The Danger of the World Speaking English

For Europa, language used to be ethnic and sacredly connected to a people as their secret code of communication. Now that English is becoming our world's dominant language, there is no longer any natural layer of communication security for the West. China has Chinese, Israel has Israeli, but America and parts of Europe are now vulnerable as their secret code is known by all. Even now in "peacetime", Muslim terror agents in Britain can easily understand their targets, but can't be understood. In wartime, imagine this problem but on a massive scale. You can't yell out orders in your secret code anymore because all the Chinese soldiers killing your people grew up learning it in school.
I hope someone can just come in here and call out why this doesn't make any sense, but right now it seems to me that we are at a severe disadvantage. Even now, other countries can observe our internet and learn who we are while very few of us can do the same back. It may seem dominant to have your language everywhere, but I feel like there could be severe negative consequences down the line. Feeling more and more like a guinea pig every day.

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Take a bath with a toaster, kike

Schizophrenic responses don't help here. Start speaking like a normal person, not a caricature of a 2016 alt-right memer.

This is something I've been saying a lot the past few years.

When the outsider, the foreign; the threat understands you, but you don't understand them, that puts you at a severe disadvantage.

The name of a Semitic goddess.
Religious maps made by actual jews beginning after they lost the migrant war during the Great Migration are responsible for this name.
The true name of your home is Celtae.

You can know more languages than your own native one and still identify with your native language and its culture. It makes no difference if many people speak a universal language apart from their native language. This is a slide thread.

Languages can influence your way of thinking due to their structures and limitations. Having whole nations speak foreign language and being exposed to it on a daily basis is a big deal.

That doesn't address the post I made whatsoever, honestly. You need to step out of your dreamworld and back into reality, brother. You aren't reading right, as I was talking about how this relates to conflict, much less on the side of culture. Maybe take a break or something.

Reading comprehension, retard.
Stop embarrassing this board.

Europeans are perfectly capable of learning Chinese or Hebrew
And through all of human history there have been intelligence gatherers who learnt to speak the language of their enemies

There are hundreds of scientific studies on the cognitive benefits of learning more than one language. Even just a second language can be incredibly beneficial to how you learn, think, and act. Most countries take English very seriously and teach it throughout their education system, unlike America where we only learn a language for two semesters, just to forget it a few weeks later (typically).

We certainly are capable of learning any language, but I'm speaking systematically. China is forcing their people to learn our sacred code. That's a big difference from the minuscule minority of our people who know Chinese or Hebrew or whatever else.

Eornostlice cweþ Ænglisc.

Perhaps this could make a difference in guerilla warfare, but I don't think it matters too much. In any recent wars, both sides are still able to perform intel operations due to translators, etc.

Furthermore, I think that most communications need to be coded/encrypted anyway - see in WWII, where germans were writing comms in encrypted german, which was eventually broken by allies… Plus, encryption capabilities are quite a bit more advanced these days - a PG-esque system could still easily be used offline.

Make English the "Official" language of the USA, then stop the funding of States that put things in different languages or provide an Interpreter.
"Illegal Mom of Three Anchor Babies Faces Deportation After 20 Years In US…Needs Interpreter!"
Retail signs are different perhaps, or perhaps not.

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gas the english teachers
grammar wars now
we are grammar nazis
fear us

Also, I agree with some other anons that learning second languages is valuable beyond communication security. Part of being well prepared will involve speaking at least a second language in addition to english.

That's not the problem with English as a world language. If you need to yell an order in plain English you're doing it wrong. Even an American can learn that "susume" means "charge" in Japanese (and if he doesn't, he will learn it through context).

The problem is native culture is getting erased. Take Icelanders or Swedish. Part of the Swedish cucking has to do with the fact that they swallowed all the English-based Jew propaganda. Had they kept to Swedish only I'm sure they wouldn't be as cucked today.

absolute state of england and usa only speaking 1 language

learning second languages is fine and all, but i'm sitting here at university in portugal listening to two retards speaking in english to each other. And we're portuguese.

Greek pantheism is not semitic, it is European.

And Europa isn't from the Greek pantheon, she is originally from Phoenician mythology. Phoenicians being Israeli merchants.


The entire fucking rest of the Greek pantheon isn't white enough for you? Stop worshipping semites and their gods.

Make a Constructed Language.

