Girls and women praising Brenton Tarrant

A Paki posted this video on Twitter, which now has 16 000+ views: "Watch these young girls sending love to Brenton Tarrant, the #Christchurch terrorist"

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Everyone in the replies condemning the girls, starting with the shitskin that tweeted this should be violently murdered.

St. Brenton has shown us the light.

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St. Brenton dared, and won.

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Seems like they're mostly just reading superchats?

These posts = truth.

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It's legit, I was in the telegram group that did this. We showed meme videos of the shooting to people and they would comment, surprisingly a lot of them found the videos funny.

lol, look at this cognitive dissonance.

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So the last girls were speaking the truth about seeing the entire seventeen minutes?

Even though bt was likely mosad and not actual Zig Forumsack.


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I don't know, everyone was showing his own meme video and then a compilation was made.

nice, all of them are very pretty

Isn't always a response to humor. Especially in the very innocent, it may be a response to fear or dread.

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That is pretty astounding, and at the same time fuckin hilarious.

Mind you, there were some that left or were shocked when the shooting started after meme intro

Killing hordes of unarmed civilians would get you mega-laid if you didn't have to go to jail. When DotR/Beta Uprising happens, a lot of you will see your fortunes reverse.

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lol, the promise of virgins huh?
i'm sorry, just funny.


More like what kid would commit social sudoku by telling everyone how they were scared/upset by the video

Back to reddit.

First day?

Totally amazing…nice to know that I am not alone in thinking he is absolutely amazing as well. I am so thrilled by men who will stand up for their people, I simply never get to see this IRL ever…all of the White men I know are conquered already and the war hasn't been fought. Half of them think White genocide is appropriate.