Summary of the Natsoc Spirit

This may be considered a blog post but I’m going to go ahead with it because I believe it will redpill and convert lurkers of not only normie ideals but also of the enemy camp of new age conservatism, liberals and especially the intelligentsia of communists as well as the radicals who believe they are morally (in any regard) in the right and to open their eyes to the philosophy and dichotomy of natural morality vs religious morality (universalism) through my studies of Nietzsche

I have moved politically from a Canadian nationalist to obey the (((elected))) authority of my country and fight wars for greater israel to a libertarian/conservative to a liberal, and than to the darkest reaches of communism. From my full understanding of this political perspective I came to incredible and life changing understanding of the political dichotomy of our age. Anyways here is a summary of why national socialism at its core prior to outward action is politically the only true political ideology of our time that is inherently optimal, scientific, and based in reason and logic, and unstoppable when wielded by those that UNDERSTAND IT.

This is the most important understanding for any person, all communist theorists of either the jewish Leninist/Trotskyist camps or the mixed ethnic camps of Mao/Guevara included Marx understood fully that capitalism when allowed to hyper expand internationally would result in communism. Communism IS capitalism. Communism is a REDFINITION of the class based system, it doesn’t eliminate it at all rather it furthers capitalism’s inevitable and unavoided destructive pathway of viewing humanity, human anthropology through the eyes of jewish bankers. It’s declares everything is predictable, calculable and human beings are simply matter that is mechanically inclined to simply eat, sleep over and over. Communism’s most fundamental element is that human beings are miserable, violent animals when they are not numbers, when they are not defined as machines. It’s amazing to see even within myself the drive to communist revolutionary radicalism when I felt the push that the world can do better. As a communist it is imperative to understand that classism is simply one aspect of the material sciences both known and esoteric that govern human life and they are always different between races, nations, ethnicities and the circumstances across the spectrum (political, economic, cultural). To believe in reason, logic and optimal economics and to admit the social sciences like socialism, social engineering, social conditioning is to admit Marx and Engels study of the human condition was fundamentally flawed

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>Capifalism and Communism create societies that are anti-life therefore they destroy the human aspect of day to day life. In a true unnatural fashion they seek to drain the population of peoples they rule until those people can no longer produce. It views its own population that it claims is represented through a (((workers government))) as disposable assets, it denies them cultural life, spiritual community and homgenuity, it’s vigorously seeks to destroy what makes human beings human, our need for inspiration and our optimal economic efficiency being when our spiritual and social lives are in optimal conditions, and instead offers the cruelty of a system that has a merciless master and a defenceless and demoralized slave forced to work harder while being denied the fuel
The truest communists are the most clever, these being in todays contemporary internationalist culture, William Pierce specifically targeted the jew that ran MTV and now in our day the most open form of subversion has escalated into jews socially conditioning through vice the only available release the population it is preying upon that can be available in hyper capitalist/pre communist economy, the ones who are most open with their destructive policies that operate with impunity, through their carefully constructed system of finance and usury. One really has to wonder why in nearly every single communist revolution the communist side was always funded by mystery sources, their diplomacy was masterfully taken care of. This is the concept of internationalism, and why every single national communist group since Russia both a) has been financed and b) has failed to achieve communism.
Communism can only exist in the fictional international minded jew that is a mixed race, landless identity. It can never exist as a state/or nation naturally only when the financers run out of money because it does not seek to grow the people, it seeks to exploit them even more brutally than capitalism. A radicalized communist of any race can not justify his belief system in virtue for communism is inherently, at its core an extremely cruel, anti human political system. It contradicts its theory in its action every time and this is fundamentally because of Marx’s terrible analysis of the human condition, that economics and human life are forces meant to be harmonized not meant to dominate. The communist radical cannot make any claim what so ever that it is optimal in any way, that it is a viable solution. It is a trick to use their confusion and anger to reinforce itself. I can only imagine and we see quite clearly with radical neo nazi groups this exact same tendency. Where rallying against the system they hate they attack its most powerful enemies and embrace the culture and direction the jews carefully craft for them through media. American history X, even the punk movements are radically different to true political national socialism. Like the communists they embrace jewish ideals. While their spark is admirable understanding an enemy and avoiding his traps are key. Communist radicals cannot fight for morality/value/ ethics in a true revolutionary spirit, nor can they justify the suffering of the people for economic advantage. Communism is anti life, it is anti human and Marx understood class, but he didn’t not understand from what class comes from

