A majority male vote will be considered a political victory. Here are some proposed points of the manifesto. Please add:

1. Jews will be expelled to Israel

2. Women will be stripped of all their rights (even their right to live can be up for debate) and reduced to not much more than fuckslaves who are caged in the house. A return to "patriarchy"

3. Elections will be publicly funded. Donations will be limited to $1500-3000 per voter so that nobody can buy politicians

4. Immigration will end for the most part.

5. Men will be legally obliged to take care of their old parents

6. Muslims will be completely banned from the West. A war on Islam will begin, with the objective of wiping out Islam. We will invade Muslim nations one at a time, and turn Muslims into our slaves temporarily. We will burn Qurans and demolish all places of Allah worship.

7. The education system will begin to teach students about the morality that is common in all religions/cultures and also the dangers of Judaism, women and Islam.

8. The death penalty will become widespread. Murderers, traitors, feminist activists etc. will be brutally tortured and hanged (or subject to brutal killings).

9. The end of spending hundreds of billions of tax dollars on prisons. Physical punishment such as whipping, public humiliation and mild torture will be used to punish petty criminals and tax money will be put to good use or taxes will be reduced accordingly.

Attached: witch-stake.jpg (480x360 20.27 KB, 26.54K)

Other urls found in this thread: Revolution.pdf

I like 8 and 9, but the other points are a bit extreme.

The final solution is total peace. Less than one hundred million total world population al whites. We achieve this with water and food. Be like sun tzu and water.

I prefer the nsdap 25 points with some edits here and there and a few editions.

I propose point #10:

Celebrity culture will stop. Singers, dancers and other performers will be returned to their original (lowly) position in society.

But hitler was a feminist and did not realize the danger of Islam. He actually praised both women and Islam.

He wasn't.
They stayed in their own nations had you revive hitler right now he would be having very different opinions.

See pic related

Attached: 1553894633927.png (1024x716, 753.09K)

I’m here. Don’t worry. Fuck all adamites. They are trash. Praise Kek for the internet. Sieg Heil

Shit rule. We actually should be getting rid of all the stupid regulations on funding stuff. Right now in Canada there's all these stupid ass rules that prevent the Libertarian party from propagandizing, from receiving money, from doing anything substantial to help them grow. They aren't even allowed to upload youtube videos and do interviews and stuff without that all being regulated.

Fuck off civic nationalist. All non-whites will be deported and open borders for whites-only will be declared (aka any white can come immigrate without any fuss or issues). Say it explicitly not some "immigration will end for the most part" bullshit.

FUCK NO. My boomer parents need to die and have fucked my life over. Get rid of retirement plans and other bullshit that favors the dysgenic and the old and sick and replace them with programs that incentivize the breeding of the healthy.

No it must be abolished. It is no longer necessary. In its place we can make the internet a human right and have an online curriculum and programs to make women have to take up the role of educator for their own children. As they will be banned from the workplace, they will have time again for their children.

In other words draconian law. Yes we need to get rid of prisons. We should replace it with slavery (they're sold into slavery until they can pay off a debt that more than makes up for their crime) and executions.

These things might work to make examples of certain people from time to time but are mostly ineffective. Just sell them (temporarily) into slavery and make sure slaves don't have any rights, so people can freely beat them and humiliate them when they feel like it.

Dang it…someone frigging read my mind AGAIN…I have been thinking about making a thread about this FOR DAYS…





Here is my manifesto: Revolution.pdf

get rid of womens right to vote, keep the other rights
i dont think living in constant fear of being converted to a fuckslave would help them raise kids

6 is good, but dont start a war over it. kick them out and fight back if they try to get back in

Repeated threads along the lines of:
Ok! Do that locally, offline. That wouldn't work here.

AHAHAHA good luck winning the popular vote.

Popular vote?

Fuck your optics, boomer.
Only dumb old people believe votes change anything.

Attached: bowers.jpg (800x450, 21.67K)

#2 is degenerate fucking incel kike fetish shit
I bet my wife could beat your ass faggot
Die yid

Attached: 86334d46650c5e5c06faa64d9635e3bf(1)(1)(1).jpg (578x589, 82.17K)

10. Ban anime. It's degenerate and non-white in origin. Weebs will be conscripted into a national defense force for at least 3 years of their life to work the bitch out of them.

