What have Marxists effectively done to counter anti-white idpol?

What have Marxists effectively done to counter anti-white idpol?

Seems like the majority of Marxists in the West either ignore the ethnocentrism of other races, or actively promote it (BLM, La Raza, CAIR, etc.); while focusing intently on destroying white nationalism.

I want to be part of #YangGang, but IDK if I'm going to be stabbed in the back for being a "FUCKING WHITE MALE!", as they say.

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Well, it has very little to do with race when you're talking about something like 1k/month. To be fair, Yang isn't white, so no wonder he doesn't like alt-right. You should be aware that national bolshevism exists, though, so if you're looking for something that'll support or at least tolerate white nationalism, there's something for you.
Most of us don't care about race except when it's about science, though. if you're white and you're being screamed at for it, you're not in the right group, those are liberals. Just lurk a little and you'll notice anti-white hatred is actually more common among Zig Forumstards than it is among us. They're even the prime demographic of /interracial/, so take from that what you will.

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I'm a fan of Eric Striker. He's currently supporting Yang over Glumpft.


with me its a middle ground between science and theology. otherwise we're on the same page.


every time.

Where the FUCK in OPs post do you see anti-white racism?

Women not fucking you isnt anti-white.

This is why you lose the white working class,

I am the white working class, nazis are petit bourgeois failsons who can't even get pussy if they pay.

Shutup, whiteboi, you're on the bottom of the progressive stack.

Telling white women that being with white white men is perpetuating white supremacy is anti white though.

I am also the white working class and I'm sick being told my race has secular original sin because someone made jews take a shower

It's 2019, you could at least try to come up with fresh material.

Which doesn't happen to any real extent.
Mein gott what a persecution complex.

I just repeated what the majority of all neoliberals and Marxist say.

If that's repetition then you're a very poor listener and reader. So much for the 56% gang's fabled Autism Level scores.

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Yang is a Marxist now?

Tell me how to be a good ally, Shaneequa. Make me woke.

You can swallow some lead.

I prefer injecting lead at high speeds into other people.

Nothing, because nobody gives a shit about it, except subhuman retards like you. You right wingers created idpol to begin with, with your "muh aryan master race". You reap what you saw.

Now fuck off, Zig Forumsnigger.

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Yang is plenty of things, but an idpoler he is not. You are, however.
You say he's an anti-white idpoler. He certainly is against white idpol, which is more than can be said of you.

This is a bait thread, but OP's pic is legitimately infuriating. The response expected by "do you care about the societal neglect, alienation, and drug addiction of poor whites?" should not in any sane society be a kneejerk "NO I AM NOT NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE NAZI PARTY!".

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He's disavowing Zig Forums, not retreating from caring about "the societal neglect, alienation, and drug addiction of poor whites". In any context you'd have to be a retard to associate with those autistic faggots.

Reminder IDpol is extremist individualism.
There can't be solidarity if you start piling up your privilege points and try to determine social hierarchy that way.
Every leftist should oppose it and I am glad people start waking up to this.

I go to an art college that is extremely idpol but I've noticed recently that a lot of the leftists here are starting to not buy the idpol bullshit anymore.

Ironically the ones who are becoming the most anti-idpol are the minority students that every lib professor is constantly pushing to make art that is only about their identities.

the black panthers frequently clashed with separatist elements of the civil rights movement, which led to incidents like the shooting of bunchy carter and john huggins

White supremacy/nationalism are anti-white because they are based on terrorizing poor white people into blaming other races to distract them from their real enemy: capitalists.

That's a good prole, don't blame your corporate overlords for outsourcing your job, instead blame the imaginary spooky jews.

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30% of them are Jews though. In a country that is only 2% Jewish. And, why does a Middle Eastern country that should be our satellite state have so much influence in our government, churches, and corporations?

Then again, the same thing can be noticed to a lesser extent with Chinamen, guptas, and mudslimes.

Actually, why are all these supposedly anti-capitalist organizations funded by wealthy capitalists and promoted by pro-capitalist media?

Face it, whites created socialism, labor unions, and the very concept of class struggle. Nonwhites literally are either dumb tribals, religious zealots, or servile bugmen.The decline of the old Left is correlated with the decline of whites in America.

The irony is that leftism in itself has become a spook. The red flag is a spook. It shouldn't matter if the working-class waves a red flag, a Swatiska, the star-spangled banner, or even the Gadsden flag. The only thing that should matter is that it unites under a flag and knows their manifest destiny to seize the means of production.

In that aspect, I believe we're screwed because of ideology. Fucking trashcan eating bastards.

This is Hibernian disinfo, never trust the druidic elders.

Nice and vague unsourced statement you got there son.

What is internot socialism?

Do you think you're witty and smart just because you watched one Zizek vid on youtube?

you need to go back to >>>Zig Forums

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That doesn't even make sense. You don't counter idpol, you ignore it and focus on real things.

Fucking lol. "The old left" is a movement of non-whites now, and has been for 30 years. If we want to be retarded race essencialists, whites are clearly the least revolutionary race, aka the worst race, aka subhuman, aka a people that should be subjected to racial domination.
Let's not go there though, let's stay Marxist, ok? Let's have a materialist analysis.

Human DNA exists in material reality.

Can't really ignore it when your party is 80%+ ethnocentric nonwhites who hate white people. You literally get out-voted.

This board is divided into a bunch of tiny splinter parties, none of whom have those demographics, user.

Fuck all of y'all, lol.

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