The Brexit Party: UKIP but without the far-right, claims Nigel Farage

The Brexit Party: UKIP but without the far-right, claims Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the leader of the new Brexit Party, says his anti-EU group will mirror UKIP on policies, but when it comes to personnel there will be a “vast difference,” with no far-right faction.
The former UKIP leader launches his new party in Coventry on Friday in preparation for fighting European elections that the UK may be forced to participate in on May 23, if a Brexit deal cannot be passed by British lawmakers.

Speaking on BBC 4’s Today program, Farage, who quit UKIP in December due to what he saw as leader, Gerard Batten’s “obsession” with former head of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, claims his Brexit Party will not have such far-right individuals.

Farage is hoping to attract support from disgruntled pro-Brexit Tories, unhappy with Prime Minister Theresa May delaying the UK’s exit from the European Union.
The hardline Brexiteer also revealed that his party would not be taking donations from Aaron Banks, the millionaire who helped to bankroll UKIP, suggesting the businessman wants to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to political donations.
The UK Parliament is currently in recess until April 23, giving Farage’s Brexit Party the opportunity to grab the media and public’s attention, and take advantage of the fact that the issue of Brexit is dominating political discourse in Britain.

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Frages only use is as a hammer against the EU.
The way he acted about UKIP and him founding a 1 subject party now prove that all he's good for is bringing things down.
Once brexit is done he will be useless since he obviously doesn't know how to build up anything useful.

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What is point of Brexit if they take migrants anyway. Let's be real. British goverment is under jewish control for long time. They use their goyim to take conquer world and now they throw them under bus after they destroy Germany. Britain can't escape karma. If you take land of someone else, your land will be taken.

Brits don't have balls to be racist and kill all non white scum.

A one-subject party is pretty bad, even for Farage.
Personally I think a purge is necessary to save Britain, with how they treated Assange and Brexit.
These people have been manipulating the shallow minded for decades, voting appratently does not work, especially with how easy it is to hack voter machines, create false votes and pressure people into voting.
Corporations seem to have gained far to much power, this power can only be overturned by an equivalent amount of people.
Unfortunately these people cannot come together anymore to oppose corporations due to all the new anti-"Far-Right" laws coming in. Hate speech is speech for the common
Now days you should be concerned because the pigs will knock on your door to have a "conversation" with you about your "opinions", and if push comes to shovew enjoy spending 10 years in a Bong prison. Whats worse is it doesnt matter if these opinions are from decades ago.

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Farage pretty much exposed himself as either a jew-puppet or else one of jew-nature. He made arguments for years about how it was stupid that we were accepting all manner of people from Poland and Romania, yet none from our historic allies in Australia and India. The mention of India certainly had alarm bells ringing in the ears of Zig Forumsacks, but to the average Brit this was seen not as a call for more Indian and Australian immigrants; but instead to point out the hypocrisy of the Left and the Mainstream for portraying their position as that which aided the 'free movement of people' and 'diversity'. He made many claims about the economic side and advantage of Brexit, pointing out rightly how bloated bureaucratic institutions in Britain alone were a blight upon productivity, and that this became a thousandfold worse when in the EU there were even more idiotic organisations, more red-tape, and hundreds of thousands more useless middle-men sucking up tax-payer money whilst serving only to bloat and slow down anyone attempting to make money. These were all good points, but the common Englishman, Welshman and Scot never overly cared about these things; sure, more money is always nice, and proving your ideological foe to be a hypocrite can never be a bad thing; but he was never arguing for Brexit from the position of those like us, those who cared more about our culture, our youth, our people, and wanted to preserve it and defend it from ravening hordes hell-bent on warping our land into looking like the hellscapes that they had come from. Already we had little ghettos full of Somalis and Pakis, we had incredible rates of crime from blacks and asians, our trainstations and parks were full of drunken Slavs, and our once near spotless nation began to be immersed in littered and filth. This infuriated the common man. It is undeniable that Brexit was, in the eyes of the everyman of Briton, firstly about getting rid of foreigners and secondly about retaking control of our nation (and the two are obviously very much linked). The economy always rises and falls (especially when it is owned by yids), but our people are either us or they aren't. We wanted OUR country back. That was the slogan.

