Swedish Feminist Says we assume that all men are rapists

Swedish Feminist Says we assume that all men are rapists

Swedish Left Party MP Linda Snecker asserted that women “assume all men are rapists” and demanded that all men take collective responsibility during a parliamentary debate.

Snecker said that “men’s violence against women governs the entire world structure” and that “the struggle of feminism” was to put a stop to “the violence of men.”

“We women adapt our lives and our behavior to men’s potential threats of violence. Because we cannot see whether you are a rapist or not, we assume that all men are rapists. That is the brutal truth. That’s how a structural problem looks. That is why men must take their collective responsibility. All men,” she said.

Sweden Democrat’s Katja Nyberg hit back, claiming that Snecker was ignoring the true source of the problem – mass immigration.


Can we get a true Swedish translation on this video, so we can add English Subtitles.

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We should assume all women are hypergamist wallet rapists, and we'll be right 99.9999999% of the time. However, we really should help them. Don't interact with women, don't help women, don't marry women, don't hire women. If you help them with any of this you're a misogynist denying them their independence.

when your country is filled with feral shitskins it's a safe assumption to make

Cunts like this need to be burned at the stake on University Campuses. Other women simply need to be put in their place.

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In other words. Completely fail to be complementary to man and make yourself artificially (because you have no strength to force it yourself) superior to man because you're less violent but far more diabolical than your male counter-part.

I almost feel bad for the future women are going to have to endure. Once primal man is released again the vengeance of the masculine male will be extrodinary given men are already at a breaking point with their shit. The future for women who do not tow the line and conform to their feminine nature is mass rape and or lying face first in a firing pit. All it takes is a localized conflict that goes on for X length of time. The longer it lasts the more bestial the man will rise to the surface, and once that happens its not going to be easy to put it back in the bottle. A man whose engaged in a life and death conflict will struggle for the rest of his life always seeing the next enemy. Right now most men see no enemy, but the killer inside all men is still there. This dumb whore will see that in her lifetime.

Agreed, but there's no way to achieve that in [current year]. We need the happening to reset the social order. Until then, denying them any help (which would be misogynist anyway) is the only viable option. Let them suffer.


– There are at least 10 MILLION people affected by domestic violence every year in the United States alone, and women commit the majority of this crime (60-70%)

– Females are half the rapists… surprisingly with women also being the majority of gang-rapists

– Women also commit the vast majority of child abuse and murder

– Lesbian relationships are more violent than those of gays

– In prison, the rate of inmate-on-inmate sexual victimization is at least 3 times higher for females (13.7%) than males (4.2%)

– Female prison officers commit 90% of sex assaults on male teens in US juvenile detention centres

– Men in prison report higher rates of sexual misconduct by staff members than women (most of which is committed by staff of the opposite sex).

– Women’s prisons are also plagued by violence. For example the only female prison in Scotland, UK is the most violent prison in the country

– Throughout history, Queens have been more violent than Kings

Men are less violent even though we commit the majority of murders of adult humans… simply because the homicide rate of white men is only 1000 in HUNDRED MILLION persons… Men of all races combined murder about only 10,000 people in the US yearly. The sheer magnitude of women’s violence is greater than that done by men.

It seems that women are more prone to physically and even mentally violent behavior. It has been found that women are more controlling and aggressive relationships. Females ask for a change of room mates more often than males. Women are also found to nag their husbands to an early grave…

Linda Snecker is a walking endorsement for corrective rape.

The Feminist will say the same things until she gets her dirty lying mouth shut. I just hope its by a White hand instead of a brown/black hand.

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Yes, women love to say "kill it with kindness" in the US. Basically, murder by treachery. Judaism has leaked into their brains from church, education, media, and their single mothers.

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Never understood, why you guys ever cared what any women over 18 says?

When you have a nation, there is a strong incentive to prevent rape. Rape lowers the reproductive capacity of your people by physically/mentally damaging the ability of women to have healthy relationships and to birth/raise children. This is why rape is a weapon of war: it impairs an enemy's social structure and ability to reproduce.

