Austria considers making internet users REGISTER with their providers to prevent people hiding behind anonymity to post...

Austria considers making internet users REGISTER with their providers to prevent people hiding behind anonymity to post hate speech

Austria said Wednesday it was considering a law to make it mandatory for big internet platforms to register their users and deprive those behind hate posts of anonymity.
'Unfortunately there have been an increasing number of clear violations, denigrations and humiliations online in the past under the cover of anonymity. That's why we need a framework for more responsibility online,' Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote on Twitter.
The new law would take effect in 2020 and would make it mandatory for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to register their users, said Gernot Bluemel, minister in charge of EU affairs, art, culture and media.

It would be up to the platforms themselves to decide the form of registration, but authorities would be able to access users' identities in case of hate postings or on suspicion of other laws being broken, he said.
'The online space should not be a space without laws,' Bluemel told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting, adding that Austria aimed to set a precedent for other countries in the matter.
French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this year caused controversy by suggesting a ban on anonymous postings on social media.
In Austria, the law would have to be approved MPs as well as the European Commission to make sure it is in line with EU guidelines that stipulate, for example, that member states cannot regulate a platform provider more strictly than its country of origin.
The proposed law would only apply to internet platforms that have a certain reach - more than 100,000 users or 500,000 euros ($430,000) annual turnover in Austria - as well as online media that receive more than 50,000 euros in state aid, Bluemel said.
Austrian opposition parties have criticised the proposal, saying it restricts online freedom and gives even more user data to online giants, such as Facebook, which is already under fire over how it handles such information.

Reminder that this (((far-right))) kosher Chancellor actually hijacked the Austrian rightists' victory through Soros' ECFR.

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how about that

Of course the proposal is shit.
But I can think of a few ways to get the enemy into massive trouble via identity theft if those laws get passed.

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And anyone with dissenting opinions

I love Europa, it's people, culture, my Fatherland….but at this point it pains me to say this; Fuck you Europe!

It's not just Austria it's global, including The United States. Kikes are fond of saying "you have freedom of speech, you're free to get out on the street corner and get on your soapbox and say whatever you want". So long as we can identify you and then sneak around in the shadows and anonymously ruin your life.

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The jews think this multiculturalism will protect them. It's like it never occurred to them the holocaust will be a real one and the faces that put them in the ovens will all be multicultural.

You can almost smell the global revolution building that will hang all these fucks from every lamp post and branch around the world.


what the fuck? europe is lost.

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Radical centrists strike again

Seriously though, this guy was a sleeper agent for the globalists

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you aren't wrong.

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He wasn’t even much of a sleeper. Just marched right in bold as you like.

This seems pretty much in line with South Korea being the testing ground for the rest of the world regarding this kind of policy. Europe is truly lost to the kikes.

Why bother pointing out individual counties?
This is the template now for all of Europe.
The Christchurch event is the basis for the urgent acceleration planned rolling out of the various regional "actions."
The UK is soon to require login or "Internet passport" and THE PUBLIC SUPPORT IT OVERWHELMINGLY (for the children.)
Enjoy your "acceleration", your backlash isn't going to happen.
Anyone who still doesn't realize that Tarrant is a made-up character and Christchurch was a staged event to be used as justification for restrictions of freedom that even Stalin never dreamt of, can only be mentally deficient or deeply in denial.

After Christchurch, everyone in NZ and US freaked out about censorship crackdowns.. I think the right perspective to take, is that if/when they ban user posting/'hatespeech' online, then we can focus even more on real world solutions.

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Even if it was staged it still had potential for people to wake up and go outside of things e Internet to fight. If you're not willing to fight in terrible times you don't deserve to have good things anyway and your country is conquered by an actual enemy. All you do now is just allow your enemy to fuck you more and nothing would change had this event never happened. The only thing might change is that your life would be a bit more comfortable so you could die with happier life. But now you going to suffer more.

wtf I love the (((EU))) now.

Fuck, go outside of the internet*

No. Before he was elected there were threads calling his kikery out. Not many but they existed. The problem was there was a very large amount of trolls pushing for him.

the US is on its way too. hate to be a doomer, but the npc horde really are apathetic to all this. i'd say about 10% of the country really knows what's going on.

I remember shills on Zig Forums promoted this colossal faggot when he was elected. There was a guy before him who was much, much better I recall, but they used (((maneuvers))) to remove his chance.

They will MITM your connections to TOR.

But they aren't. They're happy about the new restrictions. You're extrapolating widespread opposition because it's the norm on chans. Not even 1% of the population uses these places.
The normals are for nearly total censorship because they have been told it will stop ISIS radicalising muslims in their country, and protect their children from pedophiles.
Who in the normsphere would dare oppose that, or even want to?

nm, the headline was misleading. I thought they were pushing this to the ISPs. If they do that though, it's over.

No need when the exit nodes are all controlled.

thats all you could ever expect

everywhere is being fucked

They will need the MITM approach to break SSL though. Otherwise they won't be able to easily de-anonymize an Zig Forums post.

Imagine being so petty and treacherous that anonymous internet posts hurt your bottom line.

Choke on your diamonds and guzzle gutter slime, filthy whores.

I wish nothing short of eternal torment and torture for the wealthy sociopaths. Truly evil and destined to fail.

their strategy has been for a long time:
1. create the problem
2. wait for the public to despair
3. present a solution
4. the public welcome something they would have actively opposed just a few years before

1. flood Europe with violent, disgusting third worlders so they can murder and rape
2. leave public to stew, part and parcel, lol sux 2 b u, why don't you live in a gated community, not all muslims lol
3. children are seeing porn!! whites are being radicalised, whites are the evil that is destroying europe/the US
4. ID for internet, stop and search, airports fisting your anus.


Not something that should be legislated. But it might result in harder redpilling if people are forced to become creative with their words. Theres only so many people you can convert with rainbow swasticas.

False. If they know which IPs are paired up for that data on (((TOR))) encryption is meaningless for determining and hiding who the post is from.

why do redditfags do this?

Nice, let the dystopian end times begin. May they last for short so people will rise but not too short or people will not remember.

God, imagine if we weren’t living in an actual meme timeline and people would go out and march on the street in protest and actually do something. My fucking country once mob mentallyied a politician so hard he was dragged out his office and cut to pieces and eaten, better times.

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False. The TOR problem makes it harder to trace due to the issues with routing. Forget TOR, a normal user can post to Zig Forums, and with SSL, all the ISP sees is that a certain IP sent data to Zig, that's it. No URL, no POST request, just enciphered text. Ditto for the reply. Of course, if Zig Forums itself was compromised, then it's very easy to pair up IPs. In all likelihood though, Austria does not have access to the Zig Forums server(s).

Because they've never been told no in their lives. As adults when people tell them no they call the police. Oddly they say they hate the police.


If your computer sends data to Zig while posting here you might have a problem lad.

SSL is TCP layer. Try to know what you're talking about before acting cocky.

Pardon me.

It was bound to happen sooner or later and I bet you knew this long before the shooting happened. However even if faggots support crnsorship it is likely because they don't want to be depressed by reading the truth. Every single faggot is aware of the problems we have except less know who is the enemy, that Sweden refugee video proved this further, you know, when they were asking randoms how they feel about muds and if they would take them to their home. People are just cowards and aren't willing to sacrifise their comfort for a risk which can or can't change things for better. This problems is not exclusive to to the real world, there are many people on Zig Forums with such mindset too.
The shooting in truth is irrelevant although it could serve as an inspiration to fight, but I still hope for people getting fed up with this shit with a few exceptions if we speak of countries.

look at the SJWs infiltrating everything. They werent this vocal going in. We need to retake control of education and media primarily, and it wont be done by shitposting swasticas

this cracka trump son o wuuuuut?

Kurz is a deep state plant who pretends to be right wing sometimes. In reality, there is no difference between him and Verhofstad.

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Islamic terrorists, and pedos making and distributing child porn get no reaction for years from the authorities and then suddenly they're galvanized into action by a few rare pepes on a Tibetan basket weaving forum.

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Austrian here.
Ironically our only hope is now that this proposal violates EU law, which I think it does just like data retention.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our president of Parliament, also ÖVP, is lobbying to make the use of Tor and other services providing anonymity like non-corporate VPNs outright illegal. Says there's no place for anonymity in a democracy, only in dictatorships. Let that sink in.

Also there's been a large-scale crackdown on right-wing movements after it came out that Tarrant donated 1500€ to the Identitarians when he visited Austria. They are now considered a Nazi Terrorist organization and all members banned from government and military positions. A few days ago there als was a country-wide raid on neo-nazis attending a concert, lots of dangerous material like flags with righ-wing symbols, CDs with right-wing music and some rusted war relics were confiscated in their homes. The'll probably go to jail for years.

Don't forget that we are considered to have one of the most 'right-wing' governments in Europe.

this. they started as cringey emo hipsters. now they must be purged.

