Hello, my name is difficult to pronounce, but you can call me Sam

Hello, my name is difficult to pronounce, but you can call me Sam.
I am a resident of the Sichuan Province of China and as I am a University student, I am permitted greater than normal access to the outside Internet here. Once I graduate, I will no longer have access. That is customary here.

I would like to know more about why it is that Americans want to steal Chinese territory in South America (Venezuela) and the oil under the soil? All Chinese citizens know the date of invasion to be June 11th, 2019, we compromised the American systems a long time ago. However, we, as students, want to know why. Don't the American people know that their military is no match for us?

We wish to save our American friends the trouble and inconvenience of a death struggle with our immortal soldier force. We ask the Americans please do not set foot south of Latitude 11 degrees North in the vicinity of our holy ally, Venezuela.

China has been in control of the world for a long time now… Do not make a foolish decision.

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Someone post bug spray

The Zionist Occupied Government (Z.O.G) of my county will likely not invade Venezuela, they have been outmaneuvered by the Russians and Chinese who have stationed troops there. Any attack would be suicidal, however ZOG is insane so they still might do it. What ZOG will do is try to get their puppet president recognized the the President of Venezuela.

Let me find it.


What's the matter, afraid you will lose, white boys? It is a fact that most white women prefer wealthy Asian men to losers who don't know how to shave.

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Actually Asians women prefer White men.

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Asian people do not keep dog as pet, they are dangerous. I do not know these acronyms, I am sorry.

I am here to try to save you from utter destruction by our forces.

This all psyopie to subvert dying Jewland USSA, so Jew empire move to China while China and USA doin WWIII.

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You literally can’t even grow facial hair.

I am glad someone got the bug spray.

Stop goreposting whenever a redditor appears in the thread, they said. Do not shut down cuckchan threads, they said. It will all work out, they said.

Allow me, my Ping Pong is good. Herro, I speak on beharf of my ferrow burgers, when I say we rant our army destroyed. Its a shitushow arr around. There's no saving these kirrers for ZOG.

so you took the loli pill or what ? pjb.primecdn.net/pics/original/ea/eae7e3bd.jpg

You Americans will be sorry, the peeples liberation Army is 50 million strong! Don't think you can just manage your own affairs!

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Ooh. Very lucky, 8 very lucky number in my culture. Maybe you can become one of us…

First, fuck you chink.
Second, I hope y'all kill a lot of ZOGbots. Less for us to deal with.

Ooh, tell me more. What is this Zog Americans like so much?

You would know they have been controlling China for 500 years…so much for that high bug IQ

Ooh, verry sorry that my brain annoy (bug) you very much, but very important message from our imperial leader.

He say how you gonna shoot us if our heads are so small?

I didn't know the Rothchild's were Chinese too.

If I can hit a tums at 50ft, I can manage your head. :)

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your oligarchical overlords will share their wealth. Only the Chinese communist party will share wealth with the peeple.

This is a larp but actual Chinese people believe this sort of shit.

Also, damn you ugly.


We know you're not chinese, but if you think either government cares what its people think, or would share its wealth with anyone, you're crazy.>>13120910

5/10 larping. But that being said, China isn't going to win. We Americans have something called MAD doctrine. Simply put, if we reach a point at which we will lose, we destroy the entire planet. I would imagine the Chinese have adopted a similar doctrine.

I'm fine with destroying the world. The best race in humanity is being systematically destroyed anyway, so if we lose, there will be nothing left of value anyway.

Give us date on picture.