Nationalism is the answer to rape.

nice muslim post

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Stop posting this feminist shit. The evil nature of women has always been known everywhere. The media has slowly become more and more feminist as women have gained more and more influence in public life. Jews had control 100-150 years ago too but look at the media then and look at how it is today. Jews have merely opened the gates of hell, for women who are the beasts of hell. It is women who have done this to the media through social pressure. They train boys to become feminazis who hate their fathers of their own accord. They turn men against our family of origin of their own accord. Women prostitute, take each other's side and discriminate against men of their own accord.

Women did the same thing in Ancient Rome, Sparta etc. before the downfall of those civilizations. You can look it up. Whenever women are freed men become oppressed, society begins to fall apart and eventually the civilization ends.



The Jewish problem was always known before feminism, but the women were always also known to be the worst evil. Jewish evil is sanctioned by their religion, while in women it is inherent

disgusting "woman"

Gee this certainly came as a big surprise; a totally new development in human thinking here.

Did I ever tell you about the time I raped Andrea Dworkin? hoo man..some memories over here…

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this is true, the idea that women do not rape men or molest children is false

women benefit from the idea that they can not rape men or molest children so they do so with impunity and protection from white knights

They are all factually correct assertions.

And in other news water wet, sky blue and brown people smell.

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Something absurdly stupid and ridiculously offensive was uttered by a (((feminist))) in Sweden? Shocking.
Keep in mind, Sweden is the same dead country in which another (((feminist))) twat, addressing parliament, said downloading torrent files from Pirate Bay is rape.
Wake the fuck up, Swedes; your "men" are a global embarrassment.

Sweden is a failed state, and will be the first European nation to go full Islamic and nigger. As 1/8 swede this is sad, but an inevitable consequence of letting Jews and their golems take over the media nya~

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Why would we care what a women under 18 says?

Everyday my conviction that women are nothing but big dumb over-sized kids grows stronger and stronger. I don't hate women, but I think they need to be put under control again for their own good and the good of a healthy society. Shit like this has to stop.

Men are stronger than women.
Thats the short answer. It only takes one filthy cunt to rape someone.

This bitch actually needs to be smacked upside the head. And maybe raped lmao.

Why should we care what any woman says?

all neo-swedish men are rapists tho

She surely does look rapeable
Would be a shame if men started to act on her accusations because when they are accused already they have nothing left to lose …



We have to figure out a way to keep making white babies. That involves white women. Refusing the interact with them is the end-goal of the jew.


she looks rapeable and murderable

It's sad because in a different world she would likely be a good wife. She seems to have good genetic material, but her mind has been poisoned by feminism and other manifestations of the Jewish cultural haze over our society. Imagine how much better this woman's life would be if she grew up in a traditional society, ditched the clown make-up and was pregnant instead of LARPing as something of value beyond her child-rearing capacities.

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Yeah, sexy forearms, veiny hands and digit ratio.

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all women are stupid and should take responsibility by shutting the fuck up

It's a man.
But they did a really really good job on the facial surgery.
The whole feminist movement was founded by jewish men in drag. And even today, most of the main players are jewish men.

Also look at that tattoo. Disregard anything I said here , I change my mind. When the DOTR comes we should brand the words WHORE on the foreheads of these people

Would be interesting to get a complete picture of it, to check the symbolism.
Looks like an inverted cross at least.

If she was right that all men are rapists, the amount of rapes would be more or less stagnant. If however it's because of migrants that would explain the increase


The wall is real.



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We need artificial womb technology. that's really the only function a woman is good for anyway, being a life support system for a fetus.

looks like a rose but who the fuck cares she'll be dismembered anyway

The wall exists but is largely mispplied as part of the covering myth for prominent "female" celebrities.
It is used in the same way as "she ruined her looks with plastic surgery, trying to stay young."
What actually causes the "wall" in these people is the lost fight against expression of the true sex. Testosterone is a chronic poison for trannies, which eventually kills the dream of ever looking like a woman.
Male genes win in the end. This is why ALL Hollywood women end up looking highly masculine, with bulldozer jaws.
When this happens around 30, as it often does, those duped and defending the imposters will say "she hit the wall."
It becomes exponentially easier to spot a transgender as they age, for this reason. Hormones, plastic surgery, clothing, moon bumps, are all weapons in a battle which is destined to be lost.
But back to the one in question.
The wall turns females fat and ugly, it does not give them the forearms of a physically active male labourer.

