If you live on a planet where damaged creatures are eaten by the environments' creatures, then it makes sense to not attack your tribe. If a tribe is causing each other to bleed, it can lead to that tribe being eaten by other tribes or by random predators.

For instance if a family verbally abuses each other they can cause members to get eaten by the psychiatric industry through the member being sent to a psychiatrist, due to verbal abuse causing brain damage, and the person given psychiatric drugs that cause brain damage, that can lead to more drugs being prescribed which can lead to more brain damage. Which can eventually result in the person being destroyed or becoming a permanent or temporary vegetable.

So if you rightly notice that your race is under attack, why are you organizing in websites and attacking yourselves verbally? It seems like white people are more destructive to each other than enemies.

Do you realize that if you mess up it can be genetic extinction for eternity? Given that possibility doesn't it make sense to develop a culture where the white race loves itself and loves each other?


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>It seems like (((white people))) are more destructive to each other than enemies are to whites*

I don't know anything about culture. It's not my thing.

Look behind the curtain.

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Attached: Why Japan Attacked the US in WWII.JPG (1921x1040, 306.11K)

This. Kikes have been fighting each other since Moses told them to follow his lead.

Attached: How the US Entered WWII.jpg (4968x2600, 3.72M)

Attached: Israel - Early Years.png (8432x6400, 8.3M)

Does the JIDF actually get dumber every day, or am I imagining things?

Attached: The Bloody Birth of Israel.jpg (8432x6400, 13.39M)

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The Jews are right, many whites have always wanted to be slaves and a few great ones were dragging us along kicking and screaming for the last 2000 years, in a desperate death throes of an attempt at Freedom since the fall of the last true Monarch, the Stewards, in the 1700s.

The American Revolution was our last hope, and it become noticeably endangered in the last 1890s with the rise of ease in America and Women's Rights, then in 1913 our fate was sealed, 1920s degeneracy was a harbinger of things to come, and the assassination of JFK and his brother will presently be the last attempt in history at the restoration and salvation of the Free Europeans remnants in the First World.

It is inevitable because we didn't keep pace with our own development, those few great leaders and geniuses gave us the edge and gave us the technology with their truth and bravery, but instead of follow we became Jews ourselves wanting to enslave our kings to prevent the possibility of our own weakness and insecurity being our own responsibility.

We didn't want to know we must learn the new ways of electricity, and reform our folk based on that , and now it may be too late to revitalize the Nords already banished as Nerds for their genius. But, that is our only hope, it really is the nerds.

And, I'm a 5'10" broad shouldered built masculine looking guy, but I'm not tall enough to "not be nerd" when I speak of anything that takes more than three brain cells to rub together to comprehend it. So, without me being the reluctant leader begrudingly teeaching all you plebs electrical/chemical/biomedical engineering, our folk is dead, dying in battle, in a psywar the vast majority are too innocent to perceive much less win, yet we are not immune to the greed and materialism that poisons us and gives us ample warning we chew upon a cantankerous cud.

We have been made to chew as prey and cattle, as beast, and until we take our lives in our hands and make our own energy and fuel and clothing and food, how can we secure our freedom?

It is a long hard road, but if any us are to survive, we must be free again, we must break from the Jewish money by making our own solar panels, by retaking segments of the electric grid and managing them for our race and nation, with confidence and organization for whites only, no Semites, no asians, no africans, no islanders, no matter if they be ne'er so royal, but all must be for the White Man's Commonwealth, with options for GMO modifications for getting some of our genes if you want to become white.

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Maybe transhumanism is the Jew's only hope?

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