11. Ban video games. Current game companies are all JEW'd. Go to the gym. Videogames are for fags.

12. Ban all fiction books except the bible. Reading books for "fun" is for faggots. Learn physics or something useful instead.




He's talking about a political party and elections. So obviously he'd have to secure the popular vote if he's taking that route operating in degenerate modern represntative democracies.

Hitler would have never gained a single vote without his violent paramilitary forces combating commies in street battles.

We need a counter-ANTIFA paramilitary, and balkanization.
Votes and elections are illusory.

Here is another try at a manifesto from me:

Here are my points:

1. Dual-citizens should not be allowed in government.
2. All non-white immigration must be stopped.
3. All non-whites must be deported (aside from ones who are native to the land).
4. Miscegenation must be banned (so nobody fucks the injuns or non-whites visiting) and punished by death.
5. Anyone who attempts to slow down, stop, or reverse our attempts to remove all the non-whites will be killed for engaging in treason.
6. Hate speech and hate crimes are no longer a thing. All speech is free speech and a crime is simply a crime and not any "worse" for having a racial element to it.
7. Every single citizen (man, woman, and child) is required to own at least one firearm and be trained to use it and has full rights to carry it (concealed or open) anywhere.
8. The education system ought to be abolished in favor of mass homeschooling.
9. Marriage only recognized when a man and a woman produce a child. Those who adopt, or who do not have children, are never recognized by the state as being married and do not receive any benefits as such. The whole fucking point of marriage is to subsidize the union of a man and a woman coming together to reproduce. There is no way faggots, childless fedoras, and such should be getting any gibes.
10. Literal retards (paraplegics, genetic diseases, downies, etc.) aka people so fucked they can't even pass basic military training and be trusted with a firearm are culled or deported (preferably deported to an enemy country so they can burden them).
11. Environment and resources are managed in a sustainable manner so future generations can rightly expect to inherit a nation worth living in.
12. All foreign aid is ended. Our government will not give resources to other countries anymore.
13. All charity / welfare is private no longer controlled by government. People are encouraged to help and look after each other and get the chance to feel great doing so.
14. Prisons are done away with in favor of slavery and executions and public humiliation. Nobody gets to sit around in a prison all day, everybody just works repairing roads and whatever else, until they've earned enough to buy their freedom again.
15. Minimum wage is abolished. Employers can pay people whatever they want.
16. Government programs to reduce the cost of living. People don't need as much money if the rent and utilities aren't so insanely expensive.

these unconvincing low effort shills are unbecoming and frankly embarrassing
Most of all remember to sage shill threads

17. Any immigrants (only whites allowed to immigrate) to our country must serve a decade in the military. If they are kicked out of the military they are deported. This is to ensure that their loyalties are to their new country and not to the country they left.

This filters out the poz trying to come in for the soul purpose of turning our NatSoc country into a leftist shithole again.

Also I want to add another note.

Note my 6th point.

When there is no longer such a thing as "hate speech", thots and soyboys can be berated and shamed endlessly, and there will be nothing they can do about except shape up.

My new rules are more clever than the OPs in that it lets us accomplish our objectives culturally and otherwise and yet the legislation that lets us do it will be things that will gain popular support without them realizing the end-game of it.

Well, that settles it. Too many retards in this room. OP, your faggotness is off the charts.

Attached: 1486020295_PEPE.gif (400x502, 268.51K)

Absolutely worthless.

Penning a strongly worded complaints letter to the local rabbi this very instant, inveighing on him to loosen his shekel purse for better shills.
But to their credit, where they fail in quality they make up for in quantity.

Agree with almost all the points OP. Another one to remember is returning America's demographics to 85-90% white again. Permanently. This can be done through perfectly legal and humane means without stripping shitskins of citizenship.

All you have to do is ban future non white immigration. Deport all 50 million illegals, non citizens, etc. Incentivize white birth rates through various means (tax incentives, etc)

And boom, America is back to the old demographics in less than 50 years. Easy as fuck. Giving blacks their own piece of land/ segregation would make this 10x easier too.

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This looks like another FBI thread.

Attached: FBI director commie.png (828x862, 870.91K)


mfw that user doesn't realize that 50% of the crime is committed by 13% of the population…basically he is a CIVNAT CUCK who wants things to continue exactly as they are now, crime and all.

Attached: fellow_aryan.jpg (570x424, 168.39K)

I like this.
OP is a faggot though.