It used to be easy to find a wide range of websites and Youtube videos, giving clear photographic examples of the jewish men who created and promoted feminism, but they have mostly been memory holed/ search results manipulated to hide the sites.
In lieu of a broader analysis of feminists, I will present one of their idols.
The famous poet and feminist icon Edith Sitwell, who is still an idol for many modern feminists and transgenders.
Yes, you're meant to believe this was a woman. They actually used his obvious maleness as the basis for the cover story.

It is. Everyone in Sweden knows this.

I'm not promoting this channel because I don't know if it's a controlled op channel (mixing fact with poison) or telling the whole truth.
But it does have a good selection of Royal and feminist transgenders to view.
Watch with sound off if needed. Here are your "feminists" and "princesses".

No, it's not. What happens is that skin sags, noses and ears continue to grow, subcutaneous fat is lost with age. This all accumulates to a perceptible loss of attraction, a loss of fertility.

It's not plastic surgery.

That's not muscle, it's unfortunate fat placement.


You're talking about normal aging.
I am not.
The difference is obvious.
It's muscle. As evidenced by the inch thick tendon supporting it.

Yea good luck finding one that can do anything but spread their legs.

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Kill more women. Replace women with artificial wombs.
Never help women. Never interact with women. Focus on funding the acceleration of mainstream artificial wombs.
Women are the same as jews: parasites. Both must be completely exterminated from our world.

why do feminists never talk about sweden as an example of feminist government?

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Here's what happens when we remove the distractions placed to trick the eye:
The size, shape and texture of the limbs have not been touched.
The male nature becomes obvious.
This is one of the techniques can be used to protect the mind from jumping straight to the conditioned conclusion, a leap which short-circuits critical thinking and makes true sight impossible.
Example 2, Transactress "Alicia Vikander", aka "Lara Croft" in Tomb Raider.
This is shocking and disturbing to the uninitiated, who have often a history of masturbation while viewing these creatures, which is another psychological hurdle to be overcome.

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Look, I can't even brain right now.
I'd have to read the whole text to begin understanding what that nonsensical rape of words is supposed to mean.

Kill self.

(funky radar digits)
these are female-looking eunuques
can't use them as females
can't use them as males

It is exactly as (((stupid))) as it sounds:
(can't archive that for some reason, apologies)

The city swept the sidewalk first,not the roads, so women wouldn't slip. Even though I highly doubt women are more likely to take a walk, as they tend to be moody fatties obsessed with their hair and odor.

Not the first time she's said retarded shit, usually around election times to get noticed. The party she's in currently has under 4% of the votes in recent polls, and only has any influence to begin with because the socialist party formed a coalition with them. Most of the left party candidates look and behave like this, probably because they don't believe in putting in competent people but will only assign women and niggers to fill their seats for points.

She also recently ragequit twitter: twitter.com/lindasnecker

Stockholm is the California of Sweden, that's all you need to know. Every single year there are news about the "snow chaos" in Stockholm, because every single year they forget winter happens. Coincidentally Stockholm is also full of foreigners, go figure why it would be the most retarded city in the country.

We adapt our lives and our behavior to niggers' potential threats of violence. Because we cannot see whether you are a murderer or not, we assume that all niggers are murderers. That is the brutal truth. That’s how a structural problem looks. That is why niggers must take their collective responsibility. All niggers.

The simple question "why?" is a loyal friend and companion, whom will strive to protect you from being duped.
>Why is this person wearing so much makeup?
Gird your stomachs lads.

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No. We need return to traditional gender roles and make peace with women.

