Muzzie cries over Zoomer praise for Brenton Tarrant
Full video:
Save this video before Jewtube pulls it, goys

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Don't call me a goy.

I will do you one better…will post mp4

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Either make an MP4 or fucking embed.

OP is struggling with his faggotry.

Why? So we can wait 30 seconds for Zig Forums's servers to load the video, or worse, not load at all when they throttle it at night? Fuck off, just upload it to a proper video site.

Nice. Not only does killing your enemies make them dead, it gets you laid. Tarrant is going to have to fed off a mob of women when he gets out.

Literally a twatter post OP


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this video is old. It was posted like 2 weeks ago in the brenton tarrant meme thread.

Who gives a fuck if it's old.
There's a ton of D&C around it. Kikes always saying it's not real or they're acting or reading comments or some shit.

I haven't been going to those threads as much because it was just pure 100% JIDF bashing him and I got tired of it. Thx though. There was a thread on this video this morning as well (which is where I got the video) but the mods removed it.

He's not crying. He's planning a hit. These mudslimes have no problem with raping and butchering white children because they know the jewdicial system is covering up for them.

Oh it is totally real. I am the lizard brain user who I think they meant to bash but the thread didn't turn out that way. I think for femanons all our hope is pinned on this one man. I have had a lot of crazy thoughts like going to NZ to try and rescue him etc; jail break him etc…we are kind of desperate…yaknow…

Remember goyim, kikes are everywhere.
Literally TO A LETTER the exact same replies were posted on some now deleted thread about these videos.

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Probably…it makes logical sense to target breeding females of any population that you are trying to exterminate. That is what I would do anyway…women, little girls and girl babies would all be my targets.

There is one of these muslim globohomo faggots who hates me on Zig Forums too he threatens me a lot… ;) because I advocate protecting our daughters from his pedophilia.

To me it looks like user got a bunch of kids on fiverr to read out text he wrote.

If I could be assed I bet I could find the specific kids on there.

Haha…why? Because you can't believe that women value men that defend them from rapists pedophiles and subhumans who are invading their nation?

Zuckbook turns a blind eye to these fucks who dox, stalk, harass and molest white children.

He threatens you because he knows he can get off easy after doing anything he wants.

I don’t give a fuck about some 15 yr olds being edgy the same way I don’t give a fuck about you edgy niggas if your gonna do something do something the acceleration meme died because you faggots don’t care and are just here to observe

I suppose…I think our European people are worth saving so it doesn't bother me that much. I love our people enough to suffer whatever consequences I need to to fight the semitic scourge.

No, because they look like they are reading from a script

But even now the muds are working on doxxing them, no doubt to visit them with trucks of peace.

? Or they are looking into their webcam. I know you semties can't stand that these might be genuine feelings because after all this you are still scared of the White race but I am inclined to believe that every single one of them was making at least a partial plea to White males.


If they're trying to D&C, good because the more they do it the more obvious it is.
If they actually believe what they're saying, good because they're going to get a very rude awakening.

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idgaf I love tarrant, he did nothing wrong.

Just not convinced by that video. Where did the op get all the clips from - why is there no other source - who were the kids making the originals for.

It's a complitation for which we have no originals and they are all speaking like they have been told to read a script

Hail tarrant

AAAAAAND Now these mudslime shitstains are gonna try and dox'em and get CPS to kidnap those little children so the muds can gangrape 'em after they get 'foster family transfer'. Fucking bastards.

Again…this is JUST EXACTLY like the arguments against Tarrant. In the end, it doesn't REALLY matter who he was or what they say…it is all about YOUR takeaway, it is about what goes through YOUR MIND when you see someone standing up for our people. It could be fake as fuck, it could be 100% scripted. The real question is WHAT DO YOU FEEL when you think about young girls and our women begging you for protection from the subhuman fucks?
I luv Saint Tarrant too…as much as I love all our other Saints, flaws and foibles…but in the end, it doesn't matter if something is 'real' 'false' etc; it only matters how it makes you feel inside and whether or not it motivates you to act.

Fuck your psyop bullshit.


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Pretty sure that girl is legit

I feel nothing because I can't suspend disbelief on that one.

The tarrant video was a whole other thing. Made me want to get guns in minecraft.

Based quote

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About half of them looks real. Anyway. I don't understand how pervert girls are and how edgy boys are. When my parents told me racism is bad, i did exactly opposite. Jews tell these kids how awesome is diversity. So they do want to rebel. Critical part is high school where kids things they rebel by doing exactly what jews want.

Assange is gone. He will spend rest of his life in American torture dungeon. Sorry.