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At this point anybody who is a hardcore politically active conservative or liberal in the acceptable contemporary political theatre is either completely blinded by the democratic theatrics, views politics as sports, has no education in even basic 20th century history, and simply does not understand the political sciences, or engineering in any degree and why the censorship of national socialism and the true history of both world wars has actually helped accelerate kink in the armour of democracy.

I always find it unbelievable that those that believe in democracy know it came from Greece, they understand this idea of proportional representation but they carefully avoid in fear of thought crime discussing that one of the greatest aspects of Greeks was their strong, proud and often violent ethnic differences, the reason for democracy. Ethnically like Europeans Greeks were of many varieties but racially they were the same. Ethnic difference in a democracy, especially with proud tradition like Greece and an intelligent and militarily proficient people was what made their democracy successful. They all had to act even when trying to get their own in the favour of Greece. Letting their enemies that often wanted the country not just a single state partake in a political system so critically based on ethnic difference but national/racial interest is something that the west , and the agents of international democracy have hilariously avoided talking about all together. Democracy has been carefully piggybacked to an international political system while ignoring this is in complete contradiction to why the Greeks invented it. Contemporary democracy creates a circus for the people where the poor and uneducated are swayed by Hollywood style acting, and crafted personality and the rich are bought with opportunity.
This is not in any single way how democracy is supposed to work…it’s completely backwards. The UN and the world internationally at a political level can never function with optimally with democracy. It is a system meant to distract and reward those who play along and persecute the strong, convicted, inspirational and based on those values the leaders that will act out of duty.
Democracy is a sham. It is so unbelieveably inefficient it could not protect any european countries from the only single threat they faced, democracy will never help any european nation or colony control their countries. It has been purposely allowed through careful cultural and economic manipulations to allow and support the outgroup in building themselves in as an ingroup. Multiracially and multi gender it is also a failure based on the natural biological functions. Greek democracy was founded on ethnic unity, no Greek would have allowed a nation hostile to them to have equal standing in the governance of their state or national interest

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Indeed, modernity has made human beings into econominc units. The sole purpose of our existence is to "make money" and "keep the economy growing".

I believe we can succesfully redpill normies to see things our way if we frame this war as human beings againt their technocrat exploiters.

This novel conveys the same theme about a revolt against global economic exploitation.