The problem with Swedes is that they're mentally defective, over all. Norwegians and Danes comment on this (not that they're free from this either, but apparently not as bad as Swedes). Icelanders aren't nearly as bad as Swedes.

I wish they would start welsh language education in england(but only in white areas) , or somehow revive brytonic

This is a jew attempt in to derail the thread.


im an anglo and think that whites in anglo countries need to re-adopt an unused language in order to put a barrier between themselves and everyone else culturally. It's true that I have to watch what I say because everyone around me can understand me, but none of the strangers need to watch what THEY say because nobody outside their tribe understands their language.

Privatize language, build your own. Secede.

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Why not Old English or (swallow your pride) Welsh?

Yes learning other languages can be beneficial. But I was talking about how being permanently exposed to foreign language in your own country can have negative impact on you and your people.

Gets it

Holy shit, you kikes are getting really mad that I'm exposing your goddess.
Retarded semite boat merchants were not a grand civilization. The myth of jewropa and the niggerbull that raped her showed up in Greek works due to contact with them. Stop naming yourself after a kike goddess whose only relevant myth is that Moloch raped her, you are playing directly into their memeoframe.

imo old English is still too close. maybe resurrecting latin.

What makes you think it's close? After the great vowel shift it became practically a different language.

yeah, I just watched a video and it looks unintelligible. How hard would it learn to speak?


Too late for that, mate.
Everyone already speaks English.

Remember that Hayao Myasaki movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind? I was watching that with my gf yesterday and in that movie, a foreign military force occupies this pleasant valley kingdom for imperialistic reasons. They disarm the villagers and murder their king and then have his daughter Nausicaä order them to submit to their new rulers before taking her hostage. Yet despite all this the villagers remain rebellious. ALL of them. And they talk openly to each other about their desire to revolt. They plan with each other to revolt. And eventually, they do.
What really struck me is how everyone automatically assumed that their kinsmen would be sympathetic to the thought of rebellion. Wondering if your neighbor would want to resist occupation never even crosses anyone's mind. And when the revolt finally takes place, everyone in the valley participates. Everyone fights the invader.

That isn't true in our world. We go around assuming that our neighbors are against us and if one of us raised our personal flag in revolt against the occupiers, many of our own neighbors would fight with their own occupiers against us.
But things used to be more like the movie Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind. In the past, if another nation invaded your nation you could count on almost all of your kinsmen to oppose them with all their hearts. For generations.
For generations the Serbs and the Bulgarians and Greeks resisted the Turks. Almost everyone in every village resisted the Turks without even considering submitting to their domination. For generations, the Poles resisted Russian, Austrian, and Prussian domination. And they revolted frequently without the fear that their own kinsmen would join with the enemy in putting them down.
How I envy them.

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In theory, no harder than German.
In reality, incredibly hard owing to the fact that there's virtually no one you could practice with. Right now, you can't immerse yourself in Old English like you can with living languages and it's pretty hard to find anyone who can even correct you when you get stuff wrong. Something people often forget is that the single most important factor in determining whether you succeed in learning a language is whether or not you get enough practice.
You'd have to try to set up a community and be very active and charismatic in order to keep it alive. It's theoretically possible to resurrect a dead language, but it's only ever happened a few times.

fuck off, kike. without a lingua France, the modern world would simply not exist.

you are making it sound like a bad thing
are you lost Saul?

What about Afrikaans?
Boers have a cool culture, and en plus, Dutch is like the closest related language to English, and Afrikaans is just simplified Dutch, so it'll be relatively easy to learn Afrikaans for English-speakers to communicate with each other, whilst all being obscure and weird-sounding enough to throw off Chinks and Hebes

Phoenicians weren't jewish.
Yes they were semitic, doesn't make them jewish

The language the speaks, especially your native language, determines to a point the way you think. Everys language has a different kind of logic, a different way of doing things.
Now english is a pretty simplistic language if you compare it to Latin or German. It kinda fits the world we live in. It kinda creates the world we live in.


True. Josephus didn't meme his specific tribe into history until the first century thus, jews didn't exist at the time of the Phoenicians.

Just because someone correctly claims Phoenicians weren't Jewish doesn't mean they're saying they were white. They obviously aren't white. Your reading comprehension is comparable to a nigger's.

Very true. Language is what kept African mens from fucking Nordic womens.
beware the judeo-franca 'esperanto'

You conclusion drawing ability (going from observation to insight) is like that of a nigger, epecially when you ignore other posts in the discussion.

fuck it, everyone learn old English, close enough to English to be easy to learn but different enough to not be easily understood.
that said, it's not like since the dawn of telecommunications that foreign powers didn't have translators, the whole using the native American niggers language as code was done for a reason and thanks to various translation widgets it's not like you can't browser their Internets if you wanted to, you just don't.
don't get me wrong, you have a valid point, it's just as not as a big of deal as you think it is. i do agree though that when shit goes sideways or in war we are at a disadvantage…but also feel like it wouldn't be that hard to find a work around if it's proving to be a problem…that said, if your into the prepper thing you should have a series of codes that can be used by you and your groups to communicate…just as an example here is one that hobo and tramps use, create something similar for your people…do it now and make copies before things go to shit.

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that's why we switched to math. the only threat there are cheating chinks and obfuscating jews. spoken language is mostly obsolete for social interactions due to technology regardless if you're speaking English. our pocket computers can translate most spoken languages fairly accurately in real time.

with math you can actually hide your thoughts. with math you can actually force others to waste their compute and energy resources. hint: blockchains and elliptic curves are obsolete as of 2017

The usefulness in using older Germanic languages is that the same sentence read with different intonations can mean an entirely different Thing.

get on duolingo,

i practice russian because it's the 2nd most popular language on the internet. After two years of about 30 minutes a week i can read at a third grade level and understand some conversation and verbally communicate enough to get by.

There is a feature for weekly meetups to practice with real people in real life.

Practice being a normie and go out and make some language friends.

Dual language ability gives you many positive options in life.
Including perspective and direct source of information minus "((TRANSLATORS))"

access to non amerimutt purebred wimmenz who want a greencard and your tendy money.

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OP totally isn't a commie rat in Russia trying to force everyone to speak slavrunes. English is the only language on Earth that matters, if you disagree, you're shit

Im not op. putting in my two cents.

Increasing your networks ability to percieve and communicate only makes it stronger.

Remember , you are here forever. Learning to pull in more information in based crylic or any other language helps bypass alot of Western controlled media.
quit your d&c bullshit on an obviously productive strategy

True. English has become a "universal language" of the whole Europe and even more so. English people are not thriving (see the state of england)
I am glad I learned english well because I can use chans, read tons of books. But IRL I like to speak only my native language and the particular dialect at that. We have to preserve our uniqueness.

And yes..I know retards who speak english among themselves even though they're not english…just because it is "cool". Absolute madness and cringe. I hate when people use english words in my language instead of our words. Seriously fuck that. Use the language of your ancestors, stop butchering English and making it a "universal language". Learn when to let go, use the knowledge of languages to your benefit, not to the detriment of your folk

You commie rats ruin everything, you just flood shit that's good and lay waste to it and then blame everyone else. English is the dominant language because it's superior to all others and only retarded barbarians use other languages

That's because English is better then your faggot shit language, England colonized half the entire world and you did jack shit

obvious bait,

russians are not commies, commies are a jewish invention. English is a superior language and that is why it is dominant, rivaled only in it's power by its closest friend German. Learn to linguistic shitposter

Tir gan teanga tir gan anam
fascist padraig pearse was critical in ireland's easter uprising in 1913, and he wrote about english being a virus to destroy identity

kojima did something similar in 2015 with the game mgsv, accusing english as being a weapon against insular groups.


I never said they were white you disingenuous kike
I simply said they weren't jewish

Oh and here we fucking go with the potato niggers chiming in like eternal victims lol

The state needs to step up and protect that woman from deportation. It's clear this society hates women, just hates them, but we need to learn to help women… the most oppressed group. A black man has more privilege than an Aryan woman.

I did, based on Korean and some Mayan glyphs, the central these though was kipus.

Funny how this one particular group is involved in every single incident of jewish powergrabbing.
complete (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((cohencidence))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

More people know klingon than actually speak Irish, only way to fix that is for ameriburgers to study irish on duolingo.

We should all learn Welsh. It's the language of the original Britons but only a handful of valley dwelling hobbits speak it today.

Spanish is better though

maybe if you are trying to catch some cuties in the southern cone of south america of german nazi decent! but you could just study both or as a collective the more fucking languages we learn we will get an expotential improvement in our intelligence.

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I agree but only Euro Spanish, mexican/ central American spanish is ulgy.

Every single romanized language is dumbed down beyond the average person's wildest comprehension. See: Sanskrit.

You mean every Romance language or every language using the Roman script? Why either way?

The latest meme is teaching chink kids English over the internet. Apparently there are lots of chinese companies that will pay you a livable wage to do so.

You're right. That's why every woke White person in North America should learn German as a sacred/separatist language

The amount of information each rune encodes is higher, while still maintaining a logical system of rules to follow unlike chinese where each rune is its own word, making the language impossible for anybody but native chinese to learn in less than 50 years.

Your post doesn't make sense and you didn't respond to my question.


Alright listen. The only reason we can talk right here, right now, is because the British conquered half the globe and spread their language. There is a certain practical element to it. I completely agree that a universal language must never, ever hinder or replace our ethnic languages. If it is replaced in our learning institutions, governments, culture, etc. then it supercede its purpose. What OP was talking about wasn't any of the aforementioned, but that "we're losing our languages" which isn't true. This thread would be an entirely different matter if he talked about specific points and examples in which English was replacing our ethnic languages, but he hasn't. There is absolutely no direction or purpose of this thread. I saged it before and I'll sage it forevermore, because both you and OP are simultaneously all massive idiotic faggots.

Not all european nationalities are celtic - Lapps, Slavs, Meds, Balts, Germanics, Nordics… they've got traces of celtic, sure, but by that logic, hapas and mutts would be able to identify as whatever sliver of nationality they claim to have.


English has always been about scrutinizing the finer points of expression.

Take a bath with a toaster, projecting leftist. You fuckers are living weapons, something you blame on your outgroup. I got hit by your ilk repeatedly tho I’m actually on your side politically.

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"Let's exterminate it all"

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where's the third vocal chord parasite you degenerate hungarian faggot?

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My ethnic language is English, why anyone would want to speak some other garbage that's ancient is beyond me, this whole obsession people have with going back in time is starting to get retarded, you don't need to tear down all of western civilization again, like 1500 years ago, to change things

Those who make peaceful reformation impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

Oh blow it out your ass faggot

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Confucius said "If you kill your enemies you don't have to listen to them".

The good news: you're not paranoid. The bad news: everyone is actually trying to kill you.

Just learn a second language to code switch with. If you start speaking German, Italian, or French-Canadian hardly any undesirables will understand you in public. You can call them a nigger and meanwhile they're just think you're cool and exotic. Maybe another German will understand you but so what.

Sure, but while none of you fuckers speak my language, and I am glad at that, every single shitskin forced into my country by cucks, kikes, cuckikes and shitskins imitating the kike, are by law required to learn it. This is the problem.

All European languages possess roughly the same expressive power, though. You could argue that something like a case system with definite/indefinite articles is more precise, but it's not by a large degree and English doesn't have that anyways.

typical hebrew saxon equating quantity with quality, how am I now surprised
what better language for a globalized mongrel world than english after all

Spain also produces as more quality content and dubs/translations than Lat Am combined. And it's phonologically more complex, so it's easier for a Spaniard to understand Latin Americans than vice versa. The big barrier after that is just slang marica

I actually think about this and have considered learning an uncommon language like Basque or Gaelic.
Imageboards have their own kind of language though, and it relies a lot on esoteric references and implied meanings that can't be immediately understood by normies.

Esperanto in 20-30 years (when migrants' offspring reach adulthood and don't speak the native language because muh not-working immigrant so no need to learn the language father).


Typical faggot beta, English owns you boy, deal with it

It's less about language and more about how atomized everyone is now.
When the person next to you on a bus is as likely to report you to the govt as they are to side with you, it's hard to feel like anything but a single plank of wood, adrift on an ocean of nothingness.
That's why (((individualism))) is so important. That's why destruction of the family is so important. When you feel you can only rely on yourself, you're broken and lost.
The default attitude then becomes:
"Why would I stand up for these other people and risk my life when no one else seems to care about the state of the world?"
Add in the movies and TV shows that all show neighborhoods becoming violent dog eat dog situations in apocalyptic scenarios and you see how they not only literally atomize everyone, but also enforce that programming through propaganda.