Farage is thus a traitor, and the signs were always there. Thankfully we have Gerard Batten now who seems pretty great and is ever willing to call a spade a spade. He calls Muhamad a paedophilic warlord, islam a creed of violence and hatred that is bent on conquest and says we need to act to stop it before its too late. He talks about what it means to be British and goes out of his way to celebrate such holy days as St Georges day. He's not perfect by any means, he's not a Zig Forumsack, but he's a hell of a lot closer to it than ANYTHING we have seen in Britain for likely over 50 years, if not more. He has done a few potentially concerning things like allied himself with Tommy Robinson (near certain controlled opposition) as well as Sargon of Akkad (the manlet cuck-king). These two are again cause for concern, but at least they are outwardly pro-British and pro-Democracy. It's not Hitler and the depth of their Nationalism is pretty low, but hell; I'll take it over anything else that has been seen on offer in Britain in a long time. And for all the ridicule and hate we deservedly throw on people like Sarcuck; he's still a lot better than many of these politicians who literally want us dead and replaced.

So without the cure to the problems.

Well, Brexit is about taking one player out of the equation. So far EU and national governments play the European democracy sim rather effectively, always blaming the other for all problems and most plebs buy or rather want to buy it, but after Brexit there's no excuses anymore. Whatever to Britain happens Tories and Labour own it and that won't be good for them.

Farage is a failure.

So is Hitler
And generally anyone else who didn't win?
I dont get your point user?

Farage - takes oath to stand down from seat and allow UKIP member to take place if he leaves party. He and others leave party, but don't resign seat.
Farage = D&C ex-banker
Everything he's doing suggests he's controlled opposition at this point.
Calling UKIP "far-right" is a lying slur and he knows it. Tommy Robinson could join the Conservative, or Labor party today - but is banned from ever joining UKIP.
The fact he's shilling against UKIP, while trying to scupper their vote and Brexit (he was shilling the idea of accepting there will be another Brexit referendum, instead of saying "no fucking way!" a few months back) - suggests UKIP is touching a nerve.

Britain is arguably the cuckedest in the very cucked EU. Brexit is the eternal Anglo wanting to get cucked in his own special way separate from continental plebs.

That is pretty fucking damning, do you have a citation for it?
I don't actually pay attention to bongistan politics that much

Reminder that ukip is using failed YouTubers to draw attention to their dead party.

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Objectively wrong, I think Sweden is still more cucked, and Germany to some Extent
What i think Britain is currently doing is more a sign of a dystopian future. A future the average Britain refuses to acknowledge due to his small-mindedness and pathetic attitude to ideals and principles. Britain is a matchstick compared to the roaring sun it used to be, but it hasn't be smothered by cuckoldry but rather because it has grown fat on the chaff of others and now the ((American))) farm owner is taking it to slaughter.

I wouldn't call Dankula a failed youtuber, but rather that youtubers are small in the first place so expecting them to get you large amounts of support is a bad idea.
On the other hand, subscribers tend to believe in these people fanatically so i don't think its a complete loss.

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Without Hitler Europe would be USSR with millions of kikes in each Soviet state.

Okay, Dankula.

anything about Farage from the end of 2018

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He was basically telling them to do it so that leave could win again.
Which, short of blatant cheating, it almost certainly would.
And even if remain manages a few % points over leave, it doesnt mean shit since almost literally half the country still wants to leave despite the constant propaganda shelled on us.

*minor correction on "banker"
he worked in finance sector = "banker" to most people, but not him.

The great thing about Sarcuck and Dankula, despite being embarassing to people like us; is that they attract the youth. For all our ridicule of e-celebs, it is undeniable that the young are infatuated with them, and where we are politically the extremes that resonate with us are simply too alien for young minds still on the propaganda wheel to be able to accept. Sarcuck and Dankula provide surface level nationalism with all the liberal talking points that need to be verbalised to not be insta-dismissed by the brainwashed. They then go on to ridicule the logic on the mainsteam / left and push for real freedom of speech, which creates a foundation where those of our mindset are then able to speak and be heard.

If everything goes to plan allying with those half-baked nationalists could be the best thing possible for priming the youth of today to be the national socialists of tomorrow. Or they could just end up creating hordes of sycophantic faggots. Its too early to tell yet, but targeting the youth is definitely important and so I'm willing to look favourably on Batten's decision here, for the time being anyway.

They rigged the odds in favor of Remain and lost last time, but think they'd make the same mistake again? Really?
If there is another 'vote' it would be between "Remain" & "Remain" - "See goy! We are giving you a free choice! We aren't choosing for you!"