Free download

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The internationalists/jewish presence within the Catholic Church is easy to blame. The Catholic Church has been in the business of domesticating human beings since Roman times to control the empire and create harmony between radically ethnic tribes. Universalism especially in the form of religion is counter intuitive to democracy. True Christianity as the national socialists found out must be rooted with a love for self and a positive expression, harmonious expression of ethnic pride and harmony with other ethnicities, racially however even the reformed Christian churches that actually fully express the national socialist ideal of healthy family, of pro creation, ie perpetuating themselves within the eternal order carefully dodged the issue of race but their system and testament to their own faith but also why the national socialists hated to love Christianity is well observed through the smaller Christian denominations. During WW2 however we saw within the Catholic Church a tradionalist sect with pagan origins expressed itself quite clearly that racial self love especially in the face of materially induced jewish degeneration was pro life and within the values of atleast the small group of Catholics that understand the old covenant and the new. The Catholic Churche sowed its own seeds of destruction mainly by Jesuit/jewish subversion and of forgiving anti life action but mainly organization firstly by allowing the jesuits and jewish business interest to conduct a full scale cultural genocide of the indigenous tribes of Canada, this is on repeat with Europeans. One of the worst struggles and sufferings of a racially awakened european that knows he is aware and there for a reason is the scale at which this has all gone on seemingly unnoticed and within the context of long term thinking is basically a fucking nightmare to think about let alone observe. This coupled with its careful yielding of pro life vigilance in Christian european countries while being too scared to act in the spirit of the father, of the eternal has basically sealed the fate of the fake church to be scattered to the winds like the jews in israel. The Catholic Church should be the most vocal religious party above all right now, their existence demands it. They like Zionists have built their existence on the self sacrifice of european pagans which is fundamentally UNNATURAL and achievable only through the manipulation of those very peoples, of an illusion. The tradionalist priests should be found and platformed, a reformation should allow priests to marry in the spirit of Christ and as a gesture to the Orthodox Catholic Church that understood the sacredness of the family. The Catholics I’ve grown up with because of a lack of incentive/penalties to families were scattered and destroyed by jewish propaganda. 100s of kids that had their upbringing ruined while experiencing the affects of a culture that took advantage of catholic domestication easily. The church yielding away from taking responsibility has ignored this subversion and still will not in its masses/communtiies stress the importance of racial pride, self love and how a flock they domesticated has just been tossed to dumpster of history because they were scared of their enemies influence, selfish for its own bureaucratic powers and luxuries and it was easier to build catholic communities elsewhere. The Canadian government and the Catholic Church while apologizing over and over again can never help the indigenous tribes of Canada or the Europeans understand the afflictions affecting them and that they are easily curable because it would give up the whole Jesuit chirade within the Catholic Church. I honestly hope as a catholic fully aware of my blood, my gift, my flaws and the logic of the tradionalist sects the church makes this stand. No penalty divorce is anti life. The Vatican takes care of itself but not it’s flock. Which is why a heretic could lead Christian virtued people in a world of jewish thuggery and the expansion of Islam and throw Europeans in the trash to be racially mixed within the internationalist and jewish manipulation of the teachings of Christ.
Those who fundamentally understand these values, why they are important are the national socialists we want. God is eternal, nature harmonizes optimally, complexity is beauty, violence is a necessary but painful part of human experience. The black sun, the cross, the triforce and then finally the swastika are all symbols of the outward paternal force of existence and the eternal cycle of nature and our universe to perptuate in a harmony that isn’t comfortable for humanity, but is absolutely necessary experience to allow us to fully realize death is an illusion, and the unnatural cruelties of man and especially of the jews are powerless in the face of the legacy of eternal life.

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Modernity isn’t what has facilitated it though. Capitalism/Communism at an international level is trading community/culture/family/identity through economics really for material/consumerism false lies, and the people selling climate change to further quantify existence. Are they going to build an international asteroid prevention shield system and tax us for that too? Just based on how great their track record is? . Unironically It just doesn’t scientifically or biologically work. With the study of human anthropology and culture or even the most basic understanding of social engineering and social experiments like Pavlovs conditioning experiment with the bell and the dog to even try to define a human being as an economic unit is economically, immaterialy and scientifically impossible. Your taking away every aspect of what makes them great economic units, efficient, productive what drives growth lol. Basic ducking shit. Which begs the question is that a mistake on part of the worlds would be masters if so total failure on hiding it. But if the intention isn’t that and the process doesn’t reflect it the question is logically answered. It’s a ruse.. Except they haven’t realized all this is fairly common knowledge it’s just having the will and spirit of what I would describe as eternal/natural may sound catholic and singular but I see it in everything in the natural world except it’s disappearing in my own life. Ouch.Targeted. Individualism is a cold way to treat the people who helped everyone get through hard times, who are always vigilant and loyal, we fight hard for others and take all the beatings, we respect honour, strength self sacrifice. Eventually all the ancestors of the european race, the protectors of Aryan blood that destroyed Germany will hail victory and hail Hitler and understand at a spiritual level outside of the war, the beauty of the ideal is the beauty of God especially with an understanding of it. Basic 20th century history with a little bit of political study really. The jews don’t understand this, we are in line with Gods Favor. Eventually your spirit says enough, no harmony, no fun, just gotta get the job done lol. Challenge accepted. Honour your ancestors by hailing their victory, because their enemy was strong and honourable, and like eachother in every way and they were tricked into thinking they were enemies and at the end of the day there is that little piece of ironic love mixed with reasonin all things, of a massive tragedy and deep sufferiing .That’s what make us europeans, or our Aryan blood internationally so great though. Our debt has been paid, the Germans and their european brothers that destroyed them both died for the same thing. No matter how hard you try to hide it, the jews can’t stop talking about Hitler bahahahaha. That’s how you know he was a bro. sooooo who’s paying again? Blood usury and kikery is spiritual not material…unless the internationalist agenda creates something you make big bets in like existence. Our ancestors are the Germans now.? Their character and ideals have been so warped by internationalist cults to reflect that very same value But we know. We know now. My grandfathers were both good men and a good grandson knows when his grand father isn’t proud. Despite the viciousness of war, the death and suffering. The world is in crisis where it needs leaders which are good family men, a good ideal and sense of self love, self sacrifice internationally but a deep reflection of what is sacred and beautiful in life and simply a pro life mantra to do something, anything The irony of the moves internationalists have been making is that they have only opened the door to the truth. Trying to switch around self hate and self love just doesn’t make sense lol.

fuk outta here wit dis bullshit like i gonna reads all dat.

Krishnamurti was a smart man

I agree that the world needs strong leaders. However strong leaders are only made, and formed in times of trouble. THere is no exception. Ironically, the era of peace is where the jew is at its strongest. If we start a revolution now, no one will follow us. The normies will have to give up the stability of food, shelter and security. Which they will definetely not especially in the era of morality decay.

That’s why despite the fuckers chirping Pierce on this board you realize he loved his people and his platform was always on educating his people. Basic 20th Century history, understanding anthropology and basic social sciences. I mean how important is culture? Pretty important.


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The first thing you must do is forget everything man has ever said or written, it is of no value. Begin there.

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At this point you here for the paycheck.

Democracy can only exist in a city state, with a population of around 50,000 to 60,000 citizens.

There are several relevant fact to keep in mind though;

1. Voting citizens must be land owning males who have served or are serving as soldiers or sailors.

2. To vote a citizen must be able to physically appear in the agora (the main open square) to hear and participate in speeches and debates and physically cast ballots.

More than this level of populatoin and the entire idea of democracy becomes impractical.

Success for a democracy is more dangerous to it than failure, as once it growns to encompass more than one city it becomes impossible for a widespread populace to effectively have a democracy. It then inevitably becomes a militaristic state ruled by an imperator, an emergency military commander who then tends to become a permanent fixture.

Why? Nearly every WN org, nearly every "nazi" graffiti and nearly every Nazi website is by Jews.

Why do Jews love nadzess so much?

And that is how you out your self quickly.
Also is national socialist.

Letter from Dr. Joseph Goebbels to Harald Quandt

The Führerbunker on April 28, 1945.

Dear Harald,
We are locked down in the Führerbunker at the Reichschancellory, and we are fighting for our lives and honor.
How will this fight end, god only knows, But I know it will end for us with honor and glory, dead or alive. I do not think we will see each other again. These will be the last words you will receive from me. I hope, if you come out alive from this war, that you will honor both your mother and I, as is not necessary for us to survive to influence our people.
You will be the only one left to carry on with our family traditions. Always act in a way that does not shame us. Germany will survive this war, but only if our people has examples to guide them. and this is the example that we want to give.
You can be proud to have a mother like you have now. Last night the Führer gave her the golden party pin he has carried for years on his jacket, and I think she deserves it.
In the future, you will have only one mission: to be worthy of the great sacrifice we are willing to make. I know you will.
Don't let the noise that the world is about to start disorientate you. One day, the lies will fall under their own weight, and truth will triumph over them. The hour will come in which we will be above all, clean and without guilt, like our faith and task were.
Goodbye dear Harald!! If we meet again, it depends on god. If it is not to be, I will always be proud of having belonged to a family, that, even in adversity, and up to the last moment, has been faithful to the Führer and his pure and holy cause.