Attached: REICH.webm (512x288, 3.74M)

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK
Women voting? CHECK
Women's property rights? CHECK
Did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? CHECK
Women can divorce? CHECK
Wife beating illegal? CHECK
Said he wanted true equality? CHECK
Women exposing their bodies? CHECK
Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK

The two are not related. Old people have invaluable experience and may even deserve a higher status tbh.
Good idea

This is all just one evil female parasite poster who keeps hopping IPs and supporting women's rights

It's not a man.

It's spelled kikes, and that means jack shit if we're still serving Israel
Sounds like a kike fantasy, I want my wife to be healthy and raise my many white children properly
This is already circumvented you fuckwit, people just obfuscate their sources with shell companies and give repeated donations.
what does that even mean? Either it is or it isn't.
So it looks like we will still be serving Israel
That's exactly how we got where we are in the first place. keep that shit separate, Sunday school and churches can fill any void fine
define etc.
waste of money, any that weren't born here must be deported. Also just execute murderers and child molesters in public, and execute repeat rapists as well. Normally I would say death penalty on the first rape conviction but women are lying cunts. All rapists rape more than once, anything less and the cunt was probably lying about the guy.
only good suggestion out of this retarded OP

Attached: radical_islam.jpg (600x810, 64.23K)

One more for those saying Hitler wasn't a feminist – He kissed up to women and pleaded with them to produce offspring, even giving bitches awards.

And these points are just off the top of my head. There are many more

Another FEMINIST post by a woman


Attached: you are a fucking cuck anon - Copy.jpg (198x129, 59.96K)

Time to bump your own post from a different IP address until it is fucking 751 posts long, right user.


Fuck all these feminists. They are worse than Jews. I hope the Jews kill these women's emancipation supporters. Another point is that women could start proceedings against men and were generally considered reliable in courts of law.



Attached: hqdefault (1)

Except that isn't what patriarchy was at all, that's just sharia. Women were an integral part of society and should revert to their role in community formation/stability rather than simply being caged at home.
Men can barely afford to take care of their own wife and children, let alone the boomers that literally cannibalized their kids futures.
And you lost me. There is no point to deporting nonwhites only to then wage war on islam. Why kick out the nonwhites only to send tens of millions of white men to their deaths? And all while genociding the middle east of those pesky muslims? Yeah doesn't sound Jewish to me at all, this in fact sounds like Adolf Hitler himself posting from the grave. Gas yourself kike.

You can't stop it because anytime you have a good entertainer/performer he will eventually rise to mass influence over the people. It is inevitable, people will flock towards a group consensus and when a group is composed of "we like X performer" then X will have full sway over the group. Celebrity culture is just human nature taken to an extreme thanks to media but you can't end it because you cannot end human nature.

This reads like a repressed Jew fantasizing about how he'd want things to be were he white.
Thank you Mordecai, very cool, but tell it to your shrink instead of us.

Attached: Magritte.jpg (600x514, 39.09K)

Attached: 20190412_220518.gif (720x540, 13.2M)

Fuck off sandnigger

you're not wrong. those pro abortion rally hambeasts should be the first to go. they don't even remotely act like rational humans.

Nice try whore and go support women's rights somewhere else

Stop posting whore!

Hey look another (or same?) woman supporting feminist propaganda
They never had it
Sharia is less patriarchal than traditional white societies. It entitles women to inheritance, takes their evidence as reliable, allows them to start court cases against men, limits wife beating, does not allow widow killing or female infanticide etc. kys feminist scum or we will in the coming future

Attached: 0519abbf33d3d950012106720667388424fc7f-wm.jpg (640x920, 57.7K)

Only the men of course. Women will just be bullied, terrified, captured and beaten into submission. One of the few crimes for which women will be killed is when they murder their lord.

Husband and wife, in the language of the law, are styled baron and feme…[I]f the baron kills his feme it is the same as if he had killed a stranger, or any other person; but if the feme kills her baron, it is regarded by the laws as a much more atrocious crime, as she not only breaks through the restraints of humanity and conjugal affection, but throws off all subjection to the authority of her husband. And therefore the law denominates her crime a species of treason, and condemns her to the same punishment as if she had killed the king

And for every species of treason the sentence of woman is to be drawn and burnt alive

You're an idiot. The OP in his shitty slide thread was talking about starting a political party to run in democratic elections where women have the vote. You can be certain close to 100% of women in an election aren't going to vote for removing their own privileges. And you can be just as certain a majority of men will back these women up either because of what they've been reared to believe or because they think it will get them good boy points with their women.
You can't vote women's suffrage back into the box.

