Spay and Neuter - Another Jewish Trick

Me and my wife are thinking of getting a dog for our family, when the topic of spay and neutering came up. I come from a more hippy dippy libertarian family where my mother believed that God and nature have a purpose for everything and if we didn't fuck with it, it wouldn't fuck with us. Me and my brother were never circumcised nor vaccinated, and we did perfectly fine. That said, it took a bit to convince my wife not to circumcise our son, but a study on cortisol levels, psychology, and showing her what happens when Dr. Rosenblatt goes snippy snippy moved her quickly to my side.

So now onto Fido. The whole spay and neuter shit seems to be an automatic phrase in modern America. And researching it further brought several conclusions to light.

And then the kicker

This parallels the debate on circumcision with male children in the US quite directly. Both cause more harm than god, they have become a societal dogma (pun intended), and our country seem to be head first into the stupidity.

Are we on to something here? Is Spay and Neuter another Jewish trick?

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*Loud Applause*

I've come to believe "they'll live longer" is just bullshit to sway people into mutilating their pets.
My aunt breeds Huskies; says neutering them dangerously curbs development. Dogs need that biochemical development to progress beyond the typical 12-month-old chopping time.
Zapping your puppy's balls off strikes me as cruel; you're denying your dog his dogness.

The only reason to neuter animals is if they're outside pets and will interact with other animals; then there is the argument that they will make more puppies/kittens that will end up getting euthanized because nobody adopted them within a given timeframe. So it's either:
The idea that neutering an animal benefits him/her is obviously bullshit.

You're forcing them into a home where they can not inact their animal urges. Almost akin to torture to an animal, they would be miserable.
Also unsolicated breeding destroys purebreeds and creates fucked up dogs like the pug.

Checked. Definitely practice humane eugenics on your dogs.
My cat is neutered and he’s cool as shit

I have a male cat thats outdoors 16-20 hours a day. I live on a nice residential suburban street. My neighbors own cats, and my fucking cat sometimes BRINGS GIRL CATS HOME WITH HIM. I dont know if theyre strays or neighbors pets, but holy shit this little fucker is such a player. Are you aware of the insane rate at which cats reproduce? Neutering doesnt even stop them from fucking, just from impregnating. If I didn't neuter him every fucking cat in a 2 mile radius would be pregnant.

Y-your cat is a Chad, user.

fucking Chats reeeeeeeow!

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at the dog park this afternoon, neutered dog getting air humped by dog with a huge set of balls, had to have happen 75 times if not 100. Neutered dogs only defense was to lay on the ground while big ball dog air humped it in every direction.

Which dog do you want to be user? Race was not an issue, both dogs were brown.

What often concerns me more at these dog parks is, if you ask 85% of the people there they say, oh my dogs a rescue I don't know, part german shepard, boston terrier, border collie, pit bull, french poodle…………….

Then I ask them, and the is the greatest rescue dog owners worst fear, do you support human abortion……….. invariably the question is answered with eyes exploding, YES of course.

there's no spics in norway, of course they don't have the same problem with strays we do, lord help the Norwegians if the spics ever manage to create the super taco and swim across the Atlantic.

I support abortion fully. I support early middle and late and post term abortion. I encourage it. I promote it as much as I physically can. Anything that removes future enemy combatants is a ok

Cat people are faggots, it's no wonder you have a cool cat douchebag, real men own dogs.

I know, it's a good thing

no it isn't, you dumb fuck

It's meant to reduce the population of animals at large (because niggers, spics, and methheads can't keep their shit in their yard), and stop them from getting cancer if they're actually not breeding. Literally the only reason to keep them unaltered is to breed them. If you're actually doing that, fine, whatever, but you're a faggot if you're doing that anywhere in the south.

Of all the stupid shit and jewish tricks that are out there, this isn't one of them.

t. vet tech

anyone who says fine, whatever needs to be punched in their face

fine, whatever

Do you believe in the controlled breeding of Farm Animals? Such as the Spaying of Rams and Bulls that you don't want to have breeding, or let nature take its course? What about creating Geldings? Europeans have been castrating work animals since at least the 1300s learning the practice from Arab Muslims for creating more docile war horses, though I don't how much castration was practiced in all parts of society before then, especially concerning Church Eunuchs.

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We know the reason you don't want to neuter your dog is you want them to fuck your ass

Grow the fuck up.
There are so many companion animals that end up getting the needle because selfish fucks like you can't get your fucking pets altered.