That's because they fully support this business. In Sweden or UK child trafficking is even legalized.

why do amerimutts try to emulate trump-speech so fucking hard ? makes me want to strangle these fucks, god dammit

(((Far-Right))) faggots like these ones make me miss old school far-left communists

there are no exit nodes for a hidden service you retard
you think we're posting on 8ch? no we are using oxwugzcc(etc.) onion

Remember the migration compact, anyone? The parts there it explicitly states that only positive things about migration must be told? All negativity banned … ? Here we go.

Sure, Mr. Meltingpot.

Wasn't it an online donation though?
He didn't even visit Sellner, he just donated some shekels he got from crypto around half a year ago.

FPÖ are neocon-tier, they just spread their asscheeks to Kurz.

Nächstes Mal Düringer wählen

FPÖ were initially against the law because it's mainly gonna target raging boomers which are their voter base but eventually cucked because all they really want is to stay in power and collect gibs like any party.
The FPÖ leadership is now especially eager to distance themselves from everything that could even remotely considered nazi - or even 'nationalist' which is almost used as a synonym now. The party base and voters aren't too happy of course. It's like Tarrant predicted, politics go overboard with countermeasures. We'll see how this plays out in the end.

*Western Europe

The only country fighting for internet freedom is Poland. Funnily enough.
Also there is a similar law being discussed in the German parliament, making the darknet just illegal. (lul)
Oh and they want to force people to give away their passwords on the police's request.

Only affects niggers that can't into tech.
Terrys are unaffected by this.

This is effectively full Internet for approved ZOGbots and white men only.

The vast majority of powerful Tor nodes are in western EU. As nodes are publicly known, Tor is pretty much kill if operating one becomes illegal EU-wide. Even just Germany and Austria would be a huge loss. I told Tor developers several times they need to diversify around the globe but they're too busy promoting tranny rights.

(((PiS))) gov in 2016 made law that give them ability to block any site they want. Also "hate" crimes like having swastika or celebrating Führer birthday at private meeting are prosecuted


Implying this isn't on purpose so that the plug can be pulled in case it is used mainly for revolutionary causes instead of drugs and cp.

Copy that.

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Who are you going to teach about the evils of immigration, achmet and muhhamed or bobo the nigger?
We do not have the time for this.
Half of kids born in European cities are already non-white.

Austrian chancellor hasn't fully cucked yet

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He wants the shitskins to integrate. Aka mix more with the locals. You fucking cuckchan retard.

lurk moar faggot

Jesus that line is crazy stupid. It's pure Orwellian double speak.

Herzlichste Grüße aus Österreich liebe 8 Kanal Fuzzis!

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That Sellner guy looks like a Turkroach anyway. Do Austrians even look like that?

Happy now Stormfags?

Normally you would be right, user, but the operators of this site are incredibly retarded. Even over the onion service, clearnet Zig Forums domains are queried for things like images.
If you use the developer tools that come with Tor browser, you can see that is still connected to over the onion service.

>Not just making something like the (((NSA))) like (((Amerimutts))) so it's all automatic

look into port tunneling on sim cards if u want anonymous access to the internet xd

the jewish d&c board is that way >>>Zig Forums

Not sure about Sellner, but some do manage to get into mud-territory.
UV is pretty strong further up in the mountains.

Go back

So it's already law.

Kurz is a Satanist.
Just look at his predator waifu

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looks like a robot
from that swedish serie
hubot or something

got it

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Kind of soulless

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Cindy McCain has the same void look in her eyes.. a price you pay for for every soul consumed through Spirit Cooking.
On closer inspection, her snout ( ) is that of a typical baby-eater. The PM of New Zealand has the same protrusive jaw.

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Literally virtue signalling right wing cucks againt far right. These politicians are bigger enemies than the far left.

Kill him and rape her.

nice to see you here for a change
im sick of those pedos

WWII memorabilia is verboten? That's outrageous.

That’s a lizard baby, yeah

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right on the money

Checked for forever.

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You TRSodomites tried that (((narrative))) with the retarded "let's replace slurs with brand names" shilling.

Yep. jews always try and control language first.

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This shit is getting more and more cyberpunk dystopia.
They won't be able to ban Tor that easily though. Even if the ISPs block the directory relays and VPNs, you can still use a Tor bridge to access Tor. They would have to ban Tor globally.

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If they blocked their shitposting service they would lose what little power they had.

Actually yeah.


That's a shame ahey? Aussies aren't shitpost kings fer nothing m8.

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This is Austria, the European banking cartel hideout. It's extra ordinarily protected.

'king saved! Thanks m8