10. Abolish LGBTQ rights and either kill or outcast them

Just no. Also, stop worshiping women and listen to the words long written down…

Marriage is only recognized when a child is produced

You make several good points but some are weird af

1. Limit voting to only landowning men

2. Establish a constitutional and elected monarch who is above petty politics

3. Censor the internet to limit posts supporting jews, muslims, anti-white propaganda and women's rights

They're screaming "White Sharia Now" #Charlottesville #UniteTheRight

I told you, this is a real tic of yours.

White Sharia is not negotiable

White Sharia supporter tells a woman she's going to die

white sharia and James Alex Fields #unitetheright #Charlottesville

Just use Germania by Tacitus as the basis, as Himmler did.

Attached: SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler 1937.png (941x459, 238.58K)

White Sharia at Unite The Right rally

He mentions women do not inherit property. Hitler didn't do that. Ancient Germanic tribal laws were compiled in the mid-1st millennium and codified in the Leges Barbarorum or law of the barbarians. They clearly mention that men are the OWNERS of women, which your feminist heros didn't bring back. They also mostly ban women from divorcing, which again, the feminist rule of hitler didn't bring back. Brothers Grimm and other sources clearly mention widow killing among Germans and Indo-Europeans in general, but hitler didn't bring that back either. Marriages by abduction, arranged marriages, woman-beating, women being banned from owning property, no voting (Germanic assembly) etc. were ALSO not brought back.

"The widow ends her days by hanging herself upon the tree which shadows her husband's tomb"

The Nazis were not traditional germans, but first-wave feminists who knew about the Jewish problem. But we've always known about that problem… look it up

Checked and KEKed. White Sharia now!

shit, fucking checked.
poor dude

Attached: alexjonis.jpg (500x478, 150.97K)

What a shit thread

The bible is a false and plagiarized history and prototype for the talmud. You are advocating for jewish history to live on.

100% agreed

They have the power at the moment. That's exactly why need need to unite and FIGHT instead of worshiping these evil subhumans (women)

Your time is coming, woman

These fucking shills and their anti-woman rhetoric. Fuck all of you dirty goddamn d&c jews.

The term D&C was only applied to divisions between different men

You are trying to twist the meaning of the term but we won't let you get away with that!

It was always used to refer to dividing various men & NEVER TO THE DIVISIONS BETWEEN MEN & WOMEN TO PROMOTE FEMINISM

Women have always been divided, and that's when civilizations are the strongest




Stop your shitty feminist activism and get off this board

Completely useless.
non-violent actions always fail.
We need to kill politicians and to kill all jews. not expel them so they can regroup and come back. Kill all jews living in your country. The country is yours/ours, not theirs.

Women are tools. not people. It is ok to torture and kill any woman. They are defective tools for producing children, and must be replaced by better tools.

the only PC choices you can pick, an "8channer" pickns them.

dylon roofs manifesto / 10

Or so you're this faggot who pretends everybody who shits on your garbage ideas is a woman as a cheap propaganda tactic? I've seen you spam threads before. Do you actually think you're effective at all? All it does is expose how dishonest your original premise was in the first place. You're not only a failure at shilling the board, you're a failure to yourself. Eat a bullet, you'll be 100 times happier after your misery is gone.

34. Anime is mandatory viewing for everyone, especially all the baka desu.

Attached: baka.jpeg (2048x1477, 395.73K)

gas yourself (((jew))). Zig Forums et al soon will be free from your kind.
We are Free.

Fucking kikes with their fantasies of treating women as sex slaves, not a single national socialist would accept that bullshit, fuck off back to your gas chamber.

But first you will die by 'justice jihad', you stupid ram.

Attached: opisdick.jpeg (634x803, 74.23K)

Kill yourself moshe. Slowly.

You retarded incel faggot. There are good, strong Aryan women out there that hate niggers and kikes and tranny degeneracy… I know, I am married to one, the mother of my children. #2 comes off like a bitter as fuck beta zoomer who can't get any women to touch him so he wants to strip their rights and use them as sex slaves which is 100% degenerate kike fetish shit. Fuck off you little faggot. Either stop being a fucking creep/get in shape/dress better/lower your standards and actually find yourself one instead of just believing all women are vapid brainless whores because thats all you see in mainstream media grinding on Jamal and protesting for queer rights with blue hair.