So it begins. The Zoomers are desensitised and give zero fucks about dead mudslimes

Because they're clearly reading their lines you vacuous mouth breathing nigger brained defective sperg faggot heeb.


what the actual mcfuck

pls no i want to post

Herrow hafu u absorute croset aids whore

Is this the new spam then?

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I remember months ago when everyone was talking about tiktok kids hating furries too. I'm not putting all my faith in Zoomers, but there's certainly a noticeable few who in their hearts love Hitler.

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This video has pedojew glownigger written all over it. For starters, most of the kids look as if they are reading something written for them to say.
In fact, it appears to have been made by the type of person who is used to going onto streaming chats used by kids and getting them to do stuff.
This is black propaganda aimed at portraying WNs as Evil Nazis exploiting children online. It’s designed to fulfil the next level of the global (((Shut It Down))) agenda, which is employing ‘online safety’ arguments for getting governments to enact laws which will compel internet service providers to remove content governments deem ‘harmful’ even if completely legal.
The video might appear all ‘LOL BASED ZOOMERS’, but it is actually a propaganda black op against us.
Don’t fall for this shit.

Everything is propaganda against us. Deal with it.

Your post is a false flag m8

You're confusing me for a chink. Enjoy slaving your ass off for israel?

It's not spam if it's true.

Zoomers are more right wing then boomers will ever be. That gives me a nice feeling.

How is this even remotely damaging you lying kike? Most normalfags are just waiting for people like those children to speak the truth. No gave a fuck about dead muslims except for some faggot politicians/celebs and the media. It's only a matter of time before whites start celebrating the deaths of goatfuckers en mass.

:) I thought that was what we were doing here.


Pew pew…get well soon.

its literally pedophiles asking their cam regulars to say it lmao

That's right. For most people it is psychologically much easier to support something when they see others supporting it. It's a kind of herd instinct.

Bless these Aryan lightbringers! Brenton IS an inspiration to us all!

Mossad will never accept what St. Tarrant did because he killed baste zionist muslims.

I’m sure Brenton Tarrant is bent over his prison bed waiting for you😏just saying

What happened to your semen export plan?

Together you can all have a prison manifesto with all of the other transnationals😏just saying


LOL…they will probably kill him before we could ever make it work. Besides we need many many offspring from Tarrant to recapture the warrior spirit for our people.

When they kill him A LIGHT WILL GO OUT ON THIS PLANET…and it will be plunged further into the darkness of Hell (the domain of semites).

Our semen export plan will prevail jew

I am the biggest supporter of Saint Tarrant on this website…I was laughing at the greater agenda…not at /ourman/. When you can see the agenda of crushing and murdering the spirit of Europeans and people like other White males not doing a FUCKING THING to stop it, sometimes the hopelessness of our situation becomes overwhelming and all I can do is laugh over the death of HUMANITY, not of that specific individual who happens to be one of the only LIGHTS (people of light/pol/) in BILLIONS of individuals. There is no fucking WAY they are going to let him live and people like you will do nothing to counter their agenda…don't blame me for your rage…I want to breed a warrior race off a warrior, I am doing MY JOB AS A EUROPEAN FEMALE. If you want me to lead you and fight your battles for you just tell me…I will do so, but until then, GO DO YOUR OWN FUCKING JOB AND GET OFF MY BACK.

Women are going to have to shame men off their cowardly asses. Sad.

No, r/hapas spam lurk moar

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Go back to wherever you came from

No one cares lol

It won't work we had this discussion above. The only thing that can motivate European men is the cry of other European men. And none of you are interested in saving your nations or your people…I'd move to South Africa becasue at least their men while facing genocide directly have some sense of self preservation but I doubt will help. The kikes have plundered everything they could from the USA and other European nations and now they are importing the military hordes to finish Europeans forever…this is how the death cult and the cult of ritual human sacrifice works they plunder and then the divide the spoils between themselves when everyone is dead.

forgot photo…

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People tend to be a lot more left when they are young. Seeing a difference towards the right at an early age can mean that they will be significantly more conservative in a few years' time.

That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

What's that? The only definition that I can find is "Dilation & Curettage".

Divide and conquer; causing internal dissent/conflict before invading

The semites are masters of D&C. They pit the young against the elderly, men against women, English against the French, those with money against the poor, anywhere there is an inequality you will find a half nigger kike their injuring the people.

Man these shills are so obvious.
Like this one
Those two girls who said they watched the entire 17 minutes and called the 50 kills "amazing" CANNOT possibly be faked. The same with the kid who made a drawing of Brenton.

black propaganda.

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That V sign… clear evidence of Illuminati involvement.

Always kill your enemies. Always kill jews and mudslimes.

And? This isn't kikechan, moshe.


Maybe you need to have your eyes checked if you think those are shitskins.

And everyone who aligns with them to destroy our precious people.

There's an article about it: