President Donald Trump goes full Brenton Tarrant accelerationist:


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Gotta get a win over those darn lefties!

Can you even post screenshot of that Tweet? It will not change fact that Donald is zionist puppet addicted on JEWJEWCUM.

Not even sure why I wrote refugees. Pretend I said invaders.

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Just copy paste the link in your browser you lazy fuck

Trump is a useless fucking kike

What part of this is accelerationist again?

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Flooding leftist cities with criminals and turning them into Detroit/SF/Baltimore

Browns fighting niggers doing collateral damage on libcucks

That's a pretty funny move.
But the Trump Train still crashed somewhere into some mountain.

get out nigger

More tweets and that will have no action. And so the life of a kike puppet who soiled their bloodline with jewish blood continues.

I'm not listening to Trump until he says that the only way to "Make America great again" is to make America white again, and then actually start doing something.

Shills have no counter to this.

I have no problem with this.

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oh well


Is he still riding saudis muslim dick for money while making you think hes on your sidr???

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I'm certainly not pro-Trump, but if he actually went through with this, it would actually be a good thing. Flooding leftist areas with shitskins has proven a very effective recruitment tool for White nationalism.


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Zion Don strikes again.

The only good thing he could do for our country is trip and fall on a bullet.

Martyr Trump would be a lot more useful than Zionist Trump thats for damned sure.

The eternal boomer just moves, and then you lose another part of your nation to the encroaching plague. Also, it's not like the jews won't put the worst of the worst refugees onto busses destined for white communities. Trump has to protect the nation, not find some loophole to continue to bring them in while acting like it's a promise kept. As they say, don't piss on my back and call it rain.

Make Saudi Great Again you Nigger lovers #MSGA

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I don't know where you rolled in here from cunt, but that user was helping you to know how a thread should be made. So STFU, save it, and if after 2 years you make a thread - follow it.

sage for shitty ZioTOR thread

What's this Saudi Arabia shit?


Its the country that is Anti american values and invading you ideologically while Trump takes it up the Ass by them without vaseline then sucks his own shit off theirs cocks….thats what faggot

Yeah …. no
You’re right the orange kike cocksucker can get fucked

Imagine being this cucked. Maybe he'll pull Kushner and bibis cocks out of his mouth and pleasantly surprise people. Doubtful.


It's not actually going to happen, he's just saying it to get the left to chimp out. And we already have Pelosi of all people saying Trump is using invaders as a political tool. Pelosi, you know, the one that wants to flood red states with immigrants so they'll turn blue, and then tell all the immigrants they get free shit if they keep voting for dems.



Zog emperor says Kate Steinle lives don't matter

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intergrated well behaving non whites are way more dangerous than some gangbanger somali

How stupid are you, how desperate are you. That orange clementine burger with his race-mixing daughter and mongrel grandchildren can not be trusted.

If he's baiting them, then he's done well to get them to admit the 'refugees' really are "invaders" imported for Dem politics.

This may be the worst and most pathetic attempt I've seen yet.

Yeah, give Soros more losers to rebuild BLM with quickly. That'll show em.

You realize we have freedom of movement in the US, correct? Also, states like California count illegal parasites and add to the house. Also, Trump didn't do this. He (((strongly considered))) it long enough to make a tweet, like the useless kike faggot he is.

Just tweet Ju Ju Cum at him repeatedly if you still have a twatter. He's egotistical enough to get super pissed if enough people make fun of him and his fellatio skills.

Shut the fuck up nigger.
IT is a known shill template, exposed by one of you kikes forgetting to actually fill it out.

Reminder 16 states and counting have decided to bypass the electoral college.

Reminder the US government is illegitimate


every time and people still fall for it

I’ve read the liberal kvetching over this and not found one good reason why they are better off in Laredo than Los Angeles or Chicago.

This is just blatantly Jews demanding that other people deal with the consequences of their policies. Literally SHUT IT DOWN.

It is time for lots of fire. Time to burn all the cities to the ground
Fuck em

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Friendly reminder that Obama spent 8 years sending the worst most ghetto trash blacks from their filthy hovels into peaceful white suburbs and these same people cheered.

Freedom of association for me but not for thee.

Time for massive fire tbh

like they would stay, just like they stayed in their countries of origin, also strongly considering, not about to implement or I already signed the EO. He's thinking about it…maybe

Wow, getting raped in the ass because some kike decided to release all the beanbags into the country to continue replacing white people is totally fucking LE BASED

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What's the alteernative? Democrat president would release illegals all over the USA.

are you retarded? They can freely move anywhere else in the US

They will move where the gibs are

Seal off the cities , sabotage roadways in and out , disrupt water supplies by fucking with Colorado, green, Missouri, and Mississippi River systems , ddos snap and hunker down. Butterfly warfare it

how about trump just grows a pair and deports them?