Sage and kill yourself. The Führer would be fucking disgusted with you.

Attached: ba45957885f94492d7e650982a97821c8ec0f4e8843f73538428ef83ce6fef95(2).jpg (541x806, 64.84K)

excuse large obnoxious spacing, on phone and apparently held down enter or spacebar when posting

LOL you've spammed in many threads before, promoting women's rights and matriarchy by constantly changing IPs

Stop spamming and go be a women's rights activist someplace else!! No matter how many IPs you use, you can't change the coming future. All you women will be FORCED back into the kitchen and those who resist too much by killing or attempting to kill men will be burned alive at the stake.

That's how it's always been, and that's how it's ALWAYS going to be

Women, know your place!

I don't agree with the Extreme nature of many of the Points, however I will Add " Ban and Criminalize all Usury"

Since the Future of the Aryan relies on the Female, she should be Respected, and Protected. Though also,realizing Her Nature. HItler viewed the Sexes as Complimentary, not Competitive.


I don't agree with the stripping of all rights. They should be considered minors for life though, either the ward of their father or husband.

As for elections… democracy has clearly failed at the large scale. Democracy at the city level works, but that it is.

Not if they're backed by a large amount of recessed force. In fact, this is the main reason feminism isn't as rabid as it was before men started opposing their oppression and 2nd class status.
That's not really the point. The main thing is that women are evil on account of which they MUST be controlled! Even a male dog is much more moral than a woman
It never has been. The power of life and death was only over your own women.

I've seen one thread where a a woman was switching her ip address repeatedly and fiercely attacking anyone who dared to oppose feminism. In fact, the whole thread of almost 250 responses seemed like it was mostly just one woman talking to herself.
She's done that in a large number of threads and says that ancient aryans in germany were all very matriarchal and it's in our DNA to oppress men.

was a first-wave feminist who wanted "true equality" for women.
kek. It's the same matriarchy supporter again

Fuck off.

Obvious troll thread is obvious and kikepilled… Not a single National Socialist or follower of The Führer would endorse kike fantasy fetish shit like this. It's disgusting and degenerate and you are obviously extremely bitter that no women will fuck you. Try not being a creepy nonce and you probably could find one that would. Women are the mothers and future of the Aryan race… You are most likely a shitskin T*rk roach or kike JIDF slide thread shill. Die.

Attached: 1552817342546(1).gif (352x640, 4.11M)

Whoops wrong gif

Get fucked yid

Attached: 1552817342546(2).gif (352x640, 4.19M)

I can easily pic to prove your delusion wrong faggot.
Also hitler was not a feminist i have no idea where you got that from.

4/pol/ and /x/want to bring back hitler and so id nein and mlpol
Go to the bring back hitler thread and everyhing will be explained.

Fuck off, Schlomo

Attached: f78f56e1298818f6c99109a84714a0015b689f7e078bb38efa4ad4f2f5c9cbd4.jpeg (1078x794, 139.85K)

Fuck off moshe.

Good start.

Stop trying to destroy the traditional family. At most, strip voting rights.


Immigration should be limited to nationalism - ie by blood (whites only), and limited to ensure a sustainable (not increasing) population level.

Parents should not be a burden preventing you from affording children. Grandparents should stay as part of the family unit with their children and grandchildren, and simply getting rid of social security and medicare is enough to encourage that.

Cutting off foreign aid is enough. You sound like a pro-Isreal neocon faggot.

Keep your brainwashing out of public schooling.

I'm ok with reinstating flogging as a punishment, and encourage you to read in defense of flogging. I don't want to create a government that punishes with brutal torture. I do support putting pedophiles to death as they are a danger to society. I believe gas chambers asphyxiating with laughing gas is the most humane way to kill.


The best platform I've seen recently is "The objects of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party". I'm not for all of it, but these are the parts I really liked:

You should also check out the platform of the NSDAP

The problem with trying to do nationalism through the existing political infrastructure is that there aren't enough votes. The US is soon to be less than 50% white. Even if every single white person voted for a nationalist party at that point, you still couldn't get elected. There is no chance of creating a nation through democracy.

SAGING THIS FAGGOTS THREAD STILL but you have to be the stupidest motherfucker on the planet your kind will be easy to conquer.


