Billionaire Jewish diamond trader dies during penis enlargement operation

Billionaire Jewish diamond trader dies during penis enlargement operation

Ehud Arye Laniado had a heart attack after an unnamed substance was injected into his penis during the procedure Saturday at a private clinic in France, according to reports. Laniado, a Belgian Israeli, was 65.

Laniado was expected to appear in court in Belgium on March 14 to face tax evasion charges.

He reportedly entered the workforce as a masseuse working at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Guess he paid some spooks to arrange his death so he'd get off a certain conviction and live under another name in Israhell if he wasn't mossad to begin with.

The story is way too gaudy to be true.

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There was already a thread on this when it happened.

>(((penis enlargement)))
kike most likely isn't dead

is it actually possible to make your dick bigger?

He faked his death.

my dick is diamonds after reading that headline

Such a Large risk, it is is Hard to understand the Length some people will go…

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This, (((it's))) most likely faking death to escape jail.

At the end of the day what good is Israel if not as a hidey hole for kikenvermin criminals avoiding justice?

And a masseur that suddenly becomes a billionaire? Either he's a drug dealer or a Mossad agent like our friend Jeffrey Epstein, math teacher turned billionaire hedge fund manager and pimp to the pedophile rich.

They cut a ligament that holds your dick to your body (and upright). When the ligament is cut, you hang lower and maybe have a little more you can use. Doesn't sound like fun.

The real funny thing is the jew got jewed here. You don't want surgery in the doctor's office, you want surgery in a hospital because when shit goes wrong a hospital is well equipped to deal with it. If something goes wrong in a doctor's office, you die. Which is what happened here. The doctor had the billionaire have surgery in his office to save some sheckles. The billionaire jew got jewed.

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In an event like this (botched surgery), there is a body. Unlikely you could fake this. You would need to burn a house down or have a boat accident where it would be plausible to not find a body because of immolation or being lost and not found.

No way a surgeon would kill someone AND manage to lose the body in any plausible fashion.

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jews will help their own kind for some shekels

a rich goy is just a rich goy who most likely got where he is by working hard, smart and being of service to the people

a rich jew on the other hand got there by swindling, corrupting, manipulation and profiteering

they have criminal minds, most likely have mossad connections and know how to scheme

they will find a jew doctor and a jew coroner and suddenly they have a new identity or they will just find someone who will falsify some official document that they're deceased

their mossad connect will get them a new identity and they will disappear to tel aviv with their shekels

I also believe a lot of billionaire jews are just puppet front men for people in the background that are well compensated and retired to tel aviv once things get too hot

This isn't worth it's own thread

(1) He faked his death and is now living in Israel. Unlikely, because there was nothing to stop him going there at any time. The Belgian tax authorities couldn't touch him at his home in Monaco, and he could have hopped on a plane to Tel Aviv if he had wanted to. His business partner in Omega diamonds Sylvain Goldberg moved to Israel, and also does business in Switzerland.

(2) Murdered. Maybe, but assassins usually don't have a sense of humor. Of course it's possible. He may have been going to cooperate with the authorities, but most probably, as is usual in these cases, his business partner found out he was taking money from him.

(3) Natural causes. Most likely. The guy was 65. He probably had fat removed from his abdomen through liposuction and then injected into his penis. Some of the fat entered his blood stream and caused a lung embolism. His lungs collapsed and he died of a heart attack. That happens now and again with liposuction.

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if it happens now and again, why aren't the procedures corrected and sanctions instituted against negligence?

because people are WAYYY too busy defending mohammed and making sure trans-guys can whip their dick out in a female bathroom, ya know priorities.

You realize that women can't eyeball measurements for shit, right? 5'10" guys routinely say they are 6' and women don't fucking know the difference. I could say I have a 9' cock, they'd have no clue.

Act confident, that's all that matters.

Well, there are certain instances where it's worth a lot of money to bitch about someone's cock. I don't ever plan on being that famous that people will pay 10k for stories about my dick.

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