What religion was Adolf Hitler? To me, it just seemed the laws of nature were what guided him...

What religion was Adolf Hitler? To me, it just seemed the laws of nature were what guided him. I believe he alluded to Christianity in his speeches, because as a great politician he knew 98% of Germans were Christian of course. Though it seems he was sympathetic to Asatru as well, considering the use of the Runes in National Socialist Germany. This has been a heavily debated topic literally since Hitler was alive so I’m curious to see your guys’ thoughts on the matter.

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That's like asking what ideology Zig Forums is.
Depends on the day and if it serves at the time.

Esoteric Hitlerism.

He was unreligious and only interested in how useful or dangerous aspects of religions are for his Volk.
He alluded to Christianity for tactical reasons and even forced Goebbels to stay a member of the church for the same reason.
There is no evidence that he cared about heathen religions. Or eastern for that matter. He expressed admiration for Muslims but that was about their willingness to fight and not the religion itself.
If you are looking for someone spiritual among the leaders of the 3rd Reich I suggest you look into Himmler.

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Sickness. He believed in 'life after death'. As his buddies. Fuck'em.

I think he was Deist, user.

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A theist… I believe that's the most accurate way to describe it.


Imagine being this ignorant and with such hubris.

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He was Lutheran, my brother

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Himmler the Flamen to Hitler the Rex.

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you know, everyone knows

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Hitler was a Christcuck

He said he was born a catholic, which makes sense because he was born in austria.

Catholic, but most of his supporters were Lutherans and he was disappointed in the catholic church's anti-folk stand.

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Fuck off, Rabbis
National Socialism is about the folk, and the German folk were Catholic and Lutherans, not Jews and not fucking Pagans as the god damned kikes larping as Nazis say.