Irony is lost on so many… spay and neuter all pets you aren't breeding for superior genetics. They reproduce geometrically and quickly become a nuisance.
Used to be Pro-Life, but now, in light of demographics… can only recommend that you please spay, neuter, abort, etc.
Read The Great Replacement if you need any more Veterinary tips.

Ok lardass

I love you even though you have a cloaca

at this point i'm sure there's a kike in there somewhere but it really can become a problem fast. A friend's dog is entirely intact and if he wasn't trained so well he would be fucking everything in a 10 mile radius. He's probably the most well behaved dog i've ever met but over the years there's been a few litters in the area that look mysteriously alot like him but you end up looking over at him and he's just got this fucking dog smile that somehow emits guilt, smugness, and innocence all at the same time before he gets up and patrols the property, probably laughing at every nutless faggot he sees

Take doggie to vet for castration. Buy costly post-castration drugs for doggie. There you go.

If you do get your dog fixed, wait until they finish puberty or it can fuck them up.

Anyway I think it's a fucked up thing to do unless you shouldn't own a dog in the first place.

imagine actually believing cutting your dogs balls off makes it "healthier".

It's actually not a jewish trick. You evidently don't understand what happens to females when they go into heat. If they go into heat too many times, and aren't knocked up, they will die. I had a female cat who died of an infection that filled her entire uterus because she was unspayed, and was never impregnated. This is actually true. Neutering males also decreases aggression when strays wander around. Not everything is kike-related in this case.

I agree with you. Without Natural predators and having human host to live with cats can go star trek tribbles on us. In Hispanic cities dogs are starving living on the streets because of the over population.


And you trust these"arab muslims" do you?

pol has got a Muzzy infestation.
They are not to bright so it is easy to identify them.
Make fun of any muzzy scum and they will come out and say Jews first or call you a jew.
Who would ever defend muzzies but muzzies.

Anyone saying spaying is jew has never seen an animal in heat. Literally howling with its pussy oozing. It is not something any human wants in their house.

maybe not yours

Our bitches are not sterilised. They bleed twice a year and i make them wear old boxers so they dont bleed all over my floor. If that little inconvenience is enough to make you want to mess with their hormones, their body and their minds, well "fine whatever", but youre a faggot. Faggot.

t. owner of 2 Danish dogs.

Thats fucking Gross.
It totally is.

I guess its time for a trip to The Gambia?


We need a diversity of pets.

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The message under this video is worthy of a banner in my opinion. Gutwrenching. These fucking niggers rape everything. Women, animals, language, culture, religion, art.

Ignoring your triple post, if a little blood grosses you out youre definitely a faggot. Your daughter and wife bleed too, and a lot more often.

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dogs are filthy trash animals that maim, disfigure, and murder white women and children; cats are precious and beautiful

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d*g is a code-word for white genocide

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Tasty OP and dubs.

You should try to find out why dogs have white patches of fur. Then come back to this thread with your apology.

பாராக் ஒபாமாவின் டிரான்ஸ்ஜெண்டர் ஆசஸ்

Money Making Device for Fake Dr. Veterinarians and Non-Profits, paid for with Gov Gibs… BUT…
Average Human Owners are Irresponsible;
Dog; off leash, outdoor running free, unattended at a dog park, only takes a few seconds, unwanted treated poorly, does not curb, etc.
Cat let outdoors.
Population is actually out of control at Shelters (your Tax Dollars) and at non-profits (again, your Tax Dollars).
Laws for "beeee freeee" Hippies/Liberals; If Owners Dog is loose, runs into street and gets hit by a Vehicle, dead or injured, Dog Owner is responsible for damages to vehicle and any hospital bills for Vehicle Passengers and any hospital bills for Dog, vehicle Passengers not responsible.
If Dog or Cat is loose and trespasses onto property, near livestock, property owner can shoot/trap/kill animal, sue owner for any damages to livestock. etc.

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Toxoplasmosis speaks with the voice of the jew

Look a this buttblasted cat-lover.

Dogs are a mans best friends and a trusted and useful companion.
Cats are lazy good-for-nothings.

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All who are highly intelligent or a genius prefer cats. Liking cats is a sign of intelligence. Dogs are the pets of ordinary, practical people, the ones who do jobs for their more intelligent betters.
I also like owls.

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But I love my kitty cat, he even wakes me up in the mornings at around five thirty every day

I feel pretty confident when my loved ones are out with the dogs. You and your superior intellect can enjoy the protection your cat offers. Filtered.