My best wishes and dearest greetings.

- - - - - -

Letter from Magda Goebbels to Harald Quandt

The Führerbunker on April 28, 1945

My beloved son!
By now we have been in the Führerbunker for six days already — daddy, your six little siblings and I, for the sake of giving our national socialistic lives the only possible honorable end.
You shall know that I stayed here against daddy's will, and that even on last Sunday the Führer wanted to help me to get out. You know your mother — we have the same blood, for me there was no wavering.
Our glorious idea is ruined and with it everything beautiful and marvelous that I have known in my life. The world that comes after the Führer and national socialism is not any longer worth living in and therefore I took the children with me, for they are too good for the life that would follow, and a merciful God will understand me when I will give them salvation (death).
You will live and I ask only one thing form you, that you never ever forget you are a German, never do against your honor, and through your life, see that our deaths won't be in vain.
The children are wonderful … there never is a word of complaint nor crying. The explosions above are shaking the bunker. The elder kids cover the younger ones, their presence is a blessing and they are making the Führer smile once in a while.
Last night, the Führer took off his golden party pin and pinned it to me. I am proud and happy.
May God help that I have the strength to perform the last and hardest task (killing herself and her children). We only have one goal left: loyalty to the Führer even in death and to be able to end our lives with him is an honor.
Harald, my dear son — I want to give you what I learned in life: Be loyal! Loyal to yourself, loyal to the German people and loyal to your fatherland … Be proud of us and try to keep us in dear memory …
(Second page) It is difficult to start a new page, who knows if I can fill it, I would like to give you so much love and strength, and take away all the pain for our loss. Be proud of us and try to remember us with pride and happiness.
We all have to die. Isn't it more beautiful to live less, but with honor and dignity than to have a long life in shameful conditions?
I must finish, Hanna Reitsch is taking this letter, she is leaving again, I embrace you with my most sweet, deep and maternal love.

My dear son, live for Germany!
Your Mother

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A refreshing post OP

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You were doing okay up to this point but instead revealed that you are still bluepilled. You suffer from the, "true [jewish trick] hasn't been tried," fallacy. True christianity is any form of christianity, because it is jew-worship. It comes in many forms, many denominations, but it is meant to help the jews enslave the masses.

Your historical revisionism doesn't help. National Socialists noticed that catholics overwhelmingly voted against them. During WWII worked hard to make christianity work for them by consolidating all christian denominations into a state-church and dictated material. This program and psyop was known as Positive Christianity. It ultimately failed because christians kept trying to undermine the NSDAP and Hitler distanced himself from church matters and acknowledged christianity less and less. A pagan revival ran separately, not affiliated with christianity as you said. Christianity doesn't encourage moral values, those are branded christian to take ownership of whites' inherent morality.

The jewish/jesuit subversion is redundant. Christianity/Catholicism has always been owned by jews and jewish agents. The jesuits are akin to the CIA working with Israel's mossad. It's redundant, and misleading. Furthermore, you grossly skipped over the fact that christian subversion of rome is what led it to its fracturing. Once the jews and their christian servants began persecuting pagans and destroying places of knowledge because of its pagan ties, it was over.

Read Codex Theodosianus and stop posting until you're no longer bluepilled. When you mix in historical revisionism and your favored outlook of jewish schemes, you don't convince or redpill anyone, you instead spread disinformation and keep people bluepilled.

Sage for stealth Zig Forums thread and historical revisionism.

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Now I am sad.

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