.

I don't personally enjoy anime that much, but it is dishonest to ignore its importance in imageboard culture - something (((Outsiders))) work constantly to destroy.
No, they weren't lucky enough to have dogs o eat. The Allied internment camps where German civilians were corralled wouldn't permit any possible food source which is exactly why millions of German women and children starved to death. If they had dogs, I guarantee you they'd pick their starving kids over any pooch.

Regardless of the race split, Japan still has several of the worst scandals in modern science.
But welp that doesn't matter as long as it doesn't interfere with our animus.

No, they weren't lucky enough to have dogs o eat. The Allied internment camps where German civilians were corralled wouldn't permit any possible food source which is exactly why millions of German women and children starved to death. If they had dogs, I guarantee you they'd pick their starving kids over any
You're lying out your ass.
It was illegal to own Akita's for anything but food and fur farming

People fucking ate everything they could during total wars. Amerimutts are just stupid retarded subhumans, libshits in redneck skin.

A honest mistakes. At least they don't force their own people to breed with niggers at gun point, mutt.

An honest mistake?
Are you serious?
The members in the diet who voted yes on this blood transfer where members of the deit required by law.
So these people passed blood transfusions they knew where bad so they could make a fortune.

How many got infected then? How many amerimutts breed with spics and niggers now, LOL!

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After it was realized it was a bad decision these members retired from diet but didn't lose their positions in the blood bank which protected them.
Leading to additional blood issues, but fuck the foreigner for pointing out your shitty and half assed democracy right?

None you stupid shit, thousands of Japanese died because of nationalistic political corruption, which you prove even now when you try to twist facts to your truth lmao.

When was this? Corruption happens anywhere people have power. Corporations were dumping sludge in the rivers before environmental protection laws were put in place in the seventies, for instance.

NOBODY would have accepted your muttmocracy without threat of nuclear annihilation, mutt.
Maybe muttmerica going shitskins is truly the Creator's plan to free the world. The nukes will decay and they would rather nuke each other. Nobody will have to suffer you shitskins again. The USSR imploded, now it is your turn.


Your link proves you wrong. They were killed on sight to prevent spread of disease.

What are you even trying to argue, the Japan issue was their aggression not ours, and had nothing to due with any country but south west countries.

Yeah yeah, fuck off, shill.

No they weren't a man who was awarded the highest honor of the Japanese emperor gained it by ignoring the order to kill all Akitas.
I have the fucking book, would you like me to scan it for you tommorow?
I know you wont because the minute I do you will stop posting

Go ahead, scan it, and sperg all over it.

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