Fuck you. I'm one of those "betters". I'm smart, educated and can perform complex jobs the "ordinary, pratical people" can't do.
That does not make me their better. I'm entirely dependant on them.
I'm dependant on the nice cleaning lady down the street to wash my clothes, on the cute cook girl downstairs that serves me meals, on the local plumber because I don't have the physical build to perform what he does.
I know jackshit about plants and couldn't grow my own to save my life, making me dependant on farmer so that I don't eat ultra-frozen crap from McCancer Inc.
And these people are dependant on me because If any of them drive a car, there's a good chance several components in there were made in machines I built.

Fucking sick of hearing people call smart folks "their betters". We're not. We're smart, and often without time to be much more than that.

No, the reason to keep them intact is their health. Tons of studies have shown all sorts of diseases are much higher in neutered dogs. Again whites are supposed to engage in bad behavior to try to fix a problem subhumans create. Whites neutering their dogs does not stop the subhumans from covering the southern US with packs of roving mongrels breeding out of control.

My dog has been intact his entire life. He has zero offspring. Fucktards like you demanding that responsible whites abuse our pets to make you feel better about subhumans letting their dogs breed out of control is selfish.

And since I got doubles, I'll add:

Buying indoors pets is itself a jewish trick, at least in the numbers our society is doing it now.

You mean all who think themselves geniuses but are actually retarded.
A cat provides no service and is too lazy and stupid to be taught any useful skill to help their human masters.
But that still makes cats smarter than their supposed "masters" since it's them who are serving the cat, who simply takes advantage of their stupidity.

By noticing your own dubs you negated the power of them
You sound like a scrawny puffed up soft bodied faggot tbh
Go build something you mudshit

This is a faggoty answer similar to that which people use to justify themselves not having children until they are rich or "have made it". Tell me oh foolish one, who is happier? The lonely childless parents/lonely owner and the unborn/kenneled/soon-to-be-put-down dog, or the happy parents and children that love each other more than life itself (even with their financial struggles), or the happy owner and dog who also love each other more than life itself (even if the dog is forced to be inside most of the time due to the dangers of urban living).

The potential for life being better is no excuse for not enjoying life to a lesser, yet still great degree. The children without endless wealth will never have known what it was to be with money, to them their financially difficult existence with loving parents will be all they know; and they will be full of love and happiness. The dog that has never been 100% free to roam outside will never know that such a life was an option, instead it will be fully devoted and in love with its master. Stopping this beauty of life because they could possibly have had it better is a perverse way to view the world.

that's nothing to do with africa and everything to do with capitalism

Kill yourself.

The absolute STATE of America

Had a bitch for 12 years. Suffered vaginal discharge and digestive problems for years. Had her uterus removed: problem solved, she is now more active and happier than she was four years ago.

Not everything is "jew" or "non-jew". Veterinarians are very rarely jewish because they simply hate dogs.

What's amazing to me are people being so broken as to believe this.

Yeah my 1 year old cat was neutered and he had an underlying heart defect which plunged him into heart failure at only 1 and a half years old he was put down yesterday he only got to live for 2 years

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So, you can't tell the difference between doing something to a specific animal for medical reasons, and doing it to all animals pre-emptively because a small minority might have medical problems?

Good. Enjoy your toxoplasma and buttfucking, queer.


I'm sorry user. That's truly heart-rending to hear, take solace in the fact that the little guy is now chasing endless balls of salmon flavoured yarn in heaven.

No one is saying that there are not special circumstances where these treatments are beneficial. There are times when circumcision is recommended for men for health reasons, and if your testicles are cancerous you might even want to remove them and become a eunuch. The fact remains however the performing these debilitating operations for no reason opens the patient up to all manner of other problems, and assuming there are no initial health problems that would be rectified by such an operation; it is far better to not risk them. It would also keep shekels out of the tentacles of the great enemy, which is no doubt why it is encouraged like it is.

Go fuck yourself hebe.


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h-how does that drill work sage-kun? can we market it to trannies?

Based. Also make sure (if you can afford it) to keep your dog away from the food Jew. The dry pebble shit isn’t what a canine would eat in the wild. Give it raw meat.

My parents dog for example. Never had it’s balls snipped and he was a muscular beast that got tons of complements. But by the age of 10 his prostate grow so large that it restricted his urnary tracks and he couldn’t pee. The vets had to snip his balls off so his prostate would shrink down so he wouldn’t die. I am sure the shit dog food was responsible. What else would be? It’s apparently a very common problem with dogs that do not get neutered.

He is doing fine, but I can tell he isn’t as happy as he use to be.