I doubt this, I mean didn't Stalin try to exterminate all the jews in the USSR before he died?
Or am I thinking of a different Commie?

Not Dankula, but I like some of his Mad Lads and his desire to protect Freedom of speech
I don't agree with all of them, but a few I hadn't heard of before

I literally don't pay attention to Britain at all expect when they're doing something retarded
Still that is pretty fucking damning what Farage is doing

I like to think that all the audacious blatant propaganda they've put out, as well as the EU treating Britain like shit is actually going to increase the next brexit.
However the shills are getting funded by EU cunts who paying them to extend the leave so they can milk britain for as much as they've got

So basically they're like fathers for people who never have their parents around?
They're half correct in my opinion, which is better than what the left-winged media is telling them.

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Pretty much the standard across the West. People kvetch about taking muh countries back, but 'multi-culturalism' works well enough that it'll stay indefinitely.

And I'm going to have a party tonight. It will be the same as other parties, except it won't have any guests, no alcohol, no food, and no music.

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You know what you need at that party.

Farage is now confirmed to be a jew puppet.

so what is far right to farage?

No he couldn't EDL, BNP, or NF membership would automatically disqualify.
None of that's important, if Nigel was running an honest game he would call Loxey Lennon what he really is, a jewish zionist sponsored by Ezra Levant another jewish zionist, pretending to be nationalist, whose bread and butter is controversy and d&c.
He is a (((white))) Al Sharpton.

Anyone advocating the closure of UK's borders to further immigration and deportation of any immigrant with criminal background of any sort in the last fifty years.

I think it's more clownish and Orwellian in many aspects, but OK, let's just say it's in the top three. The point stands, it's far more cucked than required by EU membership, which is why Brexit doesn't make sense in the way, say, Poland leaving the EU would. So why is Brexit so popular? My guess is British

The last time he tried Sargon of Akkad ruined it like he ruined the Kek memes. Really hard to run for politics when you are tied to someone who said
and of course his White Niggers rant. All Farage is doing is disavowing. This wouldn't have been necessary had Sargon stuck to GG related content and not tried politics.

They are actually looking to Have Sargon as an actual politician, this is going to be a shitshow

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I really enjoy watching these faggots squirm as they try in vein to remove literally half of the pendulum's path. They seem like they would prefer a centrist computer to make these very important and crucial decisions to maintain and progress civilization; even though it's obvious they want to be the sole decision makers.

I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

He is literally talking about centerists such as Sargon. He openly stated that he was the reason Farage left, and he is absolutely correct in stating that this fat chav took over the party and tarnished it

Strange how every eceleb in GG was a massive faggot, and only shoeonhead managed to survive and create her own empire.

I'm not sure if he's the reason things die or simply the messenger of the end. Like he's the first redditor on sight before the rest of the horde follows, or a faggot cursed by KEK for defiling his name.

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Anybody who doesn't advocate for the total replacement, by foreign nationals, of the English culture, language, and people inside of the UK.

If they've changed they've done so recently to copy UKIPs policy and remove that as a talking point. There were ex-BNP NF etc councillors under Labor and Conservatives for years. There was even a Liberal democrat (native, not that it matters) terrorist in Wales that they don't like being mentioned.

You were warned.
The fact that the mainstream gave him airtime proved what he was, without the need for any "gotcha" moment.
Learn this simple rule, the jew only gives his own people airtime, no matter how much you want to believe.

It was realy a holocaust!

"Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. They too, of course, were gradually eliminated in the next purges.
Oy Vey!

The problem with Britain is that its people aren't cucked, but they're blindly loyal and believe, in their hearts, that Englishmen wouldn't betray other Englishmen in the same way other Europeans have over the ages. Now theyre being betrayed over Brexit they're starting to wake up. I say watch out world.

Theres no way the country is as cucked as France, the Netherlands, Germany, or Sweden.

Sargon is being brought in so that UKIP can get their young Libertarian door to door campaigners back, who ditched UKIP after the shenanigans of Suzanne Evans. Old boomer fucks won't go door to door with a UKIP badge on because they lack moral courage and they are also fat.

Farage is your classic shyster weasel.

It's demonstrably worse.

This is honestly necessary.
Support the Brexit party until Brexit happens, then start your 'far right' party.

And, even weasels can be useful.

Well it all makes sense now.

Girl e-celebs bring the thirsty paypigs.

