The Dialectic of Sex

Our Enemy, the Jewish Woman

The transgender movement, the attack on straight white males, the push for gender equality – all of it comes from Judaic thought and is at least 3,000 years old.

The most recent declaration of war on men came from (((Shulamith Firestone))) in her book The Dialectic of Sex (1970, attached). She wrote it when she was 25 and became the blueprint for modern feminism:

In other words, she wanted to erase GENITAL differences – her work is the feminist argument to make boys transgender. The rise in child transgenderism is NOT an accident. It is by FEMINIST DESIGN.
Feminists like Firestone and their powerful followers (including Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros) will NOT STOP untill ALL BOYS have become GIRLS.
Reading this book, together with the Bolshevik work titled "What Is To be Done" by Nikolai Chernyshevsky (also attached), wil explain you all you need to now about Marxism, Feminism, Transgenderism, etc.
These books made me realize Jews are different SPECIES that only looks human on the outside. (And I'm sure they are equally confused about us.)
Here it becomes crucial to understand that Judaism/Jewry is a matriachal system in which women rule from behind the scenes. Jewish men are puppets on strings, empty shells, loyal dogs who follow their matriarch's every command.

In Conclusion
We must realize that the force destroying the West, and the whole world, is JEWISH FEMINISM pushed by JEWISH WOMEN. The Jewish woman is the most disgusting, mentally deformed, sickly creature that has ever existed. We have to stop (((her))).

Book Downloads
What Is To Be Done (1863; sparked Soviet communism)

The Dialectic of Sex (1970; sparked the gender equality movement)

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judaism is only 2000 years old though?

What the fuck?

Jews are indeed not human. They have strayed of what we call "humanity". Why do you think that every society, every civilization, even the most barbarious types all naturally wanted to exterminate the jew? Its not because they dont want to adapt to its host country. Its because they are inhumane. They are not human. And we must be the generation to exterminate them.

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What I see from this, past the nonsense bullshit, is she has inadvertently advocated for women to be replaced by robot catgirls and the female race to be exterminated, replaced by hermaprodite gynoids, just as the MGTOW movement advocates. She also seems to believe in the Anarchist concept of "Adult Suppremacy" which believes the adult oppresses the child in an ageist manner. The concept of Adult Suppremacy actually has some merit, but to remove the concept can not at present exist. I envision a future where through hyonaeopathic learning a child will have fluency in every European language by age 8 and a doctorate-level of understanding of theoretical physics by age 12. It will be then that ageism will be truer than it is now.

Other books involved in the Gender Equality Movement are Joy of Sex and Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask

You're missing the point. Transgenderism is only an a result of what Firestone has in mind. Her goal is to destroy the family as the core of society and alienate whites from each other so that they aren't able to form resistance as a body against their destruction.

When a Jew stops being feminine, he stops being a Jew. There is a reason why they are matrineal, their entire anti-race is organic manifestation of absolute feminine principle. Every Vice, every form of corruption, every lie, is feminine in nature. Jewish males are like worker drones serving the queen bee, even their Rabbis are in a sense, because their god is female. It doesn't matter what their religion says outwardly, what matters is the principle it serves, and that's the devouring mother. This is why the last age is the one where feminine has absolute dominance over the masculine, the era of the Jew. Where all the values get dissolved, everything gets perverted and degenerated, all the masculine creations are stolen and devoured by the jealous, inferior impostor, who always was, and forever will be, a cheap copy. The proverbial woman. Petty, irrational, superficial.

Contrasted to the absolute masculine, Aryan archetype, that embodies all the Virtues, highest reason and the golden age.

Male Jews, are ironically, worst cucks in existence. If any of them grew a spine, they would resist the vaginal jew.

Judaism dates back to about 3,000 years old
Christianity 2,000
Islam 1,400

The State doesn't want competition. The State wants to decide what people get to eat, so parents have to get out of the way.

So she wants to destroy all authority but the authority of the State. It sounds to me these Leftists are the true Authoritarians who hate autonomous families. An autonomous family doesn't need the state. It can, indeed as you say, fight back and resist.

I think this sums up Judaism!

no judaism isnt 3000 years old its 2000 years old and was founded at a council in the 1st century ad. only orthodox jews and dumb normalfaggots claim its 3000 years old
christianity is 4000 years old kikeism was founded at the council of jamnia

kys astroturfing shill

kys shill

This is true user. The charter for 'judiaism' was given out by Nero to Pharisee ben Zaki. That means it is younger than Christianity which predated the birth of Christ by an unknown number of years but was mentioned 200 years before his birth by the Roman state.

