I have obtained control of multiple TV displays of a certain location and I need a good redpill image to display on them. Many people will see it so I need your help to get the best image for this.

It needs to be easy to comprehend and condensed for the sake of low attention spans.


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I still think that the next Saint should address some of the 'enclaves' that make Europeans life a living hell IN OUR OWN NATION.

That and/or fry some beans. They arrested one here for raping an 11yo recently. Deported multiple times, etc. You know how it goes. As for the anti-White orgs, ADL would be best since SPLC has been discredited quite a bit recently and is falling apart from angry nigger staff and lawsuits.

If only there was a way to address BOTH of them/all of them. Why the US Gov allows their terrorist organizations to exist within our border is beyond me…I mean, outside the obvious…I just can't imagine how they think things are going to 'go well' when the US collapses…maybe they have no perspective because they have never lived through it before IDK.

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Post fragments of this on various TV screens.

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In their hubris they don't think it can happen to them. They think they're safe.


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They all display the same thing so I can only use one image for all of them.

You should go for the third one OP, the most important thing right now is the protection of the internet.

Yeah that is what I figured. I am acquainted with someone who tracks the fall of empires and he says it always ends the same way (this will end the same way as well). The closer to the real fall the more infighting of the 2nd and 3rd ranked in power to the first ranked and then it ends in mass slaughters of the ruling classes and all those associated with them. But the funny thing about it is that right up until the point where they are murdering each other and stabbing each other in the back for the few remaining shreds of power, they all THINK it is going to 'go well' for them. Empire after Empire…it always works out exactly the same, every time. I think it must be a fundamental flaw with 'power' and the desire for power. Make me glad I am a nobody, that is for sure.

Hope you show us results user.

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Here are some which might be useful.

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My collection is 90% walls of textredpills. here I hae some easier to digest ones.

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help user out kike.

Fake and incredibly gay. OP as usual.

Hey OP, you better make your move quickly because they might kick you off the network if your found out (assuming you weren't employed to a position where you can do this)

anything with
Barbara Spectre.jpg



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This user gets it. Obvious as fuck.


Get the fuck out.

I replied in the off chance there is a possible keksec-ing happening, though they are usually better prepared.
…and if not glowniggers need redpills too. The truth eats at the mind, gnawing on the fibres of conciousness. To balance, they must lie to themselves more, or re-balance with the truth.

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Hey, I hacked the CIA should I post nigger dicks LOL. Tell me what to do you /Zig Forums/ ha lol

You can never be sure when the OP actually delivers after what happened with Christchurch.

Post 'em by all means but never forget to tell OP he is a colossal faggot for having to be told what to do.

Yeah, this.
Not even the pic, just 'its ok to be white'.

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Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike shill.

got any proof of that OP?

Wat? Secret tranny code?

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Can someone who isn’t phonephagging screen cap OP and the first response

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