Oh fuck off Nigel you boomer. Why are you letting your enemy define what is far right?

Fuck Farage, go UKIP

You are literally arrested for

Yeah not cucked at all.

+ looking at someone
+ singing
+ asking a question


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Fixed that for you.

The average brit is not at all happy with the state of his country, but he's not very well informed and blames a lot of it on the EU. Brexit makes sense in the same way Trump made sense.

The problem with Cuckland is the biggest city or at very least the second or third biggest city in the world is London. Which despite only having 20% of the population is so densely populated that it has an incredible amount of political power and is where most of the muds are (only 30% of children under 18 are White in London) so this results in the most leftist part of the country by far keeping the rest of the nation hostage. Nothing short of a violent revolution is saving England… and is barely any better in the rest of the British Isles.

Jim is the only one who was decent.

Who mister redditkur?
That faggot that made a video laughing at brits for what's happening to them?
The same piece of shit who wanted the (((EU))) to censor the internet so Europeans couldn't access to Zig Forums?
He belongs in the gas chamber like any other anti-white.

Brexit vote = split
Fuck Farage

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Gotta get that commonwealth migration going.

stupid and intolerant.

This is the price you will pay for voting for fashy based neocon jews, a slow strangulating death by subtle jewish control



I do think Farage will cause some damage, but it must also be noted that the Conservative party is now dead. There is no way they are going to score that highly. They have been an absolute disgrace and no matter what political or ideological position you might hold; you will hate them. They could have shilled to the nu-labour crowd in the way that Cameron did, they could have played to the Nationalists, they could have even played to the Old Guard; they did none of these things. Theresa May has destroyed that party.

Sad but true. Now he is using his reputation and the deliberate lethargy of parliament and in particular May to dissuade people from voting UKIP, in the event that the stagnation results in yet another election and people are motivated enough to vote differently.

With jews, you lose.

Doesnt matter, EP got proportional representation, even the german neonazi party managed to get their dude in last election, with just 1% of the vote

Stick with UKIP.
Farago has shown himself to be controlled opposition, setting up a new party just to attack the old one, since it has become too 'right-wing' for him.
It is not perfect and do not expect it to be as much. There is nothing better on offer though. This is the best popular nationalism we have had in Britain since the NF in the 80s.

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May, that cunt is why Brexit hasn't happened yet.

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When I voted in the last Election they didn't even ask for my ID. True story.

UKIP brought in e-celeb faggots like Soygon of Cuckkad; Farage left shortly after, and those same e-celebs are getting UKIP destroyed now.


Nigel Farage has always been a massive faggot.

And what would that accomplish, you dumbass?


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Sargoy is blazing through user. Considering "subs" is what everyone cares about, like "followers" on Twitter, it's actually great for him and for UKIP.

Now can he continue forward without tanking everything around him? That's to be seen.

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The british have no government. They have a regime.

BP are doing far better than UKIP. Anons who oppose them are either UKIP shills who got mad Farage left them and now they’re stuck with goons and e-celebs or Labour shills trying to cause division.

Lmao who ISN’T laughing at the UK and the rest of the EU nations for literally banning memes and further destroying themselves? You Zig Forumstards are peak schizo.

Eh fair enough m8. I personally think BP have a fighting chance and they’ll disband along with UKIP after the UK finally leaves. Farage will likely join the Conservatives afterwards or start up a new party to help the UK enter a new era free of globalism.

It’s gonna take a lot more than just leaving the EU to “save” the UK. The uncuckening starts from inside. Hang the traitors.

That’s a bit extreme m8 but consider it considered.

UKIP was already a pussified less-"extreme" version of BNP. (((Farage))) is just like the "alt right": controlled opposition with the express purpose of fishnetting all "extremists" and de-radicalizing toward the center.

Sargoy's Million isn't a Britlegion, but scattered across the globe. I doubt he has more than 50 to 80k subscribers in Britain itself. Maybe paradoxically the run for parliament will get him a lot more British followers, now that the media doesn't get the Straysand-effect again.

He said himself he never wanted to be in politics. But he is good at it.

Both Tommy Robinson, and Sargon have legal issues hanging over their head. You never know if they are blackmailed or MKUltraed. Maybe farage knows something is up.


You must have dressed like a sheep.

This. There are no "based" mainstream politicians or figures. Anyone that the media reports on or interviews is unfortunately, most likely, compromised. Change won't come through words, the only way things will change is through violence.

