Is Trump still /ourguy/?

Is Trump still /ourguy/?

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Absolutely not Chaim

hi Zig Forums!

Zig Forums will never endorse any e-celeb

Zero effort slide thread.

Blow your brains out.

Fuck off, reddit.

Great effort. 10/10

No kill yourself.


No. Fuck him. Unless he gives the Based Wizard a pardon, he's a fucking traitorous cunt. Almost as bad as Crooked.

Depend if you are national socialist or JDIF.
We have both groups here.

Trump will give based wizard a pardon, he's going to expose the kikes and their crimes.

Never was dipshit

you know you're going to vote for him either way



no, u

Nobody is /ourguy/ nd I accept that.

Pointless. The mods are garbage.


Blame codemonkey.

You're obviously new. Lurk for 2 years before posting ever again

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Gas gas gas

Long live St. Brenton Tarrant

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Shill detected.
Plebbit posting and attempting to direct attention away from Trump.


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you triple coon


Back to whence you came from –→ >>>/reddit/

Better than Imkikey tyranny.

Learn to code.

this is better than Kampfy


Come the fuck on. We don’t have to accept this.

shit threads can be ignored and deleted, when 90% of the userbase gets banned for bringing up legitimate criticisms of the orange nigger thats a much worse problem.

Okay, simply from an ease of use standpoint I can agree with you. The problem now is in the site ownership, not just the board ownership.

Stop bumping the thread.
Report it.
Even though mods are taking an awful long time like they always do.

the republicans support the external jew
the democrats support the internal jew
i'd rather support the external jew than the internal jew because atleast then other countries can help fight them back

I’m not bumping it.

Torpedo trying to push his narrative through a false dichotomy. How novel.

The mods are purposefully leaving up shit threads. Make a positive thread or non news thread in a couple days and see how long they let it last. Mods want you demoralized.


Kill yourself, you fucking kike. We don’t support the ZOG emperor.