He sucks litera jew dick and would never ever do that. We don’t get out of this mess cleanly user. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

Which is almost everywhere. Hospitals anywhere in the US will accept beaners free of charge. Schools everywhere will accept beaners no questions asked. Churches and welfare offices go out of their way to find and feed beaners everywhere.

There is almost no place in JewSA that doesn't have an abundance of gibs that makes it a much more higher quality of life than what they can get in Beanerland.

we are in agreement, I read your comment differently, just illustrating there is a very simple solution the giant kike absolutely REFUSES to fucking do, so it is what it is

Right on. It is what it is until the white man stands up and fucking changes it. The invading scum needs to feel terrified and unwelcome and know it will be removed

Trum-param-pam-pam-p is just HABAD marionette. HABAD is just super-fashi-nazi-jews religious organization, quintessence of orthodox judaism.

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When are you Donald "Israel First" Drumpf shills going to fuck off already? Literally nobody likes you here, go fap to barenakedislam or some other retarded website for bluepilled Ziotards.

If you want know what Trump doing, read habad's the BOOK, their holy bible, Tanya.

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Actually, that's what a triple IQ person would do.

4D chess, 4 more years, and 4 waifus

((( )))
What plague you D&C kike?

Many Hispanic immigrants are Aryan.

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Pepe is an Aryan (Hispanic) name.

Kill yourself ban evading "dacaryan" spammer.

Oh look it's the spic mudblood claiming his beastfolk are Aryan. You are the Argentina meme. Congrats.

I'm telling your supervisor.

You obviously do. Filtered for faggotry.

fuck why is trump so fucking stupid?

I'd be down for this if you walled off every sanctuary city with some type of border enforced by sworn officers of the law, but too many illegals vanish after arriving here.

i really hate this phrase

Actually I would have no problem with that, but the problem is those shitty leftist states will allow them to move elsewhere around the country. You know its bound to happen too. So this is not really a win, its just desperation. Trump likely does want to keep these illegals out but remember, Congress won't do a thing to fix this problem. So I mostly blame Congress for this.

citation needed, by his own admission there is 11 million (as if only) illegals he COULD deport but will not


I'll believe it when I see it. Sounds like another promise that will never come to fruition. No way limousine liberals will actually let their cities turn into shitholes overrun with spices, that's for suburbia and rural areas. Know how many Islamic (((refugees))) San Francisco has taken in? 4

you are right, yet you are so wrong since that i made this cap just for you.
p.s. seek help on that cum addiction thing reflecting(implying)weird things to unrelated topics is not a healthy sign son dont fall for (((their))) programming, injecting impure thougts into your mind…

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Trump's job was to MAGA, and he's too busy loving Israel to do it.

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Let's take a moment to consider the remarkable words of two Israeli leaders around the time 9/11 happened, Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu

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he can only fulfill all his first term promises, in the second term, everyone knows that

>(((this))) type of post is back
So fucking natural Moshe. Try again.




Thanks for screenshotting. OP forgot to archive.

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Accelerationist fallacy:
Giving jews what they want hoping it magically wakes people up.

Accelerationists are going to love this. Clearly this kike has people reading Zig Forums and realized that he can take the accelerationist-fallacy and use it to his favor.

It's the normie version of "Make Israel Great Again", though, both Muslims and Jews get the rope in the end.

Fucking stupid, this is only solidification of the enemy into strongholds, an admittance that we have lost, a capitulation of our capitols.

Shit up the country as much as possible, vote for pro-immigration, etc.

Normies in my area are starting to wake up to this. One of my neighbors has been trying to get her son a job in town for months. Only foreign niggers from the Caribbean seem to be getting hired at the places he's submitted apps to. I've only been able to score temp jobs or online-only shit since 2010. I've heard other whites in my twon have been getting replaced by H1-B shitskins left and right. The only sectors of our local economy that aren't feeling it are agriculture, retail, and private banks/credit unions.

*other whites in my town…

I just don't know what to fucking think of this man, Zig Forums. One second he does something I like, then something I hate, then something I like again. He's an absolute wildcard and I can't tell if he's just an Israel shill or is just simply having his arm twisted and fighting back in other ways.

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it's simple, solely judge him by his actions, not his words, which are shit