At any rate, judiasm is nothing more than semitic (nigger) paganism. Just like Christianity is nothing more than European paganism.

True again. Phariseeism is much older and that is the true ruling power on this planet.


Only someone is is completely insane, and an avowed enemy of reality, would call the biological family tyranny. These people hate God's creation.

This is why women MUST be enslaved.

demonic parasites, humanoid but not human.

No, christianity is 2000 years old. Judaism is 3000-3500 years old

Nope user…you are just wrong and history proves you are wrong. We have the documents.

the talmud predates the bible, it was only updated to include Christ. it is babylonian

the book could have its origins over 3900 years ago

how do we breach this subject with people without sounding insane? this is literally an invasion of the body snatchers plight we are in.

It is too late for anyone who doesn’t understand that the jews are an alien race. They openly admit that they are an alien race that receives orders from off planet sources on how to destroy the planet. Do you remember that quote about how they will destroy humanity because they want ‘a world of their own’? Well that is the plan and they are sticking too it.

No that's the feminist fiction. Feminism convinced women that men are evil. There was never a war between the sexes. Men and women complement each other. The man is active, the woman passive, but neither is the other's slave. Men and women are like Sky and Earth. You need both to raise a people.

Even if women aren't made into slaves, they must at least be made second class. No one can have a decent society otherwise.

You don't understand what's happening there, because like almost everyone you assume that transgenderism is always or almost always MtF. This was a safe assumption until very recently, but the tranny kids are mostly FtM, which nobody expected, including the trannies who started pushing for more early transition.
This was an accident. The goal of the older tranny activists pushing this stuff was to get MtFs to transition earlier, because there's no way to reverse the skeletal changes caused by male puberty, which is why MtFs are typically so ugly. Instead, they created a huge wave of FtMs, because girls are more susceptible to fads than boys and the number of kids who actually wish they were the opposite sex is pretty small.
Also, the Firestone passage isn't talking about transgenderism but about artificial wombs. She correctly recognizes that the differences between men and women come in large part from women needing to undergo pregnancy for reproduction to occur, but because she's a kike she decides this means nature needs to be "fixed" (tikkun olam) rather than obeyed.

It's the same in south east Asia with the Chinese diaspora.

High IQ women are especially skilled manipulators and when you can't mix outside of your race for whatever reason it's game over for the men…

Brow beaten by tiger mothers and turned into good slaves for them and the next generation of shrew harpies and social shaming makes sure that the boys and men don't get out of line.

THIS user. You wanna know how I KNOW that you are White?

What's most vital is that boys are raised to be dominant, masculine men that cooperate in large groups with each other. Women naturally act much more submissive when surrounded by a united group of masculine men who don't put pussy and muh dik on a pedestal and let it manipulate them to divide and conquer their solidarity.

That's well over half the battle to keep women from ruining civilization. Education must not be Uni-sex. Fathers must take control of raising their sons after early childhood and ensure they are set on a path to being a part of a strong brotherhood that will have dominant influence on society.

Oh goody, it's time for the shabbat shitposting rampup.

correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't it that the first circumcision in the jewish text a woman had a big roll in it or something?
and that the cutting/drawing of blood had a symbological/ritualistic connection of sort with the breaking of the hymen, or something????

Great post, I'm going to cap this when I get home.

What defines the Aryan is polarity, not masculine or feminine individually. Jewesses aren't more feminine than Aryan women.

Please Haim tell us more about why you want to kill your wife because the haredi don't divorce?

Jew men and women are equally reprehensible anything to the country is deliberate misdirection.


Our Enemy, all women.
All women must be killed and replaced with artificial tools for procreation. Women are not people. Women are parasites. All women are the same as jews and must be removed from our world.


This was literally the kike plan you raging kike. KYS

Having your own country and fighting for it has the unfortunate side-effect of growing a spine. What do you think is going on in the heads of young Israeli males?

No, Catholicism is heavily steeped in paganism. The rest of Christianity sought to purge the European pagan elements, though they didn't purge them all since many still celebrate Christmas and Easter.

This had never worked here and it never will, Chaim.

trololol it's easier to replace all languages with 1

Well, it does sever the nerves which give men pleasure and traumatizes them since early age. Wasn't it also mostly boys that get sacrificed in their rituals? Maybe some resident Rabbi can tell us more about it.