Farage is an idiot. He's torpedoing the chances of pushing a pro-Brexit party into power by splitting the vote between UKIP and his new Brexit party. He's also blatantly stabbing all of the people who worked with him previously and stayed with UKIP in the back by implying they are all rabid neo-nazi skinhead rapist drug addicts, even though UKIP still has the cucked rules of admittance baked into their constitution that forbids anyone who was ever a member of a "far right" organization like Generation Identity from joining. So even the cucked, filtered kosher civnats now aren't cucked or civnat enough to pass muster, which is yet more proof that cucking to try and "get ahead" is just swallowing a slow-acting suicide pill.

Farage is either egotistical and shortsighted, or a lying traitor. He claims he doesn't want to be in politics, but he's enough of an attention whore that he couldn't stay out of the game once he left it. He claims he wants a Brexit, but he constantly does these incredibly obtuse high-level things like vote splitting or abandoning UKIP mid-game that sabotage it. He wants Nationalism but somehow without the Nationalists who create and run it, which isn't going to happen and anybody with two brain cells knows that. Nationalism isn't a liberal position, it's not a left-wing idea. Nationalism is one step to the left of a Monarchy. There is no such thing as a collection of liberal and centrist Nationalists.

Being as kind as possible to Farage and absolving him of treason and deception, he's just some dumb as fuck Boomer who thinks the world should operate on Moderate Libertarian Civic Nationalism and can't understand why that never seems to work and always ends up "polarizing" everybody along ideological lines. Either you have a country or you don't. Farage says it repeatedly but he doesn't really understand it. If he did, he wouldn't be confused as to why the "Nationalist" party keeps attracting people who aggressively fight in the culture war and want to preserve a racial majority of white Britons. If British Nationalists somehow manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the Brexit issue, it will be because Farage fucked it up for them and threw his hat back into the game just in time to steal votes away from UKIP, the baby Farage abandoned because he couldn't be assed to raise it. Classic Boomer values.


Conservative boomers think that the 1980s were the pinnacle of human civilization and that everything would be fine if we just went back to that and stayed there forever.

Someone turned him. He's acting like a plant/controlled opposition at this point and even tells people to cuck out and accept there will be a 2nd referendum.
The shilling in the media in support of his vaporware Brexit Party and continual maligning of UKIP (including use of online shills) suggest the following:
1. Treason May has already signed the surrender document. This is why the Brexit deadline was extended twice, and the vote to pass it publicly has been attempted 4 times when only 1 is legal. Why would law makers give a shit about annoying things like following laws?
2. Farage will scam the newly disillusioned conned-servatives to vote for him.
3. Later on he will fold over and accept May's deal as being Brexit and try to scam voters into accepting her treason.
4. The cuck-servatives will like the cucks they are accept it.
5. UKIP will continue to attract derision from MSM & NPCs while bringing down the EU.

Farage has already buried UKIP so thoroughly it will never recover. Enjoy the Farage controlled opposition party. If you care about leaving, I'll tell you the best thing you can do: leave the UK. You can live in the USA in a decent area for a while until whites inevitably decline in population and the next great war starts. Enjoy your time. Meanwhile, I've just taken the Honk Pill.

Blackpill, anti-Anglo d&c AND agitprop all in a few small sentences - bravo user.

For whatever my thoughts are worth, UKIP would clearly have taken that entire surge had Farage not started his new one-issue party, and BP would have enjoyed it had he not just came out with this anti-right (read: anti-white) shit. Likely scenario now, he's just splintered the votes of the leavers and possibly just handed Labour the next GE.
Continuing your great legacy I see, Mr 'Why Don't We Make Up For Our Labour Shortage With Indians Instead?' Farage.

Take me out of this Clown World, bros.

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Brit here, it's all fucked.
Brexit happening would only mean no more eastern europeans and slavs with free access to the UK, migration from the 3rd world will remain unaffected

That's good for slavs

The Swedish people may very well be, but Scandinavians in general seem to be a little naive compared to other whites.

The big difference is in the government. There is no government in the Western world that is anywhere near as bad as Britain. They have some of the strongest gun control laws in Europe, very little regard for free speech, weird bureaucratic rules and red tape, and the most cucked police officers in the world. I criticize American police all the time, probably most of Zig Forums does, but whatever their faults, something like Rotherham and the grooming gangs would not have happened in the United States.

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