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The rape rate is Sweden is a combination of three factors.
In every case, the problem is the jew, rape is but a symptom that would not go away if you removed every single non-White.
For example, a Swedish husband has sex with his wife once a week for a year. At the end of the year, after watching a television documentary and reading jew women's magazines, she decides that she didn't actually want to have sex, and it was rape (she wants to have a sound reason for leaving him, to tell friends and family.)
That year of marital sex is recorded as 52 instances of rape.

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So should we fucking help women or not, retard?

A globally applicable phrase, that.

You can't help women by trying to "red pill" them.
Doing so just confirms the jew propaganda they've been instilled with, that you're jealous and "frightened" of immigrants and your "warnings" are a sneaky beta tactic to make them prefer you.
In the same vein, if you involve yourself in contact with such a brainwashed woman, you will also come to harm.
It's a bit like a man who is being electrocuted. It's too late to tell him "don't touch live wires", even if he hears you his body is paralysed by the current, like these women's minds are paralysed by the current of jewish disinfo and propaganda from TV, movie, internet, magazines flows through the minds of women.
Nor can you reach out and wrest him from the electricity, lest you be consumed in the fire yourself. (the aforementioned involving oneself.)
No, the only sane solution is to turn off the current so that the man can free himself, and you can help him back to his feet.
It's exactly the same with feminist women.
The source must be insulated.
The cables cut.
And whoever created such a lethal situation in the first place, dealt with in the most severe fashion.

No sex
No affection
No attention
No resources
No Mercy

Stop white-knighting and spreading feminist propaganda. Women are an elite, ruling class who always support each other and their cause (female supermacy, destruction of the family and the oppression of men).

Women always do this when they get rights. History is proof! It has nothing to do with the Jews except for the fact that Jews opened the gates of hell (helped give women rights). The stricter the controls on women the better a society. Women should NOT be allowed to leave the house unless it's desperately needed and always be treated with suspicion. It's just how it's ALWAYS BEEN!


>(((The collective "Swedish" press)))
It's always interesting to see which details these articles just happen to leave out.

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Apparently forgot to click it.



What a foundation to build a country on

No. Men are the only ones who are to blame. Women could never force their bullshit on men and society if there weren't other men willing to aid them.

hmmmmm. so many applications for this statement

Nice try, feminazi. You deserve only and ONLY death.


Why is she wearing a white shirt? Isn’t that haram? Not ok swedelady. Only men can wear the white shirt. Women dogs get rags *spit *hit *slap *slap *slap
She will be raped at knifepoint Inshalla


And smarter and more disciplined

She needs to go backpacking in Morocco with her feminazi pal. Teach them about their Islamic chauvinist ways.

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You're a braindead nigger.

Someone needs to tell this to her face lol.

Happy to next Tuesday when her office is having that thing

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she looks like penny wise good genetics my ass

This bit actually makes some sense. Except, the problem nowadays is that women don't tend to take into account the possible dangers around them, and thus get raped by sand niggers et al.

This bit is silly. She just said that not all men are rapists, but now non-rapists have to take responsibility. How do we do that? Everyone has to go "I'm sowwy, I don't raep"? Or do the good men become like Batman and start hunting rapists? Seriously, how do men "take collective" responsibility? Mass castration? I'm just curious if she's actually thought about the implications of her words or is just spouting usual feminist jewshit.

Notice how she talks about all men but not all of humanity. When a woman hurts another human being is she and the rest of her party going to take a stand. Also feminism is a bad concept we already have egalitarianism which is true equality for everyone while feminsim just seems to be fuck men and prioritize women without equal responsibility. I have seen plenty of women hit men but since they are weaker and more fragile than men apparently men are supposed to just take it. I knew a women who would hit men in their shoulders and she only stopped that shit after she got punched in the shoulder. The sad part was they were all her friends and family members she just like punching people.

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topkek m8

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And yet if the bitch is hot, 99% of men will still sleep with her and many would even marry her. Control your dicks or women will control them for you!

Wom(b)en are for breeding
The noise she makes doesnt matter

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Is this a movie?