It's not about polarity (at least not with diametrically opposed poles) because 2 always comes after 1. It's about the masculine using the feminine to complete itself, subduing the feminine (NOT enslaving it). Learning to control the demons rather than to be controlled by them. This is for the benefit of female as well if done properly. Giving women absolute freedom, or letting all the demons to run loose, is self-destructive for them too. Look at all those testimonies of women who say that feminism has ruined their lives and made them miserable. Women were never equal, nor will ever be. They are mere vessels allowing for physical reproduction to take place. And that's what defines them, and their thinking in entirety. They could be more than that, but that depends on the Man and the overall values imbued in society. There are rare exceptions, but those do not define the general rule.

Actually Germanic women are more masculine, and that sets them apart. Then again, it's the men that define the society. Jewish males are feminine, which is why their society is feminine. It's the nagging mother, the jealous, scheming matriarch that sets the rules. Aryan societies are defined by men and masculine values, where women are cherished for their beauty and limited (but necessary) roles, but never treated as equals, because nature did not make them equal. In Jewish (and controlled) societies, women are not only treated as equals, but allowed to oppress and torture the men.

That's the actual root of disagreement between globalist and nation-state Jews. From our perspective, there is not much difference (they are both trying to subvert, destroy and enslave us), but for them, it's about stopping to be sons of whores (or at least trying to do so) and adopting some masculine elements. But masculinity is antithetical to the essence of the Jew (which is the absolute feminine, representing the complete lack of values/ideals, loyalty, creativity, virtues, but over-abundance of viciousness, scheming, social manipulation, perfidy, lust, greed, jealousy and other vices). Which makes it very difficult for them. That's why Israel is as poz'd as any western society and right-wing movements are banned there as well. Growing a spine is a painful process. Feminine is mostly useful for physical survival, but not much more than that. And that's exactly what they got. Survival. But what else? What is their creation, their identity, their values? Isn't it ironic that literally everything that they use, was stolen from their enemies? Mimicry is the highest form of praise as they say.

Wew. Good find, dumping what I have.

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This is why jewluminati puppets stick out their tongues, to show devotion to Kali. Also, to show willingness to lick Hollywood jew brown eye. in the Sri Kalki Purana, it is said the army of the demon goddess has owls on their standards.

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absolutely based. this is the only logical conclusion that one can arrive to after all the facts about kikes are gathered, humans, no matter how depraved are incapable of such … acts on a continual millennia long stretch

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Bump for interest.

Many symbols on second image were appropriated and turned upside-down by kikes and their dumb shabbos either out of ignorance, or on purpose so white people get to hate their own symbols and accept Jewish myths like Christianity as the "good side" (false dialectics). Mithras is literally slaying Moloch, most Illuminati imagery is actually Aryan (One seeing eye is actually eye of Odin) . Kali imagery is pretty straightforward though, they are not even hiding it anymore.


this site was shut down several times. what jews meant by this?

possible answer

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In fact, this whole interview is worth watching, simply for the interactive dynamic between White male and Jewish female.

Their women are masculine and their men are feminine. Weird.

The difference is that women aren't evil, just much more susceptible to corruption. Women preside over rape and abortion on mass scale. Women just can't conceptualize morality on any sort of scale, jews can and instead choose to do evil.

Jewish women are sexually attracted to me physically and then when we get to know one another and I start shooting my big mouth off they get very very cranky with me. I piss them off supremely. It's funny to stand back and observe it. I never hit on them, they come to me like a kitty cat that wants to have its ears scratched.

Its not that their women are masculine and their men dominant, that's your perception limiting your scope.
What it actually is, is that they are a matrimonial society, and their females are the dominant sex within their racial paradigm.

Its not that jewish women are masculine, its that they are dominant in the ways that, amongst Europeans, the males express; and while I would suggest there is grounds to argue that European women qualify for the claim of absent capacity to conceptualize morality, I think the jewish female has acquired it, but, due to her inherent nature as a jew, it is innately a perversion.


"matriarchal" not "matrimonial"

Yes, because they actually want to fuck you, but not because of why you think.

Jewish sexuality is heavily grounded in shame and depravity (moral corruption; wickedness). The profane and depraved, the more it arouses a jew. This is why so many of them are obsessed with feces, why they enjoy truly degenerate pornography and other vice, why they fetishize the grotesqueness of existence.

As such, treason is basically a jewish sexual fetish, particularly in the context of race-mixing.

Actually, I was going for matrillineal.
They aren't really matriarchal, but matrillineality ads its own context.
Fun fact: Matrillineality is also heavily prevalent amongst the sub-Saharan Africans.

Sure thing, I see what you're saying. Agreed on the inversion of any sort of natural tendencies. Truly a perverse people.

However, the point stands because women are terrible men and vice versa. Jewish women being mannish doesn't make them dominant, just puts them forward as a facsimile of actual men.

It's also why they love putting women in leadership roles, the inversion of the natural order is pleasing to them.

As usual, you dumb white niggers fail to know the difference between Hebraic Judaism (patriarchal), and Talmudic Judaism (matriarchal)!

Theyre matrilinear because jewish males are ugly and have to worship their women so they would allow them anywhere near. The original white knights, protecting their jewish princesses from males of other groups, that treat them like they deserve to be as jewesses, so like an utter worthless trash. Literally have to pay males from other groups for being with them, with share of stolen goods.

Bees working hard, when their queen fucks a usually black hornet.

Exactly the point I was putting forth - its not that they are MASCULINE, its that they are the dominant factor in their society, and thus, to us, from a society of beings wherein the male and thus masculine beings are the dominant ones, they would seem, to us, to be MASCULINE… But not in any sense of meaningful application in many of those capacities, hence the differentiations between being masculine and being the societally dominant sex.

I would go as far as to say its not only pleasing, it arouses them sexually. They tend to perceive sexual arousal from desecration and depravity, just in conceptual terms, even where significantly dissociated from anything sexual. You can see this in their commentary as well, which often veers heavily into the vein of sexual perversion espousing tones of depravity and/or desecration (of purity).

Its like they've come to espouse a racial fetishization of an inversion of (((Haidt)))'s intra-tribal moral foundations.

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Jews confirmed as niggers.

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Literally jewish situation, that they projected on european groups with media propaganda. Females are bunch of whores that without dna testing wouldnt know who the father is.

White mans technology rescued us from that, mostly.

I'm with you, user. Manipulation and obfuscation are their only real joys. I actually doubt they realize what they're doing half the time. The Mein Kampf quote about arguments always does justice to their limitless depravity.

The only thing really stopping a mass awakening is how little the average person understands their completely inverted mindset. We're at an advantage because of how quickly we pick up on their antics in real time. People just don't want to believe anyone is actually so amoral. There's a reason anyone who has read the Talmud wants it burned.

A look into their minds is a journey into darkness.

No, both their women, and especially their men are more feminine. Aryan/Germanic (and European in general) nations and societies are opposite, both men and women are more masculine. And it is, for the most part, in these societies where you can find rare women who are actually capable of appreciating masculine values and truly completing the men. The downside of that, is that women are more likely to try to be more masculine than men are. This is the root of the Valkyrie/Amazon archetype that most other races and nation don't have. Valkyries complete men, Amazons try to kill and eat them. The Jew has corrupted both men and women, turning women into Amazons, which are destroying men and society.

They can't (most of them at least), since they are feminine. They see evil as good, just like women do. Many of them unironically believe that they are the victims and that they are doing the right thing, no matter how depraved, illogical, and vicious their actions are. Same as women. True evil, just like true good, comes from Aryans.

A female sexual fetish. Hence why it's mostly women who engage in race-mixing

And that's why the vaginal jew seeks males that are more compatible with her. The society of unrestrained breeding and lowest animal instincts, befitting a woman. Their lust compels them to it, but lacking any rational capacity, they don't realize it's not actually good for them, quite the opposite. Women that are instinctively repulsed/disgusted by niggers and don't fetishize them are the best material, because a negro is more than just a sexual beast, it represents values that they strive towards.

Their women are ugly too. And quite contrary, they are not only not protecting their females, they are pimping them out as prostitutes. They are greatest cucks in existence. The few unfortunate ones might adopt some masculine values, but their women certainly won't.

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a bus full of people praying for the first time: "please just shut the fuck up"

One particularity of notice about mass mudskin migration is that the great majority of them are males. As in, more than 90%. If race-mixing was the only goal, they would bring females too hoping that desperate white males would mix with them, or, so they could birth a lot of children to other mudskins, which would later mix with white children in Jew run schools. It would not affect the end result much.

This way, it only "benefits" women. They are increasing a pool of potential partners to mate with, and those who would compete over them. This mating pressure forces white man to go even greater lengths to mold themselves up to female tastes (which is anti-civilizational and degenerate), to the point of becoming their slaves. Female nature can be blamed for this situation as much, or even more than the Jews.

An interesting scene happened to me a while ago, I was sitting in a bus on a seat facing backwards and a bunch of rapefugees were sitting in the back. At one moment, 3 white girls in their 20's entered, and out of entire bus, which was almost empty, went to sit next to shitskins. Now, something very interesting happened. While those animals were drooling over them, they did not look at them, not even once. They were looking at me, giggling and touching their hair. Women get off on men fighting over them, they are increasing the supply of potential partners so they can blackmail you. In the same manner as a kike would increase labor competition so he can pay workers less, or import a lot of low IQ people that would take new loans. It's the same principle, the same line of thinking

TL;DR Women = Jews

The more I read about the left and our enemies I realise it's all just jealousy and naked agression hidden behind morality. That's all these people really are passive-agressive jealous narcists, they are all just jealous of us.

Is it truly jealously? Or they learned to hate them selves?
Cant really tell.

Seem to remembr


Pathetic diversion. You know what actually makes someone a threat to a group? Hidden criminality. You know what I don’t think Jews are into? Hidden criminality. I think Jew-hate is a nice bright signal of hidden criminality.


Just come back to honesty already, people. When do you think people consider you dead? It’s when you do things that are pure, dumb, backwards evil. Criminals suck. They live their lives trapped in patterns that suck.

Most people are happier than the people who most keenly lie about happiness. Instead of trying to enslave yourself to the perfectly balanced lie, have real balance sufficient to make that unnecessary.

Try moving the other way in the reciprocal of the pattern.

the only thing I don't like about this thread is that you're using a Degas portrait of a young French woman that he knew. Degas was a ferocious antisemite so I think it's sort of unfair to the young lady to be implicitly portrayed as a jewess.

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You are referring to the ritual, similar to the wedding ritual today where the bride throws a bouquet of flowers to the bachelorettes, whereby the freshly severed foreskin is thrown to the bachelorettes—who attended the bris for no other reason. The lucky lady then swallows the bloody tissue newly hewn from an infant pecker. It's described in Ariel Toaff's Blood Passover.

Funny enough, Jews are always on about how enlightened their culture is, but they never mention these facets of their heritage…

Gotta say, 25 is pretty early to write political texts. Most 25 YO are kind of silly. Shows us she had been raised for (((their))) war effort against Whites pretty well and early.

This is why redpilling must be as early and extensive/elaborate as possible.

< Jews are bad because they are female!
Ancient hebrews were 100% male-dominated and yaya is male. Nice try, r9k.

It is (((deliberate deception))).

Both jewish male and jewish female are cancer.

good god, now I'm feeling sick.

I knew they were stuck in Bronze Age savagery but this is too much for me.

Take it in slowly.

The people who shout the loudest that "oy vey, we're victims and always persecuted for no reason !", in fact, turns out to be the most terrible oppressor and mass murderer in the history of mankind.

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Kikes were in china?

That is very good info user.

Ebil commies always jews. Great capitalists never. Oh wait.

Christianity is the continuation of Gods relation to man. Jews that rejected Gods sacrifice in effect started their own religion in opposition to God. So Christianity is slightly older than the Jewish rebellion against God.

You stopped making sense there JIDF. Try again, you're being paid to make shitposts on "opposition" websites.

In the seventies no less, in China's politburo at a time when outsiders weren't allowed into China at all. Part of Mao's revolution. But the 15 person politburo that ran the country had 3 jews in it; one of them was an old jewish lady. kek.

And nobody knew. What a joke.

I started learning about jews for real in grade 11 when I transferred over to a rich kids school back in 1969. I'm constantly learning new things about them. I have to say they're quite the characters. Very ingenious.

My current belief is that the jews have been the main operators on the Silk Road for at least 3000 years, if not more. They're not stupid. Never underestimate your enemy. They're not stupid at all.

Let them expose them selves for everyone to see.

That's debatable.

Until they made a covenant with (((god))) and became feminine in principle. Pimping your wife, who is also your sister, to various strangers, is not very masculine. Modern cucks are biologically male, but they are still female dominated.

Jews rejected (((Jesus))) because they did not want the poison they made for goyim to spread among their own. That's the only reason for their "hostility" .

explain more

Little Sir Hugh was murdered by a Jewess in medieval England

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