Seriously, just leave this thread dumb fucking bitch. Regular and long beatings are the only solution to you.

A woman, an ass and a walnut tree,
Bring more fruits,
The more beaten they be!

Feminism had begun way before the 1940s. Women not having rights IS traditionalism. What's being advocated here is a return to TRADITIONAL society and end feminism once and for all
The only solution to such rabid feminist activism is death. One shot to the head and the world will be significantly a better place. The same goes for all passionate feminists like Hitler. All you feminazis will soon be wiped out. It's just a matter of time! hahaha

In the late 19th century it was just a mild subjection but now, women shall be cast into servitude!! We need to launch a real "war on women" with the end result being their capture and confinement. Every free woman without a male authority figure should be forcefully abducted and made to serve a man. Those with male guardians should not be let outside and be caged until a suitable husband is found. Women have NO BUSINESS being in public for the most part. Their only duty is to serve and please their master!

Attached: maxresdefault (1)

Kys kike. Advocating violence against white women is advocating for white genocide.

The purpose of women is to be good mothers and run a household. They can't do that if you damage/confine them.

Attached: highres_00008437 copy.jpg (534x700, 305.53K)

Nobody's falling for this feminazi propaganda using depictions of feminist families.

Violence against women has ALWAYS been the way. Before feminism it was ALWAYS expected that a husband would beat the evil being in his house, his wife, to keep her in control

The evil nature of women has been known by mankind all over the world, in every age, since the beginning of time


Women's liberation leads to the oppression of men, the destruction of families&friendships and the downfall of civilization. We cannot let those evil beings roam freely in the man's world! Woman should be nothing more than obedient servants.

Wife beating was only made illegal in the late-19th century during first wave feminism

Women support Hitler because he was a feminist who supported many aspects of first wave feminism

FACTUALLY INCORRECT. In fact, it's just how it's ALWAYS BEEN!!

The pre-feminist society WILL be revived at any cost! Men will not be oppressed any more by third wave feminists or woman worshipping nazis.



sage this shit shill thread
The job of any man who sees the truth through all the lies and shitty shill threads is to bring our people back to a proper balance
Women should be our wives and partners and the mothers to our children. They have a vital place in any movement and society with any hope of a positive outcome. They are our support in the conflict that we're engaged in and must be treated as such. People respond to what you expect of them; if white men set a good example and lead our people toward a more positive future, women will follow. They aren't stupid, they implicitly know to avoid basedboys and male feminist types along with cruel vindictive scum like the person being portrayed by this shill thread.
Rather, women and weak men will mold their views to that of a person who they perceive as being strong, as projecting potency and wisdom. This is the instinct of our people to identify and follow a suitable leader. We have failed to provide such leadership so the nation is faltering, the answer is unification along common interests not, falling into the divide and conquer trap.

Always remember to sage and report shill threads and love white women

Most men are not married and are never going to marry. Nobody wants an oppressive wife in an oppressive society.
Women are disgusting creatures that men have NEVER wanted to be around. They should be segregated and kept in check just like they ALWAYS have. It's either a return to the pre-feminist world or white genocide. There's NO POINT in continuing the race if our future men are going to be oppressed by either third wave feminism or hitler's feminism.
Men don't listen to women. Shut the fuck up
You're a feminist shill and everybody knows that.
LOLNO. women are subordinates
LOLNO. they belong in the kitchen
Not only are they stupid they're highly evil. The worst enemy is the enemy within.
You love feminazi like Hitler and shit your pants when you see traditional society is about to return
We should not beat women out of cruelty, but out of love and charity for their souls. For the good of the world, women must be controlled!
He was a weak and meek person in front of women. A hardcore feminist. And like a typical feminist he was never as nice to men. He discriminated against men and treated us far more poorly than he treated women.

We're going to wipe out every last trace of these abusive and oppressive feminists. THERE WON'T BE ANY PEACE ON EARTH UNTIL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS EITHER ENSLAVED OR DEAD

ok jew

Attached: DSCN5277-1000x1000.JPG (1000x1000, 119.34K)

lol go fuck yourself to death. Just do it. And don't forget to upload the video so we can all feel satisfied.

In fact it would be satisfying to watch even a patriarchal nigger, sand nigger, jew, curry nigger, ching chong or injun beat you to death.


Women are the most evil beings in the world and those in league with evil must be WIPED OUT at any cost.